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German settlers in South Australia: miscellaneous papers 1776-1964

MSS 994.2 G3888

BOX C Folder D

‘Cuttings and letters mainly secured by Dr Van Abbe’ = Source materials compiled by and correspondence received by Dr Derek Van Abbe, many in response to appeals for information in newspapers (including the ‘Vox column’ in The Advertiser) and article on ‘The Germans in SA’ in The Australian Quarterly (Sept 1957) Also notes re sources by Louis Triebel.
See also Box D Folder G

1. Typescript by Dr Van Abbe ‘The Germans in South Australia’ (4 p.) - includes a request for information from his readers (may be radio broadcast?)

2. Address of Mr Colin Gramp, Rowland Flat (1 p.)

3. Australische Zeitung vol. [1] no. 1 (5th Jan 1898) with full-page obituary of Dr Carl Mücke, in German (Mücke was editor of Australische Zeitung for 20 years)

4. Ms ‘Liste der deutschen Schiffe 1837–57’ (5 p.) - a list of the German ships in this period with a passenger list of migrants to SA (information from Mr G.W. Pitt, archivist, Adelaide)

5. ‘Blumenlese auf dem Felde der neueren Literatur’ [= Selection of new German literature] vol. 2 no. 26 (Tanunda 24/6/1864) = supplement (Beilage) of the Tanunda Deutsche Zeitung

6. Typed extract from The Advertiser, Adelaide, Saturday June 8th, 1929, on death of Mr H.C.E. Muecke [= son of Carl Mücke see item 3 above] (3 p.) Quoted from L.A.T. [Triebel]

7. Notebook in German script (no date - not before 1848) - ca 18 ms pages - titled ‘London’

8. Ms letter from Laura M. Rowe 23/2/1959 to Dr Van Abbe (2 p.) - about Kreussler, her great-grandfather, who went to South America to found a farm colony. Kreussler’s widow
came to SA

9. Ms notes - addresses of various people, including Kreussler, Reuter, Warnecke, Rowe (1 leaf)

10. Letter from Miss D. Ellis 7/4/1959 to Dr Van Abbe - about having Winckel and Reinke family documents returned

11. Ms letter from E.R. Mickan of Stockwell 28/3/1956 to Dr Van Abbe - about the Wends, in response to article published by Van Abbe in The News 24/3/1956

12. Typed letter from H.L. White, Librarian & Archival Authority, National Library 5/4/1956 to Dr Van Abbe re access to Insolvency Courts records Federal Repository at Brompton

13. Ms letter from Joyce M. Graetz 10/4/1956 to Dr Van Abbe (4 p.) - about family papers and incidence of mental illness in Lutheran young women, delinquency in German children, and diversity of intelligence in Barossa children

14. Letter to Dr Van Abbe 10/4/1956, from R.G. Bubner of Lochiel – he was sending his father’s diary

15. Ms and typed (Roneo copies) ‘Index: to exhibits’ (4 p.) – for court case. Documents dated 1849-1897.

16. Typed letter from H.B. Muir of Beck Book Co. Ltd. 5/4/1956 to Dr Van Abbe re access of Charles Price to papers of the German Club

17. Ms letter from H.L. Rehder of Torrensville 23/4/1956 to Dr Van Abbe (2 p.) - about the Fiebig store in Lyndoch

18. Typed letter from O. Nichterlein of Glen Osmond 20/4/1956 to Dr Van Abbe - about the German Historical Society 1936–1939. Mentions Dr A. Brauer’s history of the Lutheran Church in Australia

19. Typed copy of letter in German from Dr Richter & Otto Jancken 17/6/1860 - about naturalization.

20. Typed copy of letter in German to Heinrich May 1895, with note at top ‘Brief des Kaufmanns [= merchant] Heinrich Siems aus Hamburg-Altona an seinen Schwager [= brother-in-law] Heinrich Schwenk’ (1 p. – both sides) – autobiographical account of his war service in Prussia and emigration to SA where he took over the store of Siems & Bevilagua. Incomplete.

