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Martin Fritz Glaessner (1906-1989)

MSS 0088

Series 4: Research materials

4.1 Field / travel notebooks  7 cm
• 1948-50 (New Guinea?) See also Series 4.3.2 New Guinea
• 1953 (Yorke Peninsula SA) 2 notebooks
• 1954-57 (mainly Europe, Madagascar) with
o 1955 IPC Reef Limestone field party (diagrams, processed handouts)
o 1956 maps Trichinopoly District 16-19 Feb. 1956
o Folder: samples collected by MF Glaessner, 9th European Micropalaeontology Colloquium, Switzerland Sept 1965 (including US material); travel brochures
• Geological notes: Europe 1955. Folder of loose notes plus notebook 1955
• 1960 International Geological Congress travel notes, including Oslo excursion
• 1962 notebook (America?)
• 1967 travel notes Witwatersrand excursion
• 1975 Geologische Bundesanstalt Geologische Exkursion Wien-Salzburg am 13/9/1975 – maps, profiles, tables etc

4.2 Field notes: folders  25 cm
• Stratigraphy samples Adelaide region. Includes maps, water bore logs, newspaper clippings etc re brown coal Adelaide region, including University of Adelaide, field notes ca 1950-59
• Lake Phillipson Bore: including Palynological report on samples and typescript of ‘Upper Palaeozoic microfloras in sediments from the Lake Phillipson Bore, South Australia’ / BE Balme (U of WA); correspondence between Glaessner and Mr TA? Barnes (Director, Dept of Mines), RF Twist on behalf of Reg Sprigg, Susan Duigan 1957 re age determination of samples; micropalaeontological log of Cootabarlow Bore no. 2 1950
• ‘Murray (Moorlds)’ folder containing annotated photographs of geological sections etc (including Mt Gambier limestone)
• ‘Nullarbor’ folder containing annotated photographs of Eucla basin ca 1954
• ‘Silverwood excursion’: field notes, geological maps and profile, including Rockhampton area
• ‘Tertiary corals in the Tate Collection’: typescript list and photographs (some annotated)
• Folder: ‘Miss Dolling’. Ms with profiles of Aldinga Section
• Folder: [Miscellaneous] Including corrected draft of piece on Noarlunga and Willunga basins (not by Glaessner); letter to Dr Dorman Nov. 1963 re Fly River fossils; Noarlunga Basin coastal section; sample list from Abele, McGowran and Wade Nov. 1959; blank Australian maps; miscellaneous photographs and maps; article ‘Weird wonders from 25,000 feet’ from Australasian Post June 4 1959; map ‘Cainozoic succession at Maslin and Aldinga Bays, SA; typescript lists ‘D series of samples collected’ by E. Abele 1958, and ‘E series of samples collected’ by E. Abele 1958-60 (SE South Australia) with ms originals; notes from field trip to Victoria 1952
• Folder: Victoria. Small photograph ‘Buckley’s Point’ with Glaessner in foreground, March 1946; misc. notes, small maps, typescript ‘List of specimens from G. Baker 12/6/1959’; notes 22/3/1945 Cape Otway area; ms ‘Brown’s Creek Section’ ca 1945-53, 9 leaves
• Folder: Tasmania. Incl. ms letter from Mary Wade to Glaessner 13/8/1951 concerning section at Fossil Bluff
• Envelope: Antarctic. Mainly concerns Soviet expeditions. Includes flyer of visit to University of Adelaide by party from Russian Antarctic Expedition Ship ‘Kooperatsia’ November 1958; letters between PG Law and Glaessner Nov-Dec 1957 re information on Soviet scientific studies obtained by Glaessner from Moscow; other letter in Russian and radiogram; typescript and article in Friendship magazine August 1957 re ‘Antarctic explorers return home’ (Soviet welcome in Riga); corrected typescript by Dr Alexi Treshnikov, ‘Soviet exploration in Antarctica on the programme of the Geophysical Year’, March 2 1958 (for radio? – 12 minutes)
• Melville and Bathurst Islands1960-71: includes notes on samples, correspondence with CW Wright and various typescript versions of Wright’s typescript ’Cretaceous ammonites from Bathurst Island, Northern Australia’ with prints; also work done by B Daily ca 1954; Dept of Geology ‘Research report’ 1954 on Bathurst and Melville Islands work; maps; typed extract from WG Woolnough’s 1933 Report on Aerial Survey Operations …’; copy of ‘Compilation of current ore genesis research in Australia’ / Tim Hopwood, 1971. Also correspondence file re sample reports and bore correlations for Oil Development N.L. 1960-62; copies of reports by Mary Wade and Glaessner; maps; and typescript report ‘SANTOS Limited. The prospects of commercial oil on Bathurst and Melville Islands, Northern Territory’ / RC Sprigg, marked Confidential.
• Folder: Ediacara field notes with geological sketches, 1958, 1959 and 1966, with notes on samples examined by AMDL 1966
• Maps and profiles (2 folders)
• Reprints/references/bibliographies

4.3 Research files
These files were housed in Glaessner’s filing cabinets as arranged below and listed according to Glaessner’s headings where available from folders or suspension file tabs

