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Martin Fritz Glaessner (1906-1989)

MSS 0088

Series 6: Publications by Glaessner

6.1 Publications, talks, lectures etc  35 cm.

Principles of Micropalaeontology
• Correspondence 1938 with Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, London, re writing proposed ‘Outlines of Micropaleontology’, referee reports, progress reports 1943, correspondence with/re Melbourne University Press 1943-1961, reviews, correspondence re proposed revision 1949-61

Sir Douglas Mawson Anniversary Volume: contributions to geology in honour Professor Sir Douglas Mawson’s 70th birthday anniversary, presented by colleagues, friends and pupils / ed. By MF Glaessner and EA Rudd (Barr Smith Library, University of Adelaide, 1952)
• 1952-68 correspondence re content, publishing and distribution, including correspondence with Sir William Mitchell re writing of a preface (with handwritten note praising Mawson’s qualities; typescript Mawson bibliography; front leaf of The Advertiser 15 October 1958 announcing death of Mawson; also 1968 correspondence re proposed meeting of the Geological Society of Australia on the 10th anniversary of Mawson’s death

Early articles on fossils from the base of the Cambrian in SA [Precambrian Ediacara fauna] ca 1957
• article abstract ‘Fossils from the base of the Cambrian in South Australia’ (typescript)
• article ‘New fossils from the base of the Cambrian in South Australia’ read before the Royal Society of SA November 1957 – includes correspondence with Professor Prescott, typescript, ms notes
• article ‘The oldest fossil faunas of South Australia’ (typescript, 12 p.) with photographs

Typescript article ‘U.S.S.R.’ published in Micropaleontology July 1958 re Glaessner’s visit to Russia in 1957

Typescript talk to Royal Society of Victoria 1959 ‘Isolation and communication in the geological history of the Australian fauna’ /MF Glaessner; with typescript article for submission and ms draft

Typescript ‘Precambrian life – problems and perspective’ for a lecture given at Geological Society of London 1965, with illustrat6ions and overhead projections

Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology Part A: Precambrian Invertebrates / MF Glaessner
• correspondence and notes 1969-79; including 1968-69 correspondence with SB Misra of Newfoundland, Canada re identification of fossils from the Conception Group; also draft typescript, illustrations, photographs, computer checklist of names applied to Precambrian Fossils or pseudofossils by AS Horowitz, Indiana University, 1971
• Chapter on Decapod Crustacea for the Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology 196?? (3 folders) Includes corrected typescript and original drawings, photographs and illustrations; Manual for contributing authors, and correspondence with LB Holthuis of the Rijksmuseum van Natuurlijke Historie 1963-4; and CW Wright 1968
• Additional folder re Chapter on Decapod Crustacea includes 1963 correspondence with Martin Burkenroad of Tulsa University with typescripts of his articles ‘The evolution of the Eucarida …’ and ‘Natural classification of the Decapod Crustacea’; Glaessner’s ms drafts incl. drafts of taxa

Article ‘Early Cambrian Polyplacophora (Mollusca)’ submitted to and rejected by Nature 1969: typescript, illustrations, typed and ms draft, and associated correspondence with Nature

Lectures given by Glaessner 1971-81: ms notes, typescripts, flyers etc. Includes typescripts of lectures ‘The fossil evidence for metazoan origins’ (Canada 1970); ‘The Ediacara fauna and the evolution of the lower metazoan’ (SGPB August 1969 and FIG? 1975); programme for Colloquium to mark the retirement of Glaessner 22/5/1972 with notes for his address; ‘and typescript notes on ‘Pre-Vendian metazoan history’and ‘Animals and sediments and the pre-Cambrian-Cambrian transition’ addresses for seminar on The Earliest Animal, Bureau of Mineral Resources, Canberra 16/12/1981)

Article on ‘Australia’ for the Encyclopaedia Britannica
• Includes correspondence 1972-73, print proofs, corrections

