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David Lindsay Hayman (1929-2006)
Reprints 1955-1995

MSS 0113


Biographical Note

David Hayman, who retired as Reader in Genetics in 1992, was closely associated with the University of Adelaide for more than 50 years.

In his final year for the B.Ag.Sc. degree at the Waite Institute in 1952, David obtained a splendid grounding in genetics with Professor D.G. Catcheside and George Mayo and Jean Mathieson as Lecturers in the new Department.

In 1953 he began a study of cross-incompatibility in the grass Phalaris coerulescens which led to his discovery of a novel genetic system with two separate gene loci, both with multiple alleles, controlling incompatibility. A similar discovery was reported for rye in 1954 by Lundqvist in Sweden. Hayman and Lundqvist are now acknowledged as co-discoverers of the genetic basis for incompatibility found in all grass species.

After several years as a Research Officer in the CSIRO Division of Plant Industry, David came to Adelaide as a Lecturer in Genetics in 1959 and began a big project on marsupial cytogenetics. From studies of chromosome morphology and banding patterns in Australian and South American species, he identified two contrasting themes in marsupial evolution: the conservation of chromosome number and morphology, and chromosomal fission events leading to an increase in chromosome number.

David maintained his interest in incompatibility in P.coerculescens, supervising studies of mutations where the incompatibility has been completely or partially lost and after retirement he worked with Professor Peter Langridge at the Waite Institute in an attempt to clone an incompatibility gene from pollen.

David Hayman is remembered as an inspiring teacher of cytology and genetics. Whilst Assistant to the Dean of the Faculty of Science (1960-75) and later as Dean, he built lasting friendships with many in the wider university. He served on the University Finance Committee (1982-86), the Wilderness School Council (1969-84) and as President of the Genetics Society of Australia (1979).

He enjoyed collecting early maps and books and donated 17th century texts to the University Library. The Library will continue to benefit from the income from the Dr David Hayman Memorial Book Fund.

Adapted from the obituary written by Professor Henry Bennett. These reprints were donated in November 2006 by Professor Bennett.


Contents Listing


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