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University of Adelaide Library Archives


These records have been transferred to the University Archives. The records are being reviewed and appraised for retention purposes. Please be aware that this listing is no longer current and some discrepancies may appear.

This collection comprises the archives and some current records of the University Library, primarily the Barr Smith Library and its administration, staff and collections.  Access to staff records and to administrative records less than 25 years old is available to authorised staff of the Library only.  Access to older material for the purposes of reference and research can be arranged by contacting the Special Collections Librarian and by completing the Application for Access to Manuscript Collections form.

Contents Listing

1. Library Committee Series 1-6, 157
2. External Library Organizations
Committee of Australian University Librarians (CAUL)
Australian Bibliographic Network (ABN) 
  see also National Library files in Series 16

Series 7-8
Series 9

3. University Librarian and Barr Smith Library
Correspondence, circulars, memoranda, reports, exhibitions, management information etc.
Staff records
Internal library committees and working parties 

Series 10-29, 79, 126,
137, 139 159,
Series 33, 122, 144

Series 34, 38-40130-1, 133143, 151,

4. Library Departments and Divisions
Deputy Librarian [E.H. Wilkinson, E.O. Slight]
Bibliographic Services Division (accessions, cataloguing, donations)

Information Services (User Services/Reader Services) 
  (including Subject and Research/Reference Librarians, Circulation/Loans, Interlibrary Loans/Documentary Delivery, Rare Books/Special Collections, User Services Division, Collection Development, facilities and planning
Administrative Services Division
Medical Library

Series 41-46
Series 47-48, 51-56, 60-63, 65127, 145, 149163

Series 71, 76, 79, 125, 142,
147, 165-6, 169

Series 89
Series 95-96, 156

5. Library Publications
 see also Library skills workbooks, Series 142 and Publications Committee, Series 143
Series 110-112132
6. Library Building records
 (plans, correspondence, working papers) 

Series 113-114, 141
7. Financial and property records Series 115
8. Pictorial material
 (photographs, slides, drawings)

Series 117-118
9. Miscellanea Series 119-120, 146
10. Realia  
11. Fulton Library
 note: Adelaide Teachers' College Library accession registers 1947-60 were  transferred to the University Archives (which already held the rest of its records)  in January 1997.
Series 148



Series Listing

1. Library Committee

Series no.

Minutes.  10 August 1878-21 June 1882, 3 March 1887-10 December 1987.
9 v. [vols 1-6 formerly SR 378.942 A22LIBm]
Rough minutes. September 1900-June 1911, March 1924-June 1943.
2 v. [formerly SR 178.942 A22LIBro]
Agendas and working papers. 1954-87  2m. 3
Reports. 23 August 1900-14 December 1987.  5 v.
[vols 1-3 formerly SR 378.942 A22LIBre]
Circulars. November 1924-1982. 13 v.
[vols 1-3 formerly SR 378.942 A22LIBc]
Library Committee Working Party agendas and papers.
1969-70, 1972-86.  70cm.



Chairman of the Library Committee
Files of Gerald Laurence, Chairman of the Library Committee 197-87, regarding University Librarian Ira Raymond, the Barr Smith Library Jubilee celebrations, the Angel Symon (Allan Wilkie Frediswyde Hunter-Watts) theatre collection and the 1984 proposal of the Department of History for a review of (the management of) the Library.  10cm.

[157/1. Ira Raymond
Correspondence, guest lists, speeches, invitations, funding applications, publicity articles and reviews relating to the publication of Innovation no stranger, a festschrift in honour of University Librarian Ira Raymond, and the naming of the Ira Raymond exhibition room, 1981-83. Note: this file includes an obituary of the previous Librarian William Cowan (1908-84) written by Ira Raymond.

157/2. Barr Smith Library Jubilee celebrations 1982
Guest lists, invitations, letters of thanks, speeches and articles relating to the celebrations.

157/3. Symon (Wilkie) Theatre collection
Correspondence with Mary Clark regarding a donation of $10,000 for the cataloguing of the Theatre collection donated by Angel Symon, and application to the University of Adelaide Foundation for a matching grant, 1982-83.

157/4. History Department/Review of Library 1984
Request by the Department of History for a review of the management of the Library, with subsequent correspondence and reports of meetings. Includes file of responses to a circular regarding the proposed 'abandonment of the card index' and the service provided by the 'Circular desk'.]

