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Hainsworth Collection
Estate papers ca. 1630-1730

MSS 942.06 H153e
(In secondary storage. Please contact Special Collections for access.


Contents Summary

These papers were deposited by Dr. D.R. (Roger) Hainsworth on his retirement from the History Department of the University.  They comprise material collected from county record offices and private collections in England and Wales for research on the administration of landed estates in England in the 17th century, subsequently published as Stewards, lords and people: the estate steward and his world in later Stuart England (Cambridge University Press, 1992).  Additional notes on these manuscript sources in that publication are attached.  There are also microfilm copies of the Cholmondeley papers at Microfilm 15372-77 and 16979-89 and of the Thynne papers at Microfilm 15826-87.

All items are photocopies from originals in records offices and archives throughout England.


Contents Listing

1.  Principal estate collections

Boxes 1-5
Marquess of Cholmondeley
Correspondence of stewards, 1662-1720.
[principally letters 1679ff from steward William Adams]
Accounts of steward William Adams, 1681-1711 with related histories of the district, genealogies, maps, inventories, etc.

Boxes 6-7
Trevor of Glynde and Trevalyn
Stewards' correspondence with Sir John Trevor II, Sir John Trevor III and others relating to their Welsh estates, 1630-74 [imperfect] and related estate correspondence and listings.

Boxes 8-13
Thynne (Marquess of Bath)
Letters of James Tayldor to Lord Weymouth [re London properties], 1684-90.
Stewards' letters to Sir James, 1658-9, 1672-90, 1709 with estate accounts,  1653-4 and 1658-9, and to Sir Thomas Thynne 1672-1711, with listings, maps and related documents, principally relating to Longleat,  Kempsford and Tamworth estates.
Lawyer's letters [Goold] to Sir James Thynne, 1657-63.
Thynne Papers, reproduced from the originals in Longleat House Archives vol. xxiv, 1-400 (1688-1700), vol. xxv, 1-502 (1700-1709), correspondence principally related to Longleat House. Plus photocopied index to Thynne papers (2 vols); with ms notes on possible steward sources.

Boxes 14-15
Sir George Savile
Stewards' letters to Sir George and Lady Savile relating to their Yorkshire  estates (Thornhill, Rufford) 1608-9, 1711-39; abstracts of accounts, 1713-30  memoranda of actions of the estates' steward, 1712, 1721-31 and  miscellaneous estate papers, 1658-[80?]. Love letters of Robert Turner to Sir George Savile 1655-1666.

Box 16
Sackville of Knole
Stewards' correspondence [various estates] with Earl of Middlesex, Earl and Countess of Dorset and Countess of Bath, 1645-79.
This box includes Hainsworth's photocopied reference copy of Knole and the Sackvilles by Vita Sackville-West (London, Benn, 1969)

Boxes 17-18
Fitzwilliam of Milton
Letters of Rev. Jeremiah Pendleton, chaplain, to Lord Fitzwilliam, 1687-1700.
Stewards' letters, 1677-1710, (Milton and Norfolk estates), accounts 1669-1700, with miscellaneous notes, maps and lists of sources.
Edited transcript of correspondence of Lord Fitzwilliam of Milton, 1693-1709 by Hainsworth and Cherry Walker (typescript).

Much of this material was used in The correspondence of Lord Fitzwilliam of Milton and Francis Guybon, his steward, 1697-1709 edited by D.R.  Hainsworth and Cherry Walker (Northampton : Northamptonshire Record  Society, 1990)

Boxes 19-36
Hastings (Earl of Huntingdon)
Correspondence 1646-1701.

Boxes 37-44
Sir Thomas Barrington and family
Correspondence 1631-1683.
Most boxes have ms contents listings.

2. Smaller collections of estate papers and other relevant correspondence

Box 45
Ashe family papers
Estate (Downton, Wilts.) correspondence and accounts 1665-1717.
Notes on Sir Joseph Ashe.

Duke of Devonshire
Estate papers 1693-1707.

Duke of Portland
Estate papers.

