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Love, J. R. B. (James Robert Beattie)
[Papers and Correspondence]
Worrara grammer and vocabulary [manuscript]

MSS 499.6 L897
MSS 499.6 L897w


James Robert Beattie Love was born in 1889, and worked for over thirty years as a Presbyterian minister.

Love wrote a number of papers on the Worrorra language and cultures, translated the Gospels of Luke and Mark and wrote Stone-age bushmen of today: life and adventure among a tribe of savages in North-Western Australia (published in 1936). He was awarded a Master of Arts degree for his work on his thesis on Worrorra grammar.

Love lived for thirteen years at Kunmunya Mission in the Kimberly region, followed by six years at Ernabella, where he also undertook linguistic research, and translated the Gospel of Mark into Pitjantjatjara.

He died in 1949

Adapted from the AIATSIS Library website. Image courtest of State Records of South Australia


MSS 499.6 L897

Folder 1.

  1. Typescript of thesis for MS. degree Adelaide. Copy the same as Strong Room copy except for 2 copies of corrigendum to page 39.
  2. Introduction to the Worrorra language of North-Western Australia - A paper read before the Royal Society of Western Australia
  3. Notes on Grammar and vocabulary of the WI:RTJAPAKANDJA tribe of the Musgrave Ranges South Australia
  4. Envelope of correspondence (12 letters) with Professor Fitzherbert University of Adelaide, + unsigned draft of letter (from Prof. Fitzherbert)

Folder II.

  1. English-Worora vocabulary - Typescript Copy of the ms. held by Barr Smith Library,
  2. Addendum to English-Worara vocabulary
  3. Article reprinted from the Report of the Melbourne (1935) meeting of the Australian and New Zealand Association for the Advancement of Science. (B.S.L. 506 A937)

Folder III.

  1. Emu story
  2. Flood story
  3. Flood story - alternative version
  4. Fire story
  5. Mss notes on the Worrora people

Folder IV.

  1. Copy 2 of III.5
  2. Copy 3 of III.5

MSS 499.6 L897

Worrora grammar and vocabulary [manuscript]. 2v. Ms. text in lined minute books.

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