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Martin Fritz Glaessner (1906-1989)

MSS 0088

Series 7: Publications (by others)  18 cm.

Barghoorn, ES & JW Schopf ‘Microorganisms three billion years old from the Precambrian of South Africa’ Typescript (Roneo copy), 1966. 21 p.

Belford, DJ. ‘Foraminifera from the Port Moresby area, Papua.’ Dept of National Development, Records 1965/102. Typescript (photocopy) 5 p.

Burek, PJ, MR Walter & AT Wells. ‘Magnetostratigraphic test of lithostratigraphic correlations between latest Protozoic sequences in the Ngalia, Georgina and Amadeus Basins, Central Australia’ Typescript (Roneo copy) 1978?

Cochrane, GW. ‘Hydrology of the Willunga Basin’ Geological Survey of South Australia, Report no. 29-15 (13/11/1950) 7 leaves, plus bore records (typescript). In folder with accompanying SA Dept of Mines report ‘Geology and hydrology of the Willunga Basin’, maps and Dept of Mines Summary of bore records

Davies, HL & IE Smith. ‘Geology of Eastern Papua: a synthesis’ Dept of National Development, Records 1970/116. Typescript (photocopy) 27 p.

Dow, DB. ‘The relationship between the Kaindi metamorphic and Cretaceous rocks at Snake River, Territory of Papua New Guinea.’ Dept of National Development, Bureau of Mineral Resources, Geology and Geophysics: Records 1961/160. Typescript (Roneo copy) 10 leaves

Eames, FE. ‘Report F.E.E. 6. Report on a visit to Papua, October-November 1952.’ Australasian Petroleum Co. Pty Ltd. Typescript (Roneo copy) 39 leaves

Edgell, HS. ‘Precambrian fossils from the Hamersley Range, Western Australia and their bearing on digenesis in Jaspilite formation’ Records of the Geological Survey of Western Australia no 1962/24. 1963. Typescript (carbon copy) 65 p.

Fairchild, TR. ‘Conophyton and other columnar stromatolites from the upper Precambrian Açungui group near Itapeva, Sp, Brazil’ from Atas do i Simpósio de Geologia Regional, Sept 1977. Typescript (Roneo copy) p. 179-198

Glikson, Andrew Y. [Archaean of Kalgoorlie: abstract, maps & diagrams from PhD thesis] Photocopied typescripts and letter of introduction 21/2/1968

Gray, K Washington & ICH Croll. (Commonwealth Oil Refineries Ltd.) Review of oil prospects in South Australia and Victoria. [1938] 129 p. Typescript (Roneo copy)

Horowitz, AS. ‘Checklist of names applied to Precambrian fossils or pseudofossils’ 1970. Computer printout. 18 leaves

Jones, PJ. ‘Report on overseas tour 1965-66’ Australia. Dept of National Development, Bureau of Mineral Resources, Geology and Geophysics: Records 1966/200. Report on micropalaeontological laboratories

McGowran, B. ‘Australia-Antarctica separation and the Eocene transgression in southern Australia’ Dept of Mines SA, Geological Survey, Palaeontology Section. 1971. 26 p.

McKirdy, DM.
• Precambrian organic geochemistry: a review. Typescript
• ‘An organic geochemical study of the Australian Cambrian and Precambrian’ Honours thesis, University of Adelaide, 1971. Corrected draft typescript

Malzahn, Erich. Reprint: ‘Cumaceenfunde (Crustacea, malacostraca) aus dem niederrheinischen Zechstein’ / Erich Malzahn, with original photographs and sketches, and 1963 correspondence between Glaessner and Malzahn etc

Reeves, Frank and Evans, HK. ‘Geology and oil possibilities of the south coast between Melbourne and Robe, S.A.’ March 1949. Typescript (Roneo copy) 22 leaves, plus bore readings, photographs and maps

Schopf, JW.
• ‘Are the oldest ‘fossils’, fossils?’ 1974. 37 leaves
• ‘Precambrian paleobiology: problems and perspectives’ 1974. 83 leaves
• See also Barghoorn above

Sokolov, BS. ‘The problems of the Precambrian/Cambrian boundary’ 1973? Typescript, 43 p.

Stinear, BH. ‘Compilation of geological and bore-hole data from South-Western Victoria and the contiguous part of South Australia, with particular reference to the Portland-Nelson-Mt Gambier region’ (report no. 1948/82. Petroleum Technology Series – 1) 48 leaves, plus bore recordings (Typescript, carbon copy)

Taylor, DJ. ‘The mid-tertiary foraminiferal sequence: Esso Bass-1 well, Tasmania’ 1965. Geological Survey of Victoria. Typescript (Roneo copy) 10 p.

Travers, DM. ‘Cainozoic – Wreck Island’ typescript. Brisbane, 26/11/1959. 3 leaves, plus Thermo-fax illustrations

Walter, MR.
• Walter, MR, JH Shergold, MD Muir & PA Kruse. ‘Cambrian and latest Proterozoic stratigraphy, Desert Syncline, southern Georgia Basin’ Typescript (Roneo copy) 1978? 11 p.
• Walter, MR, ADT Goode & WDM Hall. ‘Microfossils from a newly discovered Precambrian stromatolitic iron formation in Western Australia’ 1976. Typescript (photocopy) 8 leaves
• Walter, MR, R Buick & JSR Dunlop. ‘Stromatolites 3.4-3.5 billion years old from the North Pole area, Pilbara Block, Western Australia.’ Typescript (Roneo copy) 1980? 10 leaves
• See also Burek above

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