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German settlers in South Australia: miscellaneous papers 1776-1964

MSS 994.2 G3888

BOX B Folder B

Ms notes and draft chapters in German and English by A.J. Schulz, and source material collected by Schulz for a proposed history of the German settlers in South Australia as part of the SA Centenary celebrations (never published).

1. Schulz’ ms notes on ‘The Arrival of the Zebra and the Founding of Hahndorf by Pastor F.J.H. Blaess’ (1 p.)

2. Undated newspaper cuttings, annotated by Schulz (4 items)

  • ‘Paradise in a Valley - How the Lutherans came to Hahndorf’ (possibly from Die Brücke)
  • ‘New Homes Hard Work but Freedom’

3. Ms notes re German settlers who travelled on the 'Zebra', names listed (4 p.)

4. ‘The Germans at Hahndorf’ by N.R.F. = handwritten copy of part of an article “The Germans at Hhansdorf (sic)” in S.A. Magazine vol.1 (July 1841-Sept. 1842) p.258?

5. Ms and shorthand ‘General plan’ for Schulz’ history (1 p.)

6. Draft chapter: ‘Exploring Science and Scholarship, etc.’ on Bauer, Winnecke and Basedow
(6 p. ms)

7. Draft chapter: ‘Botany’: Baron Sir Ferdinand Jakob Heinrich von Mueller (1 p. ms) plus 2 p. from the Die Brücke 24/11/1934

8. Ms draft re Germans whose interests were in Botany (10 p.) Incomplete: begins part way through Müller: also notes on Strathalbyn and Mt. Barker, Schomburgk, Holtze, and Pelzer

9. Ms draft: ‘Nature Study/Museum work’ {contributions to the SA Museum}: Haacke, Rau, Rau, Vogelsang, Tepper, Zietz, Zietz (8 p.)

10. Ms draft: ‘University and Higher Education Work’: Eitel, Brőse, Bronner, Wagner, Dorsch, Reimann, Miss Valesca Reimann, Schülz himself (11 p.)

11. Ms and shorthand notes, and draft chapter: ‘Anthropology and Native Languages etc’: Schürmann, Teichelmann, Kempe, Schulze, T.F. Strehlow, Reuther, Basedow (6 p.)

12. Ms German draft?: Ludwig Leichhardt (2 p.)

13. Undated newspaper cutting on H.C. Meyer, Chief Engineer of Harbours Board (1950s?)

14. Dr Ulrich Hübbe (3 p. shorthand), with ms sources

15. Newspaper cutting (1930s?) on death of Miss Agnes Dorsch (sociologist and nurse)

16. Ms draft? In German: ‘Wissenschaft und Gelehrsamkeit’ [= Science and scholarship]:
Brauer (4 p.)
See also English version item 17

17. Ms English draft: ‘Science and Scholarship’: Brauer
See German version item 16

18. Ms German draft: ‘Johannes Menge’ described as ‘Vater der südaustralischen Mineralogie’
(10 p.)

19. Ms German draft: F. Müller (5 p.)

20. Ms German draft: Richard Moritz Schomburgk [botanist] (5 p.)

21. Ms German draft: Wilhelm Moritz Holtze [botanist] (3 p.)

22. Ms German draft: August Wilhelm Pelzer [city gardener] - about Adelaide Parks (2 p.)

23. Ms German draft: ‘Herbert Basedow’ [geologist] (2 p.)

24. Ms German draft: J. Haacke (2 p.), J. Tepper (4 p.), Carl Gustav Adolf (Otto) Rau and his brother Ferdinand Julius (Joe) Rau (3 p.), Theodor Vogelsang (part page), A.H.C. and Friedrich Robert Zietz (4 p.) [From draft chapter 10: Nature and museum work?]

25. Ms German draft: Ernst John Eitel [University teacher and missionary] (3 p.)

26. Ms German draft re University staff and graduates: Henry Hermann Brőse, Franz William Wagner, Theodor Siegfried Dorsch, Rudolf Bronner (5 p.) [written after 1937]

27. Ms German notes re Arnold Lührs Reimann (Univesity graduate, physicist) and his sister Fräulein Valesca Leonore Olive Reimann (Univesity graduate in Englsih and classics). (3 p.) Also 1 p. On Schulz himself.

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