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Gale, (Gwendoline) Fay (1932-2008)
Papers 1936-1979

MSS 0050

Biographical Note

Fay Gale (right) with Doreen KartinyeriFay Gale was a cultural geographer, a leading academic and a passionate advocate of equal opportunity for women. She made significant contributions towards an understanding of the inequalities and injustices suffered by Aboriginal women and pioneered reforms to assist women to achieve their full academic potential.

Born in Balaklava in 1932, Fay Gale attended an all girls' secondary school where her teachers gave her a strong interest in academic achievement and a life long feminist perspective. She gained a first class honours degree from the University of Adelaide in 1953 and, while preparing her PhD, married and had two children. Her 1960 PhD thesis, A Study of Assimilation: Part Aborigines in South Australia, explored the complex and often tragic lives of part-Aboriginal women who had been taken from their mothers as children, and was published as a book in 1964.

In 1978, she became the first woman to be appointed as Professor at the University of Adelaide. In her academic career, Fay Gale continued to study the experiences of Aboriginal people and to document the vicious cycle of marginalisation they suffer through devastating effects upon the stolen generation, the disempowerment of Aboriginal women in their traditional roles, the subsequent cycles of juvenile crime among Aboriginal men and the fear, depression and violent abuse suffered by Aboriginal women.

In 1989, Fay Gale was awarded an Order of Australia for her contribution to the knowledge of Aboriginal people and their culture.

In 1988, she became Pro Vice Chancellor at the University of Adelaide and, in 1990, Vice Chancellor of the University of Western Australia, being the second woman in Australia to achieve the position of Vice Chancellor. Over the next seven years, she instituted a series of reforms at the University of Western Australia to rectify discrimination experienced by women students.

In 1996 Fay Gale was appointed the first woman President of the Australian Vice Chancellors Committee. In 1997, Fay Gale was appointed President of the Academy of Social Sciences, the first woman to hold that position.

Photograph and biographical note extracted from the biography of Fay Gale by Lado Shay on the Australian Women's History Forum website.

Professor Gale deposited these papers related to her work concerning Aboriginal conditions and welfare with the University of Adelaide in 1990. They contain correspondence, original research and survey data, and a collection of registers and records compiled from official sources, notably the Point Pearce and Point McLeay births, marriages and deaths registers. Supporting the original research data is an extensive collection of background material sourced from and by Aboriginal associations, government officials and departments, students, and other researchers. The papers include some research files of Judy Inglis (Series 9) sent to Fay Gale in 1964 following Inglis' death, and the Point McLeay and Point Pearce genealogical card files compiled by Doreen Kartinyeri (Series 10).

Series 3 and 5.1 have been embargoed by Professor Gale until 2025.

Series 11-13 were transferred from Professor Gale's office after her death.


Contents Listing

Series 1:    Correspondence
Series 2:    Files related to Fay Gale's PhD "A Study of Assimilation: Part-Aborigines in South Australia", University of Adelaide, 1960
Series 3:    Interviews and survey data regarding Adelaide Aborigines compiled in 1966 as research for Urban Aborigines RESTRICTED
Series 4:    Background material for Urban Aborigines 1957-1966
Series 5:    Interview material related to: Poverty Among Aboriginal Families in Adelaide: Research  Report by Fay Gale and Joan Binnion, 1975  
Series 5.1  RESTRICTED
Series 6:    Not used
Series 7:    Other research projects and publications by Fay Gale
Series 8:    Other background/research material
Series 9:    Judy Inglis research files
Series 10:  Genealogies on card files compiled by Doreen Kartinyeri and reproduced in her genealogical publications
Series 11: Photographs
Series 12: Recordings
Series 13: Biographical


Series 1. Correspondence. 6cm

Correspondence 1957-1960 re PhD research: "Assimilation of Aborigines in South Australia" (1960) 1.5cm
Includes correspondence with Paul Hasluck (Minister for Territories), A.F. Ellemor (Methodist Overseas Missions), Anthony Clunies Ross (Trinity College, Vic.), Ruth Bullpit (U.A.M.), Eric Price (SA Education Dept.) and other government officers and departments. Topics covered include scope of the thesis, visits to Koonibba and Yalata missions and Nepabunna station, removal of Aboriginal children, Aboriginal reserves, training of welfare officers. Also correspondence with Ellie Grave re a foster case, and comments on draft thesis by C.E. Bartlett (Aborigines Protection Board). Also some correspondence re Geography Refresher Schools.