Article on ‘Fossils (Invertebrates)’ for The New Australian Encyclopaedia 1976
• Includes correspondence 1972-76, original photographs for illustrations, ms and typescript drafts and geological time scales, and ms notes

‘Natural prolongation of the land under the sea’ – proposed article/paper ca 1978-80
• Includes correspondence between Dr James Crawford (Law, Adelaide) and Glaessner 1979-80 re collaboration on article; 1978 draft typescript paper; published articles by others, ms notes

[Notes, photographs and slides, and drawings for an exhibition/lecture? on Ediacara fossils for the Commonwealth Institute 1985]

6.2 Manuscripts 1.2 m

From Filing Cabinet, as arranged by Glaessner. Files may include correspondence, ms and typescript drafts, annotations, illustrations, photographs etc  
• ‘Palaeontological data and biochemical research’ / MF Glaessner and CB Foster (1989) for Maria Laach Conference Volume, Max-Planck-Institut fűr Chemie
• ‘Pseudofossils explained as vortex structures in sediments’ / Glaessner (1988) for Senckenbergiana lethaea v. 69 (1/3) 2 folders
• ‘Crabes eocenes (Crustacea brachyuran) de l’eocene du Sulaiman’ / MF Glaessner and S Secretan (1987) for Annales de paléontologie fasicule 4/1987 v. 73. 2 folders
• ‘The emergence of metazoa in the early history of life’ / MF Glaessner (1983) for Precambrian Research v. 20
• ‘New trace fossils from the Eocene of Maslin Bay, South Australia’ / MF Glaessner and NS Pledge (1983) for NH Ludbrook Honour Volume
• ‘The Ediacarian: an initial Phanerozoic period’ / Preston Cloud and MF Glaessner (1981) for Science (also titled ‘The Ediacarian period and system: Metazoa inherit the earth’ or ‘The Ediacarian: an initial Phanerozoic period and system, preceding the Cambrian’)
• ‘Parvancorina – an arthropod from the late Precambrian (Ediacarian) of South Australia’ / MF Glaessner (1980) for Annalen des Naturhistorischen Museums in Wien. 2 folders
• Chapter 6: ‘Australian Precambrian palaeobiology’ / MF Glaessner and MR Walter (1980?) for Hunter book – includes rejected material
• Unidentified illustrations
• ‘Pseudofossils from the Precambrian, including Buschmannia and Praesolenopora’ / MF Glaessner (1979) for The Geological Magazine
• ‘An echiurid worm from the Late Precambrian’ / MF Glaessner (1979) for Lethaia
• ‘Early Phanerozoic annelid worms and their geological and biological significance’ / MF Glaessner (1976) for Journal of the Geological Society, London v. 132
• ‘Platysolenites, other animal fossils, and the Precambrian-Cambrian transition in Norway’ / Sven Føyn and MF Glaessner (1979) for Norsk Geologisk Tidsskrift v. 59. 2 folders (includes correspondence re shipping of specimens from Norway)
• ‘The oldest Foraminifera / MF Glaessner (1977) for the Irene Crespin volume (BMR Bulletin no. 192)
• ‘Re-examination of Archaeichnium, a fossil from the nama group’ / MF Glaessner (1978) for Annals of the South African Museum v. 74
• ‘Palaeobiological and stratigaphic approaches to classification of trace fossils’ / MF Glaessner (1976) for Geological Journal Special Issue 3 ‘Trace Fossils’
• ‘New Precambrian fossils from the Arumbera sandstone, Northern Territory, Australia’ / MF Glaessner and MR Walter (1975)
• ‘The Precambrian-Cambrian boundary: a symposium / JW Cowie and MF Glaessner (1975) for Earth-Science Reviews
• ‘Stratigraphy today’ / MF Glaessner (abstract only – re International stratigraphic guide) n.d.
• ‘Geology, the past, and the future’ / MF Glaessner (n.d.)
• ‘Redescription of the type of Zengloden harwoodie Sanger, and a description of other material (1969)
