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German settlers in South Australia:
miscellaneous papers 1776-1964

MSS 994.2 G3888

BOX F Folder B


Schulz’ notes for his history (many in shorthand) and draft sections/chapters for Schulz’ history. Includes notes on the wine industry, agriculture, mining, businesses, medical practitioners and Freemasons. Also draft sections on The Germans and Education, with lists of German teachers and schools

1. Shorthand notes on the ‘Wine Industry’, with lengthy lists of names and dates in script (15 p.)

2. Issue of Die Brücke 6/11/1937, p.16-17 only, on wine industry. ‘GRAMP’ written in ink above story on Rowlands Flat, p. 16
3. Newspaper cutting from the News 18/6/1937 about Mr J.A. Seeck, wine expert at Thomas Hardy, headed  ‘A Life-Time in Wine’

4. Shorthand notes on Tanunda from Langmeil Church Souvenir 1885-1935, with headings ‘Tanunda’,
‘Wine Industry’ and ‘Bethany’ in script (2 p.)

5. Letter to Dr A.J.Schulz from R.O. Knappstein of Clare, 14/1/1938 re his father, Joseph Hermann                Knappstein of Stanley Wines (4 p.)

6. Shorthand and ms notes on ‘Agriculture’ (4 p.)

7. Shorthand notes on ‘Mining’ (4 p.)

8. Shorthand and ms notes on ‘Exploration’including names Winnecke and Victor Streich, with
‘Plan 24/8/36’ (5 p.)

9. Shorthand notes on ‘Forestry’ (1 p.)

10. Shorthand notes on ‘Businesses in Adelaide’ with handwritten names of businesses. Includes
professionals such as dentists (4 p.)

11. Shorthand notes ‘On the land’ with headings in script, and ‘Plan 24/8/82’ (1 p.)

12. Newspaper cutting ‘Lobethal’s fight to save the woollen mills from failure’- ‘Some 70 years ago ...’
ca 1937/38

13. Shorthand and ms notes on ‘Woollen industry’ (2 p.)

14. Shorthand and ms notes on ‘Medical’ from SAZ [= Sud-Australische Zeitung] 13/6/1950 [ie 1850] (1 p.)   Story about planning for a German hospital in the city in 1850

15. Issue of Die Brücke vol.4 no.3 (6/3/1937) labelled ‘Masons’ on cover

16. Ms notes on ‘German Freemasons in S.A.’ (6 p.)
Notes taken from ‘SA Masonic Guide 1882-1901’. Includes 1 p. table of ‘Concordia Lodge 1882–1901         Office holders’. Page 6 lists Germans Officebearers in Grand Lodge of SA from its organisation in 1884
See also Box F Folder A item 64

17. Incomplete German ms draft section on ‘Deutsche Freimaurer in Südaustralien’ [= German Freemasons in SA] (8 p.) (= German translation of item 16)

18. Note from W. Ryan to Doctor (Schulz?) dated 1/9/1937, about Henschke family and parish priests at Dulwich, St Peters and Salisbury, and thanking him for returning the book to Monsignor Byrne. (1 p.)

19. Issue of Die Brücke, vol. 3 no.31 19/9/1936 labelled ‘Schools’ in pencil [no obvious article re schools)

20. Note with title ‘Niehuus Schule’ [Niehuus School], 79 Wakefield Street in pencil (1 p.)
See also items 29 and 48

21. Ms letter from E.J. Hansen of Eudunda to Pastor Nichterlein 21/11/1937, about Denial Bay School with average attendance of 12- 15 and instruction given in German and English. Also lists past teachers

22. Ms notes on ‘Luther schools’ (5 p.). Includes A-Z List ‘Schools 1901 and 1915’ by places and names, and other lists from various sources. Some shorthand

23. Shorthand notes on ‘Schools’ with ms names and places, including ‘Lutheran Church Schools in S.A.
in 1915’ (6 p.)

24. Shorthand notes on ‘Education Plan’ dated 25/5/1938 and 29/10/1936, with ms names (5 p.)

25. Ms German notes on ‘Die Deutschen and die Erziehung’ [= Germans and education] (1 p.) Incomplete translation of items 26 &27