21. Ms English letter from Hans-Lorenz Rehder 18/4/1956 to Dr Van Abbe (2 p.) - about Otto Schwenck

22. Letter in German from Dr Sasse 2/4/1956 to Dr Van Abbe re origins of SA migrants (2 p.)

23. Letter from Wm. D. Hammond of Whyalla 25/3/1956 to Dr Van Abbe re N.R.R. Schulz of South Hummocks and his diary (2 p.) - about Altlutheraner. Schulz was survived by his daughter Mrs Bubner

24. Typed letter from Rev. Dr H. Sasse 26/3/1956 to the Editor, Advertiser re Dr Abbe's work (2 p.) - about US and Australian German migration

25. Ms letter 24/4/56 to Dr Van Abbe from Clifford Jungfer of Lobethal re proposed Lobethal archives (2nd sheet is a plan of Lobethal for a proposed tour)

26. Ms notes in Van Abbe’s writing - early family histories, Schmidt, Peltz, Seppelt, Moravian families etc. (5 p.) Notes from an interview?

27. Typed letter from F.W. Hoffmann from Mount Albert, Victoria (no date? 1956) to Dr Van Abbe re proposed history - writes that he will give everything to Derek Van Abbe and invites Van Abbe to visit him in Melbourne
28. Ms German letter from F.W. Hoffmann 30/5/1956 to Dr Van Abbe (3 p.) – correcting mistakes in article in The Advertiser

29. Ms notes re Miss Tielemann (1 p.) In Henk Siliakis’ writing?

30. Typed letter from Phyllis Mander Jones, Mitchell Librarian, 20/7/1956 to Dr Van Abbe – reporting on sources of German migrants to SA in Mitchell Library

31. Reply to Dr Van Abbe from Lou Kozlowski of Sevenhill 7/4/1956 re no germans remaining in Blyth area

32. Ms letter from Mrs C.M.B. Dillon to Dr Van Abbe 14/1/1957 re Wendish grandfather Mathes Kschenka and descendents (1 p.)
See also item 35

33. Letter from J.A. Aird 3/1/1957 to Dr Van Abbe (1 p. - both sides) – about Baum family history, written in response to Van Abbe’s article in ‘The Australian Quarterly’ Sept 1957

34. Typed letter from Charles Price from A.N.U. 29/1/1957 to Dr Van Abbe – re Van Abbe’s comments on Price’s article on the 1848ers

35. Letter from Mrs C.M.B. Dillon of Goodwood 1/2/1957 to Dr Van Abbe, with further information on Kschenka family
See also item 32

36. Typed letter from H.F.W. Proeve of Nuriootpa 29/6/1956 to Dr Van Abbe (2 p.) - re proposed exhibition/seminar on local German history and source materials

37. Ms letter from A. Nettelbeck of Reynella 10/1/1956 to Dr Van Abbe (2 p.) re old German books and Nettlebeck family history

38. Typed letter from Martin Kriewaldt 26/7/1956 to Dr Van Abbe –commenting on Derek Van Abbe’s review of Brauer’s book. Mentions that he was raised bilingual but he supports exclusive use of English in the church

39. Ms letter from P.W. Schulz 23/4/1957 to Dr Van Abbe - about Prof. Hankamer who was a visiting Germanist at University of Adelaide (from the US)

40. Letter from Fred J.H. Blaess, Principal of Concordia College 17/10/1957 to Dr Van Abbe - re funding and history of Hahndorf Academy
See also item 42

41. Reprint of article by Dr Van Abbe: ‘The interests of the South Australian German-language press in the nineteenth century’ (2 sheets)

42. Typed letter from Fred J.H. Blaess 12/11/1957 to Dr Van Abbe - replying to suggestion that Concordia College should buy the old Hahndorf College
See also item 40

43. Printed leaflet: ’Around the Barossa Valley with Rotary’ (4 p.) 1960s?

44. Printed leaflet: ’Pleased to see you at Seppeltsfield, South Australia’, with comic map

45. Printed leaflet: ’The canning of citrus juices’ - about Seppeltsfield (late 1940s?)

46. Printed booklet: ’Nuriootpa: Australia's model of community life’ re history and activities of Community Centre, with notice of meeting and balance sheet June 30, 1958 of Nuriootpa War Memorial Community Centre Inc. Also section ‘As others see us: report concerning the cooperation between the Nuriootpa War Memorial Community Centre and the Dept of Social Studies, University of Adelaide, 1956-58 [includes report on work experience by Colombo Plan students]

