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German settlers in South Australia: miscellaneous papers 1776-1964

MSS 994.2 G3888

BOX A Folder C

Cuttings and notes from source materials, principally from German language newspapers, compiled by Schulz for his history of German people in South Australia. Many notes in shorthand.

1. Newspaper clipping: letter to the editor on Otto Kock The Advertiser 29/9/1949 p. 4. Lists names of German tradesmen, hotel owners etc in 1880s in Pirie St

2. Shorthand notes, ms names and dates: History. Jan. 17 1941, Schultze and Goyders (1 p.)

3. Typescript Registered Letter 28/7/1938 from German Consulate Adelaide, to Dr. Schulz (1 p.) reporting that the The Consul has informed the Auslandsinstitut in Stuttgart and was sending Schulz back the two articles he sent re Dr Mücke and Friedrich Basedow.
For articles see items 4 and 5

4. Ms notes/article in German by Schulz on C. Mücke (5 p.)

5. Ms notes/ articles in German by Schulz on M.P.F. Basedow - newspaper and book references
(5 p.)

6. Ms notes in English on Hugo Muecke from the Register 6/6/1929 (3 p.) Mentions Freemasons and Sir Samuel Way.

7. Ms notes on George Valentin Eimer from A.Z [=Australische Zeitung] 10 April 1901. Some shorthand at end.

8. Shorthand notes headed ‘Newspapers’ (1 p.)
Lists names ‘Die deutsche Post der australischen Kolonien’, ‘Südaustralische Zeitung’; ‘Adelaider Deutsche Zeitung’; ‘Südaustralische Zeitung’; ‘Tanunda Deutsche Zeitung’; ‘Deutsche Zeitung Tanunda’ Jan. 7 1870 - F. Basedow; ‘Südaustralische Zeitung Australische Zeitung’ - Basedow 17/?/1916; ‘Neue deutsche Zeitung für Australien’ 1875, 9.Sept. 1876, 1917, 1927, 1929

9. Shorthand notes: references to M.P.F. Basedow  in books and newspapers (1 p.)

10. Shorthand notes on 0. Basedow (1 p. - 2 lines)

11. Shorthand notes on ‘Political and Public Activities’ (1 p.) Lists names Hon. Friedrich Heinrich Wolf, Basedow (1829–1902); W Ernst Henning (Loyau); Hugo Carl Mücke; Carl Mücke; Hermann Homburg; Adolf Bartels; Herbert Basedow; Ulrich Hübbe; Robert Homburg & 2 others

12. Shorthand notes on Mennell, Eggert, , Basedow, Krichauff, Heyne, Kavel Seidenbau, Heinrich Heuzenroeder, Robert Homburg, Hermann Esau etc from Australische Zeitung (1 p.)

13. 0. Schomburgk obituary cutting from The Advertiser 1/9/1938

14. Ms information in German on 0. Schomburgk (1 p.)

15. Shorthand and ms notes from Handbook for emigrants proceeding to Adelaide, South Australia by W. Harcus, 1873 (1 p.)

16. Ms and shorthand German notes headed ‘Newspapers (22/8/37) Australische Deutsche Zeitung 1860-1871’ (5 p.)

17. Ms German and shorthand notes headed ‘Australische Deutsche Zeitung 1870’ (15 p.). Specific dates and proper names listed

18. Shorthand and ms German notes headed ‘Australische Zeitung 1875’ (9 p.) Specific dates and subjects listed

19. Shorthand and ms German notes headed ‘Aust. Zeitung 1877’ (2 p.) Specific dates and subjects listed

20. Shorthand and ms German notes headed ‘Aust. Zeit. 1878’ (6 p.) Specific dates and subjects listed

21. Shorthand and ms German notes headed ‘Aust. Zeitung 1879’ (2 p.)

22. Shorthand and ms German notes headed ‘Aust. Zeit. 1880’ (3 p.)

23. Shorthand and ms German notes headed ‘Aust. Zeit. 1881’ (2 p.)

24. Shorthand and ms German notes headed ‘Aust. Zeit. 1882 (6 p.)

25. Shorthand and ms German notes headed ‘Aust. Zeit. 1884’ (2 p.)

26. Shorthand and ms German notes headed ‘Business 1884’ (1/2 p.)

27. Ms German text about Muecke and newspaper offices (1 p.)

28. Shorthand notes headed ‘Art 1860-83’ with titles/names in English or German, date given (5 p.) Names include Wendt, Tannert and H.G.Birchner

29. Shorthand notes headed ‘Biographical 1877-83’ with ms names eg Mücke, Winnecke (25 p.)

30. Ms notes headed ‘Hotel 1861-62’ from ‘Deutsche Zeitung’ (3 lines only)

31. Shorthand notes headed ‘Business 1862-78’ {covers 1862-80} with ms names and subjects eg ‘Hotel’ (9 p.)

32. Shorthand notes, not titled - on churches (4 p.)

33. Shorthand notes headed ‘Deutscher Club’ with ms names and dates (9 p.)

34-35. Untitled shorthand notes on ‘Allgemeiner Verein’ (1 p.). Notes headed ‘Fortschritts. Verein’. Also included Allgemeiner und Andere Vereine (17 p.)

36. Untitled shorthand notes on Biography (6 p.)

37. Shorthand notes headed ‘General’ (5 p.)

38. Shorthand notes headed ‘Krankenverein’, including Krankenkasse (5 p.)

39. Shorthand notes headed ‘Medical’ (5 p.)

40. Shorthand notes headed ‘Music’ (13 p.)

41. Shorthand notes headed ‘Mt. Gambier’ (5 p.)

42. Shorthand notes headed ‘Newspapers’ (6 p.)

43. Ms poetry in German (1 p.) plus ‘poem’ on being a migrant, dated 10/6/[18]96 Murray Bridge

44. Ms and shorthand newspaper references headed: ‘School’ (1 p.)

45. Shorthand notes headed ‘Schutzenvereine’ (Adelaide German Rifle Club) with ms dates and headings (6 p.)

46. Shorthand notes headed ‘Ad[elaide]. Turnverein’ [= Adelaide Gymnastic Club] (6 p.) Includes note on Adelaide Bowls Club with ms names of office bearers.

47. Shorthand notes headed ‘Tanunda’ (1 p.)

48. Ms lists headed Settlements (congregations) Schools (6 p.)

  • p.1 titled Settlements (congregations) schools. VELKA [= list of pastors who were sent questionnaires with associated places] (Completed questionnaires in Box A Folder A)
  • p.2 Sett. Congregational schools. ELSA [as p. 1, with list of teachers]
  • p.3. general histories [list of names and places]
  • p.4. draft of reminder letter on questionnaires in German 20/9/1937, ms and typed copies
  • p.5. typed reminder letter
  • p.6. same

49. Report of Finke River mission station by F.W. Albrecht, superintendent. (5 p. typed)

50. Newspaper cutting from ‘Genossenschafts familie’ Hamburg 1939. 32 Jahrgang Number 2. Article ‘1839 ein deutsches Dorf wandert nach Australien’ [= A German village goes to Australia]. Hahndorf. (1 p.)

51. Cutting from The Advertiser April 8 1950 ‘History and Color in Valley of Barossa’. Includes information on Menge.

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