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Olga Gostin (1940-)
Papers on the Kuni people of Papua New Guinea, 1909-1997

MSS 0245

Biographical Note

Of mixed Belgian-Russian parentage, Olga Gostin completed her undergraduate studies in social anthropology in South Africa before obtaining a scholarship to the Australian National University. Between 1963-5 she researched resettlement and cash cropping among the Kuni people of Papua, obtaining her PhD in 1968. A post-doctoral exchange at Moscow State University honed her interest in syncretism and cultural change.  She was part of the foundation of Australia’s first specifically designated tertiary program for Indigenous Australians in 1973 and remained associated with it for a further 40 years.  In 1992 she obtained her Masters in Environmental Studies from Adelaide University, and she remains passionately interested in social justice and environmental issues.

Contents Listing

Series 1: Research (general)

Box 1 (6 binders, 2 notebooks)
Notes on Kuni custom. Correspondence and explanations by Father Boell who started the resettlement of the Kuni in 1962-3.
• Binder 1: ‘Origins and migrations of the Kuni’
• Binder 2: ‘Kuni clubs and PMK’
• Binder 3: ‘Social change among the Kuni’, Preliminary field report 1, Oct 1963.
• Binder 4: ‘Economic activity among the Kuni. Second field report, Feb 1964’.
• Binder 5: ‘Economic activity among the Kuni. Second field report, Feb 1964’.
• Binder 6: ‘Work-in-progress (Kuni, Central District, Papua). Third field report, Aug 1964 and The Silanga resettlement scheme, a report on six weeks spent in the Central Kakanai District, West New Britain, Jan 1965’.

Box 2 (5 binders)
Informative notes and correspondence, particularly between Gostin and Father Boell, related to resettlement of the Kuni people, their cultural background, work organisatio,n etc.
Note: some of the content in this box, particularly the correspondence will require sound knowledge of the French language.
• Binder 1: ‘Miscellaneous I’. Includes correspondence, journal articles and papers such as “Resettlement of the Kuni people at Bakoiudu, Papua”, 1963.
• Binder 2: ‘Miscellaneous II’. Mostly correspondence but also hand-drawn maps and papers such as “Rural organisation: The Kuni Club”, 1965.
• Binder 3: ‘Miscellaneous III’. Correspondence, local newsletters and papers, some of which relate to the Volunteer Service Association of Papua New Guinea, 1966.
• Binder 4: ‘Miscellaneous IV’. Primarily correspondence but also local newsletters, news cuttings and photographs of local artwork, 1967-73.
• Binder 5: ‘Grammaire Kuni 1935’. Notes on Kuni vocabulary, including the alphabet, prefixes, suffixes, prepositions, conjunctions, syntax, adjectives, etc.

Box 3 (6 binders, 2 photograph albums)
Handwritten notes by Olga on Kuni custom and annotated photograph albums of Kuni life.
• Binder 1: ‘5 Oct – 20 Dec 1963’. Includes notes about children’s games, chieftainship, Kuni attitudes towards medicine, Kuni ancestry, economics, traditional leadership, rituals and ceremonies, land tenure, etc.
• Binder 2: ‘14-30 March 1964’. Includes notes about economics, church and mission, schooling, etiquette, Bakoiudu rubber plantation, customs, etc.
• Binder 3: ‘April Fools’ – 22, 1964’. Includes notes about Bakoiudu plans, on becoming a chief, rumours and romance, house building, childbirth, courting patterns, widowhood, etc.
• Binder 4: ’23 Apr – 9 May 1964’. Includes notes on material culture, gardening, sorcery, etc.

Photograph albums annotated by Olga, of Kuni life between 1963-65.
• Binder 1: Photographs, mostly of men, preparing for feasts, including the cutting up and distribution of meat.
• Binder 2: Photographs, many of children, but also house-building, fishing, home-made musical instruments, etc.

Box 4 (6 binders)
Mostly photograph albums, some annotated, of Kuni life. Field work of Olga under Australian National University PhD scholarship in Social Anthropology.
• Binder 3: Photographs, mostly of women, children and village life. Annotations refer to skin differences, infant health, food, schooling, etc., Aug 1963.
• Binder 4: Photographs, mostly of men, village horses and dwellings. Annotations relate to western influence on housing, traditions around food for teenage boys and girls, clothing and ornamentation, music and singing, etc., Mar-Apr 1964.
• Binder 5: Photographs, mostly of villagers and housing. Annotations relate to dying and the journey of the soul from the village to the mountains, Sep 1964.
• Binder6: Photographs, mostly landscapes, housing, village life and some religious, unannotated and undated.
• Binder 7: Photographs, mostly of villagers going about their daily life, unannotated and undated.
• Binder 8: Photographs, mostly of village dwellings and their construction, unannotated and undated.

