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Martin Fritz Glaessner (1906-1989)

MSS 0088

Series 5: University of Adelaide teaching, departmental papers etc

Dept of Geology, University of Adelaide

Departmental papers: 1951 programme of visit to University of Adelaide by three UNESCO delegates May 8-11; 1957/8 Geophysical Year programme for visit from members of the Russian Antarctic Expedition (M.V. Ob)

Seminar: Geotectonic history of the Bahamas Wednesday 2/10/??; and Seminar: The Deep Sea Drilling Symposium, Sydney 1974, & Geology of the Bahamas Wednesday 18/9/1974. Includes Glaessner’s notes, reprints, overheads

Programme of Honours course on Micropalaeontology 1961

Departmental seminars, lectures etc (including some public lectures) 1978-1989. Includes flyers, some abstracts etc

Additional folder 1972-89 includes departmental memorandums, abstracts of seminars, minutes of departmental meetings, some course outlines for Honours and Geology III, list of staff 1986, excursion programmes, details of assessment, fringe seminar programmes 1983 and 1985, some correspondence re illustration permissions, ms copy of article by Glaessner for ‘Rocks’ magazine on ‘Informational Cooperation in Geological Sciences’, and programme and readings for School of Geology 1978 study tour of NZ geology

Research programme 1966-68 for Dept of Geology Stratigraphy-Palaeontology Section. Typed and ms lists (Glaessner and students)

• Precambrian: CR Dalgarno. Unpublished lecture to AAPG New Orleans 1965; notes by Brian McGowran on specimens collected 1960; 1964 section of Brachina district by unidentified student; 1961 research report on The Geology of the Barossa Valley
• Correspondence with Brian Daily (Glaessner’s PhD student) 1951-56, including correspondence re his PhD; copy of article ‘The base of the Cambrian and the first Cambrian faunas’ / B. Daily; Roneoed handouts ‘Stratigraphic columns of Cambrian sequences, Fleurieu Peninsula’ / B Daily, 1962, Geology Dept
• Student excursion: Kangaroo Island, 1946 and 1956/7: incl. 1946 report on the Third Year Geology Excursion by JR Eley, D King and JM Kruger, notes, maps and illustrations, photographs of specimens and formations, some with people
• Correspondence, documentation, photograph etc re Sun Wei-guo, Chinese sponsored overseas student studying Ediacara fauna. Includes correspondence with the Australian Development Assistance Bureau and Sun Wei-guo (1979-80)
• RN Jenkins. Research report on preservation and morphology of Arborea specimens from Ediacra; list of slides; photographs and ms illustrations
• WR Walter. Preliminary report on the collection of Archaeocytha from the Bunkers Range, SA, 1965

Mining– reference and source material  20 cm.
• Mining Engineering I - Quarry production equipment course – course outline and student notes
• Earth Moving III – folder of photocopied source materials eg ‘Fundamentals of earthmoving’ / Caterpillar Tractor Co. etc.
• 2 folders photocopied sources – loading & transport, excavation
• ‘Handbook of ripping’ / Caterpillar Tractor Co. 3rd ed. 1966 (photocopy)
• commercial catalogues of mining equipment, machine specifications, articles, advertisements; also leaflet ‘The Warragamba Project’ / Sydney Water Board, 1957, and catalogue of Major construction plant [from] the Warragamba Project, to be sold by the Metropolitan Water Sewerage and Drainage Board, Sydney (1959)

See also Series 3: Associations, Societies ...: University of Adelaide. Centre for Precambrian Research 1967-1970
See also Series 4.3.4 Research files – other

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