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German settlers in South Australia: miscellaneous papers 1776-1964

MSS 994.2 G3888

BOX A Folder B

Notes on German language in South Australia, compiled by Dr Louis A. Triebel who was engaged in 1958-1959 by the University of Adelaide under a University Research grant to write material on Germans in the Barossa Valley, completing his research in approximately August 1962. Triebel was later appointed Professor of Modern Languages at the University of Tasmania, retiring in 1956. He died in 1985.

l. [= Appendix to item 4] Ms list of towns (Schlesische Mundart) and an address.

  • p.l: H. Gelsen, 13 Frederick Street, Clarence Park on Silesian dialect. Migrants from Niederschlesien [=Lower Silesia], Breslau, Liegnitz, Sagan/Sava, Glogau.
  • p.2: Phonetics: Description of the Silesian dialect(s).
  • p.3: Information in German from an interview with a Silesian family

[Henrik Gelsen did German Honours in the later 1950s. He was a migrant from Latvia and worked in the Barr Smith Library after graduating. During the war he was allegedly a guard in a concentration camp in Latvia and was on the list of people to be looked at in the War Crimes Trials in the 1990s but he died before examination. Lee Kersten]

2. [= Appendix to item 4] Ms notes: ‘Further Anglicised and mixed-forms’ (2 p.)
Based on Friedrich Gerstäcker’s book on Australia, chapters 4 & 5 and Lodewyckx 1932 book with word examples such as ‘der Creek’, ‘die Fenz’ etc. There is a note on J.F.W.Schulz’s comic essays as ‘August von der Flatt’, saying Schulz’ own German was that of an educated man while his August persona speaks a sort of Barossa Silesian etc.

3. [= Appendix to item 4] Ms notes ‘Schlesisch-Lausitz’: Phonetics from L.A.T. (= Dr Triebel) (2 p.) About the Silesian of the Lausitz and about Silesian dialects.

4. Ms: ‘A note on Barossa German Speech from L.A.T.’ [= Dr Triebel] (3 p.) [Mentions some recordings of this speech which have not been located]
5. Typescript: ‘Barossa German Speech’ - Information supplied by Dr Hankamer – interviewed J.F.W. Schulz - and annotated by Triebel (6 p.)
Dr Hankamer was the widow of Paul Hankamer, a well-known German exile scholar. She came to Adelaide on a Fulbright? Grant during the time of Derek Van Abbe. See also Box C Folder D item 39 and Box D Folder I items 19 and 25 for further correspondence re Dr Hankamer’s research in South Australia.

6. Typed and ms notes by Triebel: ‘Anglicisms and mixed forms in the Early South Australian German language newspapers held by S.A. Public Library and the State Archives’ (5 p.)

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