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German settlers in South Australia:

miscellaneous papers 1776-1964

MSS 994.2 G3888

BOX D Folder A

Typescript articles on the history of Germans in South Australia by Charles A. Price, Derek Van Abbe and an unidentified author.

1. [No author] Talk in critique of: “Schneider, Dr. Carl. ‘Bei den deutschen Lutheranern in Australien’ Leipzig, 1929“ [no date] Typescript (10 p.)

This is a critique of Schneider’s paper that had been given to the same group (an ELSA group?) a year before. The unnamed speaker is very critical of the Schneider pamphlet which was published in 1929 in Leipzig. The speaker says VELKA people had used the young researcher to make propaganda for them. Possibly appeared in the SA Lutheran press in 30s.
In German. The abbreviation ‘Lic. ‘appears before ‘Dr.’

See also the printed version of Schneider’s pamphlet in Special Collections Rare Books 994.2 G389 25, and the commentary: Beleuchtung der Broschùˆre Dr. C. Schneiders, Bei den deutschen Lutheranern in Australien / von F. Hassold. Tanunda, S. Aust., 1929?] Special Collections Rare Books 994.2 G389 17

2. Price, Charles A. ‘German settlers in S.A. 1838-1900.’ Typescript (18 p.) 2 copies

Typed copy of a printed booklet dated October 1956. After his war service Price had become a demographer at the ANU where he wrote a report on SA Germans which was, according to Dr I. Harmstorf, thought in some circles to be anti-German. This document has details of settlers which conflict with popular belief. For instance, Price writes that intermarriage with non-Germans happened from early in the history of settlement and led to friction. He also states that intermarriage was less common among non-rural German settlers later in the 19th century.

3. Van Abbe, Derek. ‘Some social & political aspects of S.A. German settlement up to 1914.’ Typescript, dated 11 September 1958 (11 p.)

Written for a University of Adelaide seminar on Germans in South Australia.
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