2.   External Library Organizations

Committee of Australian University Librarians (CAUL)
Minutes. Aug 1928 - Aug 1987. 3v.
Correspondence 1960-61, 1964-94.  4 metres

Library Association of Australia (LAA)
[Formerly Australian Institute of Librarians]
Correspondence. March 1938 - May 1962. 8v.
(Principally re admission to membership of the Association. volume 8, 1959-62, 
also includes University Librarians' Committee correspondence for Sept. 1960 - Nov 1961. 
[Formerly 020.622 A228Lc/SR and 020.622 A228Lco/SR]

3.    University Librarian/University Library

Correspondence, internal circulars, memoranda, reports, management information, exhibitions, etc
Letter books (letters received and sent). 7 May 1900 (1966).  668 v.
[vols 1-6, 1900-26 are self indexed.  In subsequent volumes, arranged alphabetically each year (or group of years) by name of individual correspondent or organisation. Initially this series comprised virtually all library correspondence. Progressively from the 1960's separate series of correspondence and correspondence files relating to staff and many 
external bodies were opened and this series came to be used more exclusively for correspondence relating to acquisitions and other technical library operations. A separate alphabetical sequence for presentations was begun within this series in 1968; this sequence follows the main sequence each year.   From 1964, the principal correspondence of the University Librarian is contained in Series 16
[vol 1-6, 1900-26, formerly 378.94231 A228Lr, Series 5.1]
Record of correspondence files (letters received). Sept 1900 - Sept 1911. 1 v.
[The correspondence to which this refers has not survived. Later correspondence files of this nature are held in Series 12]
Registered correspondence files (letters received) of the University Librarian, R J Clucas, as Librarian and as Secretary of the Public Examinations. 1917, 1921-25. 15 cm.
[Formerly 378.94231 A228Lr Series 5.5]
Correspondence files of the University Librarian, W.A. Cowan, principally relating to library statistics and funding. 1939-63.  12 cm 
[List of file titles available - see Special list]
Letters from the University Librarian, W.A. Cowan, to the Acting Librarian M.W. Sorrell, while on overseas leave. 1954-55.  2 cm.
[Formerly 378.94231 A228Lr Series 5.15]
Letters received by the Assistant Librarian, M.W. Sorrell, and copies of references sent. 1946, 1954-1955, 1962- 64.  2 cm.
[Formerly 378.94231  A228Lr Series 5.7-5.9]
Registered correspondence and reference files of the University Librarian.
c. 1965- <1992>
[Comprising one alphabetical sequence for the files created by Ira Raymond, c1965-82 and transferred by his successor, and subsequent annual transfers by Eric Wainwright, 1983-92.  Files of any particular year of creation or transfer may contain relevant papers of an earlier date. See also separate series of files relating to the LAA, CAUL and AACOBS. Earlier correspondence will be found in Series 10, and earlier statistical material in Series 13]
Unregistered reference files and correspondence of the University Librarian, Ira Raymond. 1956 - 79.  6 cm. 
[Administration 1960-75; Binding 1956-75; Biochemistry Collection 1964; Flexible Hours 1976-78; Mrs. R. Henrey (donor) 1966-79; Lending Enquiry 1964; Library Complex Management Committee; Medical Library accommodation 1961-63, 1967, 1970, 197 8- 80 ; MEDLINE (including minutes and papers of the Life Sciences Technical Liaison Consultative Committee) 1976- 82; Medical Sciences Building Users' Committee (minutes, agenda papers, correspondence, plans) 1975-78; Planning and Development Committee, Old Medical School Building (minutes, papers) 1978-79; Staff Review 1973 [see also Series 39]; Staff correspondence (L. Andersén 1968-69, D.W. Simmons 1966-67, E.Wilkinson 1967-68);
+ boxes of unsorted files on professional matters.
Letters received from the University Registrar. Sept 1902-Feb.1956. 5 v.
[Principally concern administrative matters relating to funding, staff, reports, theses and acquisitions. The early volumes also deal largely with the public examinations, as the University Librarian was Secretary to the Public Examinations Board from 1900 to 1924. [Formerly 378.942 A22R/SR]
Correspondence with the Vice-Chancellor's office.
July 1948 - June 1982. 4 v. 
[vols. 1-2, 1948-73, formerly 378.94231 A228Lr Series 5.3-5.4]
Correspondence with/re the Mawson Institute. March 1959 - Dec. 1966. 2v.
