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German settlers in South Australia:

miscellaneous papers 1776-1964

MSS 994.2 G3888

BOX D Folder I

Varia - correspondence, cuttings; including letters on Lutheranism and German migration by Dr H. Sasse, and on Barossa dialect from Dr Edda T. Hankamer

1. Typed letter to Triebel from A.C. Cawley, Professor of English, Univ. of Queensland, 30 August 1962. He was sending Mrs Tarnawski’s thesis: ‘The English of German-Speaking Bilinguals’

2. Carbon copy of typed letter headed (Copy ) and ‘Archives’ from Dr. F.J.H. Blaess to Mr N.E.B. Scholz (3 p.) Information about Brauer’s ‘Under the Southern Cross’ and history of O. Strempel and family, plus 4 p. of notes signed ‘Norman’ about collecting material, with N. Scholz’ addresses at Riverton and in Victoria

3. Ms letter 29 April 1962 to Peter Paul with details about history of German families from Mrs E.R. Weichert from Bethel (3 p), in response to Peter Paul’s questionnaire [Peter Paul was collecting material for his M.A., awarded 1965]
Questionnaires mentioned not located

 4. Ms letter 21/11/1961 to Triebel from H.M. Cooper, S.A. Museum, thanking him for his French explorer of Australia book (1 p.)

5. Letter 22/11/1962 to Triebel from Mollie Walker, Principal of Sydney Training College (1 p.) asking if there’s any evidence of Froebel child care in early S.A. – Triebel says no
See also item 27

6. Letter August 14 to Triebel from Joseph Irlland, St Aloysius – sent documents re Sevenhill to Professor G. Zubryke who has done some research(?)

7. Letter 6/9/62 from Ralph Elliott of the Dept of English, University of Adelaide, to Triebel returning a paper

8. Typed letter 24/10/1958 from Dr Hermann Sasse to Derek Van Abbe about his paper on SA Gemans - with background information about the history of Lutheranism and German migration
See Van Abbe’s paper in Box D Folder A Item 3

9. Ms letter 24/7/1961 from G.B. Francis of Glengowrie to Triebel (2p.) –about Oster, Scholz and Strempel families

10. Ms letter from G. Francis to Triebel 8/8/1961 re Scholz & Strempel family (1 p.) [had sent typed papers setting out family history]

11. Letter from H.A. Lindsay 22/11/1958 to D. Van Abbe about 1907 Cyclopedia and his maternal grandfather

12. Ms letter 3/4/1956 from Mr E.R. Mickan of Stockwell to Derek Van Abbe about his personal and work  history (3 p.)

13. Typed letter 20/11/1961 from Professor H. Sasse to Triebel (2 p.) - note on Kulturkampf [same as Item 23]

14. Letter 11/10/1961 from Quiller re invitation to Professor L.A. Triebel and Henk Siliakus to Lobethal Museum opening

15. Typed letter 23/11/1961 signed by Colin Gramp re enclosed questionnaire of J.W. Schulz (lacks enclosure). Gramp helped and contacted people about the questionnaire which was sent out in 1961 about German language in SA

16. Letter 26/6/1961 from Arthur Reusch of Reusch’s Barossa Pharmacy to Triebel (1 p.), thanking Triebel for a copy of the Centenary booklet and commenting on other sources of information

17. Letter 7/11/1961 from Miss Graue and Mrs B. Filsell of Tanunda to Triebel - thanks for translation of a letter from home and anecdotes of family history (1 p)

18. Letter 1/12/1961 from State Library of Tasmania to Triebel about their holdings of Australische Zeitung

19. Typed letter 11/9/1961 from W.O. Droescher of the University of Auckland to the Professor of German, University of Adelaide, about dialects in Barossa. Also note from Henk Siliakus about Mrs [sic] Hankamer, that she didn’t want her results of research into the dialects made public
See also item 25 below
Dr Edda T. Hankamer was the widow of Paul Hankamer, a well-known German exile scholar. She came to Adelaide as a Fulbright Scholar during the time of Derek Van Abbe. See also Box A Folder B item 5 and Box C Folder D item 39 for further correspondence re Dr Hankamer’s research in South Australia.

20. Letter 7/8/1961 to Triebel from Colin Gramp’s secretary re German settlements in SA

21. Typed letter 3/11/1958 from Mitchell Library to Derek Van Abbe re holdings of SA newspapers (2 p.)

22. Typed letter 25/3/1962 to Triebel in Tasmania from A. Grove Day to ‘Dear Friend’ about etymology of the name ‘Barrosa’ and Spain placenames (2 p.)

23 Typed ms: ‘A Note from Professor H.Sasse of Immanuel College, Adelaide, on Bismarck’s ‘Kulturkampf’ (3 p.) [Same text as Item 13]

24. Ms letter 14/9/1961 from Triebel to Dr Droescher, University of Auckland (2 p.) outlining German dialects in SA. Refers to an article published in Proceedings of the Tasmanian Historical Association’ ‘some years ago’

25. Typed letter 5/11/1957 to Derek Van Abbe from Dr Hankamer enclosing report on the Barossa dialect (7 p.) [Hankamer was annoyed as she felt she had been lured from the USA as a Fulbright Scholar with false stories about the dialect]
See also item 19 above

26. Letter 2/9/1962 from Michael Clyne to Triebel seeking information about assimilation of German-speaking migrants in Australia

27. Typed letter from Mollie Walker, Principal of Sydney Kindergarten Training College to ‘Dear Sir’ thanking him for his answer about Froebel, dated 30/11/1962. Also ms note: 30/10/1961 returned ms from Nora Heinel re her return of a manuscript
See also item 5

28. Ms letter 28/9/1962 from Michael Clyne (1 p.) about his intention to contact Brian Hocking, lecturer in German at Adelaide, as advised

29. Printed tract: ‘Das Geheimnis von Anti-Christus und von Rom’ [= ‘The secret of Anti-Christ and of Rome’] (4 p.) ‘Noch weiter eingeschränkt’ [= ‘Further limited’) is written in the margin on p. 4

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