• ‘Palaeocrangon, a Permian isopod crustacean’ / MF Glaessner for Records of the SA Museum v. 13 no. 1 (1957)
• Encyclopaedia Britannica article ‘Australia’ (1972)
• ‘Die Entwicklung des Lebens im Präkambrium und seine geologische Bedeutung’ / MF Glaessner (1971) for Geologische Rundschau v. 60/4. With typescript ‘Reconstruction of the late Precambrian shallow-water Ediacara fauna’ / designed by MF Glaessner and M Wade, drawn by J Gehling ... (1969) 1 page only
• Source materials gathered for a talk on Australian decapods crustacean for the Australian /New Zealand Meeting on Decapod Crustacea October 1967. Includes correspondence, notes, references, photographs and correspondence between Glaessner and Irene Crespin (Commonwealth Palaeontologist) August-November 1945 re identification of crab fossils from Lakes Entrance
•  ‘The first three billion years of life on earth’ / MF Glaessner (1966). Typescript of a public lecture delivered at the 11th Pacific Science Congress in Tokyo. Published in proceedings?
• [Source materials on chronographic scale for ECAFE region?] Includes articles Synopsis of ‘Zones, datums and problems in the South Australian tertary’ / J Murray Lindsay and Brian McGowran; 1970 correspondence between Glaessner and McGowran; Correlation chart of Victorian rocks; Notes on some planktonic Foraminifera of stratigraphic value in South Australia / JM Lindsay; typescript ‘Abstract ‘Eleventh Pacific Science Congress – Symposium on Tertiary Correlation. Time scales and tertiary correlations’ / MF Glaessner; typescript ‘Earliest tertiary marine transgressions of the Australian continental margins’ / Brian McGowran; ‘The Orbulina Universa surface’ / BC Jones (1963); ‘The Danian’ and ‘The Miocene/Oligocene boundary’ / FE Eames (1969) with request for feedback; chart ‘The ranges of some Foraminifera in the Indo-West Pacific region’ with correspondence from CG Adams (1970); ms draft ‘Notes to accompany the chronographic scale for the ECAFE region’ / MF Glaessner; 1969 correspondence with WP van Leckwijck of IUGS and circulars ‘Working Group for Correlation of Cretaceous and Cenozoic Deposits’ and ‘Working Group for a Biostratigraphic Zonation of the Cretaceous and the Cenozoic as a Basis for Correlation in Marine Geology; The Bormidian stage and the base of the Miocene / WH Blow and AH Smout; letter 28/3/1967 from Glaessner to Jacques Sigal re the Austrotrillina fossil from New Caledonia
• ‘Time scales and tertiary correlation’ / Glaessner (1967), draft and print copies
• Arumbera. Notes, photographs, profiles on Arumbera sandstone, references, correspondence 1971; papers and reports of IUGS Precambrian/Cambrian Boundary Working Group 1973-5; papers re IGS Cambrian Subcommission meeting Montreal 1972, with paper ‘Discovery and significance of basal Cambrian Uratanna formation, Mt Scott Range, Flinders Ranges, SA’ / B Daily
• ‘Re-description of the tooth of an Oligocene whale from North Canterbury’ / Glaessner. Drafts, notes, photographs, original drawings, references, 1954 memorandum on ‘Whiterock Quarry’ / BW Collins , District Geologist (Canterbury? NZ)
• Cretaceous ammonite, Victoria. Typescript and ms drafts ‘An ammonite from the Upper Cretaceous of Victoria’ / Glaessner (1963), with associated correspondence
• Typescript ‘Why on earth geology?’ / Glaessner (1971)
• ‘Problems of palaeontology’ / Glaessner ca 1963. Typescript drafts and illustrations etc. Also correspondence 1963-65 re the article’s proposed publication in Advances in Geology / edited by TS Westoll (Glaessner withdrew his article due to delay in publication)