General University Correspondence.  1973-82. 9 v.
Correspondence with the Universities of Melbourne, Sydney and Western Australia. April 1926 - Dec 1962. 4 v.
[Formerly 378.94231. A228Lr Series 5.2]
Other general correspondence 1973-74, 1977-82.   7 v.
["Other general correspondence" for 1975-76 filed with "General University Correspondence"  1975-76, Series 21 above]
Correspondence with staff - professional. 1960-86.   15v.
Correspondence with staff - non-professional (subsequently 'General staff correspondence')  1963-86.  21 v.
Copies of letters sent to donors. 1962-76. 15 cm.
[Includes separate file of correspondence with Miss L K Symon, 1962-69, formerly 378.94231 A228 Lr Series 5.6. See also Series 127.  Correspondence with other principal donors will be found in Series 16 and in the Letter books, Series 10].
Chronological correspondence ("pinks").   1983-92.  11 v.
Internal memoranda and circulars. 1957-83. 8 cm.
Includes former 378.94231 A228Lr, Series 12.1
Administrative circulars 1-107. 1971-88. 29
Manuals and procedures.  1961-76.
see also Series 169
'2 Millionth celebrations' 1999 - notes, articles, exhibitions, banner, invitations.
[banner is outsize item]
Preliminary and Final Report on the Staff Structure and Organisation of the Library.
1973.  4 v.
["Red" and "White" reports. See also Papers of the Select Committee on the Future Development of the Barr Smith 'Library, 1979, in SR 027.794531 A228p and related Library Archives files in series 17, 39 and 89]
[Annual Reports] (1981 summary only) 126
Papers (mainly captions and research/catalogue notes) relating to exhibitions by Library staff and within the Library (particularly Special Collections)
Papers relating to exhibitions held in the Ira Raymond Exhibition Room.
1989 - < > 
[Includes publicity material, and in some cases minutes, working papers, accounts and correspondence. Exhibitions include the National Library travelling exhibition  People, Print and Paper (May-August 1989), Richard Ferguson's Hurley-Mawson View of Antarctica (November 1901), the British Council Shakespeare travelling exhibition (Feb.-March 1992), and Annette Vincent's art exhibition (29 June-20 July 2001), exhibition of images of Taiwan held in Library foyer (April 2002) to accompany the Australia Taiwan Conference on Higher Education of 7-9 April; Children of the Gulf War photographic exhibition (June 2003),  ].
Staff Records
[See also the series of correspondence of the University Librarian with staff, Series 24-25 and the 1973 Report on the Staff Structure and Organisation of the Library, Series 17 and 38.  Records of the Staff Association are at Series 130]
"Professional staff resigned'. 1972-86. 6 v.
[Correspondence, references evaluation reports and staff forms relating to the appointment, promotion, leave and resignation of individual staff. Annual alphabetical arrangement. Continues in Series 144]
"Ancillary Staff resigned". 1972-87. 15 v. and one box.
 [As above, for all non-professional staff.  Continues in Series 144]
"Terminations" {Resignations} 1988-2007 144
Study Tour reports.
[Arranged alphabetically by staff member's surname] 
Internal Library Committees, Working Parties  
University Librarian's Advisory Committee (ULAC)
Minutes, agendas and memoranda. 23 Sept 1971 - Aug 1984 10 v.
[to October 1973 known as Senior Staff Committee. vols 1-5 are Minutes 1971-84, vols 6-10 are agenda papers 1973-84.  Vols 3-4 and 6-7, minutes and agendas for 1973-78, were formerly 378.942 A22LIUm/SRI]
 also copy 2, 1974-84. Deputy Librarian's copies. 11 v.
Library Policy and Management Group
Notes of meeting. 1 March 1984-December 1989.  5v.
Library Senior Staff Committee
Minutes and agendas. 1994. 1 v.
Select Committee on the Future Accommodation of the Library
Minutes, reports and background papers.  May-August 1979. 2 cm. 
[This is the working file of the then University Librarian, Ira Raymond. See also Series 89]
ABN Pilot Project (Barr Smith Library and other institutions).  Reports 1981-85 and certificate presented on ABN 10th anniversary, Nov. 1991.   1cm.
Bibliographic Database Committee
Minutes and agendas.  1990-91. 1 v.
Staff Association
Minutes, circulars, agendas and working papers. March 1972-August 1984.
Forum Committee
Minutes and agendas June 1985-June 1991. 60cm.
[The Committee ceased in June 1991]
Publications Committee
Minutes and memoranda 1982-88 [imperfect?] and Bibliography of publications 
produced at The University of Adelaide (1991).

