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Sir Walter Crocker (1902-2002)
Papers 1922-2002

MSS 327 C938p

Series 11 - Lieutenant Governor of South Australia 1973-82

Lieutenant Governor of South Australia

11.2 Various official documents to or for the Lieutenant Governor

11.3 Acting Governor of South Australia, January-August 1977

11.4 Acting Governor of South Australia, March-April 1982

11.5 Sir Mark Oliphant, Governor: letters and discussions, 1971-1992

11.6 Sir Douglas Nicholls, Governor. 1976

11.7 Sir Keith Seaman, Governor

11.8 Sir Donald Dunstan, Governor, 1982

11.9 The Premier, Hon. D.A. Dunstan

11.10 The Premier, Hon. J.D. Corcoran

11.11 The Premier, Hon. D.O. Tonkin

Includes 'Some notes for a postmortem on the Tonkin Government' December 1982, with a postscript May 1983

11.12 John Bannon, Leader of the Opposition, 1979-1982, Premier 1982-1993

11.13 The Vice-Regal Office and representation

11.14 Westminster Abbey Appeal, 1973

11.15 Queen's Birthday receptions, 1974

11.16 The Queen's visit, 1977

11.17 Secretary of Government House: a) Henderson, b) White and the running of Government House

11.18 Letters and telegrams regarding the K.B.E., 1978

11.19 Patron of societies

11.20 Clubs

  • The Adelaide Club

  • Oxford & Cambridge Club

  • The Reform Club

11.21 The Book of Common Prayer controversy

11.22 Stewart Cockburn (mainly regarding his book on Oliphant, also on the Splatt case)
NB See also Oliphant papers Series 3

11.22a Additional papers received from Stewart Cockburn in February 2005. These comprise the typescript ‘Sir Mark Oliphant: recollections and a layman’s estimate’ [2000?] by Walter Crocker with annotations by Stewart Cockburn; a draft and copy of the letter from Stewart Cockburn to Crocker in response to the typescript [2000], with Cockburn’s annotations. Also a letter of congratulations to Cockburn re the Oliphant book from Lloyd Evans.

11.23 Dismissal of the Commissioner of Police

11.24 The Chatterton affair, 1983

11.25 [Copy of typescript of Crocker's book Sir Thomas Playford, correspondence with the publisher (Melbourne University Press) and others, papers re the launch by Sir Paul Hasluck 4th May 1983, and reviews and comments have been transferred to Series 15]

11.26 Sir John Kerr

11.27 Honours

11.28 The Monarchy and Republicanism

11.29 The ABC  [correspondence re Crocker's article published in Quadrant September1987]


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