Correspondence 1964-1969 re Social Science Research Council of Australia (SSRCA) Aborigines Project 1.5cm
Correspondence mainly with Director C.D.Rowley, mainly concerning urban Aborigines study and other minor research projects. Includes references to Pt Pearce and Pt McLeay births, marriages and deaths registers.
(see also Series 3-4 Urban Aborigines files)

General correspondence files 1959-1973 3cm
Includes correspondence with government officials and depts on Aboriginal matters, fellow researchers, mission and Aboriginal associations and institutions, on Aboriginal policy and welfare, and research sources. Correspondents include Alta Gordon, Di Barwick, Laurie Bryan re proposed Aboriginal Land Settlement Scheme (see also Series 8.1), Louise Hercus, Ronald Berndt (UWA) and Professor G. Lawton on Geography departmental matters. Also numerous invitations to speak to schools, service bodies and other associations. 1964 correspondence includes a report by Sgt Bert King of a July Aboriginal Advancement League trip to Pt Augusta, with a copy of a letter to Mr Riches from the Aboriginal Progress Association re newspaper reports on Pt Augusta and the need for a hostel (see also Series 7.2); 1965 includes letters re the establishment of an Aboriginal Scholarship Foundation; and 1966 letters of support re scholarship for John Moriarty.

Correspondence 1998-99
Letters of congratulation on appointment as President of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia, and re appointment to Australian Research Council


Series 2. Files related to Fay Gale's PhD "A Study of Assimilation: Part-Aborigines in South Australia", University of Adelaide, 1960. 36cm

2.1 Adjamantha Genealogy, 1957 (labelled Nepabunna)

2.2 "The Miracle of Ernabella: nomads of the pre-stone age become Christian": interview with the Rev. Ronald Trudinger (1958)3 p. typescript

2.3 Population files: statistics of Aboriginal populations compiled from Census 1954; police reports 1921-1957; notes on population, marriage etc from published sources; populations at stations and missions

2.4 Survey of firms: employment of Aborigines 1959. Completed survey forms "Employment available for mixed blood Aborigines"

2.5 Survey of stations: employment of Aborigines 1959. Completed survey forms "Employment available for mixed blood Aborigines" 2 folders

2.6 Field studies notebooks 1957-1958/59. 11 notebooks    12 cm.
MS notes taken on field trips to city and country areas, including:

  • Copley, Maree
  • Pt Pearce
  • Nepabunna
  • Kadina, Umeewarra & Pt Augusta
  • Hunter, Oodnadatta & Nepabanna
  • West Coast, City/Eden Hills
  • West Coast 1958-
  • 1957 Eden Hills, Tanderra, St Francis, Pt Pearce, S.East, Kingston etc
  • Pt McLeay, Victor Harbor, Winkie, Murray
  • Barmera, Winke, Berri, ..., City interviews
  • 1958 North SA, Pt McLeay, Campbell House, Tailem Bend, Meningie, Brinkley

2.7 Typescript notes/summaries. 18 cm.
Headings are from Professor Gale's original card folders:

  • Biological/tribal
  • Government stations/reserves
  • General policy – exemptions etc
  • U.A.M. missions
  • Other missions
  • Law and justice
  • Education policy and comparisons
  • Occupations available
  • Social barriers and white attitude
  • Health and diet
  • Housing
  • Acceptance in towns
  • Conclusions and suggestions
  • Bibliography

See also Series 11: Slides to accompany thesis and Urban Aborigines study


Series 3. Interviews and survey data regarding Adelaide Aborigines compiled in 1966 as research for Urban Aborigines by Fay Gale, assisted by Alison Brookman (published ANU Press, 1972 [1973]) 1.4m


Survey of 1,917 Aboriginals in Adelaide, including those living in institutions, or fostered or adopted into white families. Sponsored by the Social Science Research Council of Australia, the Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies and University of Adelaide Research Grant.

Arranged in assigned number order. Master checklist filed at beginning of series.

See also Series 11: Slides to accompany thesis and Urban Aborigines study


Series 4. Background material for Urban Aborigines 1957-1966. 18cm

4.1 Contacts

  • NT Aborigines resident in Adelaide 1/1/1966: including separate listings of children in fostering, education or institutional care; and NT Aboriginals employed in Adelaide 1/1/1966
  • NT prison inmates in Adelaide 1/1/1966
  • Hospital lists: includes NT Aborigines receiving medical care in Adelaide 1/1/1966; Aboriginals from country areas in hospitals January 1 1962-January 1 1965 (total nos. only); Child Guidance Clinic referrals 1961-1964; Numbers of Adelaide Aborigines in hospitals, Child Guidance Clinics and children committed by the Dept. of Social Welfare; list of NT patients at Parkside and Northfield mental hospitals, admitted 1949-1964
  • Other contacts information: sport, education, Mary Harris, C.W.D.
  • Information re Aboriginal people whose songs etc were recorded by C.J. Ellis (including Point McLeay, Point Pearce and West Coast peoples with additional individuals of interest – either living in Adelaide or connected with Aboriginal families)

