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Professor Colin James Horne (1912-1999)
Papers 1939-1998

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Biographical Note

Professor Colin HorneBorn in Bendigo in 1912, Colin James Horne obtained his early education at Melbourne University while a trainee teacher at Melbourne Teachers College (his B.A. Hons thesis being on Swift) and began a teaching career before being awarded a scholarship that enabled him to undertake further study at Balliol College, Oxford (1935-1939) where he completed his B.Litt. thesis on William King.  He subsequently occupied teaching positions at Queen's University Belfast (1939-1948) and Leicester University (1948-1957) before being appointed to the Jury Chair in English at the University of Adelaide.  During twenty years in that position he over saw the expansion of the Department (including the introduction of the formal study of Australian literature) and himself made a major contribution to teaching and to the advancement of English studies in secondary as well as tertiary education.  He was elected a Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities, a body on which he was a member and vice-president and in which he took a lively interest until his death, and was a long serving member also of the International Association of Professors of English and active in the organisation and activities of the Australasian and Pacific Society for 18th Century Studies, his own particular research field.   Horne contributed to his local community with particular dedication and distinction as a member and president of the Friends of the State Library and as president of the Mount Lofty District Historical Society.

Professor Horne deposited a first collection of papers, mainly relating to the administration and activities of the English department during the 1950s and 1960s, at some time in the 1970s (possibly on his retirement in 1977) and additional papers at periods thereafter.  He made arrangements for a further deposit of papers, comprising extensive research papers and correspondence, early in 1999 and these were added to and integrated with the existing collection.  Additional material (the lecture notes comprising most of Series 72/3) was received through the agency of his widow Cynthia and son, Dr John Horne, shortly after Professor Horne's death.


Contents summary

Series 1-30 - Papers relating to English teaching and University of Adelaide business, principally 1950s and 1960s

Series 31-33, 36-37 - Personal and Departmental correspondence

Series 34 - Testimonials

Series 35 - Post-Graduate Students

Series 38-40, 42-47 - Societies and Associations

Series 41 - Bibliography and collected reprints

Series 48-65 - Subject files A-V [including further papers of societies and associations Departmental matters and education generally]

Series 67-77 - Personal and Research papers

Note: Routine circular material (agenda and minute papers, newsletters, etc) has been discarded from series 38, 40, 42, 43, 53, 60.

Contents Listing

Series 1-30.  Papers re English teaching and University of Adelaide administrative matters, including timetables 1952-1972.
Detailed listing available with the collection.

Series 31.  General correspondence.  1954-1980, 1983-1996.
The general /private correspondence for the period to 1980 is extensive but that from 1983 is a miscellaneous collection only, most correspondence having been filed in the relevant subject files. [1954-1955 includes correspondence of Jeffares]
See also Series 37 re Honours nominations

Series 32.  Barr Smith Library correspondence.  1958-1975.
Regarding resources for English in the Library and other letters re the gift and acquisition of books, and proposals for acquisition of by the Barr Smith Library of Australian children's books (many given by Professor Horne).  undated.  1 folder.

Series 33.  Departmental Correspondence.  1952-  
1.  Staff applications 1952-1960.
2.  Staff study leave reports (Alan Brissenden 1974-1975)
3.  Correspondence with and regarding Ralph Elliott 1958-1968, 1989, principally re Elliott's appointment, promotion to Reader (1961), grant and fellowship applications (to 1968) and nomination for an Order of Australia (1989).
4.  Correspondence with and regarding F.H. (Tim) Mares.  1958-1972.
includes Mares' reports on study leave 1959 and 1970-1971)
5.  Correspondence with and regarding John Colmer.  1961-1970, 1987-1988 and 1994 (obituary).
6.  Correspondence with the Commonwealth Literary Fund re grants for lectures in Australian Literature 1952-1960, 1964.
See also  Series 34-35, 49, 59-60, 63-65

Series 34.  Testimonials.  1953-84  
Separate files for staff (1959, 1969-1977, 1984), students (1953-1977) and general (1961-1980)
Ssee also Series 37, Honours nominations and Series 55, Obituaries and tributes

Series 35.  Post-Graduate Students  
Applications for admission and subsequent correspondence re progress, applications for positions, etc.  1954-1991.

