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Gotthard Daniel Fritzsche 
Papers on 19th century doctrinal dispute S.A. 1846-1863

MSS 284.1 F919


Gotthard Daniel Fritzsche was born in Germany in 1797 and migrated to Lobethal, South Australia in 1841. While he was initially reluctant to emigrate to Australia, he eventually conceded to the requests of the people who were waiting to to emigrate - the Prussian Government required anyone wishing to emigrate be accompanied by a pastor.

Fritzsche was instrumental in furthering the Lutheran religion in Australia, serving as pastor of the Evangilical Lutheran Church  from 1842-1863.


Papers of the Pastor G.D. Fritzsche Papers of the Gothic Script and printed title page in the doctrinal dispute of Pastor G.D Fritzsche and many other Lutherans and Pastor A. Kavel, in South Australia, in the middle of the 19th century.

Translated by Pastor Frederick Hassold, Doctor of Theology, 17th December, 1969. 2 volumes.

Box 1

  • Volume 1. Includes some biographical information on Pastor Fritzsche.
  • 1 folder containing a Hymn by Pastor Gotthard Daniel Fritzsche, translated by Pastor Frederik Hassold, revised by David Hassold.

Box 2

  • Volume 2. Includes addenda to the papers consisting of 21 musical compositions written by David Hassold.
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