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John Thomas Jutson

MSS 0025


Written by the donor, Erland J. Brock, PhD. Professor of Earth Science. Academy of the New Church College. Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania 19009 U.S.A.

The accompanying annotations to the Jutson Archive were made in the course of my study of the contributions of John Thomas Jutson to geomorphology. The originals of his archive area at the library of the Victorian Department of Minerals and Energy.

Some of the original mss. were grouped by Jutson and tied together with pink legal tape, while others were enclosed in folders. Those tied with legal tape were numbered by the librarian at the time of my first perusal of them, and it is these numbers that are used in the annotations. The folders were numbered F2, F3, and F4, by me and not so numbered in the original archive. In addition, the mss. in these folders do not carry any number. However, in the accompanying bound copies of these mss. they carry a number I assigned them, and it is this that is used in the accompanying annotations.

It should be noted that these annotations do not include reference to the bound set of Jutson's correspondence in the accompanying archive. However this thesis titled "The Contributions of John Thomas Jutson to Geomorphology" includes the larger part of Jutson's correspondence, together with an index. The reader curious about letters other than those in the thesis (vol. 2) or in the bound set of copies of the originals, will find some in mss. numbers F2 (25, 90, 93-97), and F3-3 to -7 and F3-30.

In addition to the above items in the archive, there are five volumes of copies of Jutson's Field Note Books (FNB). These have not been annotated.


Listings available for volumes 1-11.

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