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German settlers in South Australia: miscellaneous papers 1776-1964

MSS 994.2 G3888

BOX A Folder A

Mainly responses to Schulz’ 1936 questionnaire to ‘gather information for a short history of what German immigrants and their descendants have accomplished’. Many notes are in Schulz’ handwriting, often on the back of student assignments. Also notes in Schulz’ shorthand (Pitman’s German). Includes articles in South Australian and Australian German newspapers and other publications.

1. Suedaustralische Zeitung no.4 (2 May 1850) (photocopy – original on oversize shelves) Contains material on Point Pass, Nairne and Burra and names of Tanunda people.

2. Suedaustralische Zeitung no.10 (13 June 1850) (photocopy – original in MAP CABINET- on free trade.

3. Die Brücke vol.3, no.7/8 (4/11 April 1936)
‘LATER SETTLEMENTS’ written on pencil on the front cover. Contains information on pioneers. IN MAP CABINET

4. Die Brücke vol.3, no.12 (9 May 1936)
‘NEWSPAPERS’ written in pencil on front cover. There is a note by Derek Van Abbe 25/2/57 ‘Also much which could be classified as sundries and duplicated’

5. Paper: ‘Some social and political aspects of S.A. German Settlement up to 1914’. Delivered by Derek Van Abbe, Head of Department, to German Department, S.A. German Seminar 11 September 1958. (11 p.) Typescript (Roneo copy)

6. Ms notes ‘Lutherische Gemeindeschulen’ [= Lutheran congregational schools]. Includes teacher names as well as the names of the schools (including Peterborough). Probably answers to Schulz’ questionnaire (5 p.)
See also item 23
7. The Monthly Calendar. St Ignatius Parish Magazine [Norwood] vol.17, no.8 (August 1936). Pages 7–12 article: ‘The Austrian Jesuits in the restored Society of Jesus’
See also item 89

8. The Monthly Calendar. St Ignatius Parish Magazine vol.17, no.9 (September 1936)
Pages 7–11 article: ‘2: The Jesuits come to Austria proper’

9. The Monthly Calendar. St Ignatius Parish Magazine vol.17, no.10 (October 1936). Pages 9–12 article: ‘III: Dispersion of the Austrian Jesuit [sic]. Franz Weikert and the Jesuits.’ Ends with Krawinkel.

10. Questionnaire (1 p.) 2 copies, typescript (Roneo copy)

11. Typed information in German on Apoinga (=suburb of Burra) from A. Mackenzie, circa 1936 (1 p.) About Germans and smelting

12. Ms information on Auburn and district from A. Mackenzie, circa 1936 (1 p.) Reply to Schulz’ questionnaire

13. Ms response on Balaklava and Dalkey district to Schulz questionnaire from A. Mackenzie, circa 1936. (1 p.)
See also item 29

14. Ms letter from A. Mackenzie, Balaklava, 14 September 1937 to A. Schulz re questionnaire (1 p.)

15. Sheet of paper with ‘1865 Balaklava’ written on it – in Schulz’ writing, plus 4 slips = continued response to questionnaire

16. Typed and ms information in German on Baldina and Burra (1 p.). Numbered ‘5’at top

17. Typed letter from Rev. S.O. Gross 13/8/1937 to Dr A.J. Schulz in response to questionnaire, re Berri (2 p.) + 1 page of Schulz writing about an accompanying table of townships. With list of settlers
See also items 70 and 76

18. Ms sheet of paper in Schulz’ writing with ‘Berri seit 1911’ [= Berri since 1911]

19. Ms information on Bethel [near Kapunda] and Steintal in German (2 p.) and a letter from Pastor E. Rohde to ‘Herr Doktor’, dated Freeling 11/6/1937

20. Ms information and notes in English and German on Bethany. (3 p.) Schulz’ handwriting
20a. Ms notes, with heading: ‘Geschichtliches über die Gemeinde Bethanien’ [= Historical details about the community of Bethany’] and a note ’Return to Pastor Breuer’ (9 p.)

21. Typed questionnaire filled out in pencil by ‘Pr Graebner, Birdwood’ on Blumberg Gemeinde (1 p.) with attached ms page in Schuz’ handwriting titled ‘Some leading old settlers’ (information from H.A.J Pflaum)

22. Ms letter to Professor A.J. Schulz in response to questionnaire, from E. Kriewaldt at Brinkworth re history of Brinkworth, Blyth and ‘Canowie Belt near Jamestown’ 15/6/1937 (2 p.)