4.3.1 Micropalaeontology  54 cm
• General (1953-69). Includes fossil catalogues, issues of McLean Palaeontological Laboratory Newsletter, publications, photographs, letter from NA Trueman of AMDEL 9/8/1965 re phosphate fossils from Christmas and Ocean Islands, thesis report by Mary Wade on ‘Reclassification of perforate Foraminifera’ / Zeev Reise (1963), Typescript ‘Taxonomic, stratigraphic and ecologic studies of Foraminifera, and their interrelations’ / Glaessner; Typescript ‘Chamber arrangement in Foraminifera’ / CD Redmond (1953); copies of letters re Wianamatta Shales fossils, HJ Kenny to Glaessner 13/13/1952 and JA Cushman to JE Lancaster 26/4/1946
• Methods – Technical (1959-68). Includes advertisements and correspondence re microscopes and other equipment, notes on preparation of specimens, ms and typescript extracts and translations of articles on analysis and preparation of specimens, examples of sample record cards
• Non-foraminiferal. Ms notes etc; letter Kurt Hucke to Glaessner 28/3/1950 in German
• Foraminifera – life history. Script for film ‘Reproduction of Foraminifera’ KG Grell (1959). Ms annotation: translation by S Summer and Glaessner
• Foraminifera – structures. Includes: ms ‘Review of Hofker’ 1949? Annotated typescript ‘New aspects of foraminiferal morphology and taxonomy’ / Glaessner and HE Thalmann (1952); typescript ‘A discussion of Hofker’s studies of toothplate’ / AN carter (1953)
• Foraminifera – classification. Includes ms notes and extracts from publications; publications by Glaessner: ‘Planktonforaminiferen’ p. 35-36, ‘Die Entfaltung der Foraminiferenfamilie Buliminidae’ (1937), ‘Planktonforaminiferen aus der Kreide und dem Eozän und ihre stratigraphische Bedeutung’ (1937)
• Foraminifera – correlation. Copies of publications by others; ms ‘MP Coll. MF Glaessner 1961 for strat. studies’
• New Caledonian Eocene fauna. Includes correspondence between J Sigal and CG Adams 1967, fossil photographs from the British Museum, maps
• South African Foraminifera. Correspondence with Professor. JJ Frankel of NSW 1964-65
• Heard Island. List of slides; reprints; photographs of fossils; ms notes; correspondence 1964-69 with PJ Stephenson of Leeds, M Black of Sedgwick Museum etc, and Stephenson’s typescript notes on collection of Foraminiferal limestones on Heard Island in 1963
• Gippsland. Typescript ‘The Gippsland marine sequence from a micropaleontological and paleobiological viewpoint: Part I’ / DJ Taylor and VM Mee (1970)
• MacLean Paleontological Laboratory Newsletters (ca 1962-69)
• Croyden Bore (Adelaide Basin). Includes Professor. W Howchin’s notes on samples; fossil photographs and illustrations for publication; columnar section, Glaessner’s ms notes on specimens; maps of Adelaide Basin bores; typescript ‘Report on the micropalaeontological examination and correlation of the sequence of strata in the Willunga Bore, SA’ / Glaessner and GD Woodward
• [Miscellaneous] Photographs of fossils; notes on electron microscopy; typescript notes on microstructure of foraminiferal test walls by Glaessner and typed extracts from 1962 article by NI Maslakova; notes on French microfauna specimens with map; A2 poster advertising Micropaleontologie postgraduate courses at the University of Paris 1967-68; programme for SEPM Research Committee Symposium at Polk Hall [not dated] on Palynolgy in Oil Exploration’ including Glaessner
• Micropalaeontology [Revision] Principles of Micropalaeontology / Glaessner (2nd edition) Notes, proof copies, ms and typescript drafts; letter from FE Eames 8/7/1958 re pelagic Foraminifera; notes / references for bibliography
• Pakistan. 1961 correspondence with Tidewater Oil Co. Re samples from Gaj River area of west Pakistan, with map
• Chile. Empressa Nacional del Petroleo Magallanes micro-paleontological reports by Eduardo Severin: ‘Formacion Puerto Nueva’ 2/5/1951; ‘La formacion Brush Lake’ 8/1/1951; ‘Formacion Agua Fresca’ 9/2/1951
• Grell. Glaessner’s translation of KG Grell’s ‘Studies on the problem of differentiation in Foraminifera’ from Naturwissenschaften (1958) with draft translation; and explanation of Grell’s film ‘Reproduction of Foraminifera’
• Globorotalia. Correspondence with FE Eames of British Petroleum Co. 1958 re classification of Globorotalia specimens; photographs
• [Unlabelled] Lists of tables of fossils and photographs
• IPC (Iraq Petroleum Co.?) Palestine fauna chart (ms) – IN MAP CABINET
• Typescript: ‘Praktische Aufgaben und wissenschaftliche Grundlagen der Mikropaläontologie’ / Glaessner (1937) for Congres Mondial di Petrole(?), Paris (1938) p. 391-4
• [File on Austrian Formaminifera] Includes correspondence 1967-74; photographs; reprints; typescript ‘Report on middle-upper Paleocene foraminiferal fauna from near Bruderndorf, Vienna Basin, Austria’ / Brian McGowran; maps; Glaessner articles ‘Die alpine Randzone nördlich der Donau und ihre erdöl-geologische Bedeutung’ from Petroleum v. 33 no. 43 (Nov. 1937) and ‘Die geologischen Verhältnisse des Kreidevorkommens zwischen Bruderndorf und Ernstbrunn (Niederösterreich) from Geologische und Palaeontologische Abhandlungen (1930) [Notes on micropalaeontology] Ms and typescript notes ca 1937 includes illustrations of fossils for lectures etc, table of distinctive characters of Foraminifera superfamilies, notes in Russian ca 1937-45; ms contents list for ‘An introduction to micropalaeontology (with special reference to Foraminifera) / Glaessner; typescript ‘Organisation and administration of a course in micropaleontology’ inscribed From AAPG Bull. 1941
• [Notebooks in Russian 1935-36] in folder
• Micropalaeontology bibliography. Includes galley proofs, typescript and ms notes and references
• Micropalaeontology bibliography (uncorrected carbon copy)
• Notes Micropal. Typescript drafts and ms notes for Glaessner’s ‘Outlines of Micropalaeontology’ with cover sheet date 1938 crossed and 1943 added in pencil
• ‘Principles of Micropalaeontology’ 1st & 2nd typescripts (parts)
• Principles of Micropalaeontology / Glaessner. 1944. PhD typescript with illustrations, ms list of illustrations, permissions and original photographs [published by Melbourne UP in 1945]
• Finlay. Includes typescript ‘The foraminiferal evidence for Trans-Tasman correlation’ / HJ Finlay (Govt Micropalaeontologist NZ) with Glaessner’s ms notes; typescript ‘Foraminifera of the Green Island area Moreton Bay’ / EF Riek.
• Equipment: miscellaneous notes. Samples of specimen record cards; photographs of Australasian Petroleum Co. Papuan laboratory; suppliers documentation re film; plans for laboratory tables etc; correspondence with Australasian Petroleum Co Ltd re rock-grinding machine for re-equipment of their laboratories in Papua 1946
• File labelled ‘Reprints – Acknowledge.’ Appears to be ms summaries of and notes re articles.
• Principles of Micropalaeontology / Glaessner. 1944. PhD typescript (2 copies, each annotated differently)
• Various photographs and illustrations (unlabelled)
• Principles of Micropalaeontology: originals of illustrations
• WJ Parr. Foraminifera. (BANZARE report Series B vol. 5, 1950) Galley proof with ms annotations and corrections
• Card index of micropalaeontology samples (in small 2-drawer metal filing cabinet)

