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German settlers in South Australia:

miscellaneous papers 1776-1964

MSS 994.2 G3888

BOX D Folder K

‘Old German Settlements’
Mainly newspaper clippings on old German settlements, including Hahndorf (especially the restoration of Hahndorf College/Academy), Barossa Valley townships, Lobethal (including the Jonas Vanagas Collection at the Lobethal Archives and Historical Museum) Also articles by Van Abbe and Triebel, and by Glen D. Weaver of Kent State University.

i. Typed extract from Adelaide Observer Sat. 22 Sept. 1883, p. 31 titled ‘Hahndorf College’

ii. Typed extracts from The Australian Lutheran Almanac 1955 re Hahndorf Academy (1 p.)

iii. Typed extract from The Australian Lutheran Almanac titled ‘References to Hahndorf College’ (3 p.), 4/11/1960.

1. Article on ‘Grand German Food Fair’ to be held to raise funds for the restoration of the Hahndorf Academy The Advertiser 20/9/62. With photos of Mrs O. Nitschke and Miss Josephine Heysen.

2. Ms heading in pencil ‘Seven Hill Monastery Clare‘ on empty page.

3. Newspaper cutting re the unveiling of the Namatjira Memorial at Hermannsburg from
The Advertiser (23 July)

4. Newspaper clipping ‘Schools at Hahndorf’ = a letter to ‘Views and Comments’ from A.H. Lindner, dated 21/9/45, re proposal to open a German school at Hahndorf. With clipping ‘£120 gift by former ambassador’ re gift of Dr H. Muhlenfeld ca. Early October 1953-55?

5. Typescript headed ‘South Australian Facsimile Editions, No. 24’ (4 p.) re Ernst Kaulver’s diary ‘Seereise’ (185?) reproduced in 1962. Plus photocopy.

6. Typed heading ‘Restoration plan at Hahndorf’ with cutting: ‘Van Abbe about the restoration of Hahndorf College’ The Advertiser 26/11/1960.

7. Typed article re souvenir booklets with particular mention of Pastor R.B. Reuther’s ‘The Strait Gate Church, Light Pass, SA’ ca 1961? (3 p.)

8. ‘The early secular German-language Press of South Australia Chapter 1 / [L.A. Triebel] (photocopy of typescript, 15 p.) + 2 p. of shorthand with note from the Bibliography of SA by T. Gill (1885).
See Box D Folders J and L for Triebel’s complete manuscript.

8a. Printed ‘Notice of Assessment District of Barossa West 17/8/1888’

9. Printed pamphlet: ‘Treasure from the Valley’ (2 p.) re Barossa Valley ca. 1960s?

10. Printed newsletter: Lutheran Parish Witness July–Sept. 1961 Light Pass, Pastor Reuther re opening of new Strait Gate Church at Light Pass.

11. Cutting from Women’s Weekly 8/3/1961 ‘Wine, welcome and song’ re Barossa Vintage Festival.

12. Printed invitation to D. Van Abbe for Jonas Vanagas Exhibition at Lobethal Archives and Historical Museum 6/5/1956.

13. Cutting from The Advertiser 21/4/1956 ‘History of Lobethal told in collection’ re the Jonas Vanagas Collection in the Lobethal Archives and Historical Museum.

14. Cutting ‘Lobethal history to be cared for’ re management committee for the Vanagas Collection.

15. Cutting from The News 1/10/1952 ‘Tanunda – Pride of the Valley’ / Jack Ludbrook (mentions ABC shortwave broadcasts by Liedertafl). Part of a 4 p. newspaper insert re Tanunda, with advertisements.

