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Martin Fritz Glaessner (1906-1989)

MSS 0088

Series 2: Correspondence

2.1 Correspondence (chronological files)   cm
19 lever-arch files 1961-1984, arranged alphabetically by correspondent within years. Each year may contain correspondence from other years

2.2 Correspondence (by subject/organisation)  34 cm

Christmas cards etc received by Glaessner, mostly undated, ca 1960s. Includes some travel brochures eg 1963 Aeroflot route maps and ‘Australia’s capital cities’; also exhibition catalogue ‘Roche Kunst Ausstellungen 1964’ with correspondence from E Hilgert of Flora-Apotheke, Ober-Flörsheim

Australasian Petroleum Co. see Correspondence with APC 1950-1961 in Series 4.3.2 New Guinea

Earth-Science Reviews (2 folders)
• Correspondence with Elzevier 1970-76
• Correspondence re special issue related to Australia, in commemoration of the 25th International Geological Congress 1973-76

Enterprise of New Guinea Gold and Petroleum Development 1954 -58
• Includes correspondence, map, graphic well log, typescript ‘Report on the examination of rock specimens collected in the Upper Sepik Area by SJ Paterson, 1954’ by Glaessner

Frome-Broken Hill correspondence 1958-63 (2 folders)
• Correspondence with Victoria Dept of Mines and Frome-Broken Hill Company re collection and age of Victorian marine cretaceous fossils 1961 (Glaessner did consultancy work for Frome-Broken Hill Company)
• Folders also include maps, 1961 report (ms and typescript versions) by Glaessner on ‘Examination of Foraminifera and other fossils from the Port Campbell and Flaxman’s Hill bores (Victoria)’, cards for U. of Adelaide Palaeontological Laboratory, bore reports, articles, section profiles; 1958 correspondence between Glaessner and Reg Sprigg with typescript ‘Review of the petroleum prospects of the Gambier sunklands in South East South Australia.’

Haematite Explorations Pty Ltd 1963
• Correspondence re consultancy work

Museums and loans (Melbourne, London et al) 1950s-60s
• Correspondence re loans of specimens by Glaessner and from the Tate Collection, and loans received by Glaessner

New Caledonia (Office de la Recherche Scientifique Coloniale etc) 1948-58
• Correspondence re sample analysis (while Glaessner was with the Australian Petroleum Co. in Port Moresby), consignment notes, working notes, correspondence re consultancy work undertaken while at the University of Adelaide; Glaessner’s ms and typescript ‘Second progress report on microfaunal correlation in New Caledonia’ 1957
See also Series 5: University teaching etc

Oil Development N.L. correspondence 1960-62 see Series 4: Research materials: Field notes: folders: Melville and Bathurst Islands file

Oil Search Ltd / BP Exploration Co./Australasian Petroleum Co. 1966-67
• Includes correspondence re Glaessner’s consultancy Papua-New Guinea oil exploration and analysis of samples, maps, ms notes, Glaessner’s ‘Report on the palaeontological examination of samples from the Black River Area, Papua’ 1967

Reprints – cards, notes to Glaessner requesting reprints ca 1967-77

Scientific exchange: correspondence re visits by Glaessner to Russia and China, and visits by international geologists to Australia 1975-81

SA Dept of Mines 1953-67, 72-86 (v. incomplete)

South Australian Museum
• Correspondence, flyers etc 1961-73, correspondence mainly concerning fossil specimens and collections, including the cataloguing of Ediacara fossils by Mary Wade in 1962-3

Timor Oil Ltd 1957-59 (2 folders)
• Articles, notes, reports, sample reports, correspondence (mainly with Rudi Brunnschweiler, Exploration Manager, Timor Oil Ltd). Includes some correspondence from Mary Wade.
(Glaessner declined to renew the agreement between the University of Adelaide and Timor Oil Ltd in 1958)

USSR addresses, contact details

Universities, General
• Correspondence 1972-84, mainly with Australian universities re suggestions for Geology postings, University of Melbourne graduates in Adelaide etc

West Australian Petroleum Pty Ltd 1955-1972
• Includes correspondence, Glaessner’s ‘Report on the palaeontological examination of bores from Cape Range no. 34 and Rough Range South no. 1 (additional)’; samples lists, diagrammatic stratigraphic sections

See also correspondence in Series 4: Research files eg correspondence re Ediacara fossils 1961-73 in Series 4.3.3 Precambrian research

2.3 Exchange addresses  15 cm
• Alphabetical file of research associates and addresses on index cards in small wooden filing case

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