4.2 Survey of schools (arranged alphabetically by name of school)

4.3 Abschol Survey Term II 1963 – all high, technical and area schools SA and NT

4.4 Aboriginal children in welfare care Adelaide 1965: statistics, lists of names; annotated Roneoed D.A.A. list of ‘Persons of Aboriginal blood in the metropolitan area'; notes from references; list of contacts

4.5 Survey of institutions: includes list of Aborigines in Brookway Park, Seaforth and Vaughan House; information on Aboriginal Women's Home, North Adelaide and Aborigines' Advancement League Hostel, Millswood (including description of Glenelg outing with Millswood girls 1965, and interview with Mrs Eileen Hughes on people from Colebrook Home, also typescript ‘Aboriginal Hostels – Their Needs and Problems' with correspondence re resignation of Mrs A.J. Lapthorne as matron of Millswood Aboriginal Girls Hostel, 1965); The Bridge Salvation Army Girls' Home, Gilbert St; Campbell House farm School (report by P.M. Rice to the Secretary Aborigines Protection Board 1962); Colebrook Home; Gerard Mission; Kennion House Church of England Boys' Home; Lentara Methodist Children's Home; Minda House (described by Sue Phillips-Rees); St Francis Home for Aboriginal Boys (information from Father McDee Smith); Salvation Army Boys' Home Kent Town; Salvation Army Girls' Home Fullarton; Tanderra (Torrensville); Warrawee Hospital

4.6 D.A.A. files 1962-1966

  • Notes on officers and institutions (typescripts): includes interviews, notes from visits; copy of a report by P.M. Rice to the Secretary, Aborigines Protection Board "on observations made during the period 1/1/1961 to 13/1/1962 when I assumed charge of Campbell House Farm School, Meningie West, SA"; list and description of ‘photos taken at Gerard January 1965' and notes on Gerard Mission [by Elizabeth Letherby]; notes on Aboriginal Women's Home, North Adelaide, and notes on residents
  • D.A.A. relation to C.W.D.: includes report to the Director by G.W. Pope 18 February 1966 concerning "my suggestions for the content of a new agreement with D.S.W. (typescript, photocopy); "Aborigines and persons of Aboriginal Blood: joint statement on procedures agreed by the Chairman, Children's Welfare and Public Relief Board, and the Director of Aboriginal Affairs, to operate from 1 July 1963" (Roneoed typescript)

4.7 Yatala long-term Aboriginal prisoners 1962-1965 (ms list)

4.8 Aboriginal institutions

  • MS table: ‘Population of Point Pearce & Point McLeay Aboriginal Reserves 1966'
  • Point Pearce Aboriginal Station (1894-1965): typescript Records of births, marriages and deaths; Record of deaths; Record of Marriages; Causes of death 1880-1964; Report of a visit to Pt Pearce 17/5/1968, with typescript ‘Notes on the Natives of the Southern portion of Yorke Peninsula, S.A. / by Norman B. Tindale (contribution from the South Australian Museum 1936)
  • Point McLeay: typescript Register of births 1857-February 1966 (plus photocopy), with photocopied entries from the Bible of Leila Rankine; typescript Record of deaths 1859-1966 (plus photocopy) and data encoding form; MS list of causes of death 1859-1965; typescript Record of marriages 1866-1963 (plus photocopy); List of families of Pt McLeay origin and others; MS report of a visit to Pt McLeay Reserve 7-11/3/1966; Typescript report ‘The survival of traditional language at Point McLeay, S.A. / by Elaine Treagus & Kay Patterson, working with Fay Gale 3p.; correspondence between Louise Hercus and Fay Gale re language collection, 1966?
  • Poonindie Native Institution: MS notes, lists of names 1868-1889

See also Series 9 Judy Inglis research files on Pt Pearce and Pt McLeay

4.9 N.T. statistics/notes: includes list of missions; notes on policy and administration; statistics on education and police convictions; notes on welfare, schools, health, missions, mission work on cattle stations, hospitals, housing and reserves; with maps of NT Aboriginal reserves

4.10 Urban Aborigines ‘Interviews': includes list of Pt Lincoln families; list of Aborigines provided by D.A.A.; list of Croker island people in Adelaide; transcripts of interviews with individuals (arranged alphabetically) from West Coast, Adelaide region, Point McLeay and Point Pearce, Pastor Wendt of Hectorville etc

4.11 Notes/comments on Aboriginal and white attitudes ca. 1964-1966: includes many quotes of Aboriginal viewpoints

4.12 Aboriginal associations

  • Aboriginal Friends Association: form; open letter
  • Aboriginal Task Force contact list
  • Aborigines Advancement League: brochure; newsletters June 1964-October 1966 (imperfect)
  • Aborigines Progress Association: correspondence to the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs (1965-1966); invitations to functions, including ball; open letter to Parliaments etc 1965 (Roneoed typescript); open letter 1964 (Roneoed typescript)
  • United Aborigines Mission Inc.: thank you letters; Annual Reports 1956-1971 (impf.); newsletters (later called ‘Aborigine News') December 1958-October 1973 (impf.); National Missionary Council of Australia Ministers' Bulletin May 1957 & May 1960

4.13 Annabel Mullins: reports on visits to investigate records kept by Children's Hospital, Adelaide Hospital, medical institutions containing Aborigines, Aborigines Department, schools, and institutions run by Children's Welfare Dept.