16. Cutting The Advertiser 1/5/1956 ‘Migrant’s bid S.A. history’ / Stewart Cockburn, re John Vanagas’ book on Lobethal.

17. The Advertiser photo and article 7/5/1956? re Vanagas’ historical account of Lobethal.

18. Cutting ‘Old times – old wines’ dinner of Bacchus Club Barossa (n.d.)

19. Cutting from The Advertiser about Angaston ca. 1956.

20. Cutting from The Advertiser about Nuriootpa ca. 195? Re Nuriootpa Community Centre and redevelopment of town centre.

21. Cutting from The Advertiser ‘A Day in Lobethal’ re Lobethal history and personalities [n.d.]

22. Cutting from The Advertiser ‘Nuriootpa: an example in community life’ / Neville Wilmott ca. 1958/59. Mentions Centennial Park Memorial Institute and Colombo Plan students.

23. Cutting from The Advertiser about Tanunda Show ca. early 1960s. Looks at people involved with the Show.

24. Cutting about Liedertafel 1/7/1958.

25. Cutting and photo about Arthur Reusch and his involvement with the development of Nuriootpa.

26. Photocopy of cutting re ‘Guten Morgen, meine Freunde’ week in the Barossa/Tanunda. Describes the Liedertafl and Louis Triebel’s research/questionnaire and taping in the Barossa.

27. Cutting ‘Good progress of Lobethal’ re history and Onkaparinga Woolen Mills ca 2/5/195?

28. Cutting from The Advertiser 3/7/1962 – letters from Ralph Elliot about Hahndorf Academy Appeal.

29. Cutting 22/10/1961? about reopening of Lobethal Museum.

30. Cutting from The Advertiser 19/8/1961 by Rev. F.J.H. Blaess detailing the history of the Lobethal Archives and Historical Museum.

31. Cutting ‘Letter to Editor’ September 1962 from H.J. Siliakus (of Dept of German) about languages and assimilation.

32. Typescript ‘Neukirch (Dimchurch) and Ebenezer’ / [by Van Abbe?] (3 p.) re history of Ebenezer settlement in the Barossa Valley.

33. Printed: SA German Historical Society, 1 June 1937. 1 page in German and 1 the same in English about the Society. Also 1 p. in German and 1 in English, same content, dated 14 June 1938, the ‘South Australian German Historical Society Newsletter’ with reference to the great-grandson of Hahn, Dr Jens Carstensen, photographer, and a card with compliments of Mr H. Krawinkel.

34. Derek Van Abbe ‘Some social and political aspects of SA German settlement up to 1914’ (typescript, Roneo copy) = presentation to German Seminar 11 Sept. 1958 at University of Adelaide.

35. Typescript with handwritten notes: ‘Derek’s suggestions for further work on project 241 (Hist. and lang of SA Germans) – ms notes by Triebel.

36. Ms reference to Van Abbe’s article in Historical Studies Melbourne, Vol. 8, No. 31, Nov. 1958, p. 319–321.

37. Reprint: ‘The interests of the SA German language press in the 19th century with notes by Derek Van Abbe from Historical Studies v. 8, no. 31 (Nov. 1958), p. 319–321. With ms annotations by Triebel.

38. Ms notes in Triebel’s writing – reference to ‘book by J.F.W. Schulz 1938’: ‘Destined to Perish: With the Chevrolet to Hermannsburg’ / by J.F.W. Schulz 1938. (61 p.) Proceeds to Mission Board Hermannsburg. “In the German Dept.”

39. Roneoed maps of Germany post 1945: ‘West and East Germany and the regions lost after 1945’

40. Printed pamphlet ‘Kennen sie Deutschland’ with flags of the States of Germany and map.

41. Printed Programme of opening of new Museum in Lobethal 22/10/1961.

42. Ms notes taken from ‘The Germans in Queensland during the 19th century’ / Mary Jackson, Honours III History thesis (Queensland) November 1959.

43. Reprint: ‘Colonial Germans in South Australia’ / by Glen D. Weaver and H.F. Raup, Kent State University. Reprinted from Journal of Geography v. LVIII no. 8 (Nov. 1959), p. 369–380.

44. Airletter 7/1/1960 from Glen Weaver (Honours student, Kent State University) to Van Abbe about the reprint [See Item 43 above]

45. Ms summary of letter received May 1961 from Mr David Denholm, Brisbane, about books on Germans in Queensland (1 p.). Mentions sound tapes in Brisbane.

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