4.3.2 New Guinea   80 cm
Much of the material concerns Glaessner’s consultancy work for the Australasian Petroleum Co. (APC) conducting palaeontological research and producing reports.
• Port Moresby: includes ms notes, article by Glaessner ‘Upper cretaceous later Foraminifera from New Guinea’ 1969; lists of specimens/samples; Glaessner’s article on ‘Geology of Port Moresby, Papua’ for the Mawson Anniversary volume. Also folder of Port Moresby maps (well used)
• BP Petroleum Development Australia Pty Ltd. Correspondence 1969 re fossils collected by APC and deposited with the Dept of Geology; correspondence 1967 re consultancy work on Papuan samples; ms and typescript reports on palaeontological investigation on samples, British Petroleum Permit 46, Papua, Priority One to Priority Five (1967) / Brian McGowran
• APC 1967. Includes Micropalaeontological report for Muabu No. 1 stratigraphic test well, Papua; correspondence 1967 re samples; Summary of fauna found in core samples from Muabu; composite strip log of Muabu No. 1 (much of the work was undertaken by Brian McGowran)
• APC Iviri No. 1. Report on Iviri Crilling Prospect, Papua by DeGolyer and Macnaughton for Oil Search Ltd, 1965; typescript Palaeontological Report, Iviri No. 1 Stratigraphic Test Well, Papua (1966)/ Brian McGowran; with distribution chart and summary, correspondence 1965
• APC [Iamara Well No. 1. Includes correspondence 1962-65; typescript Report on palaeontological examinations of selected samples from Iamara No. 1 well (1963) / Glaessner; well logs and distribution charts; ms drafts and notes
• APC [Muabu Well No. 1] Correspondence re samples 1967
• APC Puri-Iehi No. 1 well. Correspondence and reports re samples 1959-61
• 138 KWA Wana Well W.1. includes well logs, correlations, distribution charts, cross-sections; correspondence/memoranda 1951-57 WK McDonald , Australasian Petroleum Co., D’Arcy Exploration Co.; Completion review / RL Greenham (1951); Report on the palaeontological examination of rock samples ... / FM Kicski
• BP (BP petroleum Development Australia) maps
• Port Moresby. Includes ms ‘Palaeontological examination of rock samples from Malalana(?)’ / C Brown (Feb. 1947); ms cross sections; typescript ‘Appendix M: Geological observations in British New Guinea in 1891’ / A Gibb Maitland
• Photocopy ‘The geology of the Wabag area, New Guinea’ / FE Decker and IG Faulks (Australia. Bureau of Mineral resources Geology and Geophysics. Records 1964/137) plus map of area
• Photocopy ‘The geology of the South Sepik region, Progress report for 1966’ / DB Dow, JAJ Smit & JHC Bain (Australia. Bureau of Mineral resources Geology and Geophysics. Records 1967/26) plus map of area
• Australasian Petroleum Co. & Island Exploration Co. Report XG :The stratigraphy of the Neogene rocks of Papua’ / PE Kent & JO Zehnder (1956) plus maps/profiles XG1-3, XG-8
• Australasian Petroleum Co. / Island Exploration Co. Maps to accompany Glaessner’s ‘Report on stratigraphic correlation in Papua & New Guinea (1942); with 1944 RAAF map of Lae area; Australasian Petroleum Co ‘Stratigraphic distribution of large Foraminifera’ chart (1950) and Stratigraphic columns chart Papua / Glaessner (1942); other maps
• Australasian Petroleum Co. Report XE Part I: ‘A palaeontological review of the Cretaceous deposits of Papua and New Guinea’ / FT Banner (1955)
• Australasian Petroleum Co. Report XE Part II: ‘A review of the Mesozoic stratigraphy of Australian New Guinea’ / FK Rickwood (1956) with maps, stratigraphic columns etc
• Australasian Petroleum Co. ‘Geological results of petroleum exploration in Western Papua 1937-1961’ [galley proofs for article in] Journal of the Geological Society of Australia, v. 8 pt. I (1961)
• [Reports on fossils, NG] ‘Ms comments on pre-tertiary geology of Western Papua’ / Glaessner; correspondence 1956-60 between Glaessner and APC re fossils; typescript ‘Aptychus from the Cretaceous Purari Greywacke and Tubu shales’ / Glaessner; Specialist palaeontological Reports no 50-52; typescript: ‘Progress report on the examination of Cretaceous mollusc from New Guinea’ / Glaessner (1949); typescript ‘Report on the examination of rock samples from the Central Highlands: II. Aiyura-Wahgi Area’ / Glaessner (1950); ‘memorandum on the examination of rock samples collected by L Noakes in the Chimbu-Hagen Area’ / Glaessner (1940) with Appendix (1942); typescript Commonwealth Palaeontologist’s report on the collection of rocks from the Chimbu-Mt Hagan Area (1939); typescript ‘Report on the palaeontological examination of rock samples from the Samberigi reconnaissance’ / Glaessner (1950); typescript and ms ‘Report on the palaeontological examination of rock samples from the Kereru survey’ / Glaessner (1947?); offprint ‘New Cretaceous fossils from New Guinea’ / Glaessner (1958); ms/typescript draft ‘Mesozoic fossils from the Central Highlands of New Guinea’
• Omati well: includes correspondence with Island Exploration Co. And Australasian Petroleum Co 1951-55, memoranda and reports by Glaessner and others, ms notes
• [Mesozoic fauna] Includes photographs, ms notes; typescript APC ‘Report upon a visit to the Snake River ... for the purposes of collecting fossils in the Kaindi series’ / GAV Stanley (1946); copies of correspondence 1946-47 with FW Whitehouse etc; notes, photographs, articles re NG tertiary fauna etc with typescript list of NG fossils in Nason-Jones collection
• Older tertiary; CG’s copy XH. Includes APC Report XH ‘The stratigraphy of the older tertiary rocks (Eocene and Oligocene) of Papua’ / PE Kent (1957) with correspondence and section charts etc
• [Omati survey material etc] Typescript APC ‘Notes to accompany a tectonic sketch map of Australian New Guinea’ / Glaessner; ms notes from discovery expedition reports; palaeontological correlation chart; interpretive well log; forward geological & geophysical programme and operational drilling charts 1953-58; map showing seismic refraction lines and arcs 1951-3; Darai limestones correlation chart 1950; Western Papua combined magnetometer & seismic map 1953 (rehoused from envelope)
