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German settlers in South Australia: miscellaneous papers 1776-1964

MSS 994.2 G3888

BOX C Folder B

Source materials collected by and ms notes by Schulz for his projected history of German people in South Australia. Many of the notes are in shorthand and written on the reverse of student essays and assignments by Elfriede Muetzelfeldt and others

‘Notes for Schulz history’ containing:

1. Ms notes on Basedow family: Martin Peter Friedrich and Herbert Basedow (1 p.)

2. Ms notes titled ‘Archives’? (1 p.)

3. News 4/8/1938 with article by Father W. Ryan about Canisianum College being closed in Innsbruck. Oldest alumnus in Adelaide was Father Thomas Carroll S.J.

4. Ms notes, some shorthand, including ms poem on ‘The College Teams’ (Adelaide Teachers College?) (5 p.)

5. News 21/10/1938 with photographs of Hahndorf (St Paul’s; an avenue; a view of the town; a group of victuallers and golfers)

6. Cutting from newspaper 16/12/1938 with article on Dr A.L. Reimann, physicist, and shorthand notes containing dates 1859-1883 and name Immanuel Gotthold Reimann
See also item 44

7. Postcard of the portrait of Captain Hahn (now in the State Library)

8. Letter to Oscar Basedow 23/8/1938 from H. Krawinkel writing as President of the SA German Historical Society wanting early German newspapers published in SA by Basedows. With ms note ‘Nothing available’

9. Printed map with names in Pioneer memorial gardens - for Hahndorf centenary celebrations 25/1/1939 (names according to Pastor A. Brauer’s list)

10. Letter to Dr Schulz 15/10/1938 from Clara Streich (written as biography) about her husband Victor Streich who graduated from the University of Freiberg (geologist and mineralogisy at Coolgardie and a member of the Elder Expedition) Mentions that he made a collection of native weapons which he gave to ‘Leipsic[sic.] Museum’

11. Die Brücke vol. 2 no.52 (15/2/1936) – articles on Winter Olympics, Germany-Australia trade, restoration of German placenames by H. Borchers of Adelaide

12. Notes – ‘References’ – 3 titles (1 p.)

13. Ms notes (mostly shorthand) on ‘Bibliography’ (2 p.) – notes on German missionaries, geologists, newspapers etc from Thomas Gill’s Bibliography of SA 1885 – contains various Aboriginal words/ titles and names of people eg Teichelmann, Menge, Laube etc

14. Ms and shorthand notes on Karl Emil Jung (1 p.)

15. Notes - bibliographical page nos from an unknown book (3 p.)

16. Notes (some shorthand) on ‘Science & Medicine & Art’ and notes from Loyau's books Representative Men of S.A. and Notable South Australians (1 p.)

17. Shorthand notes (biographical detail continued from Loyau) (1 p.)

18. Shorthand notes from Dictionary of Australian Biography on Basedow etc (1 p.)

l9. Notes from G.E. Loyau Representative Men of S.A. and Notable South Australians (1 p.)

20. Der Brücke vol. 11 no.16 (8/6/1935) – annotated on cover ‘Church’ – no obvious reference to SA

21. Finke River Mission, Report for the period July 1936 to December 1937 (6 p., typescript)
Report catalogued seperately at Special Collections Rare Books 266 L973

22. Ms letter in German to Doctor? (Schulz?) 7/4/1937 from F.N. Albrecht of Hermannsburg

23. Letter to Doctor Schulz dated 24/1/1938 from W.E. Petering of Hermannsburg – in answer to circular letter requesting information about settlement

24. Shorthand notes with names in script including:

  • Hermann Kempe, Rev. ?Louis Schulze, Carl Strehlow
  • Notes from an article by Pastor Stolz in Albrecht’s 1924 Almanac
  • Notes on Fr Kempe 1929 Australian Lutheran Almanac 1928
  • Shorthand notes on Menge and Carl Strehlow
  • Newspaper cutting from p. 11 (1936?) ‘White man as ‘buffer’ on TGH Strehlow becoming a patrol officer
  • Newspaper cutting (April/May 1936) with headline ‘Grew up with native boys: patrol officer speaks language’ on TGH Strehlow

25. Notes (mostly shorthand) dated 19/8/1936 on ‘Missionaries’ (6 p.) – names Killalpaninna, Klemzig, St Ignatius College, Elsa College, Lutheran Almanac 1918, Koonibba