4. Library Departments and Divisions

Deputy Librarian  
E.H. Wilkinson
Correspondence files. 1961-68. 7 cm.
['Student and staff relations' 1961-65; Open Day exhibitions, 1965, 1968; Courses and classes in Librarianship, 1966-67] 
See also correspondence with Ira Raymond in Series 17.
E. O. Slight
General University correspondence. Oct 1973 - Dec 1981. 12 cm.
Miscellaneous correspondence. Dec 1971 - May 1980. 3 cm.
Correspondence with other libraries. March 1971 - April 1980. 8 cm.
Personal correspondence.    1971-80.  4 cm.
Correspondence and reference files.  1959-76.  45 cm.
 [46/1  Papers re Organization and Management, esp. with reference to the National and Fisher Libraries, 1959-71. 
46/2  Papers re ACCOBS Committee on Interlibrary lending, 1962-66. 
46/3  Correspondence with G. Muirden re professional ethics and standards, 1967. 
46/4  Correspondence re study leave in the United States, as visiting scholar in the Electronic Systems Laboratory MIT, 1968-69. 
46/5   Papers re The Segmented Subject Catalogue, 1974.
46/6  Published and typescript papers by Slight and other Australian Librarians, c1961-71 46/7  APGSA - Survey on Library facilities 1970.
46/8  Centenary celebrations - open days1974. 
46/9  FAUSA - Submission to Committee of Enquiry into public libraries 1975. 
46/10  Working Group on COM, 1976. 
46/11 Economy measures - proposals by BSL staff, 1976. 
46/12  Report on Flexible Working Hours for Professional Staff Oct.1976. 
[Formerly 378.94231/A228Lr Series 17.4]
46/13  Report on The Place of the Library System in the University of Adelaide, 1972. [Formerly 378.94231 A228Lr Series 17.1]
46/14  Report on the Organisation and Development of the Library, March 1976. 
[Formerly 378.94231 A228Lr Series 17.2]]

See also Series 38

Bibliographic (formerly Technical) Services
(Acquisition, Cataloguing, Exchanges, Systems development) 
[N.B. See also the Library Letter books, Series 10, which contain extensive correspondence regarding acquisitions, presentations, and library operations generally]
Technical Services Establishment Committee. Minutes and agendas. 
Oct-Nov 1976. 1 cm.

Correspondence with publishers and agents relating to the supply of books and journals.
1926 - < >
[Files for W. Muller 1926-45 (5 v.), Law Book Co. 1927- 37 (1 v.), Australian Book Co. 1934-39 (1 v.) Nutt 1942-49 (1 v.), Argonaut 1944-52 (2v.), Blackwell 1948 ff. 
most culled on advice of Technical Services Librarian
'Secret Santa' presentation (exchange of Christmas gifts by technical Services staff) 
22 December 1995.  1 videocassette.
Accession records
"Library register" - record of recommended purchases, with details of subsequent order and receipt 1887- (1903). 1 v.
[Formerly 378.94231 A228Lr Series 3.2]

{Early purchase records} Lists of books received, ordered and recommended by individual professors, faculty or officers of the University 1893-1902 and Memoranda re purchase of books for the BSL by the Chancellor1897 (extracts from Council and Library Committee minutes Dec. 1896 - July 1897).    5 cm.
[Formerly 378.94231 A228Lr Series 2.1-2.3, 2.5 and 2.9-2.11.]
"Stock book" - record of accessions Oct.1897 - Jan. 1898. 1 v. 
[nine pages only used of large folio of >250 pages.  Handwriting of Joseph Coleman]
[Formerly 378.94231 A228Lr Series 2.4]
Record of accessions April 1900 - Oct.1940. 19 v.
[Formerly  378.94231 A228Lr Series 2.14 and 2.8]
Record of  withdrawals Sept.1914 - Nov.1971 2v.
[Formerly 378.942 A22LIw]
Cataloguing  records 
Catalogues (alphabetical list) and addenda.  1879-82, 1886-1900. 
[v.1, Register of books received 1879-1881 or 1882; v.2  is first detailed catalogue 1886; v.3 ditto with addenda;  v.4-5 addenda 1887; v.6 alphabetical catalogue with shelf numbers, covering 1887-97  v.7-8 alphabetical list on typed slips (no shelf numbers) with books to 1897 [some additions in Coleman's hand.  The card catalogue commenced in 1900, replacing the book catalogues]
[Formerly 378.94231 A228Lr Series1-1.5, 1.12-1.1]

