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Professor Herbert Sydney Green (1920-1999)
Papers ca. 1930-1979

MSS 0005

Biographical Note

Professor H.S. Green, born 17 December, 1920 in Ipswich, England, studied mathematics at the Royal College of Science and obtained his B.Sc. with first class honours from the University of London in 1941. In 1941 he was appointed to the Meterological branch of the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve and served as a meterologist and lecturer in meterology. After the was Green studied under Professor Max Born at the University of Edinburgh, obtaining his Ph.D. in 1947 and his D.Sc., for work on "A Unitary Quantum Electrodynamics", in 1949. In 1949-1950 Green undertook work at the Insitute of Advanced Study, Princeton and in 1950-1951 was a Visiting Professor at the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies. In January 1950 he applied for the foundation chair of Mathematical Physics at the University of Adelaide, a position he held from August 1951 until his retirement in December 1985.

These papers were deposited with the University Archives by Professor Green in December 1985. They comprise a significant collection of correspondence between Green and his colleagues and re departmental matters; research notes and drafts of research papers; lecture notes; and papers re study leave, conferences and membership of professional societies.

Access to the papers is available to bona fide researchers, with the exception of confidential referees reports and reports on students and scholarship applicants.

Contents Listing


1. Correspondence 1943, 1947-1973. 63cm.
[Comprising the following files and sequences:

  • 1943, 1947-1948 - including re Green's appointment to the Meterological branch, R.A.F. Volunteer Reserve 1943, and his early work on Kinetic theory of liquids.
  • 1949-1950, 1957-1958 re visiting Professorship at Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies in 1950-1951 and 1958.
  • 1950-1959 general correspondence received, including with colleagues and in relation to departmental matters, referees reports [RESTRICTED], scholarship applicants [RESTRICTED], etc. This file also includes correspondence, originally separately filed, with 'famous people' viz. Joseph E. Mayer, 6 April 1950, Maurice Neumann 26 October 1951, Cécile and Bryce [   ] 22 and 25 August 1952, 'Mac' [A.G. McLellan] 28 August 1952, E. Schrödinger 10 October 1952, Ian McCarthy 15 September 1955 and 27 January 1956, S.N. Biswas 18 and 27 December 1957, Abdus Salam (circular letter inviting participation in International Symposium on Contemporary Physics, Trieste, June 1968) 20 October 1967, and undated, typescript copy of 'poem' by Edward Teller.
  • 1959 correspondence and notes re Decimal Currency conversion.
  • 1960-1962 general correspondence received (? incomplete file).
  • 1963-1969 general correspondence received.
  • 1963-1969 copies of outgoing correspondence.
  • 1970-1973 general correspondence (received and outgoing).
  • June-Sept. 1970 correspondence with John Casley-Smith re joint article in Journal Theoretical Geology [published 1972], with copies of letter to Casley-Smith by Stephen Shea and reprint of paper by Shea, Morris J. Karnovsky and William H. Bassert on vascular transport across Endothelium.]

2. Letters received from Max Born.  October 1952-November 1968.  2cm.  (c.60 items)
[File also includes typescript copy of notes by Born, 'How I became a Physicist', 'Reflections' and 'What I did as a Physicist' (27 p.) and notes on Born's career (? by Green) (3 p.)]

Research Notes, Papers and Publications

3.  Thesis 'A General Kinetic Theory of Liquids' submitted for Ph.D. at Edinburgh University, April 1947. 77 p. (carbon copy of transcript).

4.  Thesis 'A Unitary Quantum Electrodynamics' submitted for D.Sc. at Edinburgh University, March 1949.  65 p. (carbon copy of typescript).

5.  "Relativistic Construct of Motion. Material used in paper [Il] Nuovo Cim [ento]. 5. 866 (1951)"  n.d. ms. notes, 6p.

6.  "Cosmic Ray Showers". Notes and articles re, by Green and others (including H. Messel and R.B Potts, 1952). Background papers for article subsequently published in Advances in Applied Probability 10, 730-735 (1978).  1952, 1954, 1960, 1967 and undated.  1cm.

