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German settlers in South Australia: miscellaneous papers 1776-1964

MSS 994.2 G3888

BOX B Folder C

Personal and research papers of Dr A.J. Schulz covering his career at Adelaide Teacher Training College and writings on philosophy and education. Many in Schulz’ shorthand.

See also Box C Folder A items 38 and 38

1. ‘T.T.C. History’ (3 p., shorthand). With sketches of college emblems?

2. One envelope labelled R.S.A. Returned Servicemens Ass., Resolutions 27/6/19 with:

  • letter to Dr A.J. Schulz from C. Charlton, Acting Director of Education, 5/7/1919, asking for a reply re R.S.A. (Returned Servicemens’ Association) resolutions
  • newspaper cutting mid June 1919? re R.S.A. (Returned Servicemens’ Association) Resolutions about sailors, mentioning the University Training College and employment of two single men who didn’t serve. Maintained returned service men should get preference as trainers
  • page of shorthand dated 7/7/1919 – family tree?

3. Schulz Family genealogy (1 p., ms and shorthand)

4. Ms Schulz genealogy with 2 short family trees for Schulz and Lührs (1 p.) – better copy of item 3.

5. College Hymn 20/7/1924 (1 p. Typescript – carbon copy) See also item 14

6. Envelope to Dr Schulz overwritten ‘Testimony’ containing:

  • medical examining chit for A.J. Schulz dated 18/1/1911
  • testimony from Professor W. Mitchell for A.J. Schulz dated 17/11/1911 (2 p.)
  • testimony from L. Henderson, Prof. of History, U of Adelaide for A.J. Schulz dated 17/11/1911 for position of Principal of Training College, Wellingtom

7. Typed letter from the Education Board, Wellington to A.J. Schulz telling of the appointment of Mr Tennant as principal of the Training College, dated Wellington, 2 February 1912

8. Envelope overwritten ‘Public examinations, Permit to act as an examiner in German’. Containing a letter from the Director of Education to Dr A.J. Schulz giving him permission to act as examiner in German, dated 4 Jan. 1915, at payment of 2 guineas a paper for Public Exams.

9. Shorthand notes on Plato and philosophy of education, dated 8/6/1918 and 30/5/1918 (12 p.) With English words and numbers. See also item 26

10. Shorthand notes dated 1917 (part page)

11. Shorthand notes: Information on education:

  • ‘Ultimate aim of Education’ dated 11/7/1919 (1 p.)
  • ‘Aim of Education’, dated 23/1/1920 (1 p.)
  • ‘Higher Ed. of Masses Justified’, dated 2/5/1921 (1 p.)
  • ‘Spencer's view of Science’ (1 p., some English)
  • ‘Aim of Education’, dated 1921 (1 p.)
  • ms reading list (1 p.)

12. Letter 12/4/1921 from Director of Education to A.J. Schulz re acceptance of position of Tutor of German at the University of Adelaide

13. Letter 21/11/1912 from Director of Education approving A.J. Schulz of the University Training College to conduct University Diploma of Education exams and to receive fees

14. Typed (Roneoed copy) of College Hymn in Tonic Solfa with lyrics (1 p.)

15. Typed letter 1/4/1921 from Registrar, University of Adelaide, to Dr. Schulz re formation of class in ‘Educational Psychology’ and fees to be paid

16. Letter 2/4/1921 from Registrar, University of Adelaide, to Dr. Schulz re formation of German language class and appointment of Schulz as tutor

17. Typed letter 17/4/1923 to Professor F.C.S. Schiller, Corpus Christi College, Oxford from Dr. Schulz re Schiller’s critique of a work by Schulz on formal logic he had sent to Schiller for comment (4 p.)

18. 2 pages shorthand dated 6/3/1922 and 7/3/1922

19. Unsigned typed German letter to Prof. Dr G. Störring, University of Bonn, dated 12/11/1923, about philosophy (2 p.)

20. Printed ‘Song Book, Adelaide Teachers College 1923’, with 1 p. of shorthand. (college and sports songs written for Inter-collegiate sports carnival)

21. Printed pamphlet: ‘Adelaide Teachers College Songs 1925’ (4 p.)

22. Typed songs (Roneo copy): ‘Riding down from Bangor’ and ‘Farewell Song’ (3 p.)

23. Typescript letter (carbon copy) from A.J. Schulz to Prof. Mitchell re an essay on ‘Reality’, with typed essay on ‘Reality’ (5 p)

24. One empty envelope with shorthand

25. Shorthand notes on ‘Justice’ dated 10/6/1923 (1 p.)

26. Typed letter 27/5/1921 from Director of Education to Doctor Schulz rejecting offer of an article on Plato for Education Gazette. With typewritten essay (carbon copy) titled: ‘Plato on Education’ (19 p.)

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