Dukes of Newcastle
Stewards' correspondence (William and Andrew Clayton) 1659-1670.
Miscellaneous estate correspondence with 1st and 2nd Dukes 1602-75.
Steward's correspondence (Northumberland estates) 1700-1716.

Earl of Northampton
Estate papers (Westcumberland estates) 1687-1722 [scattered]

Isham of Lamport Hall, Northamptonshire
62 letters 1670-97.
Photocopied extracts of Diary of Thomas Isham of Lamport 1658-81 (1971)

Howard [Lady Diana Fielding] of Castle Rising
Stewards' records 1696, 1702-9.
Hobart of Blickling [later Lothian of Blickling]
Steward's? accounts 1683-84.

Box 46
Miscellaneous steward correspondence 17th century
(Egmont correspondence D/Lec.79.E)

Paget (Anglesey) papers
Stewards' correspondence 1669-1725 [scattered]
Printed biographical and historical material on the Pagets and their estates and on the Leverson-Gower family.

Lord Gower
Estate correspondence and accounts 1673-c1720

Sir John Nicholas
Estate correspondence (Dorset properties) 1698-1701

[Thomas Earl of Thanet]
"Westmorland accounts for the year ending... 1711" [copy of a transcript]
Papers of Thos Carleton, Steward at Appleby Castle for the Earl of Thanet (dispute between Thanet and his tenant Thos Dalston)

Earls of Cardigan
Miscellaneous stewards' papers: correspondence (late 17th century) and  accounts (18th century) re Northamptonshire estates.

Adam Sedgwick
A steward's autobiography.

Newdigate of Arbury
Correspondence c1667-95.

Foley family papers
Correspondence 1671-1713.

Box 47
Holford of Avebury and Westonbyrt
Papers of John Smyth of Nibley, steward to the Lords of Berkeley 1589-1640.
Letters and papers of Sir Richard Holford, Lord of the manors of Westonbyrt and Avebury 1667-1719.

Box 48
Jane Lowther
Letters, 1700-30.
Lowther Church register of births, marriages and deaths 1540-1720
[copied from The Register of Lowther 1540-1814 transcribed by J.F. Haswell, published Penrith 1933]
Dr Hainsworth proposed in 1984 a project to edit and publish a collection of  Jane Lowther's letters.  The box of letters includes this proposal and extensive cards made in preparation for the project.

Box 49
Jervois of Herriard, Hants.
Correspondence ?1637-?1710  [scattered]

Kenyon of Peel, Lancs.
Correspondence, c1658-1730.  Much on elections.

Altham family (Mark Hall, Latton)
Correspondence 1630-1716.

Box 50
Wrest Papers
Letters from John Campbell (1720-28) and others (1690-1728) to Henry, Duke of Kent.

Lord Leconfield
Correspondence re Cumberland estates of the Earl of Northumberland and the Duke of Somerset.

Earl of Carlisle
Steward's correspondence (Naworth estates) 1693-1696.

Box 51
Sir Daniel Fleming
Estate accounts, Rydal Hall, Westmoreland:
• Book of receipts and disbursements 1688- of Sir Daniel Fleming / transcribed by Canon Fell. 368 p. (photocopy of typed transcript)
• Richard Harnson, steward to Fleming and the sequesters of estate 1643-49
• William Tyson, agent for John Fleming 1631-32.

Canon Fell's glossary to the account books of Fleming, Tyson, Harrison and the tillage book of Fleming (photocopy of typed transcript)

Tilling book of Richard Fleming, 1631-1699, steward of Rydal Hall 1693-99 (photocopy of original and typed transcript)

Correspondence with sons and sons-in-law (including photocopy of typed transcripts), Fleming marriage settlements, letters from Sir George Fletcher.

Miscellaneous biographical, personal and historical material including Lord Carlisle re 1695 election, and Sir C. Musgrave re 1689 political situation.

Correspondence, accounts, book lists etc. with James Cocke of Kendal, bookseller/mercer 1665-1701.

Notes on his manors, 1650s.

"Fleming of Rydal. Manor of Skiwith and Kirkwood"

Miscellaneous Fleming materials: odd jottings from Fleming papers re stewards: ms notes by Hainsworth; agents letters: William Atkinson 1663-96.