26. Ms English draft on ‘The Germans and Education’ (3 p.)
Notes continue in item 27

27. Ms English draft on education (2 p., labelled p. 4 & 5) = continuation of notes in 26

28. Ms English draft on ‘3. Lutheran Church Schools’ (1 p.)

29. English ms draft on Lutheran church schools and education (Sections 4-5) (14 p.). Includes:

  • 4 p. list of teachers with German names
  • ms list of schools featuring the year and locality and average number of pupils
  • 12 p, section on Miss Mathilde Piper’s school titled: ‘An Account of the Education Activity of Miss Mathilde Piper by Miss H.A.H. Loessel 3/7/1936 written for A.J.S. [ie Schulz]
  • blank final leaf in Schulz’ handwriting on Niehuus

See also items 20 and 48, and 51

30. Ms English draft on ‘Hahndorf College’, numbered 5a (= section of Schulz’ history on The Germans and Education’ (12 p.)

31. MS German notes on ‘S.A. Hahndorf College’, about withdrawal of State support (4 p, in pencil) Possibly a transcript of a published letter by T.W.Boehm on Hahndorf Academy, 26. Dec. 1874 from
Australische Zeitung 5/1/1875

32. Typescript notes with pencil corrections on Concordia College, numbered 5b (= section of Schulz’ history on The Germans and Education’ (5 p.)
33. Shorthand and ms notes on the 1875 Education Act, numbered 7 (= section of Schulz’ history on The Germans and Education’) (1 p.)

34. Ms draft (some shorthand) on Germans in education, numbered ‘8’ (= section of Schulz’ history on The Germans and Education’) (6 p.)
Includes a page of German notes on Prince Alfred College (mentions Püttmann), and a list of teachers with German names, including H. Bröse 1911-1912

35. Shorthand and ms English draft on 1875 Education Act, including notes on Dr Karl Emil Jung and Adolf von Treuer, and lists of teachers with certificates (9 p.). Numbered 9-12 (= section of Schulz’ history on The Germans and Education’)

36. Ms draft section 13: includes lists of teachers with German names in Education Dept. of S.A. (17 p.) Mentions passing of the 1875 Act
37. Ms English draft (some shorthand) on Carl August Wittber (teacher) (10 p.) Includes two revisions, plus German translation

38. Ms English draft (some shorthand) on Nadebaum family, many of whom were teachers (4 p.) Includes family tree

39. Letter to Dr Schulz from Carl Bronner of Millswood 25/6/1936 and ms English draft on Carl and Rudolf Bronner and Niehuus (2 p.)

40. Ms and shorthand notes on ‘Education’ (2 p.)

41. Shorthand/ms notes on Peter and Martin Dallwitz and P.S. Hossfeldt (1 p.) On the back is a dictation exercise by W.B.Dallwitz

42. Ms English and shorthand notes on German teachers (13 p.)

43. Ms and typed notes on ‘Hahndorf College’ (7 p.). Also typescript German letter dated 9/11/1936 to Schulz from Fr Blaess, plus 2 p. typed German notes from ‘Der Kirchenboten’ re Hahndorf College

44. ‘Growth and development of Hahndorf’ by F.J.H. Blaess, Hahndorf, May 1936 (5 p., typed) = report referred to in Item 43

45. Shorthand notes on ‘Dr Emil Jung’ (4 p.)

46. ‘List of teachers with German names 1850-1875’ (4 p.)

47. Shorthand notes on ‘Education’ (3 p.) with names in script. Also 1 p. shorthand headed ‘Lobethal College’ about Brauer

48. Shorthand notes with ms headings on ‘Niehuus + Leschens School’ (1 p.) Also part page draft section on ‘The school of Theodor Niehuus and Adolph Leschen’
See also items 20 and 29

49. Ms notes on ‘German Teachers 1852-1877’ (3 p.) Schools listed with number of pupils

50. Description of Miss Piper’s school, and some other German schools, by Laura Heyne
See also items 50 and 54

51. Ms German notes on ‘Fräulein Piper’s Schule’ of Henry St, Stepney, St Peter’s (10 p.) With note by Schulz ‘nach ausführlichen Mitteilungen von Loessel’ ie based on detailed information provided by Loessel
Note: Same information as in 29 above.

