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German settlers in South Australia:

miscellaneous papers 1776-1964

MSS 994.2 G3888

BOX D Folder B

Late 19th/early 20th century photographs principally of South Australian Germans collected by Derek Van Abbe?

1. Coloured postcard from Spreewald, Polenschänke & photo of same.
No text. Features people in 19th century costume

2. Photograph of Adelaider Liedertafel, 30 June 1884. ‘Harttisch & Hansen Photographers’
See also Programme for 50th Anniversary Grand Concert of Adelaider Liedertafel 17/9/1908 at Box C Folder B item39

3. Photograph of Henry Schroeder - shop ‘Grocer Draper Ironmonger’ ca 1860s?

4. Coloured postcard - Der Flachsbau ‘Photographer Kunstverlag, Hornberg’
Features people spinning thread ie linen = ‘Flachs’ No date, no place

5. Untitled photograph – male musical group of men ca 1890s? In Kuipo Forest?
One man has a concertina and another a stringed instrument.

6. Photograph of M. Heuzenroeder Chemist & Druggist  shop (Tanunda) ca 1860s?
With Derek Van Abbe’s handwriting on the back: ‘Tanunda’.

7. Untitled photograph – three people with hats in garden in front of house 1850s

8. Kaiser Stuhl (Tanunda) shooting party in cart with horses ca 1900s? With ms caption: ‘The Kaiser Stuhl Shooting Party from Tanunda who bagged 654 rabbits, 4 foxes, 12 wallabys & 21 hares in 2 days’. Names listed as: C. Baum, A. Heuzenroeder, S. Garrett, A. Hanson, A. Schwägger, A. Koithan, R. Epant, H. Tuohy, G. Tuohy, B. Graue, R. Botten. Ms pencil text on the reverse includes: ‘from A. Easom 20 Le Hunte Av. Prospect to whom please acknowledge’ and ‘For Dr Van Abbe’s gift of A[?] Easom, whose grandfather David Easom at Enfield made the first winnower in South Australia about 1853. Mr Gerlach of Gawler Block is using one of these machines now. Vox 26.VI.56 ie from the Vox column in The Advertiser]

9. Photograph of Adolf Bartels, first German Mayor of Adelaide. 2 copies in envelope

10. Untitled photograph – sketch of hay harvesting (2 haystacks, a horse, people)
Stamped on back: ‘U of A photographic services reg. no. A 60/84’

11. Photographic montage: ‘South Australian Pioneers 1858’ Townsend Duryea Photographers.
With the heads of the pioneers arranged as a collage of a bunch of grapes.

12. Untitled photograph of German naval visit ca 1890s?
Possibly appeared in the ‘Australische Zeitung’

13. Photograph ‘Der Deutsche Klub’ ’50-Jähriges Stiftungsfest 25. Juli 1904 = men's reunion dinner

14. Photograph: ‘Kegel-Club Bismarck 1898’
Men in formal dress, outdoors

l5. Untitled photograph – skittles club? – features men posed with beer and skittles 1890s?

16. Untitled photograph - group of men, possibly in the German Club 1890s?
(This was the elite German Club which folded when members joined the Adelaide Club)

17. Coat of arms – ‘Wappen des Driesener Geschlechts’
Ms caption on back of photo: ‘Malcolm L. Driesener, Margaret St. Gawler Rail’

18. Photograph of testimonial for B.H. Sonneman by Douglas J. Byard, Principal of Hahndorf College 23/5/1900.

19. Photograph of letter to Mrs Sonnemann offering condolences on her husband’s death from D.J. Byard, Hahndorf, July 23, 1917

20. Group photograph: Hahndorf College Old Boys Association 27/1/1908
Includes three from the von Doussa family and D.J.Byard.
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