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Sir Daniel Fleming
Papers 1656-1701

MSS 0071
(In secondary storage. Please contact Special Collections for access.

Contents Summary

These papers were deposited by Dr. D.R. (Roger) Hainsworth on his retirement from the History Department of the University of Adelaide.  They comprise material collected from country record offices and private collections in England and Wales for research on the administration of landed estates in England in the 17th century, but subsequently used by his student, Christine Churches, for her thesis (B.A.(Hons) University of Adelaide, 1984): Daniel Fleming, Richard Scott and James Cocke: the making of a 17th century English provincial library (09AR C562)

Contents Listing

1. Sir Daniel Fleming's correspondence, accounts, receipts etc. with his Carlisle bookseller, Richard Scott, 1655-1665.  7v.

2. Sir Daniel Fleming's correspondence, accounts, receipts etc. with his Cumbrian bookseller, James Cocke, 1665-1696.  1v.

3.  Photocopied articles re Sir Daniel Fleming and the history of bookselling, various sources and dates. 41 items
3.1  'The Flemings in Oxford',  Appendix E, Extracts from Daniel Fleming's  Great book of accounts,  p. 392-407, 428-483. 1904
3.2  Catalogue of English books of the sixteenth and seventeeth centuries, the  property of Richard Le Fleming esq …  1969  [auction catalogue]
3.3  Anthony Stephens: the rise and fall of an Oxford bookseller. 1975
3.4  A cavalier library - 1643. 1954
3.5  Booksellers and stationers in Warrington. 1885
3.6  The books of an early eighteenth-century curate. 1978
3.7  Eighteenth-century Norfolk booksellers: a survey and register. 1972
3.8  An inventory of the Lord General's Library, 1646. 1966
3.9  The stationers, booksellers and printers of Chester to about 1800. 1931
3.10 The distribution of almanacks in the second half of the seventeenth  century. 1958
3.11 Some English stationers of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries: in  the light of their autobiographies, 1966
3.12 Book prices, 1971
3.13 How information spread among the gentry, 1550-1640. 1984
3.14 Sir Daniel Fleming's meteorological observations at Rydal, 1689-1693.  1977
3.15 John Clay of Daventry: the business of an eighteenth-century stationer.  1984
3.16 A London bookseller's bill: 1635-1693.1938
3.17 A Chester bookseller's lawsuit of 1653. 1928
3.18 Book subscription lists. 1974
3.19 Subscription publishers prior to Jacob Tonson. 1933
3.20 The gentleman's library" in early Virginia: the literary interests of the first  carters. 1937
3.21 Original library of William and Mary. 1947
3.22 The library of the Rev. John Flamsteed, F.R.S., first astronomer royal. 1973
3.23 The library of Ralph Assheton: the book background of a colonial  Philadelphia lawyer. 1964
3.24 The libraries of Edward, 2nd Viscount Conway, and others: an inventory  and valuation of 1643.
3.25 A subject analysis of English imprints for every tenth year from 1480 to  1640.1938
3.26 The library of a physician circa 1700. 1933
3.27 Dr. Collinges and Norwich Library. 1980
3.28 A purchase of books in 1615. 1981
3.29 Henry Herringman, restoration bookseller-publisher. 1948
3.30 Popular fiction and the ballad market in the second half of the  seventeenth century. 1978
3.31 Henry Gostling's library: a young don's books in 1674. 1963
3.32 The chemical library of Thomas Britton (1654-1714). 1977
3.33 The will of Randall Taylor, a restoration bookseller. 1918
3.34 Preface to 'The Flemings in Oxford', p. x-xxi. 1904
3.35 The annual output of Wing-listed titles, 1649-1684. 1974
3.36 Notes on English retail book-prices, 1550-1640. 1959
3.37 The inventory of a provincial bookseller's stock of 1644
3.38 A Hereford bookseller catalogue of 1695. 1942
3.39 'The Flemings in Oxford', p.98-143.1904
3.40 A Chester bookseller, 1667-1700: some of his customers and the books he sold them. 1903
3.41 A catalogue of the Library of Sir Edward Coke. 1950

These papers were deposited by Dr. Hainsworth in March 2001.
Additional collections relating to the Sir Daniel Fleming generally can be found in the English estate papers of Roger Hainsworth [SR 942.06 H153e, box 21]


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