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Derek Thomas Healey
Papers 1951-1991

MSS 0022

Series 2. Research Papers 1953-1991

  • Analysis of Australian Tariff Board Reports: First report, April 1953; Second report, 1954
  • Australia and Great Britain Productivity Comparisons, 1954
  • Notes on the Measurement of Productivity in Agriculture, 1954
  • The Post-War Expansion of the Australian Economy, 1954
  • Population Growth and Living Standards, January 1954
  • The Process and Results of Australian Industrialisation, July 1954
  • Farm Income and Agricultural Prices, 1955
  • A Note on the Import-Content of Agricultural Inputs, August 1956
  • Can Agriculture Do a Deal with Europe, 1958
  • The Impact of European Free Trade on British Thought and Economic Policy, September 1958
  • The Importance of Private Capital Movements in Economic Development,  with special reference to Africa, September 1958
  • Some Implications in the Common Market for European Agriculture,  December 1958
  • Note on the Relation between Share of Wages in National Income and  Terms of Trade, February 1959
  • The Place of Agriculture in the British and European Economies, March  1959
  • Some Problems in International Trade, July 1959
  • Economic Development in Small Countries, July 1960
  • 'Le développement économique dans les petits pays' Revue de la Soci´été  Belge d'études  & d'expansion August-October 1960
  • Possible Effects of European and Commonwealth Trading Agreements on  British Agricultural Policy [Conference on Agricultural Policy, Oxford,  April 1961]
  • The Influence of the European Economic Community on British Agriculture  and the Commonwealth, 1961
  • The Implications of the European Economic Community for British  Agriculture, n.d. (c1961)
  • Notes on the Calculation of Index Numbers [revised], April 1963
  • Report on Middle-Level Officials in Africa. Prepared for UNESCO, April 1963
  • Report on Agriculture and Agricultural Economics in Africa South of the  Sahara, May 1963
  • Some Recently Published Books and Articles on Economic Development  and Related Topics, December 1963
  • Selected Readings and Source Materials on Economic Development,  1963/1964
  • Report on Middle Grade Officials in Africa: Sudan, June 1964
  • 'Agricultural Economics in Some African Countries' International  Journal of Agrarian Affairs vol.IV no.4, June 1964
  • 'The World Bank in the Sixties' Canadian Banker, Fall 1964
  • Capital Flight, the Bank and IDA [notes prepared for World Bank],  September 1964
  • 'Wheat Crisis - the Solution' Australian 27/1/1965
  • A Note on the Doctor/Population Ratio and Economic Development,  June 1965
  • The World Bank Comes of Age' Left Wheel no.3, 1965
  • 'Welfare Considerations of North Australian Development Decisions'  [presented at 10th annual conference of the Australian Agricultural  Economics Society, February 1966 and reprinted in Australian Journal of Agricultural Economics vol.10 no.2]
  • Progress Report on Project "Measures to increase the flow of  domestic savings in Papua/New Guinea for economic development",  December 1966
  • 'Neo-Imperialism - a Modern Myth?' Tradition  May 1967
  • The Soviet Economy, May 1967
  • Australia and Her Neighbours - Practical Cooperation through  External Aid, May 1967
  • A Note on the Effectiveness of Programmed Learning in Elementary  Economics, October 1967 [published in Vestes, 1967?]
  • The Economic Ape or The Naked Economist, October 1968
  • 'Economics - Virile Discipline' On Dit vol.38 no.8, June 1970
  • After the Protest: What Now?, August 1970
  • International Understanding: the Community's Responsibilities.   Some Thoughts on Education and Development, October 1970
  • Some Comments and a Note on Chinese Real Output 1950-1970 [in  Bruce McFarlane, Economic Policy and Economic Growth in  Communist China, April 1971]
  • The Economic Development of Papua New Guinea, June 1971 [co-authored with Bruce McFarlane]
  • The Predictive Value of School Leaving Examinations for First year  University Economics Performance, August 1971
  • Planning and Development - the End of an Era, August/Oct. 1971
  • Chinese Real Output 1950-1970, August 1971 [and reprinted Bulletin, Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex, no.2/3, 1972]
  • Statistical Tables and Notes on "Some New Thoughts on  Development Problems", September 1971
  • Development Policy: a New Assessment, November 1971
  • Sweden: Problem and Opportunity, October 1971 [with revisions]
  • 'Utvecklingsplanering: slutet på en epok' Rapport Okt 1971
  • Foreign Capital and Exports in Economic Development: the  Experience of Eight Asian Countries, February 1972 [reprinted in The  Economic Record September 1973]
  • 'Development policy: new thinking about an interpretation' Journal of  Economic Literature, vol.X no.3, September 1972
  • Economic Growth: Benefits and Costs for Australia, December 1972
  • Population Growth and Real Output Growth in Developing Countries:  a Survey and Analysis, n.d. [1972/73?]
  • Development and Unemployment: Some Asian Experience  [Economic Society of Australia and New Zealand, Third Conference of  Economists, May 1973]
  • 'A National Superannuation Scheme for Australia?', June 1973  [reprinted in Australian Journal of Social Issues]
  • The Use of Personal Space, 1973
  • Draft chapters and revision of ILO publication Employment Growth and Basic Needs, 1975