• Wahgi. Includes typescript ‘Mesozoic and tertiary sediments from the Wahgi Valley, New Guinea’ / AB Edwards and Glaessner (1951); map/chart of The Mesozoic sequence south of Chimbu Police Post (1939) with annotations; typescript draft contributions by Glaessner to Edwards & Glaessner (op cit); processed ‘Geological report on the Chimbu-Hagen area, mandated Territory of Papua New Guinea’ / LC Noakes (1939)
• Cretaceous fossils, NG. Includes typescript ‘progress report on the examination of cretaceous mollusc from New Guinea’ / Glaessner (1951); ms notes; correspondence and memoranda 1944, 1954; ms maps; photographs of fossils
• De Groot’s paper. Includes Glaessner’s translation of PF de Groot’s ‘Short report on the Third Expedition of the Netherlands New Guinea Mining Co. In 1938-39 (transl. 1940), accompanying letter to Chief Geologist, Glaessner’s comments, ms maps and notes
• Report on stratigraphic correlation in Papua and New Guinea / Glaessner (1942). Draft typescript, annotated and corrected
• Geotectonic position of New Guinea / Glaessner. Reprint from Bulletin of the AAPG, v 34 no 5 (May 1950) plus illustrations (draft and final), photograph and cross-sections
• ‘Structural geology of Wau gold mining area, New Guinea’ / J Rade (1950?) Typescript
• [Legends etc for maps] Typescript ‘Facies distribution in the Aure trough and adjoining areas’, ‘Prevailing strikes of anticlinal axes ... and of beds ...’, and ‘Tectonic sketch map of Western and Central Australian New Guinea’ compiled by Glaessner as overlays for the Geological Map
• Correspondence with APC 1950-1961, particularly JV Montgomery, with associated reports etc. Includes typescripts ‘Comments on pre-Tertiary geology of Western Papua’ / Glaessner (ca 1957), ‘Geological comments on oil prospects in Western Papua’ / Glaessner (1953); and ‘Reservoir formations and other factors in oil exploration in Papua’ / Glaessner (1950) 2 folders
• Geology of Port Moresby / Glaessner (1950?). Draft corrected typescript, and ms draft
• Outline of the geology of Australian New Guinea / JV Montgomery, N Osborn and Glaessner. Draft typescript
• Rickwood. Correspondence with FK Rickwood 1952, and draft typescript ‘Report on a geological reconnaissance in the Mt hagen-Wabag area, Central Hindlands, New Guinea’ / Rickwood (1952)
• FK Rickwood’s ‘The geology of the western highlands of New Guinea’. Includes typescript final draft, photographs, notes, and 2 page summary
• Kicinski. Typescript ‘Note on the tertiary succession and Foraminifera of Manus Island’ / FM Kicinski & DJ Belford (1952?) with photographs of fossils and maps
• Typescripts: ‘Age and regional distribution of oil-bearing beds in Papua and the East Indies’ / memorandum to Chief Geologist / Glaessner (19410; ‘Training natives for work in a scientific research laboratory (Australasian Petroleum Co., Port Moresby, Papua) / MF GLAESSNER, 1939-42
• APC Report PMB: Moorhead no. 1 Geological completion report / AJ Glance; with Report on the palaeontological examination of samples / FC Dilley; and Review of the surface geology of the Morehead-Wassi Kussa area / FM Kicinski with 23/8/1957 letter and charts
• Folder of ms notes, photocopies, microcards, typescript copies of articles etc on fossils of Pacific area, incl. ‘East Indies’
• Folder: New Guinea geology ca 1940-48. Incl. ms and print maps; ms notebook; extracts from articles and reports etc,; draft memorandum on Aure Trough by Glaessner; reports etc on volcanic activity in the Tufi District / Glaessner and others, and typescript ‘Interview with Peter Hemery (war correspondent) by Frederick Simpson 17/2/1944 re Goropu volcano eruption
• Folder [Pt Moresby District etc]: Typescript (processed) ‘Lexicon of Oceania’; map of NG Mineral areas 1943; file ‘Report on sections in Port Moresby District’ containing ms notes and draft reports on stratigraphy, sections and columns, typescript sample lists, geophysics, correspondence 1947-49 (incl itineraries for trips around Moresby, Appendix on geological observations in NG by A. Gibb Maitland, from Annual report on British NG 1891-1892; APC Report on sections in the Port Moresby District / N. Pratt 1939, with remarks by K Washington Gray. 2 folders
• The Australian School of Pacific Administration. Short course for New-Australian medical officers for the Papua and New Guinea Service, October 1949
• Typescript: ‘Fossiliferous rocks of Permian age from the Territory of New Guinea’ / Glaessner, KM Llewellyn, GAV Stanley for APC, 1950. 2 copies, with photographs, and reprint
• Folder: Miscellaneous stratigraphy / structure (not Pacific). Includes ms, notes, correspondence 1940 and 1946, transcripts of articles, maps and charts, papers from Meeting of Japanese and American Geologists (Tokyo, 1945)
• Reprint: ‘New cretaceous fossils from New Guinea’ / Glaessner (Records of the SA Museum, vol. 13 no. 2, August 1958) with original photographs
• Typescript: ‘The occurrence of the New Guinea turtle (Carettochelys) in the Miocene of Papua’ / Glaessner [ca 1940], with notes, sketches and photographs
• Typescript: Geological report on the area between Wau and Garaina, Waria River / NH Fisher [1939?]
• Draft typescript ‘Evan Stanley: geological pioneer, Papua New Guinea 1911-24’ / HL Davies
• Reprints of articles by Glaessner on New Guinea
• Articles from Walkabout magazine (1953 and 1955), and A.M. (1954) on New Guinea tribes and areas
• Published articles/reprints on New Guinea by others, 1892-1976 [arranged by author] Authors include George Baker, CB Bar, S. Warren Carey, Irene Crispin, HL Davies, AB Edwards, A Erni, NH Fisher, H Gerth, Martin Glaessner, Great Barrier Reef Committee, JW Gregory, Paul S Hossfield, MF Leask, NJ McMillan, A Gibb Maitland, N Osborne, J Rade, SK Skwarko, ER Stanley, GA Taylor, H Terpstra, RW van Bemmelen, WA Visser
• Printed and ms maps of New Guinea 1892-1970, and charts and section profiles. IN MAP CABINET. Other maps held in above research files.