26. Brief ms notes from Australian Lutheran Almanac of 1929, 1930 on Pastor Fritsche and SA German missionaries (1 p.)

27. Shorthand notes on Koonibba of 3/10/1936 from Rev. J.H.Sexton Book? and Koonibba Jubilee Booklet (2 p.)

28. Shorthand and ms notes ‘S.A. Lutheran Church history’ = brief chronology

29. Shorthand notes on ‘Missionary work’ (3 p.) – includes ms names Schürmann and Teichelmann

30. Australian Musical News vol. 27 no.8 (1/3/1937) (lacks covers) and supplement – article on Gerald Walenn, former chief violin teacher at Elder Conservatorium 1917, and Madame Kugelberg,Adelaide music teacher

31. Australian Musical News vol. 27 no.3 (1/10/1936) (SA Centenary number 1836-1936). Features Dr Harold Davies of the Elder Conservatorium, and section on Carl Linger and Liedertafel

32. Notes on ‘Music’ (3 p.), some in shorthand. Includes dates of Liedertafel and names of the founding members of the Adelaide Liedertafel

33. Letter to Dr A.J. Schulz dated 6/5/1936 from H. Keepen Wendt re 1936 Linger memorial ceremony. Wendt has a brother-in-law in Dresden whom he wanted to send a description to.

34. Shorthand notes on Draeger, 0. Reyher and Concordia Baum (?) (1 p.)

35-36. Ms notes in German on Carl Linger taken from Adelaide Deutsche Zeitung 21/2/1862, and obituary (2 p.)

37. Typewritten letter 13/7/1937 from Ludwig Hopf (former Adelaide music teacher) writing from King’s Cross, Sydney, in German to Dr Schulz(?) – Hopf knew addressee’s mother - writes about music scene in Adelaide and 1 p. mainly shorthand on Hopf, and newspaper clipping re broadcast by Hopf
See also items 51 and 52

38. Shorthand notes on Carl Linger from Loyau (1 p.)

39. Programme for 50th Anniversary Grand Concert of Adelaider Liedertafel 17/9/1908. Includes pictures of Liedertafel 1880 and 1908

40. Shorthand notes on 50th Anniversary Grand Concert of Adelaider Liedertafel (1 p.)

41. Shorthand notes on Puttmann from Loyau and newspapers (1 p.)

42. Shorthand notes on Carl Püttmann (musician) from Loyau etc (1 p.)

43. Shorthand notes on A. Bőhm (musician) and note on Herr Ernest Bőhm (3 p.)

44. Ms letter in English to Dr Schulz dated 15/11 (no year) from Hilda Reimann (5 p. – 1 p. missing) re her father Emmanuel Gotthold Reimann, founder of Adelaide College of Music in 1883, and later integrated into the Elder Conservatorium. Mentions German musicians not mentioned in Brewster Jones article(?)
See also item 6

45. Shorthand notes on Heinrich L. Schrader (1 p.)

46. Shorthand notes on Christian Reimers – headed ‘Art’ (1 p.)

47. Shorthand notes on J.C. Hansen from Loyau (1 p.)

48. Shorthand notes on Theodore Heydecke from Loyau – headed ‘Music’ (1 p.)

49. Letter in German ms script to Dr Schulz 28/4/1937 from H. Kugelberg of Hackney (2 p.) together with 1 page of shorthand

50. Shorthand notes from Burgess’ The cyclopedia of South Australia (1907-9) on Reimann (1 p.)

51. Letter in English to Dr (no name = Schulz?) 21/6/1937 from Ludwig Hopf from Sydney (2 p.) Hopf founded the 5CL Broadcasting Studio in Adelaide. Refers to Schulz’s mother, Herr Hopf’s Leipzig Listening Company?
See also item 36 for reply, and-37

52. Shorthand notes on Ludwig Hopf from Buress etc (2 p.)

53. Shorthand notes in on Carl Julius Hans Bertram from Loyau (2 p.)

54. Shorthand notes on Miss Marta? Brüggemann (1 p.)

55. Shorthand notes from Loyau on August George Granz [Cranz?] (1 p.)

56. 2 letters in German ms script from H. Heinricke of Tooperang to Dr Schulz 1/4/1937, 5/7/1937

57. Notes - 2 addresses for Kugelberg and Boehm (1 p.)

58. Leaf with headings on Music (1 p.) Mentions Liedertafel and Liederkranz

59. Der Brücke v.3 no .27 (22nd August 1936). ‘Science’ is written on the front page in pencil. With article on Beyreuth

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