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German settlers in South Australia:

miscellaneous papers 1776-1964

MSS 994.2 G3888

BOX G Folder C

Miscellaneous papers of Heinrich Krahwinkel, Chairman of the German-Australian Historical Society, on Lutheran and German local history. Mainly consists of printed booklets, particularly local centenary celebrations, printed copies of Acts, articles etc. Also correspondence between Krahwinkel and the Carstensen family of East Prussia, and the Bishop of Osnabrück; and transcript of a 1940 hearing re Krahwinkel objecting to being identified as a Nazi

1. ‘Early Days of South Australia: Life of German Settlers: Shearing at Hahndorf / By Redgum’ = full page article from The Chronicle no. 4,098 (Adelaide, May 30 1935) p. 49. With a pencil note on the front page of the paper ‘Life of German Settlers of Hahndorf’

2. Typed letter from Hugo Carstensen of Osterode, Ostpreussen’ [i.e. East Prussia] 5/2/1938 (4 p.) concerned with the coming celebration of the Centenary of settlement of Hahndorf. Carstensen is writing to Krahwinkel about his relative, Dirk Meinerts Hahn. He describes himself as ‘Studienrat’ (ie a teacher at an academically oriented high school)

Also typed and signed extract (5 p. numbered 10-14) from a journal by Dr. Jörg C. Carstensen, an engineer in Görlitz, with a pencil ms heading on page 10: ‘Gesamtübersicht: Erinnerungen an Kapitän Hahn’ [= ‘General overview :Memories of Captain Hahn’]. It was apparently later printed in a SA Lutheran church paper (see item 3 below). This document is marked up in pencil for printing with heading ‘II Kapitän Hahns Reisebericht’ [= ‘Captain Hahn’s travel report’]

3. Typed 1 p. letter 25/10/1938 in German = reply from Krahwinkel to Hugo Carstensen, Osterode, East Prussia on the Hahndorf Centenary. Also 3 p. typed letter in German from Krahwinkel to Dr Ing. J. Carstensen of Görlitz, with ‘German Historical Society’ written in pencil at top, re the Hahndorf Centenary with a reference to an enclosed article containing Krahwinkel’s notes published in a local church paper.

4. Ms letter in German from Carstensen 7/8/1938 (2 p.) received by Krahwinkel 5/10/1938

5. 10 page extract (p. 53-60) from a Melbourne German paper, with a description of a corroboree in the parklands and other S.A. events ca June 1862 (possibly Püttman’s Melbourne paper)

6. Typescript carbon copy article about Klemzig (South Australia, May 1 1889, p. 30), probably copied from The Southern Australian (2 p.), plus second copy

7. Printed pamphlet: ‘Hahndorf Centenary Celebrations Jan 25-28th, 1939’ 4 p., with Hahn’s portrait on front and a photo of old pioneers on the back. 4 copies

8. Printed colour pamphlet: ‘Hahndorf Centenary Celebrations. Proposed Memorial gardens and playground’, dated Wed. Jan. 25, 1939. 7 copies

9. Printed flyer: ‘Hahndorf Centenary Celebrations: an appeal (8 p.)

10. Printed Programme of the Centenary Thanksgiving Service held in the Town Hall Sunday Sept.27, 1936 (by the South Australian District of Evangelical Lutheran Synod in Australia Inc.). Published by the Lutheran Publishing Company, Pirie St (8 p.)

11. Printed booklet: ‘Report of Meeting of Laymen of the E.L.S.A. and U.E.L.C.A. 12th September, 1938’. (32 p.) J.F.W.Schulz was made Secretary for this meeting held at the Australia Hall, Adelaide

12. Printed ‘Constitution of the Australasian Lutheran Association’ 4 p.

13. Adelaide Lutheran Messenger vol. I. no. 8 (March 1939) with a list of services at St. Stephen’s Church, Adelaide, and in North Adelaide, specifying which were in German and which in English. Advertisement for rye bread and for the Lutheran Book Depot, 19 O’Connell St, North Adelaide

14. Printed Act: ‘Anno vicesimo sexto Georgii V Regis AD 1935. No.2241. An Act to amend the Licensing Act of 1932, and for other purposes.’ 8 p. + 1 typed page dated 12 August 1936 ‘Section 4 of Act…’ dealing with trusts. Inscribed ‘Stolz’ in pencil

15. Printed pamphlet: ‘Loxton's Centenary Week Celebrations. United Sunday Schools service: Lutheran, Evangelical, Church of England, Congregational, October 18th 1936’. Includes words of hymns (4 p.)

16. Typed transcript: ‘In the matter of a Notice of Objection by Heinrich Krahwinkel’ 34 p. (lacking page numbered 6 but does not appear to be any text missing). Transcript of a 1940 case with Krahwinkel protesting being identified as a Nazi. Includes biographical statement and testimony of character witnesses

17. Printed Act: ‘Georgii V Regis AD 1935. No.2231 Anno Vicesimo sexto. An Act to change the names of certain towns...’ 5 copies. Concerns the reinstitution of the old German names ie: Gaza to Klemzig; Ambleside to Hahndorf; Tweedvale to Lobethal

18. Printed Act: ‘Anno Octavo Georgii V Regis AD 1917. No.1284. An Act to enable the recommendations of the Nomenclature Committee to be given effect to and for other purposes ...’
The act to change German place names, assented to 8/11/1917

19. Printed booklet: ‘90th anniversary of the founding of Tweedvale (Lobethal) 1842-1932’ 16 p. Includes section and photo of ‘Madam Clara Serena’ (nee Clara Serena Kleinschmidt), a world-famous singer whose birthplace was Tweedvale (Lobethal). Also a photo of the Jubilee Celebration Committee

20. Printed booklet: ‘Das Deutschtum in Victoria. 1934. Festschrift zum hundertjaehrigen Jubilaeum des Staates Victoria 1834 – 1934’ = ‘Festschrift for the 100 year jubilee of the State of Victoria’]. verfasst v. A. Lodewyckx Professor der deutschen Sprache an der Universität Melbourne unter Mitwirkung von L. Beer und A. Kersten. P. 1–37 are in German, p. 38–48 in English.
On p. 19 there is a foreword in German by A.K. [ie. A. Kersten] dated 1/11/1934 with a quote from Hitler: ‘”Deutschsein heißt Klarsein” sagt Deutschlands großer Führer’ = [‘‘Being German means being clear”, says Germany’s great leader.’]. Pages 13–23 are on intellectual life in Australia (‘Geistiges Leben’) divided into parts A: ‘Scholarship’ (Wissenschaft’), B: ‘Art, literature and the professions’ (‘Kunst, Literatur und die freien Berufe’) and C. ‘German Schools’ (‘Deutsche Schulen’) etc.

21. Printed booklet: ‘South Australian Centenary Celebrations 1836-1936. Official souvenir programme (32 p.)

22. Printed booklet: ‘Progress in Australia November 1935: Special South Australian pre-centenary number’. With a section about winemaking that doesn’t mention German involvement, except for a story about Seppelt and his premier winery. Also a story about furrier H.Geisler of Bowden and his successor, daughter Sylvia, now Jansen(?)

23. Typed letter in German from the Bishop of Osnabrück (Hermann Wilhelm Berning) to Herr Krahwinkel 19/3/1947, enquiring about migration from Germany to Australia

24. Letter in German from the Archbishop of Osnabrück to Kerr Krahwinkel 19/4/1950, concerning the journey of Krahwinkel's daughter to Europe

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