Box 5 (24 notebooks)
Original Kuni field notebooks with hand-written notes by Olga.
*See: square wooden box in Series 5 with index cards to contents of the notebooks.
4 notebooks (20 x 25 cm):
• ‘Territory of Papua: Reports and papers, 1883-1961’.
• ‘Police MOTU’, 1963.
• Untitled and undated notebook. Contents relate to vocabulary, including alphabet, adjectives, pronouns, verbs, prefixes, suffixes, etc.
• ‘Patrol reports – Kairuku (Kuni)’. Hand-written reports date from 1944 to 1963.

Set of 21 (numbered and titled) notebooks (all 12.5 x 20 cm, except three at 10.5 x 16.7 cm):
• Notebook 1: ‘Yule Island’, Jul-Aug 1963.
• Notebook 2: ‘Bakoiudu’, Aug 1963.
• Notebook 3: ‘Bakoiudu’, Aug 1963.
• Notebook 4: ‘Bakoiudu’, Aug-Sep 1963.
• Notebook 5: ‘Bakoiudu’, Sep 1963.
• Notebook 6 missing
• Notebook 7: ‘Trip to Keakamana’, May 1964.
• Notebook 8: ‘Keakamana Auloli Fane…’, May 1964.
• Notebook 9: ‘Bakoiudu’, Jun 1964.
• Notebook 10: ‘Bakoiudu’, Jun 1964.
• Notebook 11: ‘Bakoiudu’, Jun 1964.
• Notebook 12: ‘Bakoiudu’, Jul 1964.
• Notebook 13: ‘Bakoiudu Vale’, Jul 1964.
• Notebook 14: ‘Vale Bekana’, Jul 1964.
• Notebook 15: ‘Iumu Bakoiudu’, Jul 1964.
• Notebook 16: ‘Bakoiudu’, Jul 1964.
• Notebook 17: Bakoiudu’, Jul-Aug 1964.
• Notebook 18: ‘Bakoiudu’, Aug 1964.
• Notebook 19: ‘Maimai’, Aug 1964.
• Notebook 20: ‘Maimai’, Aug 1964.
• Notebook 21: ‘Maimai’, Aug 1964.
• Notebook 22: ‘Bakoiudu Lapeda’, Aug 1964.

Box 6 (31 notebooks and 3 notepads)
Original Kuni field notebooks and notepads with handwritten notes by Olga.
*See square wooden box in Series 5 with index cards to contents of notebooks.
23 notebooks (16.5 x 21 cm) continuing on from the set in box 4.
• Notebook 23: ‘Lapeda and Bakoiudu’, Aug 1964.
• Notebook 24: ‘Bakoiudu’, Sep 1964.
• Notebook 25: ‘Bakoiudu’, Sep 1964.
• Notebooks 26 and 27 were removed from this sequence by Olga, and can be found in Series 2 (Box 13) along with the files used in the preparation of an article on the Port Moresby Kuni.
• Notebook 28: ‘Port Moresby and Rabaul’, Oct 1964.
• Notebook 29: ‘Silanga’, Oct 1964.
• Notebook 30: ‘Silanga’, Oct 1964.
• Notebook 31: ‘Silanga’, Oct-Nov 1964.
• Notebook 32: ‘Silanga’, Oct-Nov 1964.
• Notebook 33: ‘Silanga – Account of John Maneke’, Nov 1964.
• Notebook 34: ‘Uasilau Silanga’, Nov 1964.
• Notebook 35: ‘Bakoiudu’, Dec 1964.
• Notebook 36: ‘Bakoiudu’, Dec 1964.
• Notebook 37: ‘Bakoiudu’, Jan 1965.
• Notebook 38: ‘Bakoiudu’, Jan 1965.
• Notebook 39: ‘Bakoiudu’, Jan 1965.
• Notebook 40: ‘Bakoiudu’, Feb 1965.
• Notebook 41: ‘Bakoiudu’, Feb 1965.
• Notebook 42: ‘Bakoiudu’, Feb 1965.
• Notebook 43: ‘Bakoiudu’, Feb 1965.
• Notebook 44: ‘Bakoiudu’, Mar 1965.
• Notebook 45: ‘Bakoiudu’, Mar 1965.
• Notebook 46: ‘Bakoiudu’, Mar 1965.
• Notebook 47: ‘Port Moresby Kuni’, Apr 1965.