Series 36.  'Authors' ms letters
Correspondence with (principally letters from) authors and other literary figures, mainly Australian, including A.D. Hope, Eric Partridge, Randolph Stow, G.Tillotson, Douglas Stewart, Geoffrey Dutton, Peter Porter, Clement Semmler, E. Morris Miller, Beatrice Davis, James Macauley, Manning Clark, P.R. Stephenson.  1946, 1954-1969.
Includes letters relating to participation in Commonwealth Literary Fund lectures 1955-1961 and the Adelaide Writers Festival, and some correspondence is with Horne's predecessor in the Adelaide Chair, A.N. Jeffares.
See also Series 33/6

Series 37.  Honours Nominations
Correspondence re nominations for honours (Order of Australia nominations of Alan Brissenden, Joan Deans and Valmai Hankel and Public Service Medal nomination of Tom Stanef).  1982-1996.

Series 38.  Conferences and Symposia
International Swift Symposium, Münster, 1984; Johnson Bicentenary Conference, Oxford, 1984; 4th annual Jonathan Swift Seminar, Co. Kildare, 1993.
See also Series 44-47

Series 39.  English Association
Minutes, agenda papers, reports and correspondence.  1972-1983, 1986-1993

Series 40.  International Association of University Professors of English [IAUPE]
Correspondence 1961-1982, conference papers and programmes 1962-96 and notes on papers delivered at the 1971 and 1974 conferences (the latter includes notes on other lectures attended at Oxford in October and November 1974).

Series 41.  Bibliography and Collected Reprints
Manuscript bibliography and copies of reprints and typescript and manuscript paper and dissertations, 1939-1984.
See also Series 70-71, 73.

Series 42.  Royal Geographical Society of Australasia (SA Branch)
Papers re safari to Haddon Corner 1985 and Eyre Peninsula excursion 1992, and re Simpson Desert book sub-committee 1987-1992.

Series 43.  Australian Academy of the Humanities
Correspondence and other papers 1974-1982 and 1987-1998.  3 folders.
[Folder 1.  Notes for and correspondence 1974-1979 (with some earlier relevant correspondence) re Professor Horne's report 'Survey of English studies in Australia since 1958'  for the Academy's revised survey The Humanities in Australia
Folder 2.  Papers of the SA Regional Committee 1980-1982, including correspondence re holding a meeting of the Academy in Adelaide in May 1982
Folder 3.   Correspondence 1987-1998, principally regarding nominations for Election as Fellows, and files re the nominations of Ian Reid and Yasmine Gooneratne.]

Series 44.  Australasian and Pacific Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies  [APSECS]
Correspondence and circulars re the society and conferences .  1972-1980, 1992.
2 folders.

Series 45.  International Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies  [ISECS]
Constitution and miscellaneous correspondence and papers for 1979 Pisa conference.  1979-1980.  1 folder.

Series 46.  David Nichol Smith Memorial Seminar
Papers re publication of facsimiles in association with the first NS conference, and of the 2nd to 5th, 8th and 10th seminars.  1965-1967, 1970-1978, 1990, 1996.  5 folders.
See also notebook in Series 47

Series 47.  Australasian Universities Language and Literature Association  [AULLA]
Papers re 7th to 20th conferences [incomplete] and notes on papers at 1970 and 1972 conferences. (Notebook also includes notes on DNS Seminar 1970) 1961-1980, 1995-1997.  3 folders.
See also Horne's paper 'The vanity of human wishes' in Series 70/21.


Subject files

Australian Children's books see Series 32
Australian literature see Series 4, 33/3

Sereis 48.  Book Collectors Society
Foundation and rules 1981-82, notices of meetings and resignation 1996.  1 folder.

Series 49.  Chair applications 
References and correspondence re appointments to the Chair of English, Bedford Park [Flinders University], 1963 and to the second Chair of English, Adelaide University, 1964.  2 folders.