4.14 Press clippings on SA and NT Aborigines 1965-1967, mainly from the Advertiser, also the Australian, On Dit, Woman's Day etc.

4.15 Notes on SA law relating to Aborigines for Chapter 3 of Urban Aborigines: includes court files for conspiracy case against Dick Carroll et al. 1965; photocopied regulations and articles; MS notes; correspondence with Roma Mitchell re her paper on the Aboriginal and the Law

4.16 Typed notes and extracts from "A Little More than Kin: Regional Affliction and Group Identity among Aboriginal Migrants in Melbourne" / Dianne E. Barwick (1963 PhD thesis)

See also Series 11: Slides to accompany thesis and Urban Aborigines study


Series 5. Interview material related to: Poverty Among Aboriginal Families in Adelaide: Research Report by Fay Gale and Joan Binnion, 1975. 12cm

Study commissioned by the Commission of Inquiry into Poverty. Survey covered Aboriginals living in family households in the city of Adelaide in 1973, excluding Aboriginals in institutions or in white households.

5.1 Completed survey forms "Aboriginal Poverty Survey" includes information on families and households, expenditure, employment, income, involvement with welfare agencies, health and education  10cm


5.2 "Poverty survey: original data": large folded sheet listing family information, weekly income and expenditure according to area of residence

5.3 Tabulated summary data tables, working notes/calculations

5.4 Summary tables on Aboriginal women in the urban situation: introductory details from published report on poverty, Aboriginality as recorded in census, employment, health, members of family away from home, grandchildren living with grandparents, grandparents' place of residence, family structures (compiled by student/research assistant?)



Series 7. Other research projects and publications by Fay Gale. 15cm

7.1 "Administration as Guided Assimilation (South Australia)" (typescript): essay for Aborigines Now: New Perspective in the Study of Aboriginal Communities, ed. Marie Reay (1964). Includes associated correspondence and newspaper clippings 1962-1964

7.2 Pt Augusta files

  • Information on Pt Augusta provided by Alta Gordon [n.d.] Typescript, 16p.
  • "Pt Augusta. A Summary of the Report and Recommendations of the Group which Visited Pt Augusta Aboriginal Reserve 8-9th February 1964"
  • "Report of an Inspection of Pt Augusta Aboriginal Reserve and Umeewarra Childrens' Home, 8/9 Feb. 1964"
  • Permit issued to Fay Gale for Davenport Aboriginal Reserve 1965

See also Correspondence series 1.3: 1965 letter from Mr Riches re need for an Aboriginal hostel at Pt Augusta

7.3 "Aboriginal Policy Trends" [1965?] Typescript, 23p. (not published, proposed for Current Affairs Bulletin)

7.4 "Aboriginal Employment in Adelaide" by Fay Gale and Ian Lewis [1966?] Typescript: report on assessment of employment opportunities for Aborigines in Adelaide from the employers' viewpoint. This assessment formed part of the larger 1964 survey on Aboriginal movement into Adelaide (see Urban Aborigines files)

7.5 "Aborigines and the Normal Social Welfare Channels" by Fay Gale, Sister Benedict and Margaret Bourne. 1966. Typescript (not published)

7.6 "Aborigines in Adelaide", for the Foundation of Aboriginal Affairs, 1966. Typescript, 2p. Includes letter to Mrs L.H. Cocks of the Foundation

7.7 "Impact of Urban Life on Aborigines" typescript of talk to Royal Geographical Society 7/7/1966, plus annotated draft
(see also "Patterns of Post-European Aboriginal Migration in South Australia" below)

7.8 "Patterns of Post-European Aboriginal Migration in South Australia", [1966?] Typescript, galley proofs and photographs; correspondence re reprints, and annotated typescript draft and annotated Roneo copy of "Summary of Preliminary Findings on Aboriginal Migration to Adelaide. Later published in RGS Proceedings 1966
See also Urban Aborigines files

7.9 Survey of Aboriginal foster children in Adelaide, ca. 1968: includes completed questionnaires and interview notes; also letter re publication of article "Foster Homes for Aboriginal Children" proposed for the Australian Journal of Social Work
See also Urban Aborigines files