52. Ms/shorthand notes on ‘School’ (1 p.) taken from F.W.H. Gerstacker’s Reisen ....

53. Ms letter from Laura Heyne to Dr Schulz 5/3/1936 re German schools (2 p.)
See also items 50 & 54

54. Letter from Laura Heyne to Dr Schulz 8/3/1936 (4 p.) concerning 3 Rhodes Scholars and a school in Wakefield Street opposite Menz building

55. Schulz’s ms German draft on Concordia College (8 p.)

56. Printed pamphlet by ‘August’ von der Flatt titled ‘Von alde Schieler und neue Schuln’ [= ‘About old pupils and new schools’]. (8 p.) Written in German Silesian dialect (humorous version). Sent by F.W. Hoffmann, Rowlands Flat
See also other Flatt pamphlets in Rare Book Collection

57. Ms list of Lutheran Schools (1 p.)

58. Printed pamphlet ‘Land cruises to Hahndorf’. Bond’s Scenic Motor Tours; O.F. Wotzke Scenic Tours. Includes programme for Hahndorf’s Centenary Nov. 21-28, 1936

59. Typescript on Johann Gottlieb Otto Tepper as member of the Museum staff (1 p.)
See also items 60, 64, 65

60. Schulz’ English ms draft on Tepper (1 p.) (Continuation of Item 59 above)
Elfriede Mützelfeldt’s writing on the back

61. Shorthand notes on ‘Infant School Anniversary’ from S.A. Register 8/6/1939 [ie 1839] (1 p.)

62. List of ‘Early Advertisements re Education’ (1 p.) from The Register and the Southern Australian newspapers

63. Shorthand notes on Education (1 p). with ms dates, and list of newspaper advertisements as in 62 above

64. Ms and shorthand notes on Johann Gottlieb Otto Tepper (2 p.) - about doing 2nd and 3rd year German at Cottesloe WA
See also items 59, 60, 65

65. Ms letter from Isabella Cowan of Norwood to Dr Schulz 27/8/1936 (1 p.) about Tepper

66. Shorthand notes on Dr Moritz Wilhelm Holtze (1 p.) with ms names, from The Advertiser 15/12/1923 p. 14

67. Schulz’ German ms draft on ‘Gewerksbetriebe’ (= Places of industry) (5 p., numbered 18 – 22). Includes mill/windmill at Mühlenberg between Hahndorf and My Barker; tannery near the Onkaparinga Bridge with bark mill and blacksmith etc [taken from Blaess’ description in item 44 above

68. Printed advertisement for J. Sankey Robinson for an unpickable lock

69. Paragraph on Dr Otto Schomburgk from The Advertiser 5/8/1935 from the column ‘Out among the people’ / Vox, p. 17

70. Cutting on Baron Von Haedge/mounted police from The Advertiser 20/6/1936. Haedge was in the Northern Territory Mounted Police and was in retirement in Adelaide in 1936

71. Shorthand notes on Captain Walter Bromley from unidentified source (1 p.) - date Dec. 5 1836 appears

72. Ms notes on teachers at Angle Grove (now Brinkworth) (4 p.) Includes notes about Upper Bright 1886, Allen’s Creek, and Kapunda by John Weckert, with accompanying letter from his sister Chrissie Weckert Nov. 20, 1937

73. Ms German letter (old German script) to Dr Schulz from C. Hoff of Emu Downs 17/5/1937

74. Letter to Dr Schulz from H. Harnach of South Kilkerran dated 8 Dec. 1937. Harnach collected information about Edithburgh & Yorketown. H. Koop provided the information about Edithburgh
See item 75

75. Ms English notes ‘In the early days on Yorke Peninsula’ (3 p.) Includes names of people at Edithburgh and Yorketown

76. Ms notes on ‘Martin Luther School’ Flinders St.; also schools at Light’s Pass, and draft sections on Lyndoch & Hoffnungsthal (4 p.) Some shorthand

77. Ms notes on early schools, ‘Tipara’ et al. (12 p.). Information supplied by Pastors J. Sabel, Hassold, Th. Renner, Wiebusch, J. Doehler, J.F. Hansen, J.H.S. Heidenreich and Mackenzie on St Kilkerran, Eudunda, Neale’s Flat, Friedrichswalde, Crystal Brook, Murray Bridge, Neu Mecklenburg, Dalkey Also names of teachers at Leasingham, Monarto

78. Ms and shorthand notes on early schools by Pastors Lehmann, Dr Prőve, Hansen, Mackenzie, O.W. Becken etc – Eden Valley, Julia, Murray Bridge, Monarto, Auburn, Balaklave etc. (9 p.)

