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University of Adelaide. Law Students’ Society 
Law Revue: publicity and scripts. 

MSS 790.2099423 A228l


Supported by the Adelaide University Law Student’s Society, the Law Revue is a sketch comedy show, written, directed and performed by University of Adelaide Law students in September each year. Started in 1959, the revue satirises Law School staff, the legal profession, politicians and many others.


1. Running Scripts (1972)

  • Superman. Typescript. 4p.
  • The Music Lovers. Typescript. 2p.
  • Darling, Darling, I love you. Typescript. 2p.
  • Handwritten notes. “Coffin” and “Hi and Welcome” 1p.
  • The Return. Typescript. 2p.
  • The Great Hanging Debate. Typescript. 2p.  
  • Sister Resister. Typescript. 2p.
  • Aeroplane. (Title only) Handwritten. 1p.
  • Ventriloquist. Typescript. 3p.
  • Handwritten notes. “Stagnant” 1p.
  • Dick and Dora. Typescript. 1p.
  • Handwritten notes. “Relief” 1p.
  • Joke. Handwritten. 1p.
  • Football Commentary. Typescript. 3p.
  • Sport. Typescript. 1p.
  • At the Cricket. Typescript. 2p.
  • Birdseed
  • First half running sheet. Handwritten. 1p.
  • This is your life: Arthur Bond. Typescript. 2p.
  • Hi and Welcome. Typescript. 1p.
  • Ballerina. Typescript. 2p.
  • Barbershop. Handwritten. 1p.
  • Jolly’s Boats. Typescript. 1p.
  • Prime Minister Parlato. Typescript. 2p.
  • B+H Ad. Handwritting. 1p.
  • Kamikize. Typescript. 1p.
  • 55 years old. Handwritten. 1p.
  • Thor. Handwritten. 1p.
  • Enter Dave. Typescript. 1p.
  • Auction. (Title only) Handwritten. 1p.
  • Couldn’t get to sleep. Handwritten. 1p.
  • A Lament on the Artificial Insemination of a Disgruntled Cow. Typescript. 1p.
  • Tramp. Handwritten. 1p.
  • Blind Pianist. Handwritten. 1p.
  • Song by Grant Elliott. Handwritten. 1p.
  • Juggler (title only) Handwritten. 1p.
  • Endings. Typescript. 1p.
  • The Pope. Typescript. 1p.
  • Hi and Welcome. Typescript. 1p.
  • Who is it (title only) Handwritten. 1p.
  • The Tyranny of Tears, or, She didn’t know when she was well off. Typescript. 6p.
  • Second half running sheet. Handwritten. 1p.   

2. Odd Scripts (1972)

  • Dr. G. P. Vicious. Typescript. 1p.
  • 25 other scripts, same as 1. Typescript.  

3. Programmes

  • Superman: deaf in one ear (3 copies)
  • Pardon my brief (1959)
  • Alison Wonder’s sleight of hand (1973)
  • Barristar Galactica (1981)
  • Star Laws (1983)

4. Folder of Scripts and ms notes (1973)

  • Opener. Typescript. 4p.
  • Short’s Panto.  Typescript. 6p.
  • Finale. Typescript. 2p.
  • All you ought to know about Australia by Chris Gent. Typescript. 2p.
  • Blue Wren: A political Phantasy. Typescript. 6p.
  • Untitled. Lindy Powell. Typescript. 1p.
  • Marx in the British Museum. Typescript. 1p.
  • Happy Boozer Song by W. Anthoney. Typescript. 1p.
  • Untitled. I Castenetto. Typescript. 2p.
  • Seaside Song. Typescript. 2p.
  • Knowledge is the way to Happiness. Typescript. 1p.
  • Hanky Panky. Typescript.  1p.
  • Untitled. Typescript. 1p.
  • Whitlam. Typescript.  5p.
  • Untiled. Typescript. 1p.
  • Put Down. Typescript. 1p.
  • Brenda and Helen. Typescript. 1p.  
  • Introduction. Typescript. 1p.
  • Anti Clothes Machine. Typescript. 1p.
  • Short Sketch. Typescript. 1p.
  • A Current Event. Typescript. 2p.
  • The Lift Driver. Typescript. 4p.
  • Overweight. Typescript. 1p.
  • Gone Fishing. Typescript. 1p.
  • Diary of a Dead Housewife. Typescript. 2p.
  • Prayer. Typescript. 2p.
  • Comparisons. Typescript.  1p.
  • Lawman. Typescript. 1p.
  • The Kangaroo Killers. Typescript. 1p.
  • The Passing Spring. Typescript. 2p.
  • The Watergate Farce. Typescript. 2p.
  • Times have changed. Typescript. 2p.
  • [Family Seated…] Typescript. 2p.
  • Football Match. Typescript. 3p.
  • Frost Over… or, Blight on our lives. Typescript. 4p.
  • The Anatomy Show.  Typescript. 2p.
  • Taboo. Typescript. 2p.
  • Hadrian’s Wall. Typescript. 2p.
  • St. Peter and the I.R.A. Typescript. 1p
  • Advert. Typescript. 1p.
  • Song or story told with chorus. Typescript. 2p.
  • Big Hypnotism Show. Typescript. 3p.
  • Finale. Typescript. 1p.
  • All Rights Reserved. Typescript. 1p.
  • Stand up Gag Routine. Typescript.  2p.
  • All you ought to know about Australia. Typescript. 2p.
  • A cool “John Laws” advertisement. Typescript.  1p.

Ms notes. 8p.

5. Alice Wonder’s sleight of hand (Oversize. Housed in MAP CABINET)

  • Poster
  • Architects plans (2 copies)

6. Other

Minutes of meeting re profits from 1972 revue





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