2 notebooks (10.8 x 16.8 cm)
• ‘Bakoiudu – Informants’, 1964-65.
• ‘Fauna & flora Kuni’, 1963-65.

6 notebooks (12.5 x 19.7 cm)
• ‘Kuni linguistic notations’, 1963-64.
• ‘Literature on the Kuni of Papua’, Jul 1963’.
• ‘General economies – rice – workbook’, Mar 1964.
• ‘Village – books – Kuni’, Jun 1964.
• ‘Kairuku sub-district reports’, undated but c1966.
• ‘Kuni revisited Christmas’, undated but c1967.

3 notepads (12.6 x 20.5 cm)
• Book 1: ‘Return to Bakoiudu queries’, undated.
• Book 2: ‘Return to Bakoiudu’, undated but c1971.
• Book 3: ‘Return to Bakoiudu’, undated but c1971.

Box 7 (20 notepads, 1 binder, research material, maps, etc.)
Original field notepads with hand-written notes by Olga, plus Silanga archive (Nakanai New Britain) field notes, maps, questionnaire and resultant publication.
• Set of 14 numbered, spiral-bound notebooks (12 x 20.5 cm) with Olga’s hand-written notes. Mostly untitled, with the exceptions of book 4: ‘Kufa-Duba Manadai’, book 5: ‘Society annual meeting 1971 March’ and book 14: ‘Waigani seminar’. All notebooks bar the first, begin with a page of ‘Queries’.
• 1 un-numbered, undated spiral-bound notebook which appears to be part of above set. Titled ‘Miscellaneous’ but with first page heading ‘Index to return to Bakoiudu queries’.
• Set of five ‘Olympic’ spiral-bound notebooks with Olga’s hand-written notes:
- Notebook 1: ‘Diary Bakoiudu March-May 1971’.
- Notebook 2: ‘Daily schedule Kompani rubber Bakoiudu – April 1971’.
- Notebook 3: ‘Project file Bakoiudu 32-4-4 Monthly reports 25-1-8’.
- Notebook 4: ‘Bakoiudu rubber producers co-operative files 23-3-10’.
- Notebook 5: Olakava 1950 – 1970 (50% sample 198 marriages)’.
• 1 binder containing paper ‘Health in a changing society: The west Nakanai of New Britain’, C. A. Valentine, Mar 1956.
• Exercise book (17.7 x 22.7 cm) with Olga’s hand-written diagrams and notes, titled on the spine ‘Silanga: Questionnaires and census, Nov 1964’.
• Manila folder of maps, hand-written notes on mixed marriages, Silanga questionnaire, local newsletters “Katolik Nius” and “Nius Bilong Yumi”, etc.
• Manila folder of correspondence, mostly between Olga and Ron. G. Crocombe, Executive Officer, New Guinea Research Unit, Port Moresby, 1964-66.
• Copies of research papers:
o ‘Lakalai political organization’, Ann Chowning and Ward H. Goodenough, Anthropological forum, vol. 1, no. 3-4, 1965-66.
o ‘The choice of kin roles in Lakalai’. Ann Chowning. Australian National University, Dept. of Anthropology and Sociology, Dec 1966. Includes terminological supplement.
o ‘The Silanga resettlement project’, Olga van Rijswijck, New Guinea Research Unit Bulletin, no. 10, Feb 1966
• Manila folder of 8 maps of Uasilau - Silanga

Box 8
Kuni archive. Correspondence, early Kuni grammar and letters from foundation missionaries (some in French. Prayer books, hymns and gospels in Kuni language. All rescued by Olga from Obaoba mission in 1964 after it was relocated to Bakoiudu in mid-1963.

