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German settlers in South Australia:

miscellaneous papers 1776-1964

MSS 994.2 G3888

BOX D Folder H

‘Notes and cuttings: people & old families’

1. Typed obituary ‘Dr Carl Mücke’ (5 p.) With handwritten notes signed Triebel.

2. Adelaide Almanack [sic] 1864. MS list of Lutheran pastors and others (on large sheet of tissue paper folded into 4). By Triebel?

3. Typed letter from Lodewyckx, University of Melbourne, General Library. With an obituary of Menge by M. Michelsen (photocopy of a print article) and a handwritten note on the letter ‘Deutsche Vierteljahrsschrift v. 15 no. 4 1937’. Also note to Henk Siliakus about Stuckert on Storm.

4. Ms ‘Information from Miss Daphne Ellis, granddaughter of Mrs Augusta Winckel’ - about her great grandparents (4p.) Final page lists their children.

5. Ms notes: ‘Mrs Winckel’s parents-in-law’ 4p.

6. Ms ‘Rosemary Tilemann’ - family tree with notes on relatives including George Eimer (1 p.) Triebel’s writing?

Items 7-67: Newspaper cuttings in folder

7. H.A. Lindsay on Menge – newspaper cutting with 2 drawings (The Advertiser? n.d.)

8. A Stan James cartoon (1844) re Joh. Menge suggestion to hold the first Australasian scientific congress

9. ‘Ein Korbflechter erlebt Australien’ / Paul Werber – about a letter dated 19/5/1848 from Mt Gambier sent to Vienna arriving 31/3/1849 (Wiener Zeitung Nr 169 22/7/1956)
With a handwritten note: Dear Derek, Perhaps this page will be of interest to you. I hope nobody has been ‘aufgefressen’ recently in Adelaide. Be careful. Best wishes Otto’ - may be from Otto Höfler, Professor for Old and Middle High German Literature at the University of Vienna]. The ‘aufgefressen’(eaten up) refers to the stories about Aboriginal cannibalism in the letter.

10. Letter from A.H. Lindner about war responsibility and one from E.R. Pfeiffer, late 1st AIF, headed ‘Loyalty unquestioned’ (Advertiser 27/11/1945)

11. L.J. Pellew letter headed ‘War responsibility’ (The Advertiser 26/11/1945)

12. Cutting listing 5 books, one ‘Meine Aus…. Seereise’ Kaulvers Facsimile edition

13. Article on Detmold (The Advertiser 1958?)

14. Notes on Mrs Augusta Winckel (The Advertiser) Gawler

15. Unidentified cutting on Reimann

16. Winemaking families (The Advertiser 29/10/1952) - Gramp family mentioned, with recipes for cooking with wine

17. Armbruster Ulmann, Rundle Street – an article on people/businesses moving from one part of Rundle St. to another (The Advertiser)

18. Article on Leo Buring (The Advertiser) – Buring aged 79

19. Story on the Schluter family and the Greenock Creek Tavern (The Advertiser)

20. Letter Joyce Graetz - about German Department plans to collect information on Germans in SA

21. Celebrating the first century of training of Lutheran theologians in Australia

22. Peltz family reunion celebrating centenary

23. Hartwig family celebration

24. ‘First Student’s Tribute to Dr. A.J. Schulz’. No name - maybe Dr Penny or Mr Shepherd?
       (1909? or 1919?)

25. Pastor J.W. Georg retired at 95

26. ‘The Venerable Jigger - Ohlmeyer’s horseless carriage’ (SA Motor Dec. 58 – Jan. 59)

27. Carlsruhe Centenary, listing names from Mecklenburg

28. Mr Edward Dahl, President of Ceduna Dads’ Association

29. ‘Song of Australia’ - Mr H.C. Hewett of Largs Bay about a memorial for Linger

30. A B Schulze and wife re funds for Lutheran homes for the aged

31. A J Koch notes on family – great-grandfather established hotels in SA, maybe including one, now demolished, in Paradise

32. Leo Buring notes, includes the menu for a lunch for Sir Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh on their visit to South Australia

33. Derek Van Abbe asking for information about German wagons still in use in Orroroo

34. Tasmanian Association of South Australians, Mr A.G.Buring dies

35. Businesses in Rundle St - The Richmond site, Vosz stores, Clarksons move from Rundle St to Grenfell St, The King of Hanover hotel (The Advertiser)

