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German settlers in South Australia:
miscellaneous papers 1776-1964

MSS 994.2 G3888

BOX F Folder A

‘Notes for Schulz history’

Notes compiled from replies to Schulz’s 1936 questionnaires about German Australians, including German Catholics/Jesuits, settlements and ships. Also Schulz’s shorthand notes taken from printed and other resources (useful for identifying sources), ms draft sections/chapters and several plans (files 39, 52, 56) for his proposed book on German Australians.
A copy of the questionnaire can be found in Box A Series A

1. Die Brücke, vol. 3 no. 9 (18/4/1936)
Issue celebrates Hitler’s birthday (20th April). Includes report from Adelaide on Carl Linger Memorial. Annotated with note ‘Finished’ (in Schulz’s hand?). Also unidentified note dated 25/2/57 and an illegible signature commenting that ‘Finished’ may indicate this section was ready for Schulz to type up (‘one of the few parts where a typed manuscript exists’ / DVA)

2. German notes from book on Jesuits. 6 p.
In ms and shorthand. Inscribed in pencil on p. 1: ‘100 Lebensbilder aus der … Gesellschaft Jesu. Wien 1902, p. 95’ [= 100 lives in pictures from the Society of Jesus. Vienna 1902, p. 95]. Page 2 dated in pencil 1936; p. 3 includes assertion that more than half the migrants who came with them were ‘Altlutheraner’

3. English letter 17/11/1936 from P.J. Dalton, S.J., of St Aloysius’ Sevenhill, to Dr Schulz re Austrian Jesuits (2 p.), plus 11 pages of ‘Answers to questions’ [i.e. answers to Schulz questionnaire] Numbered ‘II’ at head of letter (see item 5 below)

4. English letter 19/8/1936 from W. Ryan to Dr Schulz. In ms with some shorthand, in pencil. Ryan states that he has asked Mr Heuzenroeder to do for the same for the German Catholic laymen people what Father Dalton of Sevenhill has done for the clergy

5. Notes re Austrian Jesuits, with letter 12/10/1936 from P.J. Dalton, S.J., to Dr. Schulz dated (14 p. ms + 2 p. letter) Notes annotated by Schulz in preparation for his history. Ms ‘I’ in pencil at head (see 3. above), and ‘German Catholics in South Australia’

6. English ms letter 10/2/1937 from P.J. Dalton, S.J., to Dr Schulz (3 p.), with 4 p. listing of members of Austrian Jesuits of S.A. missions. W. Lodewyckx asserts that not more than half of the migrants who came with the Jesuits were not Catholic.

7. Envelope addressed to Dr A.J. Schulz, Teachers College, Kintore Avenue

8. Shorthand notes re Jesuits. 5 p. Annotated in pencil ‘Catholics’ with some proper names

9. Schulz’ ms notes on Jesuits of Clare and Sevenhill. 2 p.

l0. Schulz’ ms notes on Klemzig including:
  • pencil ms English notes on Klemzig from [South Australian] Register, 30 Jan? 1878, p. 6 (3 p.)
  • ms German notes on Klemzig from Nathaniel Hailes [Recollections] 6 p.
  • ms English pencil notes headed ‘The village of Klemzig’ from Southern Australian 1/5/1839, p. 3 (2 p.)
  • 1 p. of shorthand
Note: Hailes' ‘Recollections’ appeared in the South Australian Register newspaper in 1878. First published in book form in 1998. Some pages written on the back of student work by E.Muetzelfeldt.

11. Shorthand notes on ‘Haile’s Klemzig’ (from [South Australian] Register, Jan. 30 [1878], p. 6 (1 p.))

12. Ms English draft on ‘Founding of Langmeil and Tanunda’ 2 p. Annotated in pencil ‘VII’

13. MS German and shorthand notes on ‘Flaxman's letters’ (25/3/1937) 2 p.

14. Shorthand notes on ‘Founding of Bethany’, 1 p. Names in script

15. Shorthand notes on ‘Catharina: Ey’s Mitteilungen p. 39’ (1 p.) ie extracts from Mittheilungen über die Auswanderung der preussischen Lutheraner nach Süd-Australien, sowie über Entstehung nud [sic] Entwicklung der australisch-lutherischen Kirche / von I.M.R. (Rudolph) Ey. Adelaide, 1880, p. 39.
 Catharina = ship

16. German ms and shorthand notes re ‘Prince George: Ey’s Mitteilungen [= report] p.15’, on Klemzig, dated 19/8/36 (2 p.)  Prince George = ship.