Series 50.  Dickens
Correspondence and other papers re identification of Australian holdings of the letters of Charles Dickens.  1961-1971.  2 folders.

Series 51.  Education
Miscellaneous notes and papers on teaching, the principles of education, education and culture, etc.  mostly undated but relate to Diploma of Education undertaken at the University of Melbourne in 1934.  1 folder.

Series 52.  External examining
Papers re examining for the University of New England 1971, University of Newcastle 1980-1981, individual theses [Eade, Ryan, Hay] 1973 and 1976-1977, and miscellaneous, 1978, 1981 and undated.  5 folders.

Series 53.  Friends of the State Library of South Australia
Copies of addresses and introductions at AGM and other meetings and related correspondence; correspondence re participation in readings on Bloomsday in 1993-1995.  1991-1997.
Includes Horne's preface to A richness of gifts and introduction of Andrew Taylor at the opening of the Barbara Hanrahan Memorial Exhibition 1994.

Series 54.  Leicester
'Tutorial supervisions' (reports on tutorial students), University College of Leicester 1952-1957.  1 folder
See also Series 67/1, 72/5 and 75/3

Series 55.  Obituaries and Tributes
1. Tribute to Dr B.R. Elliott 1985 and contribution to his Festschrift: notes, drafts, source materials, related correspondence and later obituary notices, 1953-1991
2. Obituary of  J.I.M. Stewart 1994
3. Obituary of Professor John Colmer 1994

Series 56.  Publishers
Correspondence, principally re orders for books and inclusion of particular titles in teaching syllabus.  1961-1970.  1 folder.

Series 57.  Queen's University, Belfast
Examination papers and syllabuses in English, reports and testimonials for students, and correspondence 1944-1947.  c1938-1952.  1 folder.

Series 58.  Schools
Papers as examiner in English at the public examinations, addresses to various High Schools and teachers' meetings, newspaper reports on the public examinations, list of lectures available to give to schools, etc.  1953-1970.  1 folder.
includes correspondence of A.N. Jeffares with the Education Department 1953-1955

Series 59.  Southern Review
Correspondence, including proposed constitution of Managing bodies and budget.  c 1965-1967.  1 folder.

Series 60. South Australian English Teachers' Association (SAETA)
Correspondence, addresses and introductions at conferences and conference dinners.  1958-1992.  1 folder

Series 61.  Student/Staff Committees
Minutes and agendas of  meetings, 1969.  1 folder

Series 62.  Early Imprints Project South Australia
Papers relating to the Early Imprints Project, South Australia, including minutes of committee meetings, notes on collections, articles on the project and draft by Horne of the Introduction to the short-title catalogue.  1977-1985.  3 folders

Series 63.  Universities
Miscellaneous correspondence, guides, reports, notes, newspaper cuttings re University teaching and research and the English departments of other Universities, including 1974 listing of departmental research interests.  c1961-1974.  1 folder.

Series 64.  Visiting lecturers
Correspondence with, notices re, etc.  1966-1967.  1 folder.

Series 65.  Visitors
Correspondence with Prof. H.H.A. Gowda, 1977 and with and re general visitors for 1968-1969.  2 folders.


Personal and Research Papers

See also correspondence and testimonials and collected reprints files, Series 33-37, 41

Series 67.  Applications and appointments
67/1  General 1935-1955 (including separate folder relating to Leicester)
67/2  Jury Chair in English, University of Adelaide 1957
See also Queen's University, Belfast file, Series 57

Series 68.  Study leave reports
Reports 1962, 1968 and 1974-1975, with some related correspondence and itineraries, and notes on lectures attended during 1975 study leave.
See also Series 33/2 for study leave reports of other staff

Series 69. Victorian Education Department
Correspondence relating to leave of absence and repayment of bond to the Department. 1939-44.
See also Series 1

Series 70.  Theses, articles and books
See also Series 41

Series 70.1-70.11  Swift and King
See also lectures on Swift in Series 72/3

70.1  (The satire and misanthropy of) Jonathan Swift
Thesis for B.A. Hons English, 1933-1934. (awarded Prof. Moris Prize for history of literary criticism 1934).  Typescript and copy

70.2  The Life and works of Dr William King of Christ Church 1663-1712
Thesis for Bachelor of Letters, Oxford.  Manuscript and typescript copies, notes and (obscure) word lists.

