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Howard Walter Florey (1898-1968)
Baron Florey of Adelaide and Marston
Photographs and biographical material including honours and exhibitions 1920-2002

MSS 0082

Contents Listing

1. Newspaper cuttings and copies of articles relating to the life of Howard Florey, including obituaries and memorials, collected by Dr. Joan Gardner. c1920-1981. 1v.
[Includes loosely inserted copies of Time May 15, 1944; MSN Monthly Science News December 1944; also an article re Joseph Florey 1905]

2. Photographs of Howard Florey and the Florey family. 1 album.
First 30 photographs presented by Dr Joan Gardner, niece of Howard Florey.
Additional 22 photographs are from various donorsProfessor John Coghlan, Howard Florey Institute of Experimental Pathology and Medicine, University of Melbourne; Dr P. D. Jeffrey, John Curtin School of Medical Research, Australian National University, and some through the agency of Dr. Richard Brock. an item list is available here

Available online from our Digital Archive

3. Miscellaneous articles, letters and family history notes. 9 items.
[Donated by Betty Rule; a list is held with the collection]

Includes 3 letters from Florey to Cyril Thomas, 1921 (annotated photocopies donated by Suzanne Heysen in 2014)

4. Photographs of manufacture of penicillin

  • at F.H. Faulding & Co. 13 items (photocopies), c1949-1956
  • at Commonwealth Serum Laboratories. 13 items (one of Florey), undated and uncaptioned

see also Series 6 'Notes on the ceramic culture vessel for the production of penicillin in 1940'

5. Florey’s orders, medals and decorations held in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

  • photographs
  • photocopies of citations and letters of congratulation (including Caroline Institute re the award of the Nobel prize 1945, citation of President Truman on the award of the Medal for Merit 1947 and of the President of the French Republic on the award the Legion of Honour 1948, the Gold Medal of the BMA Council 1963 and the naming of building in his honour at The Queen’s College, Oxford 1967); a copy of The Ashmolean 1989 with an article on Florey's medals; copies of letters of the Provost, Queen's College Oxford September 1994 and of Richard Brock and Norman Heatley October-November 1994 re the medals and other Florey memorabilia.

5a. Copy of citation at award of D.Sc. to Florey by University of Adelaide 1963 [copy donated by Prof. J.H. Bennett in 2003]

6. Printed items relating to Florey <1991-2000> 12 items

  • Issue of Oxford Today 1991 with article on Florey and penicillin
  • Booklet commemorating opening of The Oxford Science Park, 1991 [Florey  House]
  • Penicillin 50: Oxford fights disease - publication to accompany exhibition at the Bodleian Library, Oxford March-April 1991
  • Half a Century of Penicillin: an Australian perspective - publication to  accompany exhibition by Brenda Heagney on Behalf of The Royal Australasian  College of Physicians May 1991: together with notes by Heagney on the exhibition and a 'Collection of title pages of books and articles on Penicillin' compiled by her at the time and subsequently sent to Dr. Brock.
  • Issue of Australian Stamp Bulletin August/September 1995 (Florey featured in the 'Celebrating Australian Science' series)
  • Flyer for Florey and the Miracle Mould exhibition October 1995
  • Booklet of exhibition Miracle Mould at the Royal Society June-July 1998
  • Portrait of Howard Florey - publication to accompany exhibition at National Portrait Gallery September-November 1998 (2 copies)
  • Issue of South Australian Medical Review November 1998 featuring cover portrait of and articles on Florey
  • Computer disc with images of Florey (and Sir Mark Oliphant) from the  collections of the Barr Smith Library, created by Phil Heaton for a publication on {South Australian contributions to science} November 2000
  • Notes on the ceramic culture vessel for the production of penicillin in 1940,  from a description by Dr. N.G. Heatley (undated).

7. Exhibitions relating to the life and work of Florey 1994 -

  • CD-ROM of Florey and the Miracle Mould, the exhibition mounted by Dr. Brock on behalf of the Florey Chapter of the Alumni Association at the Barr Smith Library, University of Adelaide May 1994, with captions and list of items displayed in the exhibition, video collage of the exhibition photographs [see item 10 in Inventory in Series 8 below], flyer advertising the exhibition and video of ABC television coverage of the opening of the exhibition at the South Australian Museum October 1995.
  • Booklet of exhibition Miracle Mould at the Royal Society June-July 1998.
  • Video of Museum Victoria exhibition Nobel Laureates (with footage on Florey) 2001
  • Video of BBC Horizon program Mould, myth, microbe, undated. Plus DVD copy.
  • Cassette tape of Florey (Blue room), undated
  • Australia and the Nobel Prize: National Portrait Gallery Dec. 2003-Feb. 2004.

8. Copy of Inventory of publications, photographs and artefacts relating to Florey held by the University of Adelaide and the South Australian Museum [May 2002]

N.B. See also Reprints of Howard Florey's scientific publications and addresses. 1925-1969. This is an extensive but incomplete set of Florey's publications, as listed in the bibliography in the Biographical Memoirs of the Fellows of the Royal Society v.17 (1971) (206 items). The collection was compiled by Dr Norman Heatley and presented to the Library through the agency of Dr Richard Brock.

Series 4-7 and additions to Series 2 were presented by Dr Richard Brock (and by various other donors through him) in March 1998, April 1999, June 2001 and April 2002.

Revised March 2003


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