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German settlers in South Australia:
miscellaneous papers 1776-1964

MSS 994.2 G3888

BOX E Folder B

Material compiled by Derek van Abbe concerning Graw, Graue, Ahrens, Tilemann families, contained in black leather tooled writing case with a taped slip on the cover ‘11 April 1957’ [case returned to the Tileman family Sept 2012]

1. Ms letter from Benno H. Graw to Dr Van Abbe 17/5/1957 (3 p.) - tells Van Abbe that he listens to van Abbe on radio - Graw’s grandfather was Henri Ahrens who came to SA in 1837 - he writes about his auntie’s memories [‘Graw’ is from the extended family of ‘Graue’]
See also item 3

2. Ms letter to Dr. Van Abbe dated 4/7/1957 from Benno H. Graw, replying to a letter from Van Abbe on Ahrens (3 p.)

3. Ms English extract from letter dated 6/11/1916 (= Auntie’s memories?) Talks about grandfather born near Hanover = Ahrens of Ahrensburg. Ahrens was with the first Government survey party for SA and later an interpreter for the Supreme Court in Adelaide
See also item 1

4. 5 newspaper cuttings on Graue family

  • Barossa News on death of Mrs John Graue at age of 85 (born in 1850)
  • Lutheran Herald July 2, 1934, p. 23, on the death of Emma Elizabeth Graue (Mrs John Graue)
  • Cutting about diamond wedding of Mr and Mrs John Graue
  • ‘The late Mr. J.C. Graue’ (aged 91, married 1872)
  • Sept. 7, 1933 Mr John Graue 86th birthday

5. Cutting from Barossa News 31/3/1932 on Tanunda, about a trowel presented to Miss D. von Bertough [ie Bertouch] and returned to Tanunda Institute. Mentions John Graue

6. Letter to Dr Van Abbe from B.H. Graw, dated 4/7/1957 (3 p.) [= a carbon copy of item 2 above]

7. Ms letter to Dr Van Abbe from B.H. Graw 12/3/1959, enclosing above copy and requesting return of newspaper clippings (1 p.)

8. 6 newspaper cuttings, mostly on M.P.F. Basedow (undated)

  • Mr Basedow meeting the Emperor of Austria [sic] while at Vienna Conference
  • Mr Basedow as South Australian delegate at the Vienna Postal Conference (early 1890s)
  • ‘Stimmung in Deutschland’ [= The atmosphere in Germany] Hanover,dated 20 Nov. Also about the young Kaiser. Report from journey to Vienna Conference (late December, no year)
  • about the service for the late Mr. M.P.F. Basedow held in St Stephen’s Church by Rev. Eitel, Miss Eitel organising music/choir (after 1897, before 1908)
  • part cutting by woman about collecting birds, lizards and snakes for Dr Schomburghk of the Botanic Gardens (from The Advertiser before September 1 1891)

9. Ms letter in German script (in envelope) 15/11/1909? to A. Tilemann Esq. of Adelaide from ? Norboy [copy - original returned to the Tileman family Sept 2012]

10. Envelope only, addressed to Frau A.C. Tielemann of St Peters [copy - original returned to the Tileman family Sept 2012]

11. Australische Zeitung 22/5/1901, front page only (2 copies). Stories about German schools abroad and the German ship ‘Cormoran’ visiting Adelaide [NOT the later ‘Kormoran’]

12. Issue of Australische Zeitung 19/3/1902 (8 p.). Front page obituary about Basedow. Eitel conducted service and gave funeral address

13. Ms will of Ottine Louise Tilemann, in German. On the envelope is written: ‘Für meine lieben Kinder Alex Emilie Theodor. Die letzten Zeilen geschrieben in [sic] October [sic] 1904, Ottine Louise Tilemann Wille [= For my beloved children Alex Emilie Theodor. Last lines written in October 1904. Ottine Louise Tilemann Will] [copy - original returned to the Tileman family Sept 2012]
See also items 16-18

14. Small piece of paper with writing in German script

15. Newspaper page: Beilage [= supplement] zu Nr 30 des Nordische Couriers und der Altonaer Nachrichten, dated 5/2/1856. [No obvious relevant article]

16. Small piece of paper ‘Small bequests left by Ottine Tilemann enclosing

  • Ms note re Alexander (no surname) born Kent Town 1861; Emilie born Kent Town 1862; Theodor born Kent Town 1865
  • Ms list of bequests dated 1901 signed Ottine Louise Tilemann

[copy - original returned to the Tileman family Sept 2012]
See also item 13 above

17. Ms will signed Ottine Tilemann, leaving her clothes to Minna [copy - original returned to the Tileman family Sept 2012]

18. Ms note about Alexander and Irma [probably part of the will item 13 above] [copy - original returned to the Tileman family Sept 2012]

19. Part of envelope addressed to Mrs Tilemann, College Park, Adelaide S,A. on back signed Norboy. Posted in London [copy - original returned to the Tileman family Sept 2012]

20. Undated photograph – young family(?) group ca 1890s? 4 males and 3 females

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