7.10 "Report to the Select Committee on the Welfare of Aboriginal Children" [1969] Typescript

7.11 Huntington's Disease amongst Aborigines: includes correspondence, newspaper clippings and reprints; reports and correspondence concerning position of DAA Huntington's Disease project counsellor; roll of Huntington's Disease genealogies; publications including

  • SA Huntington's Disease Association Magazine (April 1980)
  • SA Dept for Community Welfare's first pamphlet on Huntington's Chorea (January 1974) – information provided by Marjory Angas, consultant to HD Project, Aboriginal Health Organisation
  • "A Programme for the Management of Huntington's Disease amongst Aboriginal Families in South Australia" (1983, typescript) / report by Fay Gale

7.12 "The Need for Training Facilities for Sociologists" [1965?] Typescript

7.13 Uluru Visitor Survey 1988. Final report / Fay Gale and Jane Jacobs, February 1985 (typescript, printout) 69 p.

7.14. Kakadu National Park Visitor Survey

  • Final report / Fay Gale and Jane Jacobs, June 1984 (typescript, printout) 109, 12 p.
  • Interim report: visitor use Kakadu National Park / M.A. Forbes and P.J. Merrill (Canberra: Australian National Parks and Wildlife Service, April 1983) 23 p.
  • Annotated maps and ms list of sites, blank vehicle counting forms

Series 8. Other background/research material. 3cm

a. Published pamphlets and typescript articles on Aborigines 1950s-1960s: includes

  • Printed pamphlets The Medicine Man; If We have a Conscience / Aborigines Advancement League; The Aborigines / Minister for Territories; Four Major Issues in Assimilation / National Missionary Council of Australia, 1963; The Facts on Wage Discrimination against Aborigines / Equal Wages for Aborigines Committee [1963?]; The Meaning of Assimilation / National Missionary Council of Australia, 1963; Assimilation in Action / Paul Hasluck, Minister for Territories [n.d.]; Aborigines in the Community / Minister for Territories, 1965; Why Not Hang Rupert Stuart?; Aboriginal Scholarships Committee; What is N.A.D.O.C.?; What of our Aborigines? / A. Grenfell Price, 194?; Assimilation of our Aborigines / Minister for Territories, 1958; prospectus for Autumn School: Anthropology and the Australian Aborigine /University of Adelaide Adult Education, 1-13 May 1967
  • Roneoed pamphlet on "Croker Island Methodist Mission"
  • Roneoed publications of Northern Territory Administration Welfare Branch on Maningrida Settlement (1959); Warrabri Settlement (1959); Report by E.C. Evans on overland patrol to Lake Mackay and Kintore Ranges (1960); Appendices to Finke River Mission, Hermannsburg (1962); Beswick Aboriginal Reserve (1961)
  • Typescripts: correspondence concerning Education Programme for ‘C' Division, Yatala, 1965; "Rough Outline of Aborigines Land Settlement Scheme" [n.d.]
    See also Correspondence Series 1.3: correspondence with Laurie Bryan

b. Student project "The Establishment of Aboriginal Reserves in the County of Adelaide and Their Subsequent Occupation in the 19th Century" / Irene Hill and Dzintra Sils

c. "Aborigines in the Community": Discussion Papers for Frontier Conference [n.d.]

d. Form letters, blank survey forms (various projects)


Series 9. Judy Inglis research files. 6cm

Judy Inglis, (1929-1962), graduated from the University of Melbourne as a Master of Arts and was later awarded a Diploma in Anthropology at Oxford University. She was the principal Administrative Assistant for the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies at the time of her death. This material was sent to Fay Gale for her use in 1964 (see letters from Diane Barwick in Series 1 General correspondence file) Most of the Inglis papers are held by AIATSIS.

a. Correspondence 1961-1964: includes letter from Ken Inglis to Fay Gale 14/9/1964 re dispersal of Inglis' research material, correspondence from Aunty Glad, and letters from informants at Point Pearce and Point McLeay
b. Point McLeay and Point Pearce notes/genealogies, including folded A2 sheets of genealogies
c. Notes on Thomas Adams from SA Archives, including record of Thomas Adams marriage to Konarto in 1948 and ms extracts from the Letterbook of the Protector of Aborigines 1840-1857
d. Notebook/address book ca. 1957-1959


Series 10. Genealogies on card files compiled by Doreen Kartinyeri and reproduced in her genealogical publications. 80cm

10.1 Point McLeay Genealogies

  • Alphabetical listing of individuals on file cards (2 small file drawers)
  • Family genealogies, alphabetical (with index of surnames): 1966-67 (1 large file drawer)