4.3.3 Precambrian
• Cambrian crustaceans and annelids – versions of Glaessner 1978 article on crustacea and annelid worms from Kangaroo Island, ms notes
• Roraima from British Guiana – photographs, correspondence 1959-61, ms notes, maps, processed typescript articles by RB McConnell, PBH Bailey and JH Bateson
• Article by Donald R Lowe ‘Restricted shallow-marine sedimentation of 3.4 yr-old stromatolitic and evaporitic strata of the Strelley Pool chert, Pilbara Block, WA
• Photograph of worm and letter from William G Melton, 1974
• Articles by EL Yochelson ‘Mineralogy of early Cambrian Salterella Rugosa from East Greenland’ (with WL Griffin), and ‘Agmata ...’; plus German ms notes from Schidlowski (1971) p. 1364-5
• Ms notes on phyla labelled ‘Treatise A 1st draft’, plus additional ms and photocopied notes
• Typescript articles by Lois Anne Nagy ‘New microfossils ...’ and Bartholomew Nagy ‘Organic matter in ancient sediments of the earth’, with accompanying correspondence
• [chart and table of Precambrian microbiotas]
• Glaessner review of research project ‘Paleontology, stratigraphy and depositional environments of late Proterozoic into early Cambrian rocks of the Tatonduk area, Alaska’ / University of Alaska Museum, 1978
• Folder labelled ‘Talks PC life’ with versions of article ‘Precambrian palaeozoology’ / Glaessner
• [Correspondence 1959 between Dr Brian Daily (Glaessner’s PhD student) and David Taylor of Frome-Broken Hill Co.]
• Article ‘Late Precambrian microfossils ...’ / J William Schopf and Thomas R Fairchild
• Praecambridium: 1970 article by Glaessner and Mary Wade for Lethaia, draft and final copies, photographs, correspondence
• Conomedusites & Cnidaria:1971 article by Glaessner for Paläontologische Zeitschrift, draft and final versions and associated correspondence
• ‘The geographic distribution and time range of the Ediacara Precambrian fauna’: article by Glaessner for The Geological Society of America Bulletin 1970, draft copy and associated correspondence
• [Notes/articles on Precambian boundaries and problems of late Precambrian in South Australia etc] Folder labelled ‘Base of t – Norway etc’
• Yochelson-Walcott. 1971-2 correspondence between Ellis Yochelson and Glaessner re work of Walcott, draft article by Yochelson ‘Charles D. Walcott: America’s pioneer in Precambrian paleontology’
• ‘C-Precambrian fossils-lit.’ Ms and typed lists and bibliographical references
• Mary Wade articles: ‘Dickinsonia ...’, ‘Hydrozoa, Scyphozoa and other medusoids from the Precambrian’, and ‘Bilateral Precambrian Chondrophores’ – typescript draft with photographs and some correspondence ca 1970
• ‘Precambrian trace fossils’ (1969 article by Glaessner for Lethaia) – typescript draft with corrections and associated correspondence and photographs of specimens
• Correspondence 1961-69 re Ediacara fossils etc. Correspondents include HA Lowenstam, DJ Taylor, AA Őpik, Professor CA Nelson, PE Cloud, C Berkeley, BF Howell, HA Lowenstam, EA Carl, H Lemche, WA Newman, KC Condie, G Kehnt, E Yochelson, SM Manton, G Thomas, DS Carruthers, R Piispanen, HB Fell, W Struve, O Kulling, MP O’Connor, PL Binda, J Kaplan, Marilyn Taylor, AW Smith, CG vd Meer Mohr, I McDougall, IR Kaplan, JM Dickins, A McGugan, SB Misra, NL Banks, W Compston, MN Viswanathiah, J Veizer, RA Callen (SA Mines Dept)
• Ediacara and Precambrian/Cambrian dating correspondence 1967-73. Includes correspondence with Anders Martinsson of Uppsala University re manuscript of Mary Wade; Allison R. Palmer of New York; Sir James Stubblefield and WB Harland re proposed IUGS Subcommission visit to Siberia 1970; substantial correspondence with JW Cowie of U. of Bristol; David Taylor of U. of Sydney; typescript and ms notes ‘N.T. notes – tape rec. 1967’
• Correspondence 1970-73 re Precambrian fossils. Correspondents include Adam Urbanek, Professor HD Pflug, Malcolm Walter, Professor ZV Spinar, AE Mourant, IL Thomas (Western Mining Corp.), Dr TD Ford, Dr Mary Wade, Henry Pantin, Dr Thomas Söderqvist, Robert Titus, L Parkin (SA Director of Mines), WV Preiss and Paul Hoffman; with associated photographs and typescript article by BD Wessy ‘Problematic disk-like structure from the late Precambrian of western New South Wales’
• Correspondence with Mary Wade 1965 and 1968
• Draft article: ‘Proterozoic and early Cambrian trace fossils from the Amadeus and Georgina basins, Central Australia’ / MR Walter, R Elphinstone and GR Heys, with photographs and illustrations
• Precambrian palaeontology: Northern Territory notes. Includes 1968 correspondence with M. Water and Alistair Stewart, illustrations, references, photographs, notes by Mary Wade and Glaessner
• Base of the Cambrian. Includes Glaessner typescript article ‘The Problem of the base of the Cambrian’ with ms appendix, charts and tables; typescript ‘Cambrian Sequence of the Western Flinders Ranges’ / R Dalgarno and JK Johnson; ms notes, photographs, references, typed abstract and ms draft for Glaessner talk(?) on ‘Stratigraphy and Geochronology of the late Precambrian’, typed abstract for ‘Precambrian Time scales and Correlations’ talk and ms notes for Glaessner talk Canberra 2/12/1964; provisional programme for Symposia 3 December 1964 at ANU; photographs with captions in Russian
• Precambrian photographs and information (other countries)