All items kept in their original folders and order as follows:
• 1 manila folder of maps - Kairuku subdistrict Kuni; Kuni census division; Kuni homelands (3 drafts); Bakoiudu and Goilala, 1963.
• 1 manila folder, primarily of correspondence but also a couple of news clippings and a village population register, titled ‘Kuni resettlement Bakoiudu’, 1961-66.
• 1 manila folder of correspondence, A.N.U. Dept. of Anthropology and Sociology seminar notes and copies of research papers, including:
- ‘Thoughts on resettlement and smallholder rubber production with special reference to the Bakouidu (sic) resettlement among the Kuni, Central District, Papua’, annotated “Own re-written draft of Chris’ paper, 6 Sep 1966”.
- ‘Ideas of religion and nature among the Kuni’, Rev. Fr. P. V. M. Egidi, 1913.
- ‘Questions concerning the physical constitution of the Kuni’, Rev. Fr. P. V. M. Egidi, 1910
- ‘House and village, tribe and subtribe amongst the Kuni’, Rev. Fr. P. V. M. Egidi, 1909
- ‘Aspects of community development in New Guinea’, W. E. Tomasetti, Jul 1963
• 1 manila folder of correspondence (will require knowledge of French); notes on native dances in Goilala District; weather observations in Bakoiudu; and local journals/newsletters, including:
• Echos Papous
• Yule Island News
• Papua and New Guinea Villager
• 1 manila folder of rubber plantation notes and maps.
• 1 manila folder titled ‘Miscellaneous extracts’.
• Set of individually labelled notebooks or papers (some missing) on the Kuni people and culture
- KA 1(a): ‘Leggende papuane della tribu di Kuni’, part 1, Vincenzo Egidi, 1924.
- KA 1(b): ‘Leggende papuane della tribu di Kuni’, part 2, Vincenzo Egidi, 1924.
- KA 2: ‘Liste des Cathologies’, Vale, undated but c1928.
- KA 3: ‘Kuni Linguistic’, 1929.
- KA 4: ‘Sancto Michaelo Aeaena, Catholic Mission, Kuni District, Yule Island, Papua’, 1957.
- KA 5: Exercise book, Kuni, 1935.
- KA 7: Notebook of Kuni expressions, includes additional notes in rear pocket insert, undated.
- KA 8: ‘Noms Speciaux’ notebook, 1930.
- KA 9: ‘Journal de Kuni, 1930’.
- KA 10: ‘Notes de langue Kuni’, 1936.
- K 11: ‘Genealogies – Rough mission draft’, undated.
- K 12: ‘Vile – Vile + Chants Kuni’, 1955.
- K 13: ‘Alilibu data’ – skin disease treatment, 1963.
- K 14: ‘Territory of Papua-New Guinea native education, Kuni reader, no. 3, Dept of Education, Port Moresby, 1950’ (2 typewritten copies).
- K 15: ‘Tsilibubu douna’, undated.
- K 17: ‘Documents episcopaux (Extraits): Oba – Oba’, undated but c1940.
- K 18: ‘Kahier de visites passageres (Extraits)’, Nov 1963.
- K 19: ‘Kuni reader no. 3’, Tsitsifa Douna, 1950.
- KA 24: ‘Rubber’, Jun 1963.
• Un-numbered A5 exercise book with handwritten notes (in English and French) on Kuni rope making. Includes sketches and actual examples, pasted on to the first two pages, 1964.
• ‘Tsitsifa Douna’, R. F. H. Eschlimann, parts 1 & 2, Catholic Mission, Oba-Oba, 1945-46.
• Envelope containing specimens of dede leaf, used for medicinal purposes in cases of rheumatism, fever, all body pains….
• Translucent rolled paper with sketches of genealogies/village information, 1965.

Box 9 (4 scrapbooks, 1 envelope of news clippings)
Kuni archive. Papua New Guinea and Australia - general newspaper cuttings.
• Scrapbook 1: Nov 1970 – Jun 1972
• Scrapbook 2: Jun 1972 – Jun 1973
• Scrapbook 3: Jun 1973 – Dec 1974
• Un-numbered scrapbook containing general newspaper clippings, mostly from The Australian, related to Aborigines, 1970-74

Box 10 (2 folders, 1 notebook, panorama photograph)
Kuni archive continued. Olga’s research notes on Kuni culture, plus photographs.
• 1 black ring binder: ‘Parish and household census: Bakoiudu, Kuni’, Oct 1963 – Mar 1965
• 1 black binder of hand-written reference notes re juxtaposition of Christian and traditional values; bad debt; Ibau and ambivalence towards kin; Bakoiudu and directed change; economic rationale and economic change, etc., undated
• Photographic panorama (adhered to board) of Obaoba, centre of RC Mission prior to 1963 resettlement.