17. Shorthand notes on ‘Hahndorf’ SA [Southern Australian Register or Sud-Australische Zeitung or Southern Australian] July 1841–Sept 1842, headed Vol.1, p. 255 (1 p.)

18. Shorthand notes on ‘Skiold and Fritzsche’ (4 p.) From Ey, Mittheilungen … p. 61 etc. ‘Skiold’ = ship, Fritzsche = pastor from Hahndorf. Includes place names eg Schöntal, Lobethal etc. in script

19. Heading only: Brauer on ‘How Lobethal was founded’ from Australian Lutheran Almanac 1930

20. Shorthand and ms. notes on Menge (7 p.) Includes quotes from Menge, the mineralogist / W.A. Cawthorne. Adelaide, 1859

21. Shorthand notes from Lutheran Almanac 18/8/1936 (2 p.) With headings: ‘McLaren’s opinions’, ‘Mr Dutton’, ‘Earliest explorers of SA’

22. Shorthand notes on Hahndorf (from John W. Bull: Early experiences of colonial life in South Australia. Adelaide, 1878) dated 19/8/1936 (1 p.)

23. Shorthand and ms German notes on Hahndorf ‘Zebra’ = ship (from Ey, Mittheilungen … p.22) dated 20/8/1936 (8 p.)

24. Shorthand notes on ships (1 p.) Ship and Adelaide place names in script ie: ‘Zebra’ Hahndorf, ‘Catharina’ Glen Osmond, ‘Skiold’ Lobethal.

25. Envelope addressed to Dr A. J. Schulz, 16 Churcher St. Thorngate with shorthand notes on back and 2 newspaper cuttings ie:
  • 30 June 1936 about German-Australian friendship
  • 22 July 1936 obituary for Mrs Anna Marie Rechner with the information that her grandmother died on Kangaroo Island in 1837 and a mulberry tree was planted on the spot
26. Shorthand notes on ‘Bauer, Ferdinand Lukas’ and ‘Becker, Ludwig’. 1 p.

27. Shorthand notes on ‘Leichhardt, Ludwig’. 1 p.
28. Shorthand notes on ‘Basedow, Herbert’. 1 p.

29. Shorthand notes on ‘Robert, Richard and Otto Schomburgk & Ferdinand Müller. 1 p.

30. Ms German draft on ‘Ernest Eitel’. 2 p.

31. Shorthand notes on Mueller. 2 p.

32. Shorthand notes on Burke & Wills Expedition in 1860, from Wills A successful exploration through the interior of Australia …] [London], 1863; Dr Ludwig Becker [artist & naturalist with the Burke & Wills expedition]; and Dr Hermann Becker. 1 p.

33. Shorthand notes on Amandus Heinrich Christian Zietz (Register 3/8/1921) and Friedrich Robert Zietz (Register 11/4/1922). 1 p. Names and dates in script.

34. Shorthand notes on ‘Science etc Plan’. 1 p. Some names eg Bethany in script.

35. Shorthand notes on 1. [In shorthand]; 2. Bauer; 3. D.H. Schreyvogel; 4. P. Keiffe; 5. Lutheran immigration; 6. Further immigration; 7. 60s and 70s. 1 p.

36. Three newspaper cuttings on the death of Dr Ernest J. Eitel:
  • Observer, Adelaide
  • The Critic 18/11/1905
  • Register Nov. 1908
    + photocopies of the articles.
37. Ms letter from Muriel Eaton Eitel to Dr Schulz 15/3/1936. 2 p.

38. Papers on August Wilhelm Pelzer, City of Adelaide Landscape Gardener:
  • letter to Dr A.J. Schulz from Greta Pelzer of 3/4/1936. 6 p.
  • copy of letter of thanks from City of Adelaide Council to A.W. Pelzer on his retirement, signed by C.R.J. Glover, Lord Mayor, and H.P. Beaver Town Clerk, dated 29/3/1932.
  • Plus 1 p. shorthand notes, including references to articles News 28/8/1934 and Advertiser 28/8/1934
39. Shorthand notes headed ‘General Plan’ (1 p.) = proposed chapter headings for Schulz’s book? with headings: ‘Newspapers’, ‘Public Life’ etc.

