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German settlers in South Australia:

miscellaneous papers 1776-1964

MSS 994.2 G3888

BOX G Folder E

Miscellaneous photographs, including Barossa Vintage Festival(?) procession, male music group in Kuitpo Forest 1925-1927, and photos from Klemzig/Silesia in Germany

1. Street Procession. Barossa Vintage Festival, Tanunda? (or Hahndorf?). Multiple copies

2. ‘Queen of Flowers’ Procession float (Barossa Vintage Festival, Tanunda?). 2 versions, multiple copies

3. Gravestone of Pastor Kavel

4. ‘Kuitpo Forest, 1925’. Male group portrait, including man with a ukelele and another with a concertina. List of names in ms on verso

5. ‘Kuitpo Forest, 21/2/1926’. Male group portrait

6. 'Kuitpo Forest? 6/7/1927'. Male group portrait

7. Male group portrait, unidentified, standing in front of commercial buildings. Many holding top hats and violin bows. Hartitzsch & Hanssen, photographers

8. Portrait postcard of unidentified man in uniform, 1916. Map of Germany in background

9. Minna Herzlieb, photo postcard from Züllichau (one of Goethe’s ladies, b. Züllichau 1789. Old German script on verso
(Nos. 9-25 possibly photos from a trip Krawinkel made to Silesia?)

10. ‘Züllichau Schloss’. Postcard. Old German script on verso

11. ‘Züllichau Stadtpark’. Postcard with printed title ‘Partie mit Pavillon’ = group with pavillion.

12. ‘Züllichau Grosse Kaserne’. Postcard. Written in ms: ‘Früher Ulanen. Jetzt: Infanterie 34’ = previously Ulan soldiers, now infantry

13. Two old women in Klemzig, Germany, 1928, spinning with a wheel and distaff. ‘Ein Bild aus dem Jahr 1928’ = photo from the year 1928. Identified on verso as Mütter Racknitz and Mütter Kopf

14. Pigs at Klemzig, Germany – estate of Dr von Pfilipsborn

15. ‘People at Klemzig’ (Germany) = mother, son and baby daughter of a forester on the estate of Dr von Philipsborn

16-25. Lutheran Church, Klemzig in Prussia/Germany (now Klepsk, Poland). Views and interiors

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