Box 11 (1 binder, photographs, negatives, maps)
Kuni archival material continued.
• 1 brown ring binder of transcripts of Kuni tapes (tapes housed in separate wooden container in Series 4, Box 15)
• 1 manila folder of photographs and negatives:
- 13 photographs (9 x 14 cm) of Kuni people and villages, 1963-65. All with annotations to the reverse.
- 8 photographs (16.5 x 22 cm), mostly of people of Triobriand Islands. All with annotations to the reverse.
- 10 photographic sheets of negatives. Images depict life in the Trobriand Islands, Sudest and Rossel Islands, Bakoiudu, etc., 1967-68. All with annotations to the reverse.
- 1 sheet of three identical negatives of possible village dwellings. Untitled and undated.
- 1 red folder of negatives, possibly of Kuni life. Untitled and undated.
- 1 red packet of negatives of Kebele, Bakoiudu, Church in a storm in 1983 and FR. Wagner at Highbury in 1984.
- 1 white envelope of negatives of villagers and buildings, untitled and undated.
• 3 maps of hamlets at Bakoiudu, Sep 1970

Box 12 (1 ring binder, loose questionnaires)
• 3 green manila folders of Bakoiudu questionnaires (113 in total) on bride price payments (Olokava), 1965-67.
• 1 green ring binder and 1 green manila folder of Bakoiudu questionnaires on hinterland-Bakoiudu migration patterns, 1963-64.
• 1 green manila folder of Bakoiudu questionnaires on employment and migration and housing in Port Moresby, 1964.

Series 2: Thesis (and related research)
Box 13
• Honours dissertation, ‘Social change and social structure’, Olga van Rijswijck, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, Feb 1962.
• PhD thesis, ‘Bakoiudu: Resettlement and social change among the Kuni of Papua’, Olga van Rijswijck, Australian National University, Apr 1967.
• 1 folder of material/draft chapter on the mission of the Sacred Heart in PNG, (its history and its policies) reworked and simplified as chapter 2 of Olga’s 1967 thesis.
• 1 folder of articles, and observations in the Pacific, and draft chapter on Port Moresby Kuni. Includes:
o notebooks 26 and 27 (part of the set from Series 1, box 6); memo book with details of the Port Moresby Kuni mission census, Feb 1963.
o notebook titled ‘Quotes and seminars’, 196-65.
o summarized data from notebook 27 (Port Moresby Kuni).
o notes/draft chapter on Port Moresby Kuni.
o Papers - ‘Work situations in an urban context: an outline of a research project in Port Moresby’, Alan Rew; ‘Urbanization and social change in Africa’, A. L. Epstein; ‘The ranking of occupations on the Gazelle Peninsula’, A. L. Epstein, all undated.

Box 14 (Continuation of Box 13. Thesis-related research)
• 1 manila folder labelled ‘Kuni manuscript correspondence’. Mostly letters between Olga and the National Centre for Development Studies, A.N.U. and The South Australian Institute of Technology, 1966-86.
• 1 manila folder of Christmas hymns and prayers in Kuni, undated; updated maps of Kuni, 1983; Kuni Missa Dajana, undated; paper ‘The village and the road: The local business man and his problems with sorcery and other social pressures’, Michael M. Davis, 1976.
• 1 manila folder of seminar papers delivered at A.N.U. by Olga and Ron Crocombe between 1963-65. Includes ‘Resettlement of the Kuni People at Bakoiudu’, Papua’, undated; ‘Traditional religion & the impact of Christianity’, Nov 1966; ‘Leadership among the Kuni, Jul 1966; ‘Social change among the Kuni, from religious to economic rationalizations and interpretations’, Jul 1965.
• 1 manila folder labelled ‘Thesis diagrams’. Includes some printed notes on the reasons for resettling at Bakoiudu and Kuni hamlet composition; genealogical charts; sketch map of Kuni parish distribution, etc., all undated.
• 1 manila folder of original and printed photographs of the Kuni homelands, housing at Bakoiudu, the local people and their rituals and syncretism, as used in Olga’s thesis, undated.
• 1 manila folder of general PNG newspaper clippings, journal and internet print-outs, some correspondence, and ‘A report on environmental degradation of the Augua-Anga Banga River – portion from Auloli to Velei’, by Au Vei Pressure Group, Jul 1997.
• 1 pink manila folder labelled ‘Kuni miscellany’. Includes examiners’ and publisher’s comments on Olga’s thesis, excerpts from a post 1983 re-write, and genealogical notes, 1964-72 and undated.