10.2 Point Pearce Genealogies (1 large file drawer)


Series 11. Photographs

11.1 Slides to accompany thesis and Urban Aborigines study, some dated. 4 cm.

Titles of slide sleeves:
Port Augusta (1958-1966)
Finnis Spings, Pt Augusta (1957-1965)
Moree,Copley,Leigh Creek, Oodnadatta (1957-1958)
Nepabunna (1958-1971)
Mission – Nepabunna (1958-1984)
Pt Pearce (1957-1968)
Yalata and Koonibba Missions (1958)
Mission – Gerard/Finnis Springs (1958)
Pt Lincoln, West Coast (1958-1965)
Aboriginal – Historical
Rural Aborigines (1958)
Urban Aborigines (1964-1969)

See also Series 2: Files related to Fay Gale's PhD "A Study of Assimilation ... " and Series 3-4 concerning Urban Aborigines study

11.2. Photograph album 1 (titles taken from box covers)

- Rock engravings at Wharton Hill, Tiverton Station SA 5/9/1970 (with list) 50 photos (batch 111)

- Photographs taken at Port Augusta Reserve, 23 to 24 January 1965. C.J.E. Kempster. The Woodie family (with list) 2 photos (batch 101)

- Port Augusta Reserve, Second film, 24 January 1965. C.J.E. Kempster. Coulthard Shack, with Mrs Ruby Higgins (with list) 4 photos (numbered 351-354)

- Vaughan House (3 photos) 1965 / Pt Pearce May 1965 / Pt Augusta, Davenport Reserve November 1965, including Mrs Churchill and 2 children (with list) 25 photos (batch 312)

- Angle Park temporary house 1 photo; Aboriginal rock shelters River Murray: Fromm’s Landing sheleters; Fromm’s Landing shelters excavated by Mulvaney and team; Devon Downs site (Tindale and Hale excavation); canoe red gum trees; Pumong living site (with list) 24 photos (batch 3100)

- Children of Aboriginal mothers and their homes in Taperoo and Angle Park (with list) 20 photos (batch 301)

- Pt Lincoln Aboriginal study Dec. 1965: Malle Park Aboriginal Reserve housing; remains of old Poonindie Mission; homes of Lena Miller, Katherine Larking, Graham Johncock, Asmund Bakka, Herbert Pascoe, Klaus Ewendt, Margaret Mindy, Isobel Burgoyne, Fred Dowson, Edmund Bilney, William Miller (with list) 42 photos (batch 304)

- Pt McLeay Aboriginal study March 1966: buildings, houses, graveyard (including Taplin’s grave), photo of Clarence Long Junior (with list) 24 photos (batch 304)
- Wharton Hill, August 1970: Cultural Geography 1970 students who mapped Aboriginal engravings; rock engravings (with list) 18 photos (numbered F1-23)

- Thebarton houses being encroached upon by factories 31/5/1971 4 photos (numbered F2-6)

- Field trip to North Flinders SA June 1071: Myrtle Springs rock engravings; Ram Paddock Gate, Angepera Aboriginal Reserve ruins; Mt Searle engravings (with list) 20 photos numbered F8-22)

- photos re to thesis? Yalata Reserve; 1 captioned Nepabunna; Aboriginal individuals and groups, housing (no list) 49 photos (some labelled with chapter and page numbers))

- “Negatives … odd prints, thesis”; ‘Outside Rachel Brady’s house, Pt Augusta’; children playing Umelwdra?’; ‘Kooniba School’; ‘Spreading super Pt Pearce’; ‘Grade 6-7 class Pt Pearce; other Aboriginal groups and individuals, housing (no list) 19 photos, undated

- [Aboriginal housing]: 3 annotated ‘Groote Eylandt older housing’, Warrabri N.T. experimental transition housing’, ‘Oenpelli N.T. transitional housing’ (no list) 29 photos, undated

- 1958 photos all numbered ‘19’: Trust homes Glossop; Weeding Gerard; Anzak? Waikeri Camp Glossop; Winkie Camp; [building ‘Gerard-smoked’; George Karpanny fishing Berri; Clothier home, Gerard Mission; Grape picking Barmera, March 1958; Loxton North children; Keith & Peggy Karpanny, Berrie; Children at Glossop store, Rosaling & Russel Mileru (no list) 12 photos

- [Adelaide city houses, mainly worker’s cottages – Blackburn/Gilles Streets, Halifax St] 2 labelled Chapter 8 Plates 4 and 5 (no list) 8 photos (batch 308)

11.3. Photograph album 2 (unlisted, titles taken from envelop/box covers when available)

- [Unlisted, 1965] Includes Aboriginal infants in care “Children brought to Adelaide by the law on a charge of parental neglect”; Salvation Army Home for Boys Kent Town; Seaforth Home, Somerton Park; institutional buildings; couple getting married (no list) 28 photos (batch 35)

- ‘Miscellaneous’: Gerard January 1965 – view down central street towards clinic, view of weir from the vegetable garden, 2 photos (batch 102); [rock engravings] 2 photos (batch 308)

