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Sara Douglass (1957-2011)
Draft and proof copies of the Axis trilogy and the Wayfarer Redemption series of fantasy novels, related correspondence and miscellaneous papers 1994-2011

MSS 0060


This collection comprises the original drafts and edited versions of the three books of The Axis Trilogy, published between 1995 and 1996, comprising BattleAxe, Enchanter and StarMan, and of the Wayfarer Redemption trilogy (Sinner, Pilgrim and Crusader), published between 1997-1999.  It includes related correspondence between the author and the publisher Harper Collins, individual editors Louise Thurtell, Fiona Daniels, Bernadette Foley and Stephanie Smith, and the book cover designer Shaun Tan.  The drafts of the Axis Trilogy are considerably longer than the works as published, containing scenes, plot lines and characters cut from the original versions.  Manuscripts of the Wayfarer Redemption trilogy include proof copies, among them the 'rogue' proof of Sinner.

Both series proved a great success commercially and critically, the second two books of the Axis Trilogy and the first of the Wayfarer Redemption receiving the Aurealis award for best fantasy novel.  The author is the medieval historian Dr Sara Warneke, who uses the pseudonym Sara Douglass for her fantasy fiction.  These manuscripts were acquired by the Library in 1997 and 1999 under the Taxation Incentives for the Arts Scheme (now Cultural Gifts Scheme).  Access to the manuscripts is by application and for the purposes of research and study only.  Copyright in the manuscripts, as in the published works, remains with the author's estate.

In 2005 Sara moved to her house 'Nonsuch' in Hobart, Tasmania. In addition to her official literary website she maintained a diary and blog concerning her garden and her home. These pages have been printed and added as Series 11 of her papers.

Sara Douglass died of ovarian cancer on 27th September 2011.


Contents Listing

Axis Trilogy

1. Editorial correspondence - with Harper Collins editors Louise Thurtell, Fiona Daniels and Bernadette Foley, 1994-1996. 2 cm.

2. Working notes and text (on computer discs) of first drafts of each of the Axis Trilogy books, with revisions. 5 discs.

3. BattleAxe - first draft, edited draft, additional chapter (inserted at editor's suggestion), map, scene notes. 20 cm.

4. Enchanter - first draft, edited draft, scene notes. 25 cm.

5. StarMan - first draft, edited draft, scene notes. 15 cm.

Wayfarer Redemption

6. Series outline and contract, 1996. 1 cm.
7. Sinner 1996-1997. 80 cm.
First draft (1996), with author's corrections and editor's notes (1997); revision (undated), original and working drafts; editor [Fiona Daniel]'s marked-up copy of revised manuscript (June 1997), with photocopy; undated draft; proof copies (June 1997) - one with the author's changes, proof-reader's copy and a 'rogue' copy, with correspondence June-July 1997 relating to the resulting printing of the wrong manuscript; computer discs (2) of original and revised chapters; and author's working notes (on cards).
Correspondence with Harper Collins' editors and regarding the maps and book cover design.
Two copies of the published work (paperback edition 1997), signed by the author.  

8. Pilgrim 1997-98. 80 cm.
First working draft (November 1997); (early/incomplete) draft 'sent to a friend, Karen Brooks' (1997); author's revision (undated); draft as edited by Stephanie Smith (undated); proof copies (March and April 1998); computer discs (3) of original and revised mss and of correspondence with the editor; and author's working notes.
Correspondence with editor Stephanie Smith and editor's queries, 1997-98.
Correspondence with Harper Collins regarding cover design, with sample cover, and letter of congratulation from the commissioning editor on the shortlisting of Pilgrim in the Fantasy category of the Aurealis Awards.
Two copies of the published work (paperback edition 1999 and 1999 reprinting), signed by the author.  

9. Crusader 1998-1999.   50 cm.
First printed draft, with revisions; working edit draft ; editor's marked-up copy; unidentified revisions [all undated]; [first] proof copy (February 1999); computer discs (2) of original and revised mss.; and author's working notes.
Correspondence with editor Stephanie Smith and re the book cover design, 1998-1999.
Two copies of the published work (paperback edition 1999 and 1999 reprinting), signed by the author.

10. Signed poster for 'The nameless day' (Book 1 of the Crucible Series) [From book launch at Barr Smith Library 25/5/2000.

11. Printouts of Sara Douglass' webpages 'Nonsuch kitchen gardens' 2005-2011, including blog and old diary pages. 3 cm.

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