79. Ms notes on school at Neale’s Flat by Pastor Renner and F. Hassold (1 p.)

80. Ms and shorthand notes on early schools: Bethanien, Rowland’s Flat, Tanunda, Lobethal. Langmeil etc. (8 p.). Information from ‘Um des Glaubens willen nach Australien: eine episode deutschen Auswanderung’ / von W. Iwan (Breslau, 1931) and other sources

81. German and English ms and typed notes on early schools ‘Gemeinde Schule’ - ‘Point Pass’, ‘Robertstown’ et al. (8 p.) Information supplied by pastors. Completed 9/10/1937

82. Ms notes on early schools – Bethel, Neale’s Flat, Steinthal, Kapunda, Gnadenfrei, Ebenezer, Blumberg (Birdwood), Springton (10 p.)

83. Ms notes on early schools – New Residence, Gnadenberg, Grünberg, Nain(?), Sandleton, Sedan, Gawler, Geranium Plain, Baldina, Bundey (10 p.)

84. Ms notes on early schools – Brinkworth,Stone Field, Tipara, South Kilkerran, Loxton, Appila, Dutton, Brownlow, Mt Gambier, Mannum (10 p.)

85. Ms notes on Dallwitz family – mainly teachers (2 p.) Includes genealogical tree (not Schulz’ writing)

86. Shorthand notes on schools, ms names and dates (1 p.)

87. Shorthand notes titled Schools, ms names and dates (2 p.)

88. Typed and ms German notes on early schools (5 p.)

  • typed page ‘Dutton Gemeinde Schule’
  • Letter to ‘Lieber Bruder Stolz’ signed Meier, re Brownlow school
  • Sedan, Loxton, Lutheran Trinity Day School, Appila

89. Ms and shorthand notes on early schools: South Kilkerran, Tipara etc (6 p.)

90. Ms notes on South Kilkerran (1 p.)

91. Ms and shorthand notes on early schools: Murray Bridge, etc (9 p.)

92. English and German notes on early schools, Langmeil et al. (9 p.) = answers to questions asked by Stolz eg ‘Wo war in Deiner Parochie eine Gemeindeschule’ etc. Dated Nov. 23 1936? Also letter in old German script from R.B. Reuther 5/10/193 to Stolz, re Grünberg School listing teachers. Also old German script notes on Nain, Light’s Pass, Ebenezer and Gnadenfrei. Also German notes on Kapunda, Bethel and Steintal, Freeling parish, and Neale’s Flat (1 p.) Also Schulz’ draft English text on Bethel School.

93. Ms notes on New Residence, Myrla and Moolook schools (1 p.)

94. Ms notes on Springton & Blumberg schools (1 p.)

95. Notes on Carl Drews, 1879-1909 (8 p., some shorthand)

  • Shorthand notes on Drews, Balk and Nostnagel (2 p.)
  • typed letter to Schulz from W.(?) R. Bayley 28/3/1936 (1 p.) re Carl Drews, teacher at Prince Alfred College; also Mr Wendt
  • letter from G. Siebert to Schulz about August Balk 17/3/1937 (1 p.)
  • shorthand notes about Balk’s Grammar (1 p.) - names in longhand
  • letter to Schulz from Miss G. Siebert 31/5/1937, enclosing page of information re August Balk and his book of German grammar [=A new practical German conversation grammar for South Australian schools]
  • letter from J.F. Ward re German masters at Prince Alfred College 31/5/1937

96. Printed ‘Register of South Australian medical practitioners for 1937’ (11 p.)

97. Typed letter to Dr Schulz from H.T. Young, Registrar, Medical Board of S.A. dated 8/3/1937, concerning the sending of the list (item 96 above) and saying more information may be got from the Dental Board

98. Ms notes on early German medical practitioners in Schulz’ handwriting (17 p.) Lists names and degrees, their universities, registration number, qualifications, period of practice etc. Also ms notes on doctors from Government Gazette and ms notes on dentists etc

99. Shorthand notes on Frederick Charles Bayer (1 p.) - from Loyau’s book

100. Shorthand notes on Dentists with ms sources eg Who’s Who in SA 1921–1922 / J.F.Ward (1 p.)

101. Issue of Die Brücke vol.1, no.1 (24/2/1934) - ‘Art’ written on the cover in pencil [no content on Art]. Includes article ‘A century of German work in Australia’ / by XX
102. Ms and shorthand notes on Art (11 p)

