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German settlers in South Australia: miscellaneous papers 1776-1964

MSS 994.2 G3888

BOX C Folder C

‘Manuscript of Schulz history’ – drafts of and notes for Schulz’ history of Germans in SA, many concerning first settlement. Much of the material in German or shorthand Some additional material of Van Abbe and Douglas Pike.

1. Draft chapter on mineralogy and geology, and Johannes Menge (10 p.)

2. Newspaper cutting from The Chronicle? (no date) on Nuriootpa/Green Belt

3. Printed page ‘The Barossa Valley (South Australia) from book (p.9/10) ca 1946

4. Ms notes from Ian Harmstorf’s BA History Honours thesis (4 p.) Dated 29/7/1959. In Derek Van Abbe’s handwriting

5. Letter (no date) signed ‘D’ (Douglas Pike?) to Van Abbe re German intellectuals, economic history etc - commenting on Van Abbe’s article concerning Germans in SA

6. Typed letter from Playford, Matison & Smith (trustees of Schulz’ estate) 19/1/1960 to Dr Van Abbe, about Schulz’ estate and his books to be distributed

7. Letter from Playford, Matison & Smith 15/10/1959 to Dr Van Abbe about publication of Schulz’s book on philosophy

8. Letter from H. Krawinkel dated 3/11/1959 to Dr Van Abbe saying he will talk to Homburg as suggested (reply to item 7)

9. Circular letter from German Australian Centenary Committee 30/1/1937 together with page of Schulz biographical details

10. Ms letter in German to Dr Schulz 25/8/1936 from Alfred Brauer of Toorak, Vic. (6 p.)

11. Ms notes in German (rough letter) beginning ‘In dem Hauptstück über die deutschen Siedlungen’ (1 p.), together with 2 copies of a typescript Roneoed circular letter 5/9/1936 from the Treasurer, S.A. Centenary Committee

12. Ms German notes on ‘Deutsche und ihre Arbeit in Süd-Australien’ (10 p.) With sub-title: ‘I. Die ersten Deutschen in Süd-Australien’ - draft of a first chapter?
See item 17 for English version

13. Ms German draft on ‘Die Ankunft der Lutheraner’ [= The arrival of the Lutherans] (41 p.)
See item 18 for English version

14. Ms German draft: ‘III. Die Ankunft der “Zebra” und die Gründung von Hahndorf’ / von Pastor F.J.H. Blaess (27 p.) Übersetzt von A.J. Schulz. Also ms German notes from ‘South Australian Magazine’ July 1841-Sept. 1842 by ‘N.R.F.’

l5. Ms German draft on ‘Die Catharina und die Siedlung bei Glen Osmond’ (9 p.)
See item 19 for English version

16. Ms German draft: ‘Ankunft von Pastor Fritsche und seine Gruppe auf dem ‘Skiold’ und die Gründung von Bethanien u. Lobethal’ (14 p.)
See item 20 for English version

17. Ms draft: ‘Germans and their work in South Australia’ (9 p.)
See item 12 for German version

18. Ms and typescript draft: ‘The coming of the Lutherans in the Prince George’ (27 p.) = first draft, before translation into German. With additional section on ‘The later history of Klemzig’
See item 13 for German version

19. MS English draft: ‘The 'Catherina' and the settlement at Glen Osmond’ (7 p.)
See item 15 for German version

20. Ms draft: ‘Arrival in the ‘Skiold’ of Pastor Fritsche and his group and the founding of Bethany and Lobethal’ (13 p.)
See item 16 for German version

21. Ms draft: ‘Founding of Langmeil and Tanunda’ (4 p.)

22. Ms German and shorthand notes, initialled and dated 22/2/57, on German institutions in S.A. and contain S.A. German newspaper references (18 pages)
Includes sub-headings: Business, Churches, Deutscher Klub, Allgemeiner, Andere Vereine, General, Krankenkasse, Medical, Musical, Mt Gambier, Newspapers, Schools, Schützenvereine, Science, Turnvereine, Tanunda, Biography

23. Manilla folder labelled: ‘Typed MS - Beginnings’. Contains typescript of ‘Germans and their work in South Australia’ - 33 pages with 2 copies of each page except for p.33
 = first section of Schulz’ book on Germans in SA

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