- [Pt Pearce]: housing on reserve? (9 copies); Rufus Wuta sawing timber, Leigh Creek; [children] Pt Pearce; Pt Pearce children playing outside old school; Mr B Graham unloading stores at Coop; Pt Pearce stone cottages; [2 boys] Pt Pearce; Mr Monty Austin Hone at villa outside the Reserve (from Launi? Bryan 10/5/1965 8 photos

- Aboriginal picnic in Adelaide December 1964: [family groups outside house]; groups and individuals at picnic, including Hilda Murray, Rosie Hamilton, Ruby Higgins, George King, Brenda Wilson with children & child of Greta Wilson with bottle; 1 photo picnic Adelaide 1965 79 photos (batch 212) Some used in publication?

- 1968: Teetulpa, Salt Creek, Wharton Hill: archaeological sites; rock engravings 36 photos (batch 106)

- Dan & Clara Coulthard cooking kangaroo, 31/8/1971, also stone cairn and shearing shed (inside and outside views) 28 photos

- Rock engravings, 1971 field trip: dated 31/8/1971 ‘B’ 38 photos

- Nepabunna, Leigh Creek 1971 and field trip: rock engravings; views of Nepabunna; Nepabunna streetscapes; plaque of Eaton memorial Church, United Aborigines Mission Inc., dated 31/8/1971 ‘C’ 36 photos

- [Field trip 1971] ‘D’: cliff faces; rock engravings 34 photos dated 31/8/1971

- 1971 Field Camp Leigh Creek, Nepabunna, Dan: women cooking damper? in campfire; archaeological sites; magpies Coulthard 17 photos (batch 212, dated 21/10/1971)

- Mountford-Sheard Collection (State Library of SA) photographs: Devon Downs, River Murray 1933 vandalised rock carving; Cave painting of dingo Ayers Rock; Totemic place of a man & woman, Kadidi, Ayers Rock; Rock engraving, Yappala Hills, SA 1962; Rock engraving of footprints, Panaramitee Station, Salt Creek area; Making plaster cast rock engraving, Panaramitee Station; Rock engraving of circle and wombat forepaw Panaramitee Station; Rock engraving of emu carved by European 1915 Panaramitee Hill; Rock engraving salt water fish Panaramitee Hill; Tracing an engraving Panaramitee Station; Rock engraving human footprints Panaramitee Station; Rock engraving salt water crocodile Panaramitee Hill; Rock engraving emu track Panaramitee Station; [Rock engraving emu, untitled] 14 photos

- negatives: Thesis; Pt Pearce 1957? ; Upper Murray Barmera 1958

11.4. Negatives folder 1984-87

Folder of negatives and contact sheets from trips to Uluru/Cave Hill 1984, Kakadu 1985, Youranbulla 1984, Flinders Ranges field trip 1984, Innamincka / Kings Site 1987, Western Australia, Mootwingee 1984Panaramitee 1984, North Queensland / Laura / Split Rock / Towaludinnu 1986, Ewaninga 1984? (not in cohesive order)

11.5. ‘Index to photographs’ file with various listings of photos

Series 12. Audio recordings

3” tape:
- Tape from Wattle(?) Paul ‘has been recorded at a different speed’

5” reel tapes:
- Leigh Creek 1971: S Wilton, Rufus Wilton, Da Coulthard
- Side 1: L. Bryan interviewing ur[ban] aborigines at Pt Augusta - Unknown Australian – irrelevant - Australian theme song Aboriginal - Kath Walker Aboriginal Charter of Rights. Side 2:Buffy Saint Marie: land – School history ‘My country tis of my people your dying’

Cassette tapes

1971 Field camp with 3rd year students: interviews with local Aborigines
- Tape A: Interviews at Leigh Creek.
- Tape B: Da Coulthard: stories, Rufus Wilton, CyWilton
- Tape C: Da Coulthard, Bellana?, A Sluggert, Copley

Doreen Kartinyeri
- Doreen K. on Pt McLeay School & schooling
- Doreen Kartinyeri, Colin Watson, Ruth Goldsmith. Aboriginal Research Centre Workshop 21/4/83. Cecil Graham, John Abdilla
- Doreen Kartinyeri on listening to my grandfather
- Shearing at Point Pearce / Getting a car / Marle Wilson. Gambling / feather flowers

ANZAS Conference for Aboriginal Women Adelaide 1980. Interview with Aboriginal women.
- Borroloola women talk about things. Tapes 82 & 83 / 84 & 85
- [Unlabelled tape] Annotated ‘Send to P. Water A. Springs
- Vivian Bligh / Elspeth Young / Diane Bell. Marlene Chesson (Chair) / Doreen Wanganeen / Vi Deuschler