  • Development and Unemployment: The Asian Experience [Working  Paper in Asian Studies no.1, July 1976]
  • Population Growth and Real Output Growth in Developing Countries:  a Survey and Analysis [Working Paper in Asian Studies no.2, July  1976]
  • 'Aid, trade and jobs' ILO Information vol.4 no.3, 1976
  • Integration Schemes Among Developing Countries: a Survey [Sixth Conference of Economists, May 1977]
  • Mineral Resource Supply in Australia and the Japanese Market: a  Survey [Paper prepared for Fifth World Congress of Economists,  August-September 1977, published as Working Paper in Asian Studies  no.5]
  • Australia, Japan and ASEAN: the Emerging Trade-Aid Relationship  [Paper prepared for Second National Conference of the Asian Studies  Association of Australia, May 1978 and published as Working Paper in  Asian Studies no.6]
  • The Implications for Australia of Expanded Imports from ASEAN  [Paper prepared for 49th ANZAAS Congress, January 1979 and  published as Working Paper in Asian Studies no.7]
  • Structural Adjustment within the Economies of Australia, Japan,  Sweden and the United States in Response to Imports from  Developing Countries; Lessons for Australia [50th ANZAAS Congress,  May 1980]
  • Structural Adjustment in Japan [Japanese Studies Association of  Australia First National Conference, May 1980], with abbreviated  version, The Problem of Structural Adjustment with particular reference to Japan and revision Structural Change and Structural Adjustment in  Japan [published as University of Adelaide Department of Economics  Working Paper 81-5]
  • The Indonesian Economy: Survey of Recent Developments [advance copy and as published in Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies  vol.XVII no.1, March 1981]
  • The Indonesian Economy: an Early 1981 Perspective [University of  Adelaide Department of Economics Working Paper 81-8]
  • List of Publications involving ASEAN Countries, March 1981
  • Evidence Submitted to the Industries Assistance Commission Inquiry  into Approaches to General Reductions in Protection, October 1981
  • The Problem of Structural Adjustment with particular reference to  Japan [in A Northern Prospect: Australian Papers on Japan ed. Harold  Bolitho and Alan Rix, 1981]
  • Structural Adjustment in Developing Countries: selected readings,  n.d. [1982/1983]
  • Seminars on Development Policy Issues for Senior African Officials:
    1. Agricultural Policy Issues, 1982. 3 vols.
  • Evidence Presented to the Committee to Review the Australian  Overseas Aid Program, June 1983
  • A Survey of Aid with Special Reference to Australia's Aid Program in  the 1980s, June 1983 [with revision of July 1983]
  • Some Statistics on the Flow of Capital to Developing Countries and  LDC Debt, August 1983
  • The World Bank and African Economic Development, August 1983
  • Aid Revisited: What is its Purpose? [Economic Society of Australia,  Twelfth Conference of Economists, August-September 1983]
  • Aid and Development with special reference to Australian Aid, 1983  (revised March 1984)
  • Issues Presented to the Sub-Committee on Australia and ASEAN of  the Joint Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence, April 1984
  • 'A survey of aid with special reference to Australia's aid program in  the 1980s' The Development Crisis and the North-South Dialogue: An  Australian Perspective, 1984
  • Voluntary Aid Agencies: Do They Aid Development?, 1984
  • Japan, Australia and ASEAN: Selected Economic Indicators, September 1984
  • Economic Appraisal of the Proposed Pergau Hydro electric Project, Malaysia, February 1985
  • Diversion of Resources for Economic Development through Military Procurement Policies of the Developing World, May 1985
  • Countertrade: Solution or Problem, June 1986 [with Countertrade: A Select Bibliography, 1986
  • Technology Park Adelaide: A Microcosm of a High-Tech Future for South Australia?, May 1988
  • Export Processing Zones in Transition: The Case of the Republic of  Korea, June 1988
  • Australian/Japanese Economic Interactions: Some Policy Issues  [three lectures delivered at the Meiji University, Tokyo, 1988]
  • 'Export processing zones: the case of the republic of Korea' Industry and Development no. 26, 1989
  • Australia's Interest and Role in Enhanced Asia/Pacific Economic Cooperation [submission to the Parliament of Australia, Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade on Asia Pacific Regional Cooperation, October 1989]
  • Colin Clark Reminiscences: an unscripted discussion with Bruce McFarlane and Derek Healey, 1989 [with typescript transcript of the interview and other papers relating to Colin Clark, including obituary  (died 4 September 1989)]
  • The Underlying Conditions for the Successful Generation of EPZ-Local Linkages: the Experience of the Republic of Korea
  • The Use of Japanese Balance of Payments Surpluses for Asian/Pacific Economic Development, January 1990
  • Emergence of Japan as a Capital Exporter, July 1990
  • Australian Economic Relations with Korea and Taiwan: Reflections on the Garnaut Report, July 1990
  • Taiwan's Economic Future: Some Thoughts from a 1990 Vantage Point, August 1990
  • Comments on MFP Adelaide "World University Consortium"  Discussion Paper, November 1990 [with University of Adelaide Council  Discussion Paper]
  • Japanese Capital Exports and Asian Economic Development, Paris 1991


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