• Precambrian palaeontology – notes, general. Includes ms notes, typescript ‘Report on field trip’ with students to mid-north SA 7-9 May 1968 by WV Preiss; letter from NL Falcon 1965; flyer for departmental seminar 4 August 1966 with talk ‘Organic geochemistry of ancient rocks’ by TC Hoering
• Precambrian trace fossils ms. Mainly photographs of fossils, plus typescript ‘Trace fossils from the late Precambrian and lower Cambrian of Finnmark, North Norway’ / NL Banks
• Plagiogmus. Includes photographs and descriptions of specimens
• Manchuriophycus. Includes photographs, notes on references, and fossil notes.
• Stromatolites. Includes ms notes, copies of articles (by Malcolm Walter and others); ‘Report on Biological aspects of recent stromatolites in Shark Bay, WA’ by Professor S Golubic of Boston; references, illustrations, charts; correspondence with Drs Semikhatov and Krylov (1968-69), MR Walter (1969), Dr W Frank (1968) and Dr AK Chaudhuri (1967-68); ‘Progress report on stromatolites from the Flinders Ranges’ / WV Preiss; reports on field trips to Yatina area (1968), Burra area (1968), Paratoo-Weekeroo (1967), Coorong and Lake Ellis (1967), Hamersley and Capricorn Ranges etc (1967) by Walter and Preiss; summary of a restudy of pseudofossils from the Brockman Iron Formation by Walter; ‘Investigation of the Coorong lagoon region and some saline lakes of the South East, SA’ by Walter and Preiss; and Glaessner’s ms list of stromatolites
• Precambrian-Cambrian photos – trace fossils
• Stromatolites ms. Typescript of paper ‘Precambrian columnar stromatolites in Australia: morphological and stratigraphic analysis’ by Glaessner, Preiss and Walter; includes correspondence with Science (journal), draft chart and illustrations
• Stromatolite monograph: introduction. Typescript preface; typescript Introduction, with letter from MR Walter 1971
• Stromatolite references. Index file of references in alphabetical order
• Precambrian fossils: Moore. Draft and ms copies of short article ‘Precambrian fossils’ for special volume ‘Developments, trends and outlook in paleontology’ ed. RC Moore for Journal of Paleontology 1968, with associated correspondence
• IPU – Precambrian fossils. Typescript ‘Precambrian fossils: a progress report’ / Glaessner for the Prague General Assembly of the IPU, 1968; with associated correspondence
• Time scale symposium, Canada. Typescript ‘Biological events and the Precambrian time scale’ / Glaessner, with abstract, for Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences (paper from Geochronology of Precambrian Stratified Rocks Conference, 1968); ms draft; typed abstract ‘Precambrian time scales and correlations’ / Glaessner
• Ediacara: Curnow & Goldring. Typescript article ‘The stratigraphy and facies of the late Precambrian at Ediacara, South Australia’ / CN Curnow and R Goldring, with extract from Glaessner & Wade ‘’Late Precambrian fossils from Ediacara’ p. 617
• McGraw Hill: Ediacaran fauna. Typescript ‘Ediacaran fauna’ for McGraw Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology (1971)
• New late Precambrian fossils (MS). Annotated/corrected typescript ‘The late Precambrian fossils from Ediacara, South Australia’ / Glaessner and Mary Wade, with pencil illustrations
• Time stratigraphy. Includes ms and print charts, ms and typed notes, ms sections Chapters 2 and 3 (Ch. 3 includes letter from WC Gussen of Union Oil Co of California February 1962); map; charts ‘Correlation of Cambrian sections of South Australia’; typescripts ‘Time-stratigraphy and the Precambrian’ / Glaessner (read at PJOSC, Sect. C 20/8/1954) and abstracts; correspondence with Professor JL Kulp 5/1/1955 and Professor J Rodgers 16/11/1954 and 5/1/1955; Presidential address [to Geological Society of Australia (SA)?] on time-stratigraphy; processed typescript ‘Stratigraphic nomenclature in the Precambrian’ / MR Banks and AH Spry (ANZAAS Sect. C, Canberra 1954)
• Ediacara-stratigraphy and taphonomy(?) Includes profiles, diagrams, maps; Report ‘The Petrology of six pound quartzite specimens’ / D Smale and NA Trueman (AMDEL, March 1966); typescript ‘Preservation of Ediacara fossils’ / MW [Mary Wade]; table of contents for ‘The late Precambrian fauna from Ediacara South Australia’
• Ediacara fauna – photographs. Also includes memorandums re photographs used in publications 1969-71
• Lectures. Text for overhead slides, typescript ‘Precambrian paleontology’ (UVLA June 1967); [list of slides?] ‘Neue Ergebnisse von geologischen Studien in Zentral-Australien’; typescript ‘Slides: PC fossils for lecture’
• Pteridinium – Nama&(E?) Ms notes on specimens, sketches, ms description, references, photographs
• Unlabelled folder, contains photographs of Ediacara fossils. Also envelope containing ‘Field labels from Mawsons’s students collection of Ediacara fossils’
• Unlabelled folder, contains photographs of fossils; locations (Wirrealpa Hill, Brachina, Mayo Gorge); geologists in field; ms notes, diagrams and sketches
• Maps. Includes overhead slides of profiles for Geology School seminar 23/4/1969 on ‘Stratigraphy of the Amadeus basin’ / Glaessner; aerial photographs of Red Range, Beltana Homestead, Beltana township etc; map The Blinman Dome Diapir (SA); Geological map of SA; annotated map Beltana; aerial photographs of Brachina Gorge
• Amadeus Basin and Northern Territory – maps, profiles etc
• [Amadeus Basin and related areas] Illustrations, profiles, charts, photographs, tables for unidentified publication/report ca 1962
• Carded references on stromatolites in small folder, arranged alphabetically by author