36. Notes on Dr J.S. Stolz turning 80 - Mrs B. Mützelfeldt in the list of relatives

37. Centenary of Carl Wurst
See also item 39

38. Note Bierwirth - Army Korea (Bierwirth went to Adelaide High School)

39. Wurst centenary names - fourteen children
See also item 37

40. Wursts of Appila

41. Rathke reunion, 6 sisters and one brother – lacks accompanying photo

42. German Vintage Festival notes - Vintage Feature. Gramps mentioned

43. Kuhnel Co., established 1866

44. Dr. C. Jungfer (picture) Lobethal President BMA SA 1958- 59

45. First Schreyvogel in SA. Triebel reports that this man met Kavel and the connection with Angas was set up that led to the Lutheran migration to SA

46. Henry Eicke etc. and others reminiscences

47. Pastor J.H.S. Heidenreich aged 90 died

48. Notes on Tiggemanns 10/5/1960 - shipboard romances in 19th century etc.

49. Notes on Oster family including photo (21/5/1960)

50. Rev.Dr Zschech of Concordia died – from W. Victoria

51. Bill Wittber aged 80 - made first aero engine made in Australia 45 years ago (The Advertiser 12/6/1962)

52. Mr Johann Gramp, photo (The Advertiser 12/6/62)

53. Allan Strempel - B. Engineering

54. Augusta Winckel, nearly 100 - photo

55. Caroline Carleton wrote the words of ‘Song of Australia’, Carl Linger the music. Carleton buried at Wallaroo (The Advertiser 16/5/59)

66. Notes on Joseph Seppelt by Ian Seppelt (The News 8/10/60)
67. Loxton – a lot of German names (Sunday Mail 7/91957)

End of news clippings folder

68. Adolf John Schulz, M.A., D. Phil. (1883–1956) - personal appreciation by Dr. Derek Van Abbe, Reader-in-Charge of German, University of Adelaide; with a personal note by Dr. H.H. Penny, Principal of the Adelaide Teachers’ Training College’. Print copy (Griffin Press? 4 p.)
This seems to be from/about a book of essays by Schulz. There are crossings out of sections of the text.
69. Ms notes on Joh. Gramp by Triebel. In pencil in brackets (For the Part on Family Histories )

70. Same as item 69, typed

71. ‘A Note on the Strempel Family.’ Typescript (5 p.)

72. ‘Ein deutsches Auswandererschicksal vor hundert Jahren’ (1960s?) Typescript (11 p.) - H.H. Aderholdt on Linger as an emigrant 100 years ago.
Pages 4–9 contains a letter from Carl Linger and his wife to his mother in Berlin (= a typed version of the original held by the State Library) Aderholt seems to have been a journalist visiting Adelaide in 1960s? He writes that he discovered the letter among other documents held by Linger descendants, presumably in Germany

73. Typed Diary of Mrs E Homann (née Henriette Elizabeth Luise Bensen) (4p.)
About the original diary in the Lutheran Archives; typewritten translation in the State Library of SA]

74. ‘George Friederich Schmidt: his life and descendants.’ Typescript dated 1958 (4 p.) With note ‘edited by C.G.Schmidt, Adel. 1958.’ Book review?

75. ‘Adolf John Schulz (1883–1956)’ Typescript (ca 1961), comprises quotations from Derek Van Abbe’s appreciation of Schulz on his death (7 p.)
Compare with item 68. Part of a projected book by Triebel?

76. Typed family documents loaned by Miss A. Graue (3 p.) Details listed for a Prussian passport for Johann Gottlieb Thomas (2 p.) etc., H.G.Ahrens (1 p.) Initialed L.A.T. (ie Louis Triebel)

77. Typed notes on Johanna Hoffmann (1 p.) Gottfried Hoffman (3 p.) August Hoffmann (1 p.), written by someone who, with his wife, attended August Hoffmann’s funeral in 1905

78. Typed notes on Joh. Friedrich bis Winckel and Sophie Pauline bis Winckel, listing their 6 children (1 p., both sides)

79. Ms notes on ‘Families’ (15 p.) re Mrs A Winckel, Miss Schneider etc - probably Triebel’s notes

80. Ms notes: Mücke Krichauff - biographical index (1 p.)
81. Ms notes: Dr R.Schomburgk - headed ‘Biographical Index’

82. Ms notes, including 1 p. on Richard Schomburgk

83. Ms notes ‘Germans in S.A. Parliament 1857–1901’ (3 p.)
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