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Constance Margaret Eardley (1910-1978)
Papers 1927-1978

MSS 0021

Contents Listing

Biographical and Personal

1. Biographical notes and curricula vitae [various formats] and lists of publications (including index card record). 1941, 1946, 1963, 1978. 1 cm.
2. List of private library and correspondence regarding gift of books to the Botanic Gardens Library.  1976-1977. 1 cm.
3. Farewell card from staff at Wisley, following Eardley's year there in 1948-1949. 1 item.

Reprints, articles and addresses

4. Reprints of published articles. 1933.64. 4 cm.
5. Short articles, book reviews and talks. 1935-1953, 1966-1969. 2 cm. [The later papers relate to conservation of native flora]


6. Correspondence (departmental colleagues, fellow botanists and miscellaneous).  1937-1968. 2 cm.

Societies and Conferences

7. Tree Lovers' Civic League.  Notes on objects, first annual report, circulars.  1934-1935. 1 cm. [Eardley was Secretary.  The file includes constitution and membership list of  The South Australian branch of the Australian Forest League, n.d.]
8. Linnean Society of London.  Correspondence re election as a Fellow, membership list, information on meetings. 1948-1953. 1 cm.
9. ANZAAS. Programmes of meetings and notes on sessions attended. 1936, 1946, 1951, 1952. 3 cm.
10. Utrecht Symposium on Botanical Nomenclature and Taxonomy, 1948. Notes taken at the meeting, report on proceedings by Eardley for Australian Systematic Botany Committee, and related correspondence. 1948-1951. 3 cm.
11. Commonwealth Mycological Conference, London, July 1948. Notes, programme and report on the conference. 1948. 2 cm.
12. Symposium on Growth and Differentiation, Flinders University, 1966. Notes on. 1 v. [Volume also contains notes on Honours seminars 1967 and previously used for school history notes, 1905, of F.W. Eardley]

Lecture notes

13. Botany notes, Walford House School. 1927. 1 v.
14. University lecture notes (various lecture courses and notes on books) as an undergraduate and postgraduate student at The University of Adelaide and on lectures by other members of the Botany and Genetics Departments. 1929-1954. 11 v.
15. Notes of lectures given in Botany II Systematics. 1970. 1 v.

Herbarium, Botany Department and  Waite Arboretum

16. Botany Department/Waite Institute  Herbarium. Reports and notes on by Eardley as Curator. 1933-1947.

  • 16/1 [Record of plants received and sent away. June 1933-c1957. 1 v.
  • 16/2 Waite Herbarium diaries. 1935-1947. 3 v.
  • 16/3Annual reports on the work of the Herbarium. 1933/34-1945-46. 1 v.
  • 16/4 Notes on the Herbarium. 1947 (Including lists of plants 1920 and undated and of plants collected on the Elder Exploring expedition, a letter to Miss [E.I.] Benham, 1907 from [J.H.] Maiden re the method of keeping an herbarium, and a note on the Albert Morris herbarium gift to Waite Institute herbarium. 1 cm.]

17. Koonamore Vegetation Reserve. Notes on its history, 1925-1969. c 1969. 1 cm.
18. Botany Department Gymnosperm/conifer collection. Reports on. 1947-1948, 1951. 1 cm.
19. Botany Department microscopes. Request by Eardley for equipment and report by H.B.S. Womersley.  1949, 1953. 1 cm.
20. J.G. Wood. Papers relating to his career at the University. 1959-1962. 3 cm. [Notes, drafts, proof, photograph for a Memoir and bibliography of J.G. Wood prepared by Eardley (published in 1961).  1959-1961. Invitation list, speech of Mrs J.V. Martin (nee Beryl Barrien) and Eardley's report on celebration of Wood's Silver Jubilee as Professor of Botany, 1959. Correspondence with Academy of Science, Basser Library, re his papers.  1962.]
21. [Botany department benefactor] Julia Augusta Stuckey, 1853-1936. Notes on Stuckey by H.A. Lindsay. 1961. 1 cm. [Stuckey gave £500 in 1907 to encourage the study of botany at the University]
22. Suggestions by Eardley for book and journal purchases by the Barr Smith Library. 1953-1963. 1 v.
23. "Botany department Archives" Miscellaneous file of notes and correspondence, including list of [professorial] Botany Department staff, biographical note on T.G.B. Osborn, notes by Eardley on Taxonomy requirements in expansion (1962) and on plans/needs for new Herbarium (1963), notes on hanging arrangement of Rosa Fiveash's paintings, and correspondence with the Barr Smith Library re Botany department reprints. 1 cm.
24. Waite Arboretum. Lists of trees and historical notes on the arboretum for published guide and map.  c1943-1969.

Reports and surveys/field notes

25. Investigations of mycorrhiza in South Australia. 1932. 3 cm. (2 copies) [Written as Ernest Ayers Scholar]
26. Plant identification reports. 1932-1938. 1 cm. [Plants collected by Strehlow, Tindale, Hackett, Mountford and Tindale on expeditions to central Australia]
27. Honey Flora of South Australia. 1934. 1 v.
28. 8-Mile Creek Swamp. February 1942. 1 v.
29. Bulbine bulbosa - notes, locations, descriptions, drawings. c1949-1960. 5 cm. [A detailed list of this material, compiled by Edna Watson in 1984, is held with the Series]
30. Notes on plants on field trips (including Botany II excursions). 1960-1962. 1 v.


31. Papers relating to revision of J.M. Black's Flora, including correspondence with E.M. Robertson, with catalogue of his books and herbarium and a copy of Black's obituary notice. 1951-1957. 4 cm.
32. Notes, correspondence re celebration of Professor J.B. Cleland's 75th year of membership of the Royal Society. 1970. 1 cm.
33. Notes and photographs and maps re visit to South Africa in 1962, with papers and correspondence on talks following the visit. 1962-1964. 12 cm.
34. Reprints of articles by members of the Botany Department. [T.G.B. Osborn 1914-1937 and J.G. Wood 1924-1961 (some co-authored with other departmental staff.)] 10 cm.
35. Plant collecting map, Burnside/Stonyfell winery area, drawn by Helen Berry 1914. 1 item.
36. Negatives of photographs of ?? taken at Bindy -I Research Station. undated. 2 items.

These papers were transferred in 1987 by the Botany Department.  A brief listing was made by the Science Archives Project for its national bibliography: this will not parallel the arrangement in this listing.  A detailed listing of the papers on Bulbine bulbosa [see Series 29] was made in 1984, prior to their transfer, and a copy of this list is held with the Series.


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