23. Booklet: Souvenir. The Twenty fifth anniversary of St John’s Evangelical Lutheran Congregation, Brinkworth, and Trinity Evangelical Congregation, Blyth and Twenty-fifth of St John’s Church, Brinkworth and Trinity Lutheran Church Blyth 1909-1934. Includes photographs of individuals. Also ms page in pencil in Schulz’(?) writing titled ‘Church School’ about information to hand 19/9/37 (8 p.)
See also item 6

24. Typed and ms information in German on Bundey [20 km from Point Pass], Lindley & Schomburgh etc. (1 p.)

25. Typescript (photocopy) ‘Heimatmissions-Arbeit in der Burra’ =‘Home land mission work in Burra] in German. (3 p.) Signed ‘E. Proeve’ at end
See also items 48, 50 and 73

26. Letter from Pastor Gerhard Obst of Strathalbyn (after 26/4/1936 or 37) to Dr A.J. Schulz re information on Callington in response to questionnaire (half page typed – other half is missing)

27. Information on St Johannis Congregation of Kunden Carlsruhe (4 p.)
Includes letter to Mr A.J. Schulz 25/5/1937 from H.W.E. Harms of Saddleworth about Carlsruhe and Peter’s Hill, in response to questionnaire. Also ms notes about Wends, asking for documents to be returned (4 p.) Mention of ‘Mecklenburger’

28. Ms letter dated Pt. Pirie 6/5/1937 from M. Wiebusch to Dr A. Schulz with information on Crystal Brook 1897 dedication (2 p.) Reports that now both languages, English and German, are in use

29. Information on Dalkey by A. Mackenzie (3 part pages)
See also item 13

30. Ms response to questionnaire on Eden Valley from Pastor F.J. Lehmann (1 p.)

31. Ms German information on Eudunda from Pastor Renner in response to questionnaire (1 p.)

32. Ms letter in German from Th. Renner of Eudunda 13/5/1937 to Herr Schulz re questionnaire (1 p.)

33. One envelope addressed to ‘Mr A. Schulz’ from the Ev. Luth. Synod in Australia S.A.District

34. Printed programme for 50th anniversary of the Dedication of Emmaus Evangelical Lutheran Church Inc. at Eudunda, South Australia 1884- 1934 7 October 1934. (10 p.)

35. A letter in English from F. Hassold of Eudunda 1/12/1936 to Mr A. Schulz re questionnaire (1 p.) – says was sending jubilee pamphlets for Tarnma and Eudunda churches
See item 38

36. Information on Eyre Peninsula. One questionnaire page on Eyre Peninsula partly filled in under Sonstiges. Page each of notes on Lock, Cowell, Crossville, Cummins, Yadnarie

37. Typed information on Freeling in German (1 p.) ‘June 3/1937’ at botttom. Half the page is missing. From Pastor Heidenreich

38. Printed pamphlet: Sixtieth Anniversary of Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church Incp. at Tarnma S.A. Nov. 13, 1932 ‘formerly Friedrichswalde (first called ‘Little Plains’) 1872 – 1932. Order of service
See also items 35, 39

39. Ms German notes on Tarnma from Pastor Renner (1 p.)

40. Typed notes in German on Gawler signed ‘J.H.Heidenreich’ (1 p.) and a letter from Pastor Presser of Gawler 14/5/1937 (2 p.)

41. Information in German on Geranium Plain (1 p. typewritten) Reports that ‘Religions-Unterricht in der deutschen Sprache von Herrn Vogelsang Point Pass’ [= that religious instruction is conducted in German, given by Mr. Vogelsang, Point Pass] and a note that it’s the only one in the parish where this is so and one of the few Velka churches where only German is used in the services

42. Shorthand notes on Greenock (1 p.)

43. Typed notes on Greenock with ms names and dates (1 fragment.) Answer to one of Schulz’ questions from J. Heidenreich

44. Extract from The Advertiser newspaper ‘Additional on Carl Linger’ by Pastor Brauer

45. Notes on Hoffnungsthal in German (2 p.) Ms name ‘Rosedale’ appears in pencil

46. [Printed flyer announcing the formation of the German-Australian Centenary Committee and appealing for funds] headed: South Australian Centenary, dated 19 August 1935. Includes German translation: Süd-Australische Jahrhundertfeier [= South Australian centenary celebration] (2 p.)
The aim of the German-Australian Centenary Committee is to:

  • Restore the original names of Hahndorf, Lobethal and Klemzig
  • Renovate the Klemzig cemetery
  • Honour and perpetuate the name of Carl Linger
  • Publish an historical record of the public life and work of German settlers
  • Also text: ‘Es ist zuversichtlich anzunehmen’ [= There is reason to believe that the German government will be represented … by a war ship and aeroplanes
  • Donations to be forwarded to the hon. Treasurer, Dr A.J. Schulz, c/o University of Adelaide

47. Ms information on Hoffnungsthal congregation from Pastor Georg (1 p.)

48. Abriss der Geschichte der Gemeinde von Julia [= Sketch of the history of the congregation of Julia] 9 August 1936 from E.H. Proeve (7 p.) Typescript
See also items 25,50 and 73

49. Mostly blank sheet with heading ‘Keyneton’

50. Completed questionnaire in ms by Pastor Proeve on South Kilkerran, Tiparna and Kadina (1 p.) ‘Pr Sobel’ written in pencil at top
See also items 25, 48 and 73

51. Ms questions and answers to Schulz’ questionnaire on South Kilkerran (2 p.) with ms date 1873 and letter to Schulz from Pastor H Harnath. Lists names of teachers

52. Questionnaire completed in ms German on Light’s Pass. Name at end: F.A. Hartmann

53. Cutting on Lobethal (1 p.) from Die Brücke 1936. Headed: ‘Lobethal Anlässlich der südaustralischen Jahrhundertfeier’ [= Lobethal on the occasion of the South Australian centenary celebration]. Includes information about the programme written by E. Kumnick

54. Schulz’ ms notes on Lyndoch in German in response to questionnaire dated 19/11/1936 (3 p.)

55. Schulz’ ms notes on Lyndoch in English (2 p.)

56. Typed questionnaire answer on Lyrup (1 part page) – comment “it’s not useful as the place is so small”. Plus one sheet headed Lyrup in ms

57. Ms information on Mannum in German in response to questionnaire (5 p.) Includes note: ‘Nach Mitteilungen von Herrn Pastor Cl. E. Hoopmann zu Mannum’ [= based on information from Pastor Cl. E. Hoopmann of Mannum]

58. Information typed on Millicent congregation (1 p.) from: ‘Pr. E. Sprengel, St Martin’s Mount Gambier’. Ms date ‘1874’

59. Questionnaire completed in Mt. Gambler and Millicent with a 1 p. letter in German from Pastor Sprengel to ‘Herr Schulz’ 15/10/1937, plus 1 p. of shorthand on Mt Gambier dated 20/1/38

60. A letter in German to ‘Herr Doktor’ from Rev. J. Doehler of Christ Church Evangelical Lutheran church, Murray Bridge, 30/4/1937, in response to questionnaire (1 p.)
See also item 61

61. Typewritten notes: ‘Geschichtliches ueber Murray Bridge, Palmer and Mannum’ [=Historical details about Murray Bridge, Palmer and Mannum] (2 p.)
After ‘Mannum’ there is German text: ’das eventuell gebraucht werden koennte, in einer Geschichte der Deutschen in Sued-Australien’ [= that perhaps could be used in a history of the Germans in South Australia]

62. Typed letter from Pastor Hoopmann to A.J. Schulz as Treasurer of the Centenary Committee, dated Mannum 25/9/1936, in response to questionnaire (3 p.) plus page of Schulz shorthand notes on Mannum

63. Ms notes on Neale’s Flat. Three versions: English, shorthand, German (3 p.) Information supplied by Pastors Th. Renner and F. Hassold, Eudunda

64. Ms response to questionnaire on Dimchurch = Neukirch (1 p.) from ‘Pr. F. Lehmann, Angaston

65. Typed notes on Gomersal (Neu Mecklenburg) (1 part page)

66. Questionnaire completed in German on New Residence parish dated 5/10/1937. From ‘Pr Kloeden’ and dated ‘1895’. With printed copy of Souvenir of the dedication of Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, August 2, 1925 (8 p.) Name ‘Rev. J. Homann’ is stamped in the booklet next to ‘Sermon’. The builder and the building committee are listed by name and also contains brief history

