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Henry Goronwy Alun Hughes (1921-2013)

MSS 0047

Series VII. Copies of Journals

1. Pacific

  • Journal of Pacific History v. 23 (Oct. 1988)
  • Tala O Tuvalu Feb 1947-Nov 1957 (microfiche) and Feb. 1947-April 1952 in original print (missing numbers 58, 60-62)
  • Truk Tide 2 October 1951 [includes article on Hughes visit to Truk] Microfiche
  • Kolonia en Pohnpey/The Colony of Ponape 20 December 1951 [publication of the Employees of the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands. Includes an article by Hughes] Microfiche
  • Papua & New Guinea Villager. November-December 1951. Microfiche
  • Samoa Bulletin. November 1950-March 1954. Microfiche
  • Rabaul News. January 1951-January 1959. Microfiche
  • Micronesian Independent.  February 1972-September 1980. Microfiche
  • Mwanean Kiribati Association: membership list, newletters, financial statements. 1994-1996. Microfiche
  • Rongorongo Studies: A forum for Polynesian philology v. 4 no. 1 (Summer 1994); v. 5 no. 1 (1995)
  • The Outrigger / Pacific Islands Society of the United Kingdom and Ireland. No. 50-2 (Winter 2005/6-Spring 2008); and The Outrigger Extra (Dec 2006)
  • Language documentation and conservation / University of Hawaii Press. Vol. 1 no. 1 – 2 (June – Dec. 2007) Printout copy
  • Europe Pacific Solidarity Bulletin / European Centre on Pacific Studies. Vol. 13 no. 1-4 (2005)
  • Mili News Bulletin vol. II no 11 (June 1970)
  • Micronesian Counselor – list of titles in Occasional papers series 1991-2000.
  • Friends of the Pohnpei Public Library. [Calendars] 1993: Ecology island style, and 1995: A sea of information
  • All Ways in Focus (Summer 2007) [journal of All Ways Pacific Travel]
  • Acta Universitatis Carolinae. Philologica 3. Prague Studies in English XI


2. Welsh

  • Hanes Gweithwyr Cymru (Welsh Labour History).  Spring 1971
  • Hanes Gweithwyr Cymru (Welsh Workers' History). No. 1-3, 1994. Print and microfiche copies
  • Nicholas, T.E. Gornest cyfalaf a llafur [Conflict of capital and labour]  Afonwen: Gwasg Gwenffrwd, 1970 (Cyfres Hyddgen) [Reprint from Y Geninen 30(2), April 1912, 123-127 of an article on the 1912 Miners' Stike in South Wales, by the Rev. T.E. Nicholas, a foundation member of the Communist Party of Great Britain]
  • Nicholas, T.E. R.J. Derfel [idem]. Afonwen: Gwasg Gwenffrwd, 1970 (Cyfres Hyddgen) [Reprint from Ceninen Gwyl Dewi 1912, 23-24 of an article by the Rev. T.E. Nicholas on the life and poetry of the pioneer Welsh Socialist Robert Jones Derfel (1824-1905)]
  • Derfel, R.J. Ein rhagolygon a'n gwaith [Our prospects and our work] Afonwen: GwasgGwenffrwd, 1969 (Cyfres Hyddgen) [A radical socialist programme for a future, independent Welsh State, including nationalization of land, railways, all means of production, houses. First published in Cymru Fydd [i.e. Wales of the Future] vol. 1, May 1888, 270-278, the journal of the Liberal-Nationalist home-rule movement of the same name)
  • Hughes, Goronwy Alun and Jones, Glenys Myfanwy, eds. Casgliad o enwau Cymraeg [A collection of Welsh names] Afonwen: Gwasg Gwenffrwd, 1970 [A compilation of Welsh Christian/given names known to have been used over the two thousand years of Welsh history, intended to encourage the use by parents of such indigenous names]
  • Hughes, Goronwy Alun and Edwards, Patricia eds. Hanes Becca a'i phlant [The history of Becca and her children] Afonwen: Gwasg Gwenffrwd, 1970 (Cyfres Hyddgen) [Reprint of articles by a contemporary, anonymous participant of events in the agrarian Rebecca Movement in Carmarthenshire and Glamorgan etc., which started with the destruction in 1840 of a tollgate at Efail Wen, Llandysilio, Pembrokeshire, by farmers dressed as women. Reprinted from Tarian Y Gweithiwr [The Worker's Shield] 19 August 1886- 4 November 1886; lacking Chapter XI: 28 October 1886 [Dr Hughes advised 1995 that a new edition of this publication is being prepared, including the above missing chapter] Also 2006 reprint [Typescript (photocopy)
  • [Cyfres Hyddgen [i.e. Hyddgen series] was a pioneering series of pamphlets (1968-71) on Welsh workers' history, selected, edited and published by Goronwy Alun Hughes (= HGA Hughes) via his Gwasg Gwenffrwd (Gwenffrwd Press).
  • Gwenffrwd was adopted as a family name by Hughes' father Robert Gwenffrwd Hughes, born at Greenfield, Holywell, Flintshire (where the poet Gwenffrwd once lived). HGAH uses the pseudonym "Alun ap Gwenffrwd" for some of his work in Welsh.]


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