70.3  Dr William King's Miscellanies in prose and verse (1944)
Offprint, manuscript and correspondence with the Review of English Studies 1946

70.4  The phalaris controversy: King versus Bentley (1946)
Offprint, manuscript and proof copies.  Undated

70.5  'The learned and ingenious Dr William King and A tale of a tub'
Contribution to Festschrift to Peter Dixon.  Notes, drafts and related correspondence, 1992.  Includes notes and drafts of 'Dr William King's Orpheus and Euridice'

70.6  Swift and/on his age
Manuscript and typescript drafts and notes, correspondence 1949-1953 with the publishers (Harrap) and reviews 1953.

70.7  'A German analogue for A tale of a tub' (1960)
Offprint, manuscript and typescript copies, drafts, notes and correspondence 1954-1958.

70.8  Swift's verse and Swift: Fables
Includes article 'From a fable form a truth: a consideration of the fable in Swift's poetry' (1968) , correspondence 1967 re its publication in Studies in the eighteenth century, bibliographic sources, notes and references, and later use of it in lectures (The fable as satire) etc, 1973 ff. 2 folders

70.9  Swift's Comic Poetry/Swift as Comic Poet (1978)
Offprint, typescript drafts, proof (with amendments), related correspondence 1971-1978.

70.10  Swift and Science, Dwarfs and Giants
Miscellaneous notes, undated.

70.11  Report on proposed Swift project of Prof. C.T. Probyn for ARC Research Grants Committee, 1992.

70.12-70.23   Other
70.12 The Poetry of Matthew Arnold (1939)
essay submitted for the Matthew Arnold Memorial Prize.  typescript.

70.13  Early sales of Boswell's Life  (1949)
Draft article, references, correspondence. c1949-1950

70.14  Palgrave's  Golden Treasury (1949)
Offprint, manuscript drafts, references, re-use as a lecture and (later) related correspondence 1981, 1989

70.15  Anthology The progress of poetry (1965)
Drafts and proofs of preface, references and correspondence 1962-69 with the publisher and subsequent correspondence sales/ royalties 1992.

70.16  Private collections in public libraries (1968)
Manuscript, typescript and proof copies and correspondence re publication
[originally given as a paper at the LAA conference 1966 under the title 'The value of private collecting']

70.17  The study of 18th century literature in Australia  (1969)
Manuscript and typescript drafts, and later versions ('Reviving the 18th century' in Quadrant September 1977, 'The 18th century heritage in Australia' (1985) and '18th century studies in Australian universities')

70.18  An emendation to Johnson's Life of Pope
manuscript and typescript drafts, correspondence 1972 re publication in The Library  September 1975

70.19  'The word quarrel in Shakespeare as pun and metaphor'
typescript and manuscript drafts, references, correspondence re publication 1975-1976

70.20  Pope's attitude to Wycherley
Typescript drafts and copies and correspondence re publication 1976

70.21  Vanity of Human Wishes (1977)
Offprints, manuscript and typescript drafts, references, correspondence re publication 1975-1978. 2 folders
[paper for XVIIIth AULLA  congress, published in AUMLA May 1978, with related publications 'The biter bit: Johnson's strictures on Pope' (published Review of English Studies), 'Johnson's correction of Lines 137-138 published in Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America 1975 and 'The roles of Swift and Marlborough in The vanity of human wishes published in Modern Philology February 1976, and correspondence with Ian Donaldson 1984]

70.22  The classical temper in Britain: origins and components (1982)
Typescript, references, correspondence 1982-1983
[paper for Academy symposium 'The classical temper in Western Europe' held in Adelaide May 1982]

70.23  New Pelican Guide to English Literature vol. IV Dryden to Johnson
Correspondence with the publishers Penguin Books 1956-1995 and manuscript copies of revisions/additions supplied, to 1994.  Incorporating papers reThe Cambridge guide to the arts in Britain (correspondence re Horne's contribution to, reviews 1990-1999) and re 'Science and literature in the eighteenth century'.