Photocopies of miscellaneous indentures, marriage settlements, Rydal agreement, description of manor of Rydal 1654, miscellaneous correspondence.

"Rydal Hall farmyard: the development of a Westmorland farmstead before 1700"/ Blake Tyson (photocopy)

(see also separate listing of related materials as used by Christine Churches for her thesis (B.A.(Hons), University of Adelaide, 1984) "Daniel Fleming, Richard Scott and James Cocke : the making of a 17th century English provincial library", in MSS 0071)

Box 52
Thomas Harwood Hill
The letters of Thomas Bell, steward at Tern Hall, Atcham, near Shrewsbury, to his master Thomas Harwood Hill, 1730-1770, reflecting a steady policy of the consolidation of the estates and the capable administration of large properties, including coal-works at Wrockwardine Wood.

Box 53-56
Lowther of Lowther, Cumbria
Accounts of John Cockell, steward; income and expenditure on behalf of executors of Sir John Lowther, 1st Viscount Lonsdale, 1701-1702.
Accounts of John Cockell for Countess of Lonsdale, 1701-1702.
Correspondence of William Atkinson, steward to Sir John Lowther of Lowther, 1st Bart (obit 1675) and his grandson Sir John Lowther, 1st Viscount Lonsdale (obit 1700), 1663-1694.
Receipts, payments and memoranda book of Sir William Lowther of  Swillington, 1764-1787, including notes on Lowther family tree.

Lowther of Whitehaven, Earl of Northumberland
Correspondence (mainly in-letters) of Hugh Potter, Chief Steward of Cumberland Estates of the Earl of Northumberland, Cockermouth Castle, concerning matters relating to Whitehaven-St Bees and environs owned by Sir John Lowther of Whitehaven, a minor, 1655-1660.

Musgrave of Edenhall, Cumbria
Correspondence, 1658-1685.

Thomas Jackson
Diary of Thomas Jackson, steward of the Tabley Estate, Cheshire, 1681-1701.

Box 57
Elizabeth, Lady Lowther of Ackworth
Letters 1682-1697.
Copy of typescript "Letters from the manuscript volumes of Elizabeth, Lady Lowther of Ackworth, 1682-1692", selected and typed from the collection in the Muniment Room in Byrom. Forward by W.H.W. Powell, 1908. From Cumbria County Archives (?).

Box 58
Archer of Tanworth-in-Arden, Warwicks.
Correspondence 1610-1722, plus 5 letters from Arden Archer to his brother Thomas 1711-12; 5 letters from Herbert Croft to brother-in-law Thomas Archer 1711-12; 8 letters from Archer Croft to Uncle Thomas Archer 1711-12.
Copied from Shakespeare Birthday Trust, Stratford
Also Archer and Hulton family biographies and letter to Roger Hainsworth re sources.

Boxes 59-60
Kenyon of Peel, Lancs.
Correspondence 17th century, with family biography, with ms and typed content lists and descriptions of individual letters.

Box 61
Cowper letters
Letters 1688-1721, includes correspondence from Lady Mary Cowper and Sir William Cowper, 2nd Bart.

Box 62
Marchioness of Hertford and Duchess of Somerset
Estate correspondence ca 1653-73, with Seymour letters 1642-64.

Box 63
Heathcote of Hunley
Correspondence 1676-1745, with ms index.
Photocopy from the Trenchard MSS in Dorchester (various writers including Emma Young, John Young, Charles Gardiner (clergyman), Grace Cole)
With covering letter to Roger Hainsworth.

Box 64
Correspondence from Seymour (Thynne) Papers
Correspondence between Timothy Whitfield and Robert Semple 1668-79.
Correspondence of James Kirton, agent to Earl of Hertford 1600-1614.
Calendar of Salisbury correspondence 1553-ca 1700 / ed. W.J. Smith. Cardiff: U.of Wales, 1954 (photocopy)
Also sundry notes and photocopies.

Boxes 65-69
Card indexes
• Index to Hastings letters 1643-96 (arranged by year and within year by subject/name)
• Cholmondeley correspondence index "Cherry’s notes on places and people"

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