4.3.4 Research files – other
• Geography Dept Map Collection. Catalogue 1964
• Geomorphology. Various circulars and articles; Dept of Geology Seminar topics in Geomorphology 1956 with ‘Selected references on pediplanation’
• Geophysics. Various articles and circulars
• Geotectonics. Various articles; annotated typescript ‘Geosynclinal belts of Eastern Australian-Pacific association with special reference to the Adelaide miogeosyncline’ / Reg Sprigg (1953); typescript ‘Orogenesis and vulcanism / A Rittman (1951); ms notes; extracts; typescripts ‘Notes to accompany the geological map of the Solomon Islands’ and ‘Notes to accompany the geological map of the New Caledonia’ / [Glaessner?]; papers and notes from Dept of Geology Seminar on Geotectonics 1952
• Hydrology. Correspondence 1961-67, various circulars, proceedings of meetings and articles
• Oceanography. Various print articles; list of oceanography workers; typescript ‘Research on the Southern Ocean’ / JRM Radok; Ms ‘Report on the collection of sediment samples in Spencer’s Gulf SA from HMAS Gascoyne, 23 July to 1st August 1962’ / RS Brown; file of correspondence 1961-65 re UNESCO fellowships, Special Committee on Oceanic Research, Oceanographic research in Adelaide, March & August 1964 [circulars] etc; and CSIRO Division of Fisheries and Oceanography file includes correspondence 1964, reports on oceanographic cruise of HMAS Gascoyne , typescript ‘Marine geology of the Continental shelf in the Great Australian Bight’ / Glaessner
• ‘Pleistocene and later movements of the stand line in India and some adjacent countries’ / MS Krishnan and K Jacob (nd), and various ANZAAS circulars etc
• Palaeobiogeography. Includes general articles, typescript ‘The origin of the Indo-Pacific foraminiferal fauna / Glaessner (1935) in folder ‘ANZAAS 1952, and maps and notes
• Palaeobiology. Ms extract from article by Nestler
• Palaeobotany. Various articles and circulars (many from Dept of Botany)
• Palaeogeography. Ms maps, extracts, notes
• Palaeontology-general. Mainly photographs of specimens and illustrations; some notes
• Palaeontology-Invertebrates-Mollusca. Photographs of fossils; articles; ms notes and extracts
• Palaeontology-Invertebrates-Classification. Typed extract of article by Yaroshevich
• Palaeontology-Invertebrates-Porifera. Classification chart of Archaeocyathinae
• Palaeontology-Invertebrates-Coelenterata. Pilot registry of zoology cards; notes; illustrations etc
• Palaeontology-Invertebrates-Polyzoa & Brachiopoda. Abstract from ANZAAS paper by GA Thomas
• Palaeontology-Invertebrates-Arthropoda. Includes illustrations and photographs, articles; typescript article ‘Die Indices der Präcipitinreaktion und die Stammesgeschichte der Crustacea Decapoda’ / Glaessner (1930); letter from Smithsonian Institution 1955 re ‘missing link’ crustacean; typescripts by Glaessner ‘Evolutionary trends in higher crustacean(malacostraca)’ (1957), ‘Palaeocrangon: a Permian isopod crustacean’ with illustrations notes and drafts; typescript ‘Crustacea from the Cretaceous and Eocene of Western Australia’ / Glaessner (1956) with drafts and photographs
• Palaeontology-Invertebrates-Echinodermata. Ms extract
• Palaeontology-Invertebrates- Hemichordata. Ms notes
• Palaeontology-Methods (technical). Various articles and notes on preparation of fossils (mainly from British Museum)
• Palaeontology- Vertebrates. Mainly illustrations
• Palaeontology-Human. Articles, illustrations, circulars of Anthropological Society of SA lectures 1954
• Petroleum-Geology-General. Articles, industry publications
• Petroleum-Geology-Methods. Typed list of references
• Petroleum-Geology-Regional. Industry publications; notes; Glaessner’s typescript translation of ‘Oil and gas possibilities in the Upper Precambrian of the USSR’ / BM Keller
• Petroleum-Origin. Abstract of article by EG Baker
• Petroleum-Production. Industry publications; notes on Middle East oil production from Public Library of SA; Glaessner typescript with notes and references on world petroleum production (1946?)
• Petrology-General. Various articles, notes. Also programme for Honours Seminar on feldspars
• Petrology – Sedimentology. Includes lecture notes from Oregon State University etc; Adelaide University Honours seminar papers; ANZAAS abstracts and papers; photographs of specimens; typescript ‘Nomenclature of sedimentary rocks – glossary’ / MA Condon; Descriptive nomenclature of sedimentary rocks chart; papers from Symposium on ‘The physical and chemical properties of clays’ / Agricultural Sciences Club, Waite Institute 1954; notes and papers on classification and nomenclature of sedimentary rocks
• Sedimentation – General. Ms notes; contens and references for Honours seminar by C van der Borch 1960
• Sedimentation – Sedimentary structures (Flysch etc). Includes Honours seminar summary by RB Major 1964; typescript ‘Bibliography of turgidity currents and turbidites’ / Ph.D. Kuened (1960);photographs; hand drawn profile Tűrkenschanze 1926; ms notes; typed extracts etc
• Sedimentation– Calcareous. Single leaf of ms notes and ms reference
• Sedimentation– Reefs. Typed extract from ‘Reef deinition’ / WB Wilson.
• Sedimentation– Sandstones. Ms and print illustration of sandstone composition diagram/model(?)
• Sedimentation– Siliceous. Honours seminar contents and references ‘Siliceous sediments’ (1960); typescript abstract ‘Mesozoic plant-bearing sandstones of the Camooweal region and the origin of freshwater quartzite’ / AA Őpik (195?)
• Sedimentation– Carbonaceous. Honours seminar contents and references ‘Organic sediments’ / R. Cooper (1960)