Series 3: Correspondence (in French)
(Continues box 14)
Two folders of correspondence of Father Boell. All correspondence has been kept in its original order, and will require sound knowledge of the French language, 1960s-90s.

Series 4: Photographs, negatives and slides

Box 15 (69 small packets and 1 envelope of negatives, 2 wooden boxes of audio tapes and 4 wooden boxes of photographs)
Note: some photographs and negatives are interspersed throughout the collection, particularly in boxes 3 and 4. There is also a brown ring binder in box 11 which describes the contents of the tapes listed below. Also see the ‘Kuni language & tapes’ wooden card index box, part of Series 5.
• 69 small negative folders of photographs taken in Kuni and Nakanai, 1963-65
• 1 envelope of negatives of photographs taken on Olga’s return visit to Bakoiudu with her family in 1983.
• 2 wooden boxes of audio recordings (on spools) related to Kuni life, 1963-65.
• 1 notepad titled ‘Photograph record’ (12.3 x 20.5 cm) which indexes the film taken during Olga’s Kuni fieldwork, 1963-65.
• 4 wooden boxes of photographs, labelled as follows:
- ‘Kuni photos Bakoiudu to Homelands’
- ‘Photos N.G., Bakoiudu Kuni’
- ‘NG photos, Mekeo, Fuyughe, Nakanai’
- ‘Photographs N.G., Trobriands, Misima, Samarai – Sudest – Rossel, Jan-Feb 1968’

Box 16 (11 boxes of slides)
• 8 blue boxes of slides (4 New Guinea general and 4 Kuni), all annotated, including:
- South East Papua, Misima – Alotau, Trobriands, LAE – Markham Valley, 1968
- Port Moresby, Bioto, Terapo, Roro, Yule Island – Kubuna, urban Kuni
- Rabaul, Nakanai,Sepik, Goroka, 1983
- New Guinea lecture series
- Kuni - ceremonial
- Kuni - Catholic
- Bakoiudu – ethnic
- Kuni lecture series

Box 17 (3 boxes of slides and a Devil’s tooth)
• 3 small boxes of slides, all annotated by Olga, on New Guinea and the Kuni. One is labelled ‘Compact lecture series – New Guinea’.
• Small envelope containing ‘The Devil’s Tooth’, a shell-like object with protrusions, relevant to the Kuni archives in boxes 8-11.

Series 5: Indexes (4 wooden boxes of index cards)
Series of cards which index the contents of Olga’s original Kuni field notebooks, housed in boxes 5-7.
• Box 1: ‘Card index to Kuni Notes: A’ – Includes attitudes and values; Bakoiudu; change; customs and beliefs; economy; geography, homelands; kinship, etc.
• Box 2: ‘Card index to Kuni Notes: B’ – Includes non-Kuni; parishes; politics and leadership; religion; reciprocity; rituals and ceremonies, etc.
• Box 3: ‘Kuni language and tapes’ – Includes Maiana; material culture; public lectures; miscellaneous; tapes. The ‘tapes’ index cards may assist with the audio recordings in Series 4, box 15.
• Box 4: ‘Port Moresby Kuni’ – Includes Port Moresby Kuni (PMK) census; PMK marriages; Kuni abroad, etc.

Series 6: Additional material
- PNG elections 1968 (i) - basic data and reprints
- PNG elections 1968 (ii) - field notes, maps, reports
- 2 folders. 1 folder labelled New Guinea Research Unit, 1 folder labelled Soroptimists & Seminarians.

The following French texts were also donated by Olga and have been catalogued separately for Rare Books & Special Collections’ Pacific Collection:
Le Sanglier de Kouni: Père Chabot Missionaire en Papouasie, André Dupeyrat, 1951
Mitsinari: Twenty-one Years Among the Papuans, André Dupeyrat, 1954
Sainteté au Naturel, André Dupeyrat, 1958
Briseurs de Lance chez les Papous, André Dupeyrat, 1964

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