• ‘Notes on Foraminifera of the genus Hedbergella’ / Glaessner (1965?) Print copies and typescript draft; associated correspondence; printing ‘plate’ of illustrations
• ‘Palynology in relation to other micropalaleontological methods’ / Glaessner (1964?) Print and typescript draft copies
• Weiler Festschrift. ‘Vorkommen fossiler Dekapoden (Crustacea) in Fisch-Schiefern’ / Glaessner. Print proof and annoted typescript draft, correspondence 1965, photographs and illustrations
• ‘The base of the Cambrian’ / Glaessner (1963) Typescript draft, ms notes
• ‘The dating of the base of the Cambrian’ / Glaessner (1963) Typescript drafts, profile
• ‘Zur Kenntnis der Nama-Fossilien Sűdwest-Afrikas’ / Glaessner (after 1962) Typescript and ms drafts
• ‘Precambrian palaeontology’ / Glaessner (1965 in Geological Reviews C, and 1966 in Earth Science Reviews). Includes correspondence with Elsevier 1965-66, proof and draft copies, typescript ‘Pre-Cambrian life – problems and perspectives’ / Glaessner (1965)
• ‘Precambrian fossils’ / Glaessner (ca 1961) Typescript drafts
• ‘Precambrian fossils/Precambrian fauna’ article for McGraw-Hill Yearbook of Science and Technology (1963?) Typescript drafts, ms notes, associated correspondence. Also timetable for Connellan Airways (Central Australia and NT) and Shell map of NT
• [Illustrations of fossils for above article?, including Collenia buriatica Maslov etc, with typescript list of illustrations]
• ‘Hamilton’ Publications, correspondence 1960-1962, notes and photographs re fossils found in the Hamilton area in Western Australia: typescript ‘Intrusive vertebrate fossils in the Miocene of Victoria – a correction’ / Glaessner (ANZAAS Australian Journal of Science 1963); offprint and typescripts ‘Discovery of a kangaroo-bone in the middle Miocene of Victoria’ / Glaessner (Australian Journal of Science 1960)
• ‘Major trends in the evolution of the Foraminifera’/ Glaessner [article for ‘Evolutionary trends in Foraminifera’ (Van der Vlerk Memorial Volume, Elsevier, 1963)]: correspondence 1962-63, galley proofs, typescript and ms drafts, illustrations, ms notes etc
• ‘West-Pacific stratigraphic correlation’ / Glaessner (communication, Nature 1960): print copy and associated correspondence; also typescript drafts ‘Tertiary stratigraphic correlation in the Indo-Pacific region and Australa’ / Glaessner; also typescript of article in German contributed to Handbuch der Stratigraphischen Geologie ed Lotze (1959)
• ‘Upper Cretaceous larger Foraminifera from New Guinea’ / Glaessner (1959): typescript and ms drafts, photographs
• Victoriella: ms and typescript drafts for article on Stratigraphic distribution of Victoriella in South Australia and Victoria? N.d.
• ‘New trends in micropalaeontology and petroleu exploration’ / Glaessner (1958?) Typescript draft and correspondence with MR Sahni
• ‘Cretaceous Belemnites from Australia, New Zealand and New Guinea’ / Glaessner (1975) Typescripts and ms notes and drafts, drawings, photographs, letter from IC Cookson with lists of microplankton, megaspores and microspores
• ‘New Cretaceous fossils from New Guinea’ / Glaessner, for SA Museum Records (1958) Typescript drafts, photographs
• ‘The Adelaide Basin’ (n.d.) Typescripts
• ‘Sedimentary flow structures on bedding plates’ / Glaessner (1957) Annotated typescript and corrected copy
• ‘Orogene und kratogene Fazies im Tertiär des Australischen Raumes’ / Glaessner, for Kober Festschrift 'Skizzen zum Antlitz der Erde' (1953) Typescript. Also ‘Problems of tertiary geology in southern Australia’ / Glaessner (Clarke Memorial Lecture, 1953): galley proofs, associated correspondence, typescript, drawings
