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Sir Walter Crocker (1902-2002)
Papers 1922-2002

MSS 327 C938p

Series 5 - 1930-1934 Nigeria and other later material on Africa

5.1  1930-1934 Nigeria
Most of Sir Walter Crocker's African papers were given to the Rhodes Trust, Oxford, which actively collected material bearing on British Colonial administration.
1. Some papers illustrating British colonialism in Nigeria.2 parts.  1931-34.
2. Colonial administration in Nigeria, 1931-34  "a few papers illustrating the work of a junior political officer in the bush"
3. Nigeria again: miscellaneous papers.  1931-35.
4. Various issues of the government newspaper of Northern Nigeria, 1931-39.
5. Reviews of Crocker's book, Nigeria, 1936.
6. Diary, Nigeria, December 1933-June 1934.  1v. (includes cuttings of contemporary articles, books and reviews on Africa)

5.2  Africa - Colonial Problems
1. Letters (1) 1947-49  (2) 1950-52  (3) 1952-62 (Ralph Furse, Alan Burns, Dame Magery Perham, R.L.B. Maiden, Heussler, etc.)  3 parts.
2. Reviews, etc. of Crocker's book On governing colonies 1947.
3. Documents illustrating French colonial policy: Budget locaux provisions, 1945: colonies, Sénégal-Dakar, Mauritanie, Soudan, Guinée, Côte d'Ivoire, Dahomey, Niger [and] Totaux.  2p.  (tables)
(Comprises notes on native taxation in the colonies mentioned, and was made available to Major W.R. Crocker through the British Consulate General, Dakar, 1945)
4. Press cuttings, 1941-43.
5. Anticolonialism: India and Africa (notes, clippings, etc.)
6. League of Nations. Request for assistance submitted by the Liberian Government and Annex 3 to the Request. Geneva, 1932
(Series of League of Nations Publications, VIII Political: 1932, v.11.7 & erratum)
7. Notes on tropical forestry and tropical hygiene, undated.  1v.

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