47. Typed book excerpt titled: ‘Der Colonist in Australien. Aus dem Englischen’ (Berlin, Dümmler, 1839) – about language changes [inaccurate]

48. Typed extract of Preface from J.P.D. Dieseldorff, Wegweiser nach Südaustralien. (Hamburg, 1849) (5 p.) ‘Preface’ of the book. With note: summarised by L.A.T. = Louis Triebel. On reverse: German invitation to a Night of Entertainment by Dept of German 11/7/1952 (typed Roneo copy – by D.V.A.)

49. Typed excerpt from Süd-Australien: Ein Beitrag zur deutschen Auswanderungsfrage / R. Reimer (Berlin, 1851) (8 p.)

50. Typed excerpts from Meine Auswanderung nach Süd-australien und Rückkehr zum
/ Listemann (Berlin, 1851) (8 p.) -has subtitle: ‘Ein Wort zur Warnung’
Listemann about Buchsfelde and Dr Schomburgk.

51. Ms letter 21/10/1958 from D. Ellis of Gawler to Dr Van Abbe re Richard Schomburgk (2 p.)

52. Ms letter on Advertiser letterhead from M.S. Fisher 9/4/56 to Dr Van Abbe – re three Klevesahl sisters who married Charles Rasp, E. Angas Johnson and Charles J. Dashwood. “Vox” was a columnist for ‘The Advertiser’

53. Ms letter from M.S. Fisher ”Vox” 3/3/1956 to Dr Van Abbe (2 p.) - about von Doussas and Dr Esau. Also A. Von Treuer, H.C.E. Muecke, Heimann Homburg etc.

54. Ms letter from M.S. Esau on behalf of his mother-in-law Mrs L.C. Trevor [named changed from Treuer] 11/4/1956 to Dr Van Abbe re Mr Von Treuer (3 p.) Also history of his grandfather, Dr Esau, born in Gőttingen

55. Ms letter to Dr Van Abbe from M.S. Fisher “Vox” 6/8/1958 (2 p.) - about Walter Wotzke’s Academy in Hahndorf

56. Letter from G.D. Richardson (Deputy Principal Librarian, Mitchell Library) 30/9/1958 to Dr Van Abbe - about Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society and Deutsche Post newspaper on microfilm

57. Typed letter from H.A. Lindsay 30/10/1958 to Dr Van Abbe (2 p.) - about his grandfather Carl Wilberth and grandmother Hedwig Caroline Fischer

58. Ms letter and notes re Hahndorf College from Walter Wotzke 18/11/1957 to Dr Van Abbe (2 p.)

59. Ms letter from Walter Wotzke 15/12/1958 to Dr Van Abbe - thanks for a speech opening the new gallery in Hahndorf

60. Typed letter from Jani from Angaston, Nov 1958, to Dr Van Abbe (2 p.) - about early German family life. “Seen and not used” – note by L.A. Triebel

61. Typed extract from Holbrook’s History of the Diocese of Goulbourn – re ‘The Ten Mile’ settlement, also known as Germantown (1 p.)

62. Typed quotes titled ‘Germans’ (in Albury) (1 p.)

63. Typed letter from Eric Irvin 8/10/1956 to Dr Van Abbe written in response to Van Abbe’s article in ‘The Australian Quarterly’ Sept 1957 – about Holbrook and Wagga Wagga
See items 61 and 62 for attachments to letter

64. Typed article (Roneo copy) ‘Our South Australian past no.22’ (4 p.) “Glimpses into the Barossa Valley of 100 years ago” / Rev. H.F.W. Proeve. Annotated ‘Used’ L.A.T. ie Louis Triebel, with pencil annotations and alterations by Triebel

65. 56 newspaper cuttings ca. 1958. Most concern SA German families, businesses and individuals – including Otto Heysen (Han’s brother), Carl Vogelsang, Otto Kretschmer, Drabsch family, Ern Waddy.

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