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Dr. Kenneth Stuart Hetzel (1897-1979)
Papers 1916-1966

MSS 0004

Biographical Note

Kenneth Stuart Hetzel obtained his degree in medicine at the University of Adelaide, graduating in December 1920. After a year as demonstrator in Anatomy at Adelaide he spent 1922-1925 in various positions at the University College Hospital, London. On his return to Adelaide he established a private practice.

During a long professional career Dr. Hetzel also taught at the University of Adelaide, performing various roles between 1927 and 1969 as tutor and Lecturer in Medicine, Director of Medical Studies, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Medical Examiner. He was an honorary physician at the Royal Adelaide Hospital until his retirement in 1957 and served on the University Council from 1954 to 1969.

In December 1926 Dr. Hetzel was awarded the degree of M.D. (by thesis and examination) and in 1933-1934 obtained a Rockefeller Travelling Scholarship. He was a foundation member of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians.

In 1985, on the death of Dr. Hetzel’s widow, the University received a bequest from Dr. Hetzel’s estate, and established the "Hetzel Research Fund" for research in clinical medicine and allied medical research.

These papers relate principally to Dr. Hetzel’s years as a medical student and his later association with the University of Adelaide, and include a comprehensive collection of student lecture notes, examination papers and University publications.

The papers were donated to the University by Dr. Peter Hetzel, son of K.S. Hetzel, in August 1985.


Contents Listing

1. Student Lecture Notes, 1916-1920.  18 v.
1916: Physiology (3v), Organic Chemistry (2v), Physical Organic Chemistry, Histological Drawing
1917: Physiology (2v)
1918: Medicine (2v)
1919: Medicine (2v)
1920: Gynaecology, Therapeutics, Diseases of Children, Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Ophthalmology

2. Notebook
(? clinical notes) c.1920-1921.  1 v.

3. Examination papers
for public and medical degree examinations taken by Hetzel.1911-1920.  2cm.
[Primary 1911, Junior and Country Studentship 1912, P.A.C. Elder Scholar and Senior Public 1913, Higher 1914-1915, M.B.B.S. 1916-1920.]

4. Letters received
(personal and circular). 1921-1959.  2 cm.

5. Invitations and programmes,
principally re medical functions. 1919-1920, 1935, 1962 and undated.  1 cm.

6. University publications.
1916-1966.  12 cm
Includes A.M.S.S. Review March 1916-June 1921, June 1926, December 1934, December 1935, October 1962; A.U. Magazine September 1918-May 1925, 1962; Fisher Lectures 1904, 1917 1919; University Lecture Series 1917;  Jubilee of the Medical School 1935; A.M.S.S. Clinic November 1944; Gazette September 1954, July 1956; On Dit March-April 1966; University Students Handbook 1916-1918.

7. Reprints of medical articles.
1919-1946.  8 items
Articles mainly by J.B. Cleland; also by A.R. Southwood, T. Brailsford Robertson and T.D. Campbell.

8. Miscellaneous publications.
1917-1965.  12 cm
Includes Medical and Scientific Archives of the R.A.H. 1936, 1946, 1947;  S.A. Central Board of Health Health Notes, April 1946-January 1949; and publications/advertisements re treatment of diseases 1934-1945.]

9. Slides
prepared by Hetzel as a medical student. 1917-1918.  1 box.


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