67. Typed notes in German on North Anlaby (1 p.) From ‘Materne’, dated 1906

68. Ms notes on North Rhine (Keyneton) from Pastor F.J. Lehmann of Angaston in response to questionnaire (1 p.) Comments that there were up to 60 children in the school in 1917

69. Schulz’ ms notes on Nuriootpa - from The Barossa District Souvenir, 1911, p. 103 (1 p.)

70. Typed notes on Paringa (1 p.) From ‘S.O. Gross’ Also 1 sheet headed Paringa in ms
See also items 17 and 76 (S.O. Gross)

71. Schulz’ ms notes in German on ‘Gemeinde Peep Hill’ (1 p.). From Pastor Pröve in response to questionnaire
72. Schulz’ ms notes on St. Petri Congregation of Peter’s Hill ‘1856-1931’ (3 p.)
From ‘Pastor H.W. Harms’ from ‘Short History’ compiled by the late Pastor J. Hermann

73. Information on Point Pass: 2 p. typed in German.

  • A two page typed letter in German to Herr Doktor from E.H. Proeve dated Point Pass 21/6/1937
  • One typed page on ‘Die Velka’ in German.
  • Printed single page from Point Pass Jubilee Souvenir.
  • ‘Abrisz der Immanuelgemeinde zu Point Pass. Zu ihrem 60 jährigen Jubilaeum 11 April 1936’ [= Sketch of the history of the Immanuel Congregation at Point Pass for its 60th jubilee on April 11 April 1936] (13 p.) At end : ‘Ernst Heinrich Proeve, Pastor 5 April 1936’
  • handwritten letter in German beginning ‘Sehr geehrter Doktor’ and at end ‘J.E. Materne’
    (1 p.)

See also items 25, 48 and 50

74. Ms letter in German to Herr Doktor from J. Materne, Point Pass 3/6/1937 (1 p.)

75. Ms letter in English to Dr A.J. Schulz from P. Wiebusch, Pt Pirie 8/6/1937 re German settlers in Pt Pirie district (2 p.)

76. Notes on Renmark from ’Pr S. O. Gross’ (1 p.)
See also item 77 (Renmark) and items 17 and 70 (Pr S.O. Gross)

77. Questionnaire completed in ms German, both sides, on Renmark and surrounding district. From ‘Pastor O.W. Backen Renmark’

78. Pinnaroo:

  • 1 p. letter to Mr Schulz from C. Pfitzner of Pinnaroo 10/6/1937
  • 2 p. typed notes on Pinnaroo
  • 2 p. extract from Lutheran Messenger No.11 June 1937 on Pinnaroo Parish (about Lameroo)
  • 1 p. ms letter in German to ‘Geehrter Herr’ from C. Pfitzner, Pastor 1/6/1937

79. Letter from J. Georg of Rosedale 1/10/1936 in response to Schulz’ questionnaire, and page of related shorthand notes (3 p.)
See also items 80-84

80. Ms German notes taken from Pr. Georg on Rosenthal [= Rosedale], Hoffnungsthal, Lyndoch re schools, with lists of teachers(1 p.)

81. Letter to Dr A.J. Schulz from Rosedale, 22/9/1936 (3 p.) in response to questionnaire. Rosedale School closed in 1917 and continued as a public school. Includes the names of teachers up to 1926. Also information on Lyndoch and Rowland’s Flat.

82. Schulz’ German ms notes on Rosedale = draft section for book (3 p.)

83. Schulz’ ms German notes on Rowlands Flat = draft section for book (1 p.)

84. Schulz’ English ms notes on Rowlands Flat (1 p.)

85. Typed English notes on Salem (near Callington) settlement and congregation from P. Gerhard Obst(?) (1 p.). Also blank leaf headed ‘Salem’.

86. Typed/ms alphabetical list of towns headed ‘Aufstellung der Ortschaften über die dieses Bündel Material enthält’ [=Listing of the places about which this bundle contains material] (2 p.)

