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Frederic Wood Jones 
Illustrations for 'Mammals of South Australia'

MSS 599 J7a
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Biographical Note

Bat Anatomy

Frederick Wood Jones was an anatomist, naturalist and anthropologist. Born in Hackney, London on 23 January 1879. He studied medicine at the London Hospital Medical College, which was later absorbed by the University of London, graduating with his Doctorate in 1910. Over a period of several years he held many important roles, including serving as medical officer in Keeling and Coco Islands, and anthropologist in Nubia and teaching at various medical school around London. In 1919 he was offered the Thomas Elder chair of anatomy position at the University of Adelaide.

Part of what influenced him to take the position in Adelaide was the opportunity to study the local fauna. He spent much of his time when not at the University undertaking field excursions both inland and to the surrounding islands. In 1923 he published an illustrated handbook “The Mammals of South Australia” It was this work that disproved the notion that marsupials were “born on the teat” rather than from the uterus of the mother. The drawings collected here were done by Wood Jones to illustrate the book.

Wood Jones later went on to hold several other positions at a wide variety of other institutions including the University of Melbourne, the University of Hawaii and the University of Manchester. He died in London of cancer on 29 September 1954

Adapted from Australian Dictionary of Biography and The University of Adelaide 1974-1974. (Adelaide: Rigby, 1973)


MSS 599 J7a

Mammals of South Australia: Original Illustrations [192-?] 198 plates. 32cm

Hand drawings in India Ink. Drawn to illustrate his book The Mammals of South Australia. Part 1. The Monotremes and the Carnivorous Marsupials. Adelaide: R. E.E. Rogers, Government Printer, North Terrace, 1923

A list of the animals identified in the illustrations is available.

MSS 599 J7s

Seven Original Pen and Ink Sketches of Australian Marsupials drawn by the late Professor Wood Jones. Used to illustrate his writings on marsupials. Presented by T.D. Campbell

Thylacine Barred Bandicoot Common Wombat
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