7.  "3- and 4- body oscillation model with spin". Notes on work with Ph.D. graduate student T.K. Lim (later Professor at Drexel University) c.1964.  Ms. notes, 7p.

8.  "Work with A.J. Bracken". Draft of joint article 'A Relativistic Dynamic Triplet Model of the baryons". c1970. Typescript, 43 p., and extensive appendices. 2 copies.

9.  "Papers with J. Reinfelds. B.[ethe] - S[alpeter] Eq'n: Diiff. Eq'n Method: General angular Momentum". Notes on joint work. n.d. Ms. notes, 11 p.

10.  Notes by Green and Professor R. Leipnik, draft of joint article re their work on 'Electronic and Optical Properties of Quasi-Metals'. n.d.  2cm.

11.  "Work with Terry Triffett (Dean for Research, College of Engineering, University of Arizona). Extensive draft notes, background papers (including copies of articles by others) on Non Linear Integral Eigenequations, Codiagonal Iterations, etc. Also typescript draft of paper by Triffett on 'Towards a Mechanics of Historical Processes'.  n.d.  2cm.

12.  "Reiner-Problem".  Notes re research work by Markus Reiner - (Technion, Haifa, Israel) on behaviour of fluides between rotating discs. Draft of Green's paper 'Heating between Coaxial Rotating Discs', article by Reiner 'A Centripetal Air Pump' (New Scientist 7, 946-8), typescript draft by Reiner 'Gross-stresses in the Laminar Flow of Liquids', and related notes.  n.d.  2cm.

13.  Draft of paper "Generalised Statistics and the Quark Model" published in Australian Journal of Physics 29, 483 (1976). n.d. Ms., 12 p.

14.  'Ionic Theory of Plasmas', 'Collisions in a Plasma', 'Quantum Theory of Radiation' - part chapters 8, 8.5 and 9.2 of proposed publication. Sources of Plasma Physics II. Typescript, 12 p.

15.  'Ionic Theory of Plasmas and Magnetohydrodynamics'. Paper prepared while visiting Professor of Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, published in Physics of Fluids 2, 341 (1959). Typescript, 24 p.

16.  Memorandum of W. Pauli and notes on Green on problem given.  n.d. 5 p. ms.

17.  List of publications as at August 1958, c.1964 and 1985.  3 p. ms., 2 p. typescript and 11p. typescript respectively.

18.  Reprint by H.S. Green 'The Structure of Liquids' from Encyclopedia of Physics ed. S. Flügge-Marburg, vol. X. 133 p.

19.  H.S. Green The Molecular Theory of Fluids (North Holland Publishing Co. 1952 and New York, Dover Publications 1969)  2v.

20.  H.S. Green and R.B. Leipnik, Sources of Plasma Physics I (Groningen, Walters Noordhoff Publishing, 1970).  1v.

Lecture Notes

21.  School note book (County Secondary School, Felixstowe) on Electricity and Magnetism, Heat and Light nd. [1930s].  1v.

22.  Lecture notes taken as an undergraduate at the Royal College of Science 1939-1941 and subsequent notes on research to 1945 on a General Quantum - Mechanical Method for the Evaluation of the Eigenvalues of Dynamic Variables.  1939-1945.  2cm.
[Includes exchange of letters March-April 1945 between Green and Professor S. Chapman re Green's planned future studies in quantum theory, and between Green and Professor G. Temple, King's College re Green's early work on quantum mechanics.]

23.  Miscellaneous Lecturing Material - comprising:

  • Lectures on Kinetic Theory of Gases  n.d. 22 p. ms.
  • Lectures on Relativistic Wave Mechanics (first given at Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, 1958). 45p. ms.
  • Lectures on The Special Theory of Relativity (Honours Unit, Dept. Mathematical Physics, first given in 1952. Updated version).  n.d. 15p. typescript.
  • Additional material for Lectures on Relativity  n.d. 13p. ms.
  • Lectures on Theory of Scattering at Low Relativity  n.d. 13p. ms.
  • Scattering by (Combined?) Forces  n.d. 14p. ms.
  • History of Theory of Heat and Statistical Physics. Five lectures given for University of Adelaide Physics Department.  n.d. Projection transparencies (36 sheets) and 19p. ms. notes.
  • Lecture on History and Physiology of Physics (first given 1981).  14p. ms.
  • Nuclear Physics Lectures  n.d. 13p. ms.
  • Distribution Theory and Integral Equations  n.d. c.63 p. ms.
  • Lectures on S.M.  n.d. 5p. ms.
  • Miscellaneous lecture notes  n.d. c.30 p.