Record of centenary display organised by the Cataloguing Department. 1974. 
Formerly 378.942 A22LI.Cr
Reports relating to COM and NUCOM and microfiche catalogues in general.
1976-77.  6 items 
Formerly 378.94231 A228Lr. Series 17.5
DCP microfilms ADL 01-39, ADL WI-W2, ADL LI-L2, ADL RI-R2. Reel film and loose strips in bundles. 1.4 metres. 
[In reels: WI-W2, LI-L2, RI-R2, ADL 16, ADL 18-39 (2 copies of ADL 26-39).  In strips: WI-W2, LI-L2, ADL 01-15, ADL 16 (1 bundle only), ADL 17]
Shelf lists and select lists
Shelf lists of books (general), law books and books in the professors' rooms etc. 
[Formerly 378.94231 A228Lr Series 1.7-1.11]

Shelf lists and authority files (microfilm copy). 14 reels.
[Security copy of shelf lists for Main, Medical, Law, Undergraduate and Serials collections, and of name authority and subject authority files. Copies made c. 1975-77. 
[Formerly 378.94231 A228Lr Series 1.14]
Alphabetical list of selected works on Literature, History, Philosophy etc. 
[Formerly 378.94231 A228Lr Series 1.6]
List of photographs of early Council members and academic staff collected by the Library over the period 1922-41.    1 v.
[Give details of service, date of receipt of photograph and the donor]
Formerly 378.94231 A228Lr Series 1.15. The photographs are held on the folio shelves of the Strong Room.
Donations and presentations
List of presentations received from Miss L.K. Symon. 1962-66. 3 cm.
see also correspondence with her in Series 26
List of books (with prices) received in the David Murray bequest. n.d. (1935?).
Information Services (User Services/Reader Services)
(Subject and Research/Reference Librarians, Circulation/Loans, Interlibrary Loans/Documentary Delivery, Rare Books/Special Collections)
Attendance records (evening attendance) March 1915 - Oct. 1918, June-Nov. 1924, March 1925 - Dec.1960.  4 v.
Formerly 378.94231 A228Lr  Series 10.1-10.4
Library Skills Workbooks.  1989 (draft), 1990-  < > 142
Special Collections
Special Collections correspondence 1970-74, 1980-< >
Special Collections displays - notes, publicity material, cards used to caption displays. 1949-(92). 1.4 m. (some outsize items held in the Map Cabinet)
See also Series 137 for exhibitions mounted in the Ira Raymond Exhibition room.
(Former) Circulation Services Department 
Book Circulation Section general clerical manual.  1973.  1v.

For CIRCON development, see Circulation System files in Series 16 (to 1982).
Facilities and Planning Librarian
'Getting it all together: the integration of collections in a large library'. Report by Stephen Beaumont on the integration of the Barr Smith Library collections in 1987- 88. 
May 1988.  14 p. typescript.
Memoranda on Collection integration programme, 1987.



Administrative Services Division  
(Former) Deputy Administrative Services Manager 
Correspondence and reference files of C. Hone (Palmer)  1972-82. 8 cm.
[Establishment of post-graduate course in librarianship 1972-77; Minutes and agenda papers of Select Committee on the Future Development of the Barr Smith Library 1979; Library Jubilee celebrations 1982; Retirement dinner for Ira Raymond 1982.]