• ‘Pelagic fossils (Aturis, penguins, whales) from the Tertiary of South Australia’ / Glaessner (1955) Typescript drafts, photographs, ms illustrations, printing blocks
• ‘Palaezoic arthropod trails from Australia’ / Glaessner (for Paläontologische Zeitschrift, 1957) Typescripts, galley proofs, photographs, ms notes and drafts
• ‘Taxonomic, stratigraphic and ecologic studies of Foraminifera, and their interrelation’ / Glaessner (1959) Typescript
• ‘Planktonforaminiferen aus der Kreide und dem Eozän und ihre Stratigraphische Bedeutung’ / Glaessner (1937) Reversed negative photocopy, with letter to the Editor of The Australian Journal of Science 1956 re Lepidocyclina in South Australia. Also article ‘Zur Mikropaläontologie der kaukasischen Erdölfelder’ / Glaessner (for Petroleum, v. 32 no. 37, n.d.) Reverse negative print
• ‘Die Literatur űber die Mikrofauna aus der Kreide und dem Tertiär des Kaukasus’ / Glaessner (nd) Typescript, ms notes, illustrations, photographs
• ‘Die Ergebnisse einer geologischen Untersuchung in Währing’ / Glaessner (nd) Typescript, ms annotations and illustrations
• ‘Three foraminiferal zones in the Tertiary of Australia’ / Glaessner (Geological Magazine, 1951) Typescript and offprint; notes for discussion and related correspondence 1948-53.
• [Franciscan fauna] Ms notes and correspondence with Professor NL Taliaferro 1949
• ‘The geotectonic position of New Guinea’ / Glaessner [1949?] Typescript, maps; typescript ‘Comments on MF Glaessner: The geotectonic position of New Guinea’ / E Lehner (1949); also ‘Memorandum: Reply to comments on The geotectonic position of New Guinea’ / MF Glaessner. With ms maps and list of references. Also correspondence with Australasian Petroleum Co. re permission to publish, and notification of Glaessner’s appointment to the University of Adelaide
• ‘The theory of geosynclines’ / Glaessner and C Teichert [1947?] Typescripts, ms notes, associated correspondence 1946-47
• ‘Report on micropalaeontological work carried out on behalf of Iraq Petroleum Company’ (IPC) / Glaessner (1945) Typescript, plus typescript ‘Preliminary report on the study of microfaunas submitted by Iraq Petroleum Co.’; also correspondence with Australasian Petroleum Co. And Iraq Petroleum Co. 1944-46; ms notes and drafts; lists of samples; typescript ‘Comparison of stratigraphical determinations, based on foraminiferal faunas ...’ / Glaessner (1938) etc
• ‘Fossil crustacean from Mount Lebanon, Syria’ / Glaessner (Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., 1946) Typescript, ms notes
• ‘Lower Cretaceous plant remans from the vicinity of Mt Babbage, South Australia’ / Glaessner and VR Rao (Royal Society of SA, 1955) Typescript drafts, photographs, correspondence
• ‘A fossil beaked whale from Lakes Entrance, Victoria’ / Glaessner (1943) Galley proofs, typescript, ms notes and illustrations, photographs
• ‘Uber eine neue Miozäne Krabbe und die Brachyurenfauna des Wiener Beckens’ / Glaessner (1923) Typecript and ms drafts; also annotated typescript ‘Die Ergebnisse einer geologischen Untersuchung in Wahring’; also typescript (Roneo copy) ‘Exkursion in das Gebiet von Steinabrunn, Falkenstein und Ernstbrunn’ Leaders: F Bachmayer, R Grill, R Sieber (1963)
• [Untitled folder of ms and print tables, publications (R Lagaaij, H Kűpper, FE Eames) and copies of correspondence (P Cloud and Hornibrook, FE Eames) by others, ms notes and references, and illustrations ca 1946-54

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