• Soils – Post Cretaceous chronology. Papers on proposed symposium on Australia Cainozoic chronology and correspondence 1959 re symposium with CSIRO Division of Soils; 1959 typescript memorandum on ‘The dating of land surfaces’ by Glaessner and Twidale on behalf of Royal Society of SA Committee on Soil Chronology, plus related correspondence and typescripts eg ‘Dating land forms and Australia soils: botanical contribution’ / RL Specht, ‘Statement ... on the manner in which geomorphology could help in the determination of the age, nature ad distribution of Australia soils’ / CG Stepens, ‘Geomorphology and the genesis of Australian soils: the problem of the broader sedimentary basins’ / Reg Sprigg; ‘Notes on the quaternary geology and geomorphology of certain areas in South Australia’ / B Webb; ms notes; papers re AAS 1957 Conference on Soil Science etc
• Soils/land surfaces/geochronology. Papers and correspondence re AAS symposium on ‘Geochronology and land surface in relation to soils in Australasia’ (Adelaide, 1961) including typescript ‘Geochronology and land surfaces in relation to soils in Australia’ / JA Prescott, CG Stephens, CR Twidale; minutes of Organizing Committee; ‘A report on ...’ / CG Stephens (1961?). Also typescript ‘Stratigraphy’ / Glaessner (nd); typed list of GSA members who have expressed interest in applied geomorphology; typescript Circular no. 1 of Union Geographique Internationale; paper ‘Cainozoic stratigraphy of the Riverine plain near Griffith’ / S Pels (AZAAS 1961); Memorandum of Royal Society of SA on Dating of land surfaces in relation to soils (1959) and letter from Royal Society of SA to AAS re memorandum; typescript ‘Post Cretaceous chronology: reports of state Royal Societies’ (1959)
• Soils-Weathering-Laterites. Includes Ms notes etc; Abstract and ms draft ‘Late Cretaceous and Paleocene in the Australian region’ / MF Glaessner and B McGowran; profile chart in Russian; some correspondence; typescript ‘Review of Periodic Phenomena in Landscapes as a Basis for Soil Studies by BE Butler, 1959’ / CRT (1959); typescript ‘Some aspects of the distribution of laterites in Australia’ / FW Whitehouse (ANZAAS, 1951); correspondence re paper on Tertiary laterites of South Australia for PIOSA Conference 1957, ‘Note on the laterites of Mozambique’ / JV Botelho da Costa (1954)
• Stratigraphy – Cainozoic. Includes typescript ‘The Cainozoic succeson of Maslin and Aldinga bays . MA Reynolds (1951); typescript ‘Stratigraphy and geology of the Willunga Basin’ / GD Woodard (195?) and numerous charts
• Stratigraphy – Correlation. Typescripts of papers by others (some in French, Italian and German); ANZAAS Committee for the Investigation of Quaternary Strandline Changes Circular 17 (1965 literature review); charts; ms notes; maps; typescript ‘Time-stratigraphy and the Miocene epoch’ / Glaesser and drafts
• Stratigraphy – General. Typed outline and ms draft ‘Outlines of systematic stratigraphy’; Florida State University course material etc (Glaessner was on study leave at FSU 1965); typescript ‘Quaternary boundaries’ / JD Hays and WA Berggren; notes and course materials for Geology III and supporting articles (2 folders)
• Stratigraphy – Mesozoic. Includes typescript ‘Palaeogeographical maps of the British area in Mesozoic times’: memorandum of a discussion between CJ Stubblefield, V Wilson and DV Agar (1964); charts and maps; documents issued by Commission Stratigraphique Internationale and Commission Stratagraphique Permanente sur les depots; photocopy ‘Zur Geologie des Neokom-Eisenerzgebietes Salzgitter’ / K Hoffmann and H Kolbe (1955); communication 1954 from VR Rao[?] re Liassic strata in India; notebook of ms lecture notes: Spengler, Mesozoikenn 1925-26 and Kobe, Geology of Austria, 1926
• Stratigraphy – Palaeozoic. Includes documents from 2nd Symposium on the Silurian/Devonian Boundary and the stratigraphy of the Lower and Middle Devonian (1960), the Pan Indian Ocean Scientific Association (1954, PIOSA Perth Congress (1954) and ANZAAS Section C (1954); ms notes and charts
• Stratigraphy – Regional. Typescript ‘Stratigraphy of New Zealand‘s Cenozoic volcanism northwest of the volcanic belt / David Keart (1957?), typed and ms extracts and notes; chart; report on Geologists’ Association Field meeting to North Staffordshire, Whitsun 1950
• Stratigraphy – Classification [Braemer Ironstone Formation] Letter from Bruce Webb to Glaessner 19/4/1961 re proposal to formalise name of Braemer Ironstone Formation
• Taxonomy. Ms reference
• Zoology. Typed and ms syllabi for Genetics I (1958), Zoology I (1957), Biometry, Courses in Genetics (1952); ms references; programme for ANZAAS Section D Zoology 1954; 1952 correspondence with Professor. W Stephenson re bibliography of Queensland marine invertebrates
• Phosphate / Victoria. Includes correspondence 1966; typescript report ‘The phosphate province of western Victoria’ / Glaessner, with appendix by RJF Jenkins on Field Observations (1966), with ms draft, maps and charts; expenses for field trip 1965-66 and correspondence re Jenkins’ field work; geological map of southwest Victoria; ANZAAS Section C, Symposium no. 6 ‘Sedimentary Petrology’ – ‘Tertiary phosphorites from Victoria …’ / JM Bowler (1962); Dept of Geology Honours thesis ‘Phosphates’ / RL Wildy (1963); ms notes; ANZAAS Section C, Excursion 1: ‘Notes on the geology of the Otway ranges region, Victoria’ / OP Singleton, with supplementary ‘Geological notes’ / HG Raggatt and Irene Crespin (1956)

4.4 Research grant

‘Precambrian Fossils’: application for grant from the Petroleum Research Fund 1965; itinerary for Flinders Range trip1966; research plan; progress and final reports 1967-1970

4.5 Illustrations

Dr Mary Wade (student, research associate and co-author of Glaessner at Adelaide) original drawings, photographs c late 1950s-early 1960s, for publication or thesis

• 21 glass negative plates of Ediacara fossils 1959
• Palaeoscolox
• ‘Research photos – Arthropoda +’
• Isoxys
• Unidentified
• Photos to accompany unidentified publication, incl. aerial photographs of far north of SA, Mt Gambier limestone quarry etc
See also photographs in other Research series above

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