24.  Notes for lecture series on Electromagnetism, Theory of Fluids, Relativistic Wave Mechanics, Hydrodynamics, together with lecture Schedule.  n.d. 4cm. Machine copies of typescript.

25.  Notes for lecture to Australian Mathematical Society on Applied Mathematics - Problems in Anisotropic Diffusion.  n.d. [1970] 6p. ms.

26.  Papers re course of lectures on Physics, Man and Society - class list, reference lists, contemporary newspaper cuttings on nuclear power.  1978. 1cm.

27.  Papers re course of lectures for Environmental Studies - lecture notes, project material.  c.1976-1979. 4cm. Projection transparencies and notes.

Study Leave and Conferences

28.  Report on study leave, Feb.-Sept. 1953  3p. typescript.

29.  Correspondence re 1953 study leave, including enquiries received by Green re Senior Fellowship in Dept. Mathematical Physics, March-April 1953.  1cm.

30.  Report on study leave, Feb. 1958-March 1959.  3p. typescript.

31.  Correspondence, programmes of lectures and conferences attended etc. during study leave, June 1969-March 1971 (principally spent at Michigan State University and the University of Florida). Jan. 1969-June 1970.  2cm.

32.  Correspondence, programmes of lectures and conferences attended, draft of graduate lectures given during study leave, May 1978-May 1979 (principally spent at University of Florida and University of Arizona) Sept. 1977-July 1979.  5cm.

33.  "Conferences attended". Papers re 1968, 1978  1cm.[Comprising Grampians Meeting on Applied Mathematics, Hall's Gap, 28 Feb.-1 March 1968. programme, arrangements and list of participants.International Conference on Statistical Mechanics, Tokyo, 7-14 Sept. 1968.Preliminary announcement, 1st notice.Quantum Theory and the Structures of Time and Space 3, Tutzing, 3-6 July 1978. List of participants.]

Australian Mathematical Society

34.  Papers re Summer Research Institute, Canberra, Jan. 1967.
Correspondence with visitors, participants and potential sponsors, lists of participants, programme, circular publicity. June 1965-Feb. 1967.  6cm.

35.  A.M.S. Council. Meeting agendas and minutes, notices, and reports, notes for talk to Hobart meeting May 1973, and related correspondence.  1973-1977.  4cm.
[Green was President of the A.M.S. 1974-1977 and Vice-President 1973-1974 and 1976-1977.]

Australian Academy of Science

36.  Papers re establishment of A.A.S. - 1st A.G.M. minutes 1954, Charter Feb. 1954, Bye-Laws Nov. 1954, Secretary's Report 1955, 2nd Annual Report 1956, list of foundation fellows. 1954-56.  1cm.


37.  Newspaper cuttings, circular re Soviet mathematician Leonid Plyushch and the organisation of support for his release from internment in a psychiatric clinic in the Ukraine. April 1975.  1cm.

38.  Programme written for the composer Henk Bardings - melody generator for I.B.M. 1620 (the first computer used by the University of Adelaide) n.d. [1960s]  2p.

39.  Review of The Origin of the Stars and the Development of the Universe by P. Jordan, for Nature 1944.  6 p. ms.

40.  Photograph of Green, K.C. Cheng, A. Sabry, Angela Penny, L.M. Yang and A.G. McLennan, taken at Loch Lomond Youth Hostel n.d. [1940s]  1 item.

41.  Set of preprints of papers from the International Symposium on Second-Order Effects in Elasticity Plasticity and Fluid Dynamics, Haifa, 21-29 April 1962.  3cm.

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