Croker Island tapes / collected by Margot and Dieter Moeckel, 1978
- Interview with Rev. Lazarus Lami-Lami OBE
- Musical education of tribal, non-literate people / interview with Lazarus Lami Lami OBE, Minister of Croker Island
- Lazarus Lami Lami
Blue Series 1. N.S. [Non sacred]
Blue Series 2. N.S. [Non sacred]
Blue Series 3. N.S. [Non sacred]
Marilan Croker Blue 4
Green Series 1.A. Sacred
Green Series 1.B. Sacred
Green Series 2 ‘A’. Non sacred
Green Series 2 ‘B’. Non sacred
Green Series 3. Sacred (not for general audiences)
- Interview with Mrs Mary Yarmit re Manmurang ceremony
- Informant: Mary Yarmirr: re Iwaidea funeral, Song men (Iwaidea), history of Croker Island, influence of Western music (tape 5)

Police prosecutors
- 8/8/1990 Billet / Davies Sydney
- 10/8/1990 Berkowics / Richards Sydney
- 1/11/1990 Michael … / David …

Other cassette recordings
- Kirsten Garret. Cape York – Aboriginal prehistory (25 min.) / Prof. Mulvaney. Fraser Cave, Tasmania (8 min.)
- Fire and Australia’s landscape. (Kakadu National Park. Chris Haines 28 min; Aboriginal burning 70 min)
- “Kimberley Ab. 1 side”
- “Aboriginal women lt.” (Tape 3 Side 1)
- “Solstice”
- “Crocker [ie Croker] island Pt. 1” 3/7/1986
- Uluru Art Survey. Tour guide “Bill” at Maggie Springs on 2/7/1984 (see also notes 1/7/1984 Spirit Cave)
- Richard Baker Cultural lecture on Western Australia

ABC tapes
- Science Show 29 broadcast 9/10/1982 (includes Professor John Mulvaney on the Franklin Caves)
- Science Show 10/9/1982. A. Kirsten Garret. Cape York – Aboriginal prehistory / Prof. Mulvaney. -Fraser Cave, Tasmania. With 5UV ‘Perspectives on Aborigines’ series on Aboriginal music – Mary - Brunton, Guy Tunstall, Ian Knowles speaking to Jim Warburton.
- ABC Science Show ‘Archaeology Central Australia’ Mike Smith interview
- ABC Science Show 13/2/1982 – 20/2/1982. Description of Kakadu; Nipper talks to Mimi; Cathy O’Sullivan sings spirits with harp; Description Deaf Adder excavation; Aboriginal change to landscape; Aboriginal fire use (Chris Haines); Park copy of Aboriginal fires; Buffaloes; Efect of mining
- Aboriginal tourism N.T. ABC Radio 5/8/1985

Commercial tape
- Dreamtime legends of the Australian Aborigines / narrated by Bob Corbett and Mick Summers (Enrec Studios, Tamworth, 1990) Enrec walkabout series

Fay Gale interviews
- ABC Interview with Jane Stapleton 10/1/1991, on my views on the University of WA; Science Show 5/10/1991 Interview with Robyn Williams on Universities
- Interview (unspecified)
- Fay Gale on ABC 23/6/1980
- Fay’s interview Perth radio May 1989
- 5AN interview 3/4/1984. On Kakadu National Parl 35-135
- On overseas study leave 1985 (3 tapes)
- Radio interview 1989
- Interview Channel 7 Adelaide 1989
- The Great South Land 5UV Fay Gale and R. Baker
- Fay Gale & Doreen Wanjone 5UV 22/9/1989 / Edwards Pitjantjatjara
- Interview with Fay re Professorship; Salisbury sacking

- Fay Gale Cultural GF&G III 12/10/1973
- Fay Gale cultural lecture 1989

- Mrs Anderson – interview (variable quality)
- Marie on radio on work experience
- “From Adelaide 18/1?”
- “Fay Gale”
- “Michael’s tape 10/9/1988”
- “Kirsty”

Series 13: Biographical

CV; articles about Gale; citation on presentation of Honorary Degree of Doctor of Letters, UWA 1998?
'Taking on the Academy' / Fay Gale [From Carrying the banner: women, leadership and activism in Australia / Joan Eveline with Lorraine Hayden (eds.) UWA Press, 1999, p. 136-44]
'Sex matters: a case of gender and authority in Australian university leadership' / Joan Eveline (printout)
Photograph: Fay Gale with staff of UWA?

Land of the Ngarrindjeri [slide and booklet kit] (Adelaide: Educational Technology Centre, Education Dept., 1978) has been catalogued separately at Rare Book 994.232 S726El

The journal Wungudda: official organ of the Aboriginal Community, Port Augusta (1968) has been catalogued separately at Rare Book 305.8991505 W965.


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