40. Shorthand notes on ‘Holtze Moritz; Wilhelm, F.L.S. & Eitel, Ernest John’. 1 p.

41. Ms letter to Dr Schulz from Otto Schomburgk, undated, describing Schomburgk material presented to the Royal Geographical Society of SA. 4 p.

42. Ms letter to Dr Schulz from Hilda Reimann, March 29 [1936?], concerning her brother Arnold Luehrs Reimann and sister Valesca Leonore Olive Reimann. 3 p.

43. Letter to Dr Schulz from Otto Schomburgk, 28/4/1936, about his father Richard Schomburgk.
2 p.

44. Letter to Dr Schulz from Valesca L.O. Reimann, 4/5/1936. 2 p. Valesca is correcting information given by her sister Hilda – she writes that she had a John Murray Scholarship and was a tutor in Classics at Trinity College Kandy, in Ceylon.

45. Ms information (not Schulz’ handwriting) on Amandus Heinrich Christian Zietz and Friedrich Robert Zietz. 1 p. With pencil note ‘Medals kept at Museum - Diplomas’

46. Two letters to Dr Schulz from F.H. Wagner of Wagners Watchmakers, North Adelaide, both dated 26/3/1936. His eldest son, Franz William Wagner had 1st Class Honours in Physics, went to Oxford, and spent three months in Marburg, and now teaching at Christ’s Hospital, London. Also information on his father Johann Wilhelm Wagner, and son Max Otto Wagner.

47. Letter 1/5/1936 to Dr Schulz from K-G [ie Kerr Grant, Professor of Physics at Adelaide] 1 p.
Concerns the translation of ‘Glühelektron enemission’ – Schulz says ‘electron emission is the translation.

48. Ms note re presentations of booklet and medals to Mr A. Zietz by Lord Tennyson, Governor Le Hunte and Queen Wilhemina. 1 p.

49. MS information on Theodore Siegfried Dorsch and Agnes Laura A. Dorsch. Mentions the grandfather ‘E. Hanckel’ who opened the first lending library in Adelaide with English and German books.

50. Shorthand notes on Henry Bröse. 1 p.

51. Letter to Studie from Effie of Springhill, Bellarine, Vic., July 12th [no year] containing information on Grandpa Gaden, an architect. 2 p.

52. Shorthand notes on ‘General Plan’. 7 p. Includes names in script ie ‘Ferdinand Bauer’ etc.

53. Shorthand notes on ships. 1 p. Ship names ‘Prince George’ and ‘Skiold’ in script.

54. Ms notes on ships. 20 p. Consists of lists of ships, dates and passenger names 1836-46. Some in shorthand.

55. Memo re Mr J. Rau, taxidermist at the SA Museum, also 6 p. of shorthand and typescript re the Rau brothers (Otto and Johann) etc. The brothers Rau were at the S.A. Museum from 1894.

56. ‘General Plan’. 2 p. 1 p. of headings, 1 p. shorthand

57. Shorthand notes on ‘General History’. 5 p. With names/sources etc. in script

58. Shorthand notes: ‘Kavel's letters to Angas’. 6 p. Name in script: Mr Dutton, Langmeal.

59. Shorthand notes dated 28/3/1937: ‘Angas letters - Kavel to Angas, 2/1/1841’. Also Flaxmann to Angas, Fritzsche to Angas. 3 p.

60. Shorthand notes: ‘Kavel's letter to Angas, 9/4/1842’. 1 p. The names ‘Bethany’ and ‘Langmeil’ appear in script.

61. Shorthand notes: ‘Kavel to Angas [letters] 12/5/1841’. 2 p. Dates etc in script

62. One page of notes [= incomplete list of SA place names]

63. Shorthand notes on Dr Richard Schomburgk. 1 p. Major Otto Schomburgk also listed

64. Ms notes on [German?] Freemasons, with lists of names under years, and office holders 1852/3-1901. 16 p. Some shorthand.
See also Box F Folder B items 15-17

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