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German settlers in South Australia:

miscellaneous papers 1776-1964

MSS 994.2 G3888

BOX D Folder C

Diary of Joh. Hansen

1. Exercise book containing ms diary (no name) - maybe commonplace book – 1841.

The diary begins in 1841 and seems to be the work of Joh. Hansen who resided in SA for a time and then moved to Victoria, becoming a jeweller and then a pastor, before dying about 1915 (information from Dr Lois Zweck, Lutheran Archives) Contains entries about algebra, mathematics, music, philosophy etc.

Inside front cover is a round invitation with note in Van Abbe’s or Triebels writing: ‘from Rev, H. Larsen, Grovedale, Vic. Hansen via Mr. Roesler, 64 Addison Road, Warradale’

See also digitised version at

2. Untitled photograph - man's portrait, 1900s?

3. Untitled photograph – portrait (same man?)

4. Untitled photograph - husband & wife 1900s?

5. Ms verse on small piece of paper 1836 by Hangaard
This and the following verses are perhaps farewell notes to Hansen on setting sail for Australia

6. Ms verse (or note) on small piece of paper dated Tondern 1837, by T. Langbehn, Cismar (?)

7. Ms verse on small piece of paper dated 1839, by Laura Hagemann. Captioned ‘Norderfahrensted Inn’?

8. Ms verse on small piece of paper dated Tondern 1837, by B. Basilius

9. Ms verse on small piece of paper dated Tondern 16 Febr. 1837, by F(?)H. Jochimsen

10. Ms note on small piece of paper by P. Walter dated Tondern ‘Ostern [18]35’

11. ‘Auszüge aus einem Tagebuch’ from 11/9/1849 to 1/1/1851 (11 p.)
Transcribed excerpts from the diary (item 1 above) related to South Australia, landing and excursions, and a plan to set up an educational institution in S.A.

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