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German settlers in South Australia:
miscellaneous papers 1776-1964

MSS 994.2 G3888

BOX E Folder A

Miscellaneous source materials collected by Derek Van Abbe and L.A. Triebel. Includes family history documents re Nettlebeck, Ohlmeyer and Basedow families, and material about Hahndorf College.

1. Invitation to Dr and Mrs Van Abbe from St Michael's Church Hahndorf for centenary of building 5/7/1959

2. Printed booklet: ‘The dedication of Loehe Memorial Library at the Immanuel Theological College, Jeffcott St. North Adelaide 2/10/1960’ (7 p.)

3. Typed list (carbon copy) of S.A. German newspapers including church periodicals in the SA Public Library (no date) (1 p.)

4. Pencil ms notes on newspapers and articles (4 p.) on 2 small pages from notebook - addenda to list above? With red biro additions by Triebel?

5. Typescript: ‘The Angas papers’ / Douglas Pike (2 p.) [Papers held in State Library of SA]

6. Roneoed typed circular: ‘The University of Queensland foundation prizes’ dated 26/9/1957

7. Sheet of Old German script with signature ‘Pastor ?’ dated 1776

8. Pen drawing ‘Seminar bei Marianne’ (Tafel IX from Zu Burmeister’s Reise)

9. Ms letter to Madame Ohlmeyer of Uhlenhorst Hamburgh from her brother Peter Linnemann in London, dated 2/3/1845
See also Item 24

10. Ms copy(?) of church certificate dated Lissa 6/4/1842 - Signature illegible (torn). Includes the name ‘Franz Altentaler’ and ‘gebürtig aus Dresden’ [= born in Dresden] and his wife Christiana born in Grunau, and Amelia Theresia d. 1880.
Also a page in van Abbe’s or Triebel’s hand: ‘Wed 29/10 Hübner [Huebner gt.- gdmother Mr Swaine married in Australia Lotte …Ohlmeyer. 42 years since he arrived.’ Swaine was one of the people connected with Hahn’s voyage to Australia]

11. Family tree of Johann Grovermann and his three wives (in French often inaccurate) on large blue sheet. The name Ohlmeyer appears. Headed: Johann Grovemann nee a Oldenburg 5 Mars 1656 + Oldenburg 21 Dec. 1725

12. Apprenticeship indenture for Hermann Nettelbeck of Tanunda dated 18/7/1865 (Master = Wilhelm Weser)
See also Item 26

13. Newspaper cutting: ‘Farewell to F. Basedow’ (March 29 1890?), about a complimentary banquet for Basedow, ex-president of the Club. Sir John Downer, a colleague in Parliament, was present

14. Newspaper cutting: ‘The Lake Amadeus Exploring Party’ (no date). Mentions their discovering and naming the Basedow Range. Quotes from telegram to Geographic Society from W.H. Tietkins July 25

15. Ms circular (lithographic reproduction?) letter from Audrey H. Tennyson (Lady Governor) asking for support for married women and for the training of District Midwifery nurses, dated January 1901 (1 sheet. ‘The Mayor’ and ‘town’ added in ms)

16. The Mount Barker Courier vol. 71, no.2831 (27/7/1960). Article on p.2 on Hahndorf Academy by Derek V. Abbe (Van Abbe was Chairman of the Interim Preservation Committee campaigning to save the College building and make it a museum)

17. 13 newspaper cuttings re Hahndorf College about pros and cons of preserving Hahndorf College (1960)

18. 3 newspaper cuttings re Hahndorf College dated 2/7/196060, 5/11/1960 and 19/11/1960

19. Ms letter to Dr Van Abbe dated 22/5/1960 from Mary Reynell [nee Byard] (5 p.) Reynell’s father owned the old Hahndorf Church of England school building 1886-1916 – points out that the school in Hahndorf wasn’t solely a German Australian one

20. Newspaper cutting (no date) about Johann Gottlieb Hirte, 94 years of age, who had been associated with the Chaffey brothers. Pastor Pfitzner also mentioned

21. Photograph of ms page from Central Board of Education minutes 31/3/1857, about letter from Mr Boehn [sic - should be Boehm] about the erection of a new school. Minutes signed 10 April 1857
See also items 22-23

22. Photograph of page from Central Board of Education minutes 27/10/1857. F. Boehm now licensed to teach at Hahndorf

23. Photograph of page 176 of S.A. Government Gazette (4/3/1858) listing suburban and country schools. F.W. Boehm listed as teacher at Hahndorf. From the ‘Synopsis of Returns of Children’ Nov. 1857, p. 175 ff.

24. Ms German letter to Madam Ohlmeier [= Ohlmeyer] of Hamburgh from her brother Peter Lennemann in Paris, dated 4/3/1831 (4 foolscap pages)
See also item 9

25. Der Hamburger Beobachter 11. Jahrgang, 1stes Quartal, Sonnabend (27/1/1827) Contains story about Jacob Füllebeck who migrated to the United States and married

26. Letters of naturalization for Hermann Heinrich Samuel Nettelbeck, dated 3/2/1874 (1 p.) With a note of registration on the back
See also item 12

27. Ring folder (with ‘Questionary for John Grosser’ written in red biro on inside cover – van Abbe’s or Triebel’s handwriting?) and ‘German settlers in South Australia; miscellaneous papers 1776–1964’ [Probably ms notes for the typescript chapters in Box D]

  1. Photocopy of typed page from Newspapers in Australian libraries pt.2. 3rd ed. (1975)
  2. Handwritten abstracts of Sued Australische Zeitung from 2/1/1861 to 3/1/1861. (9 p.) With Van Abbe’s/Triebel’s writing in red biro
  3. Same for Australische Zeitung 4/1/1881 to 25/10/1881 (3 p.) Also Australische Zeitung      7/1/1870, and 25/1/1905–10/3/1905

        Also ms notes from:

  • Dr Albert Heising. Die Deutschen in Australien 1853 (3 p.)
  • John Strachan. An unheeded warning (Lectures from 1909-1914) 1914 (part page)
  • E. Jung. Die Deutschum in South Australia from Mitteilungen des Vereins für Erdkunde zur Halle/Saale, 1881, p. 51-60
  • George Griffith. In an unknown prison land. London: Hutchinson, 1901 (part page)
  • George Sutherland. ‘German villages of SA’ from Centennial Magazine v. 11 no.10 (May 1890) (1 p.)
  • E. Whitington. The SA Vintage 1903 (¼ p.)


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