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Sir Walter Crocker (1902-2002)
Papers 1922-2002

MSS 327 C938p

Series 8: 1946-1949 United Nations (and other related material)

Volume 1. Unpublished works on the United Nations.

1. The United Nations: the early years.
1.1 The United Nations; the early years.  Typescript. Parnaroo, Oct. 1951.
"...copy of the draft from which the final corrected copy was made. The final corrected copy was given to Lord Lindsay at the ANU but has since been lost.
1.2 Draft of a book on the U.N. 1949-50 (On cover: Government by lunacy: the United Nations appraised).  Typescript.
"...draft written in 1949-50 with comments by Geoffrey Goodwin..."
The copy in the Barr Smith Library is a photocopy of the original which was presented to the Library of Flinders University by Sir Walter Crocker.
1.3 Book on U.N. (draft preliminary).  Typescript.
Includes some photographs and documentary material (parts 2-3 appear to be missing)
1.4 Notes for a book on the U.N.
Includes notes, documentary material, typed drafts and some chapters, together with a folder labelled "Causes of war, lost peace".
1.5 U.N. 1947-51 - letters on the typescript on U.N. (Cottrell, Cilento, Eggleston, Sawer, Webb).
Includes also a mimeographed draft of the article "Some notes on the United Nations Secretariat"  23p. published in Nov. 1950 issue of International organization together with correspondence concerning the article.
1.6 Some essential documents for finishing the 1950-51 book.
Includes the following publications:
U.N. Secretary General (1) Bulletin, 10 March, 1954 (Organization of the Secretariat) (2) Annual report 1954/55, 1955/56 (and introd.) (3) Report to the General Assembly: Staff of the U.N. Secretariat.
U.N. Department of Public Information. Research Section.
(1) U.N. chronology, Aug. 1941-Sept. 1953.
(2) Structure of the U.N. 8th rev. Feb. 1955.
(3) (Background papers: 63 U.N. Headquarters), 66 (International control of justice) 2 copies, 67 (Corfu Channel Case, 13 Dec., 1951), 68 (Genocide), 76 (Non-governmental organization), 79 (The question of Korea 10 March, 1954)
U.N. General Assembly. Official records. 12th Session. Supp. 5, 1957 Budget estimates for the financial year 1958, and information annex.)

2. World capital or just another skyscraper?
2.1 World capital or just another skyscraper? Typescript.
"Draft of a short monograph written in 1947...the final draft has disappeared as also the top copy of this draft...This draft has the marginal comments of Khalidy..."
(Khalidy, delegate of Iraq, was active and of importance in 1946-49)
Another copy catalogued seperately and held in Strong Room at 341.23 U58Z.Cw
2.2 Against putting the U.N. in New New York. Typescript. Written at Lake Success, Lido Beach, 1946-47.
The copy in the Barr Smith Library is a photocopy of the original which was presented to the Library of Flinders University by Sir Walter Crocker.
2.3 Selected documentation on the choice of New York as headquarters of the U.N.: documents, clippings, etc.

Volume 2. Letters
2.1 Letters received at U.N. 1947-50, and some on U.N. later.
2.2 Letters received from U.N. 1950-62 (from friends and colleagues)
2.3 More letters from U.N. colleagues (mostly after departure).
2.4 Letters from Editor "The Australian Outlook" 1951.Volume 2.  Letters

Volume 3.  The U.N.: notes and press cuttings 1947-1950 (13 folders)
3.1 Introductory
3.2 Building
3.3 Secretariat
3.4 Israel
3.5 Colonial and anticolonial matters
3.6 Cost
3.7 Security
3.8 Specialized agencies
3.9 General Assembly. Demagogy
3.10 Have-nots and haves
3.11 Technical assistance
3.12 Conclusions
3.13 Miscellaneous papers

Volume 4.  U.N. 1947: Some illustrative documentation
4.1 1947-49
4.2 U.N. 1947 (various printed material)

Volume 5. U.N. Secretariat.
1946-49 (notes, documents, letters)

Volume 6. Creation of Israel
(documents, cuttings, etc.) 2 parts.

Volume 7. Return to the U.N. 1957-58
(Includes draft of report to R.G. Casey entitled "U.N. revisited 1958")

Volume 8. Race and colonial questions at U.N.
8.1 "Prince" Orizu - notes, cuttings, etc.
8.2 American negroes a) 1945-50  b) 1947-49.  2 parts.
8.3 White Australia.(Contains typescipt entitled "White Australia in danger" 98p. W.R. Crocker 1948, together with correspondence, notes, etc.)
8.4 Crocker's book Self-government for the Colonies, 1949: background material, etc.
8.5 Race relations 1956.(Includes W.R. Crocker "Race factor in international relations" (2 copies), letters, cuttings)
8.6 "Capricorn" and "Racial unity". (Contains issues of Racial unity and reports of the Capricorn African Society, London, together with letters and notes)
8.7 Race relations in India 1952-55 (cuttings, booklets, typed notes)
8.8 Printed matter on race relations. (Contains following publications : Closing session of Belgo-Congolese Round Table Conference 1960; Levi-Strauss: Race et histoire 1952; Crocker: Racial factor in international relations; Color: American negro monthly. Special issue Jan. 1955)

Volume 9. U.N. 1947-49 On colonialism and anticolonialism
(Includes Magazine of the future 3 no. 6 1968 containing article by W.R. Crocker "Congo contrast"; draft of article (never published) for Cahiers du Sud "Faut-il accelerer ou freiner l'industrialization de l'Afrique 1947" by W.R. Crocker; draft of "Why do Americans dislike the English?" by W.R. Crocker with comments on it. "The evolution of colonies into independent states", by W.R. Crocker (a paper given at a seminar); notes, cuttings, letters, etc.)

Volume 10. Newspaper cuttings on the U.N. 1960-65.

Volume 11. Printed matter.
11.1 Publicity examples (46 U.N. booklets)
11.2 "United Nations review" : 1 nos. 1-2, 5, 11-12, 2 nos. 4-6, 8-11; 3 nos. 4-6, 8-11; 4 nos. 1, 3-7, 9, 12; 5 nos. 3-5, 7-11; 6 nos. 1-11; 7 nos. 1-2, 4-6; 8 nos. 1-7; 9 no. 1; 10 no. 4. 1954-1963.
11.3 Publications with note "to be put with U.N. material"
(Contains following publications: Caractère et culture de l'Europe Année 4 no. 9 Feb. 1964.
Ici l'Europe 2 no. 1 Feb. 1965.
Current affairs bulletin 36 no. 6 Aug. 2 1965 ("U.N. as peacekeeper")
Calvocaressi, Peter : Russia & Europe.  1963.
3 broadcast talks.
Sunday Times magazine. Dec. 13 1964 ("Kruschev revealed")
European Free Trade Association Bulletin. no. 4 April 1972.
U.N. General Assembly. 16th ord. session (4th part)
25-29 Jan. 1965. Official report of debates v. 4. Sittings 17-24 p. 647-916.
Problems of communism Nov/Dec. 1964 v. 13.
Mainstream v.3 no. 24 Sat. Feb. 13 1965 (New Delhi)

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