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German settlers in South Australia:

miscellaneous papers 1776-1964

MSS 994.2 G3888

BOX D Folder G

33 written responses to questionnaires concerning German family history and language sent out in 1961 by Henk Siliakus and /or Louis Triebel. Includes information re place of origin, occupations, churches attended, languages spoken, clubs and societies and customs.
(Notes that tapes are held in Secretary's office, but the current whereabouts of the tapes is unknown)
See also responses to 1936 questionnaires Box A Folder A, and related correspondence in Box C Folder D and typed notes in Box D Folder H.

Questionnaire responses include:
  • Friedrich August – “A. Fiebig & Sons, Gen. Store, Lyndoch, introduced us to him”. Recorded 18/8/1961] ? ‘us’ is Louis Triebel and Henk Siliakus?
  • Mr & Mrs Johann Baum (Penrice, near Angaston)
  • Mr Karl Fr. Braunack (Tanunda) – incomplete questionnaire
  • Mr G? Nathaniel Dallwitz, North Street Angaston
  • Mr Davids, 1st A.I.F., Lobethal
  • Miss Filfell [Filsell?] – 80; Miss Gaue, Tanunda?; Mrs Ross
  • Mrs A. Francis, neé Strempel
  • Mr Bernard Freytag, aged 98, who came out in 1881 at age 19
  • Mr Fritz Homburg, aged 73, Tanunda. Father born in Gemany. Speaks very little German
  • Mrs K? Klemm, Witabara
  • Mr Oswald Krieg ( Nuriootpa) – annotated ‘No recording, partial stroke’
  • Mr. John Charles Kumnick ( Lobethal) Mother Irish
  • Cr. Arthur Erwin Lange of Nuriootpa born 1887 Retired winegrower
  • Mr Mathias Lange aged 95 – recorded by Mr Reusch (recording 19/8/61)
  • Mrs Liersch, 75, Bethany. Still speaks German at home. Recorded 25/10/61
  • Mr & Mrs E.P. Mickan & Miss Lina Mickan (sister) ( Stockwell) Recorded 18/8/1961.
    Mrs Mickan = nee Hoffmann.
  • Mrs Emma Milde, Tanunda. Recorded 25/10/61
  • Mr P.H.Noack, Eudunda - typed answers.
  • Miss Emma Elizabeth Rathjen, Tanunda, b. Orroroo 1887. Recorded 25/10/1961
  • Mrs C.J. Roediger, Gawler Railway
  • Mrs Rowe/Warnecke/Kreusler families (Grandmother = Marianne Josephine Kreussler, a well-known entymologist who stayed with Schomburgh at the Botanic Gardens)
  • Miss Schneider, annotated ‘Dr L.A. Triebel’
  • Mr Alfred Herbert Schubert, Lobethal
  • Mr G. Schubert, Lobethal
  • Mr. J.F.W. Schulz (Tanunda). 2 questionnaires. See also Light Pass Mr E.A. Steicke. (Schulz wrote poems in Silesian dialect and who worked in Auricht’s printery after allegedly losing a teaching job in 1917. There is a note about his German in the recording which he read in German, English and in dialect: he used a quite different pronunciation in the dialect reading from the reading in straight German)
  • Mr Heinrich Schulz, 73, Tanunda
  • [A Duplicate] From Mr J.F.W. Schulz (79 years old) per Mr Colin R. Gramp, Rowland Flat
  • Mr (Carl Ludenick) and Mrs (Wilhelmina Mathilda) Sonntag
  • Mrs W.E. Tilemann, annotated ‘Dr L.A. Triebel’. Grandparents came out in 1849
  • Mr Tscharke, 81, Bethany, recorded 25/10/1961 (wife = nee Niejalke)
  • Mrs Twartz of Gawler
  • No recording. Mrs Warnecke (widow) Maiden name: Martha Lange
  • Mr and Mrs Weckert, Nuriootpa (recorded Mr Rausch 19/8/1961)
  • Mrs E.R. Weichert (Geue) Box 10 Bethel via Kapunda
  • Mrs A. Winckel – includes note re family records of Winckel and Reinke families being
    typed up
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