Series 71.  Minor contributions and notes, letters to newspapers
Includes issues of The Griffin (Melbourne Teachers' College News-sheet) 1931-1932 with contributions by and references to Horne;
'Locke on "hog-stealing" at Oxford' (1946)
Keats and Adam Lindsay Gordon (letter to TLS 31 December 1949 - not published)
Patmore's second marriage (Times Literary Supplement 6 September 1963)
Johnson Bicentenary Celebration 1984 (note on activities at Pembroke College, Oxford - publication not identified)
contributions to Facts and Events c1993 ('Poppy Day', 'Paradise of Dissent', 'The seasons in Australia - pictorial representation')

Series 72.  Lectures
Lectures attended and given by Horne, variously include source documents, notes, drafts, correspondence, reading lists, etc.  c1935-1994.  1.1 m.
72.1  'Lectures available for Forces etc.' [list] undated
72.2  Board of Adult Education, Leicester - lectures on books, reading, poetry etc.  1956-1958.
72.3  University of Adelaide, Department of English
[note: some files include notes taken by Horne while a student at Oxford 1935-1937, radio broadcast lectures from the 1960s, and occasional talks subsequent to his retirement from the University of Adelaide]
File titles are: Old English Literature; Old English poetry and the Battle of Maldon; Middle English Literature; 16th and 17th centuries; 18th century; 18th century and Humanities; 1780-1830; Romantics; Victorians; 20th century; Australian literature: Satire; Hazlitt; Swift; Shakespeare; English language; Bibliography and textual criticism; Bibliography, textual criticism, palaeography and history of English studies; Theory and history of criticism; Practical criticism; Miscellaneous.
see also Queens University Belfast, Department of English, Series 57

Series 73.  Talks and book launches
'The Australian scene' (undated)
'A Melbourne man at Oxford' (original and later versions)
'Books, bequests and benefactions' (paper presented to Bibliographical Society of Australia and New Zealand 1985)
'No furniture so charming: reminiscences about books, collecting books and some account of my own library' (a talk to the Book Collectors' Society 1985)
Speech for launch of Aspects of Australian fiction ed. Alan Brissenden, 18 Dec.1990
'Words and their worldly ways' (talk to Lyceum Club 1993)
'Books in my life' (talk to Friends of the State Library 1998)
Recollections of a Junior Teacher 1929-30 (account prepared for 'Back to Golden Square School' celebration 1998)

Series 74.  Reviews  1944, 1949-1982
principally book reviews, but also reviews of radio programs in the Adelaide Advertiser 1959-1961.

Series 75.  Stage and Radio contributions
75.1  Queen's University, Belfast, Dramatic Society
Programme of Medieval evening, 6 November 1942 and text of 'The induction' [in which Horne played William Alne, the Mayor]
75.2  Notes on "Free for all" discussions recorded for the BBC in Ulster 1946-1948
[discussion groups conducted by Horne]
75.3  The Merry Wives of Windsor, performed by the Vaughan Players, Vaughan College, Leicester 1951 and The critic, performed Wyggeston Hall 1954, produced by Horne.  Notes for set design, programme, review.  1951, 1954
75.4  ABC broadcast talks for schools by Horne (on literature), South Australia,

Series 76.  Miscellaneous reference files (undated)
Manuscript drafts of articles, references.
including Chaucer's Sir Thomas; John Dyer [initially proposed as subject for B.Litt]; Dickens - Georgina Hogarth's brothers in Australia

Series 77.  Newspaper cuttings  1950-1980
Includes Kim Dalton obscenity case 1971-1972,  Don Dunstan 1980, Poetry 1957 and University education and the foundation of Flinders University 1950-1960 and general articles on books and literature.


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