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Sir Walter Crocker (1902-2002)
Papers 1922-2002

MSS 327 C938p

Series 15 - Other writings (published and unpublished) by Sir Walter Crocker

see also Series 2, 5, 8, 11.29 and 16

1.  1931 The Japanese population problem: reviews and articles [formerly series 4/3/3]
2.  1949 'Why do Americans dislike the English' Australian quarterly 21/1 (27-36)
See also Series 8.9
3.  1951 'Voting in the international institutions' Australian outlook 5/3 (158-164.) 
See also Series 8.2.4
4.  1952 'Some unprofessional notes on broadcasting in Australia' Australian outlook 24/2 (21-31)
5.  1951/52 Anglican Review 16-17
6.  1956 The racial factor in international relations (Canberra, ANU)
7.  1966 Nehru: typescript (with comments by Penderell Moon), correspondence with the publishers and others, reviews and letters from readers; with Nehru's statements of 1961 on Chinese activities in Ladakh) and various cuttings and other publications/articles on Nehru (some water damaged)
 [formerly part of Series 10/10/4, with some additional material, including the publications/memorials of others and reviews of S. Gopal's British policy in India and Gopal's reviews of Neville Maxwell's India's China war, received after Sir Walter's death] 
8.  1971 Australian Ambassador: reviews, correspondence with publisher.
9.  1976, 1978 [two letters by Crocker on an Australian prayer book] The Adelaide Church Guardian Sept./Oct. 1976 and August 1978.
10.  1977 'The University of Adelaide in the 1920's' Historical Society of South Australia. Journal 3 (3-14.)
12.  1983 Sir Thomas Playford: copy of typescript, correspondence with publishers, papers re launch by Sir Paul Hasluck on 4 May 1983, and reviews and comments.  [formerly Series 11/25] 
13.  1994 draft foreword to H.S. Taylor's With Lane in Paraguay and related correspondence.
14.  'Persons and episodes in diplomacy, 1935-65': typescript draft of proposed work on the diplomatic world and diplomacy with particular reference to Menzies, Casey, Sukarno, Ryckmans and J.G. Winnant.  1v.  [formerly Series 18]
15.  Article, notes and reviews (Sir Paul Hasluck, Martin Boyd, Alan Watt, Menzies and Casey) undated.
16.  French translation by Theodore Monet of Crocker's On governing colonies (1947)


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