  • Schulz’ ms draft on A. Schramm (2 p.)
  • letter Hans Heysen to Schulz, dated July 8 (2 p.)
  • shorthand notes mostly on Tannert (1 p.)
  • shorthand notes mostly on Heysen (4 p.)
  • shorthand notes from Moore’s 1934 book on Heysen and Schramm (1 p.)
  • headings and names headed ‘Art’ (1 p.) – artists listed in chronological order

103. Newspaper cutting about sales of Hans Heysen paintings (undated – after 1926)

104. Newspaper cutting ‘Studentship to study fish’ on Clemens Carl Kuchel (after 1934)

105. Newspaper cutting on Carl Linger and Caroline Carleton [lyricist] (after 1931)

106. Ms and shorthand notes on Carl Broch(?) (1 p.)

107. Letter from Otto Plarre to Mrs Cowan 15/9/1936 - about Louis Tannert (drawer and painter). Includes biographical details

108. Letter from Mrs Isabella Cowan of Norwood to Dr Schulz 20/9/1936 re above letter on Tannert (Isabella Cowan studied under Tannert)

109. Printed pamphlet: ‘Fiftieth Anniversary of St Martin's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Mannum, S.A.1882 – 1932’ (20 p.) Includes illustrations and 2 p. in German at end, and history of St Martin’s School

110. Souvenir of the Dedication of St Martin’s Evangelical Lutheran Church in Mannum on 23/8/1936 (8 p.) Morning service with German hymns, afternoon English only. 2 copies

111. Printed pamphlet: ‘Soli Deo Gloria Sixtieth Anniversary of the Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, Monarto, Inc., 1871–1931’. Jubilee services held Oct. 23, 1932 (20 p.)

112. MS notes in German script = quotes from newspapers from Adelaide Library (2 p.) By E. Menz?

113. Page 193 from unidentified publication containing advertisement for Australische Zeitung (no date)

114. 2 photographs of the first German printing establishment at Tanunda = Auricht’s? (photo of what is now Pastor Hebart’s washhouse)

115. Typed and ms notes on early German newspapers by E. Menz, with list of German newspapers (2 p.)

116. Printed pamphlet: ‘Centenary celebrations of the Australian Lutheran Church 1838-1938 held at Angaston, Langmeil, Tanunda on 19th-20th November 1938’ (20 p.) Text in German and English

117. Untitled photograph – ‘storehouse at one of 57 wineries'

118. Issue of Die Brucke vol.1 no.50, 2/2/1935. ‘Vereine’ [= Clubs] written on cover and ‘Later Immigration’ (crossed out) Article on p. 19 contains Krawinkel’s and Mwutzelfeldt’s reports on the Tsar

119. Schulz’ ms draft on ‘The German Club’ (10 p.)

120. Typescript article or script: ‘Eine Beschreibung des gesellschaftlichen Lebens der deutschen Ansiedler in Sued-Australien vom Jahre 1839-1936 von K.E. Metz’ (18 p.) = A description of the social life of German settlers in South Australia from the year 1839–1936 by K.E.Metz. [Metz considers Hitler to be the saviour of Germany] Includes description of German clubs

121. MS and shorthand notes from The Register on ‘Der Deutsche Club’ (= The German Club) (3 p.) and shorthand notes on ‘Deutscher Fortschrittsverein’ from The Register July 21, 1906

122. Ms and shorthand notes from Australische Zeitung on Allgemeine Deutscher Verein
[= German society] (1 p.)

123. Ms and shorthand notes of references from newspapers headed ‘Vereine’ [= Societies] (1 p.)

124. ‘Die Buchbesprechung - eine monatliche Umschau’ [= Monthly Review of New Books] November 1937. Heft 11. Headed in pencil ‘Miscellaneous’. With a compliments card

125. Page from Die Brücke 2/7/1938 on Adelaide Liedertafel

126. Page from Die Brücke 16/7/1938 on Adelaide Liedertafel

127. Map of S.A., Queensland, N.S.W. & Victoria showing German settlements, printed in the era of Nazi Germany, titled: ‘Deutsches Volkstum jenseits der Reichsgrenzen…’ [= German Volkstum beyond the borders of the Reich] / Arnold Hillen Ziegfeld. Map taken from a lexicon [Kartenfolge Lexikon]. Unusual spelling for some places eg Blumberg, Lexton [sic], Petersburg

128. Ms notes on Adolph von Treuer (3 p.) and Tannert portrait of him (von Treuer died Dec. 1894) = transcript of obituary?

