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Geoffrey Colin Harcourt (1931-)
Papers 1950-1982

MSS 0007

Contents Listing


1. Correspondence files (alphabetical by name of correspondent) c1969-1982.1. 2 metres.

2. Correspondence (chronological) 1962-1979, 1982.30 cm. 
Includes separate files on fellowships and study leave 1963-64 and 1969 and on the E.A. Russell Memorial Fund 1977-79, and letters of congratulation 1967-68 on Harcourt's appointment to the Chair of Economics.

Lecture Notes

3. Notes taken as a student at the University of Melbourne. 1950-1951. 15 cm.

4. Notes on lectures given at Cambridge, the University of Toronto, Flinders and Adelaide University. c1964-1979. 15 cm.

Published papers, articles, lectures and reviews

5. Correspondence with publishers, co-authors and contributors, with some drafts and copies of papers and chapters. 1958-1979. 45 cm.
Includes files re the publications and articles Economic activity, Readings in the concept and use of income, Capital and growth, 'Much ado about something', World development, 'Cambridge controversies', etc.

6. Book reviews. c1965-1974. 15 cm.

7. Referees reports [on journal articles] and comments on papers by others. c1962-1981. 30 cm.
Includes papers of Victoria Chick, P. Garegnani, Noel Gaston, Ian Hunt, N.F. Laing, Ian McDonald, E.J. Nell, Frank Roosevelt, A.K. Sen and John Vaizey, some with related correspondence.


8. Conference papers and related correspondence. 1961-1981. 15 cm
Includes papers from the Congregational Union Public Questions conference on Hungry people 1961, the UNSW Winter School on Unemployment 1978, the 2 nd and 3 rd Conference of Labour economists 1978 and 1979,University of New South Wales Applied Economics Workshop on the Significance of the Budget Deficit 1979, and the University of New England Conference on the History of Economic Thought 1981.

ALP Committee of Enquiry

9. Reports, submissions, discussion papers, minutes, correspondence, submissions, comment and reviews of the ALP Committee of Enquiry [into the ALP]. 1978-1979. 30 cm.

Political issues and societies

10. Papers (correspondence, leaflets, newspaper cuttings, copies of articles) relating to various political issues and movements. c1967-1981.
Includes files on the John Howard Society (reports, minutes of meetings and related correspondence) 1967-1979; Campaign for Peace in Vietnam (notes, pamphlets, address by Harcourt, notes and newspaper cuttings) 1968-1969; ASIO and secret police 1974 and 1979; East Timor; Amnesty International; Vietnam opposition movements; dismissal of the Whitlam government; appointment of Governor of the Reserve Bank (correspondence with Jim Cairns and prospective appointees) 1974-1975; Race Mathews and the Fabian Society (copies of pamphlets, statement re movement) 1981.


11. Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia. 1971-1981. 4 cm.
Correspondence re Harcourt's election to the Association, nomination of others, minutes.

12. Economic Society of Australia and New Zealand. 1974-1978. 6 cm.
Correspondence, agendas, notices.

Note: Confidential reports on examined theses, research students and files of references for (former) students and colleagues have been destroyed.

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