87. Typed list of towns around the Sedan District (Sedan, Rhine-villa, Hildesheim, Sandleton, Black Hill, Forster) with notes in German, some shorthand (1 p.) From ‘Pastor J. Riedel, Sedan 30/1/37’

88. A letter to Dr Schulz from P.J. Dalton S.J., St. Aloysius Sevenhill, 24/11/1938. (1 p.) - about the founding of the Sevenhill Village

89. Articles from The Southern Cross on the work of the Austrian Jesuits of Sevenhill. Articles dated 30 October, 6 November, and 13 November 1936 include the origins of Port Augusta parish. With ms English letter to A.J. Schulz from P.J. Dalton 8/12/1936. (Newspaper articles on oversize shelf)
See also items 7-9

90. Questionnaire completed in German on Springton. From? ‘V? Graebner Birdwood’. With note ‘Black Springs till 1861’

91. Ms notes in German on Steintal (2 p.) From? ‘Pr Rohde, Freeling’

92. Ms answers to Schulz’ questionnaire in German from Pr F.J. Lehrmann, Angaston, on St. Kitts and Penrice (1 p.)

93. Schulz’ shorthand notes on Stockwell and Sedan, with ms names and dates (1 p.)

94. Ms notes in German and English on Sutherlands, signed ‘T. Renner’ in response to questionnaire (1 p.)

95. Schulz’ ms notes in English on Tanunda mainly taken from printed sources, with some shorthand (6 p.) Includes notes on Tanunda Club and office bearers, and trade societies in Tanunda.

96. A letter in German from Herr L.A. Presser 7/6/1937 to Herr Schulz about St. Paul’s Parish Tanunda in response to questionnaire. At head: ‘Die St. Paul’s Gemeinde zu Tanunda’ [= The St Paul’s Congregation at Tanunda]

97. Ms German notes: ‘Geschichtlicher Abriss der Parochie Tanunda Nuriootpa Lyndoch’ [=Historical sketch of the parish Tanunda Nuriootpa Lyndoch] (4 p.) From R. Held?

98. Typed notes on Victor Harbour [sic] congregation – also Langhorne Creek, Strathalbyn, Bowhill, Perponda, Tailem Bend and Murray Bridge (1 part p.) From Gerhard Obst 27/5/1937

99. Questionnaire completed in ms German and English on Yorketown (1 p.) From ‘Pdr. Harnath, Sth Kilkerran’

100. Ms English letter to Dr A.J. Schulz from H. Harnath, South Kilkerran 12/10/1937 re Zionsgemeinde, Yorktown

101. Ms table: ‘Anzahl der deutschen Einwanderer in S.A. in den Jahren 1836 bis 1900’ = Number of German immigrants in S.A. in the years 1836 to 1900] (2 p.) Headed no. ‘VIII’. Contains dates of arrival of ships from newspapers. Contains note in German that the table was based on information from G. Pitt, Archivist, to 1900
102. Schulz’ ms notes headed no. ‘VIII’ [= Chapter VIII for proposed book?]

  • ‘Ships lists and statistics’ (5 p.) on ‘Later Immigration and Settlement’
  • ‘List of ships that arrived in S.A. from German ports between 1837-1857’ from G.W. Pitt, Archivist (4 p.) Ms list in columns: ‘Date of arrival’/’Name of ship’/ Names of newspapers etc giving part or complete list of passengers/ Port of Arrival/Port of Departure’.

103. Page of S.A. Government Gazette 10/11918 showing place name changes - ‘Nomenclature Act, 1917’. Annotated with German names changed back according to Act 2231/35.

104. Schulz’ shorthand and ms notes on ‘Later Immigration and Settlements’ (1 p.). Headed ‘VIII’

105 . Schulz’ ms list of towns - many with date of original settlement (1 p.) - headed ‘Places to be dealt with separately’ [= plan for book chapter?]

106. Ms list of settlement dates 1846-1914 headed ‘Dates Immigrations & Foundations’ (2 p.)

107. Printed Souvenir of the Dedication of the Evangelical Lutheran Church Myrla 17 August 1924
(4 p.)

108. Envelope addressed to Hans Heysen. ‘Photograph only’

Also folder of additional items, including a photograph of two early 20th century German women.
(In 2003-2004 a German library studies exchange student undertook some partial and incomplete rearrangement of the German settlers papers. The papers were subsequently refiled in their original order, with the exception of some items which could not be identified.

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