129. Ms notes = list of names of naturalised Germans(?) from E.A.D. Opie, South Australian Records Prior to 1841 (Adelaide, 1917), p. 85-6
See also item 131

130. Letter to Dr Schulz dated 10th June 1936? from Julie Sack of St Peters, about her mother, Anna Catherina Grafe, who arrived in SA in 1848 from Bremar Hafen on the ship ‘President Smidt’

131. Shorthand and ms notes on naturalisation, with names and dates [from Government Gazette?] (6 p.)
See item 129

132. Schulz’ ms draft on ‘Naturalisation’ (5 p.)

133. Shorthand notes on ‘Kavel’, with ms names (1 p.)

134. Shorthand notes on ‘Lutheran Church’ with ms dates and references from ‘Back to Mt Gambier’ 1926 (1 p.)

135. Ms letter from Gisela Siebert, Steamship Building Currie St., to Dr Schulz 24/2/1937 together with 2 pages of notes on Johann Andreas Wilhelm Siebert

136. ‘Ziegler’s notes’ = Shorthand notes on ‘School’ with ms names and dates (1 p.)

137. Shorthand notes ‘Visit of Duke of Edinburgh in October 1887’ from The history of South Australia from its foundation to the year of its jubilee / by Edwin Hodder (London, 1893), vol. 1 (1 p.)

138. German ms letter to Dr Schulz from J. George, Rosedale, dated 1/11/1939 in German re teachers, Kasper Schrader, state school at Lyndoch and Lutheran School at Lyndoch (closed in 1917? and reopened in 1935)

139. Ms/shorthand German notes on Captain Dirk Meinerts Hahn, from the Sylter Nachrichten etc
1935 (1 p.)

140. Ms German notes on Angas / German settlement in S.A. from Reisen. v. 4, Chapter 6, Der Adelaide-Distrikt / F. Gerstäcker (3 p.) Also unrelated pages of shorthand headed ‘School’ and
‘Menge (Ivan)’

141. Ms German notes on Robert Homburg (2 p.) Some shorthand from Australischer Zeitung 1/3/1905

142. German letter from Albert Mueller of Port Lincoln to Dr Schultz 15/12/1937, in response to questions from Schultz. Mueller had taken over from Pastor Quast and refers Schulz to Pastor Stolz of Cleve

143. Shorthand notes on ‘George Fife Angas’ from The history of South Australia from its foundation to the year of its jubilee / by Edwin Hodder (London, 1893) (1 p.) Dates and names in ms

144. Schulz’ ms plan for chapters/sections (1 p.) Sections listed are Art, Music, Schools, Politics, Rhodes, Science, Dr Eitel and/or Schools & Education, and lists of names

145. Shorthand notes on Captain Hahn etc (1 p.) Ms names: ship, Gellert, Bethany, Mulberry tree, Fred Blaess

146. Ms German draft on Klemzig (1 p.) Quoting Haines.

147. Ms German draft on Klemzig from Mittheilungen über die Auswanderung der preussischen Lutheraner nach Süd-Australien / von I.M.R. Ey (Adelaide, 1880). (1 p.)

148. Ms German draft on Captain Hahn (1 p.) Quote about him from diary and quote from Hahn’s diary

149. Ms notes on ‘Public Life’ (1 p.) Includes list of names and some shorthand

150. Family tree of Johann Samuel Hoffmann and Anna Dorothea Hoffmann (nee Walter). Presented by Miss E. Ahrens, 1981 (1 p.) The Hoffmann family travelled to South Australia on the Gellert in 1847 and settled at Siegersdorf near Tanunda

151. Australia, Sloman-Linie A-G. Herrn Theodor Berndt (Certificate of passage) 4/5 August 1883, for 4 persons and 3 children on Ship Marsala from Hamburg to Port Adelaide. Reverse contains weekly menu of meals
‘Left on photocopying machine 9/3/1982. Unclaimed as lost property.’

152. Hahndorf Academy. Testimonial for William Fuller 1878


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