Medical Library/Librarian  
Minutes and agendas of various medical library committees, and related correspondence and notes.  1948-80.  5 cm.
[S.A. Tuberculosis Association Library Committee 1948- 1956; Anti-Cancer Foundation Library Committee 1950-68; Life Sciences Consultative Committee 1977-80]
Correspondence and reference files relating to medical library accommodation and inter-library co-operation. 1947-81.  4 cm.
[Agreement with IMVS 1947-71; Medical Library Accommodation 1961-75; Funding of Medical Library service 1969, 1977; Agreement with SAIT 1973-81; Development of MEDLINE Network 1976-78] 
See also relevant files in Series 17
Desk manual.  April 1983.  1v. 156
Music Library/Librarian  
Dr. Werner Gallusser was appointed Librarian of the Elder Music Library in 1960. The separate library was discontinued after 1981, and the Music Library became part of the User Services Division in 1983.  In 1993 it moved to a separate building (the former Fulton Library of the South Australian College of Advanced Education) and became known as the Performing Arts Library but from 1 January 2002 the name reverted to Elder Music Library.
see also copy of Groves' Dictionary of Music and Musicians (5th ed.) used by Dr. Galluser as an index to the record holdings of the Music Library Collection in 
RC 780.3 G883.5
Voyager cataloguing system - speech of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education) at the [in-house] launch of the system 21 February 2002.  2p. (2 copies)
See also files on BIBLION, CIRCON, DYNIX etc. in Series 16  

5.   Library publications

Staff notes. v.1-15, Sept 1967 - July 1982. 110
Interface. v.1. No.1, Sept 1982-December 1995, 1997- < > 
[copy also held in RC 027.79423105 I61]
Library Guides, handbooks and 'kits'.
[Library Guide 1956-75; Handbook for academic staff. 1981; Kits 1976-  ]
Newsline no. 1, February 1983 -  132
 for Library Workbook(s), see Series 142  

6.   Building records

Library building plans, July 1929-Feb.1931 (original building), March 1946, June - Sept 1957, Jan. 1958ff (extensions). See Special List
[Formerly 378.94231 A228 Lr Series 8A]
Some outsize material in Map Cabinet
Library building correspondence. 1959-79. See Special List
[Formerly 378.94231 A228 Lr Series 8B]
The Historic Barr Smith Library: Conservation plan by Bruce Harry and Associates.  Discussion draft, June 2000.

7.    Financial and property records

Account book Oct 1900-May 1902. 1 v.
[Formerly 378.94231 A228 Lr Series 4]

8.  Pictorial material

Photographs and slides of the library building, staff, displays etc. 1918-< >  117 
Indexed by subject, filed chronologically. Detailed list available.
[Formerly 378.94231 A228Lr Series 7.1]
Album of photographs compiled by Ira Raymond, including the building of the Library complex 1968-71, transfer of books from the former Medical Library, 1980 and other Australian and overseas libraries, 1957, 1966- 70 and 1979.
Pen drawings of the Barr Smith Library (interior and exterior) by Zig Kapelis. 
[Formerly 378.94231 A228 Lr Series 9.26.9, original illustrations for the Ira Raymond Festschrift]

9.  Miscellaneous

'Historical notes': items relating to the history of the  Library, celebrations, functions, etc, collected by University Librarian Ira Raymond and other members of staff. 1927 - < > See Special List
10 cm.
[Formerly 378.94231 A228 Lr Series 9] 
see also Series 159
a) Samples and printing plates. Detailed list available.
 [Formerly 378.94231 A228Lr Series 14] 
b) Samples of bookplates used for particular collections, purchases, taped into ring-binder. 1 v.
Students' Association protest March 1993 against funding cuts to the Library - posters & leaflets.  4 items.

10.   Realia

Hand Bell [formerly 378.94231 A228 Lr5 Series 11]; Signs used within the Library (5 items); A.M. Simpson Aeronautics brass plate.

11.   Fulton Library

[originally the library of the Adelaide Teachers' College/South Australian College of Advanced Education, the Fulton Library became part of the University of Adelaide Library with the merger of the SACAE and the University from January 1991.  From 1993 the Fulton Library became a branch library, home to the music and other performing arts collections of the Barr Smith Library and the College.  It was initially known as the Performing Arts Library but from January 2002 as the Elder Music Library]
Papers re establishment of and purchase for the Len Clarke Reference [Memorial] Collection. 1978-85. 3 cm. [Includes copies of tributes to Len Clarke]

Papers re alterations to the Library, 1976. (additional floor). 1976. 1 cm.



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